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"Bob" is without doubt the easiest pram to drive that I have ever come across. I also bought a small Valco runabout stroller to go shopping with but I never use it because "Bob" is so much easier to use, even in shops. It turns on a ten cent piece with just one hand, you don't need to wrestle with it like the Valco. I love this pram and would definitely recommend for the active parent who likes to get outdoors with bub.
Really easy to unfold with just one hand, relatively compact and lightweight for a three wheeler. Great for jogging, good suspension and big wheels.
The under basket isn't huge, and there isn't a great deal of padding in the seat however my 11 month old doesn't seem to mind it at all. I wish it had some sort of mechanism for keeping it folded and shut when lifting in and out of the car. They supply a velcro strap for keeping it closed but that is useless.


I love this pram and although it is not wasy to buy in Australia i found mine on Ebay-but just checked again now 12 months later and can't find it. got to [url censored]. A great pram for running-very stable and light to pick up. Good storage areas too.
Very light, easy to push, great suspension for smooth ride. Great price. Excellent sun viser.
Does not fully recline for new borns-you can buy a car sear capsule adapter to attach capsule though.

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Questions & Answers

Do these tires puncture often or are they solid tires? Do they still sell replacement tires/tubes for this model?
1 answer
Hi Goo, thanks for your question. The BOB Revolution SE has pneumatic tyres, your local bike shop will be able to help with replacement tyres/tubes. Kind regards, The Britax Team.

How is it that this pram is advertised to fit up to 6 years old & yet one review states child has been hitting head on canopy since 18 months old?
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Hi Julie49, I'm not sure about other reviews, but my son is 3 and doesn't hit his head on the canopy.Doesnt mean because its advertised to fit a 6 year old in it, that it will. My other son has just turned 6 and there wouldnt be hope in hell to get him to fit in it. My youngest is two and you cant even lay the seat back for him to sleep because it hurts his neck. If you like all the other reveiws then buy one :)I believe it has quite a high weight allowance but as other reviews mention, it is not as tall as other some other strollers notably Baby Jogger brand. I have a tall 2 year old and the canopy gets in the way if it's folded back, however when open it's fine. I still chose Bob as the price difference between this and the most comparable Baby Jogger was around $300 - 400. I'm not expecting my daughter to still be using a stroller past the age of 3.

Surely there must be a place in AustrAlia to purchase a bob Ironman stroller? and also with price
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Britax are launching B.O.B strollers early 2013 stockists and range TBA see Australia contact on the main B.O.B site. I understand that the Safe and Sound Unity will be the Infant seat that can be used after that time. I brought the SE back from the USA recently but still waiting to hear which infant seat adapter I can use with seats available in Aus, I think only the Peg Perego. All the same I will have to get the adapter sent over. Hope that helps.


Revolution SE
Price (RRP) $799.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 31.75 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Locking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight11.34 kg
Folded Dimensions41 x 65 x 109 cm

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