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Body by Jake I.M. Rings

Body by Jake I.M. Rings

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Best addition to my gym since tower 200

Awesome focused strength work out. Good amount of cardio, Was sweating 5 minutes in. My husband is 95kg and I am 62kg and we didn't have to adjust anything to both use it. I am a triathlete and extremely fit. I have done crossfit, bootcamp, tower200, free weights and study Brazilian Jujitsu, and found the workout intense, and rewarding. My husband wont mind me saying he is 30kg over weight and despite this he really enjoyed the workouts, did 3 different ones he loved it so much(has found exercise in the past uncomfortable and boring). The user chooses the intensity by altering body position slightly. My husband did a lot of strength training in his football days, likened it to that, but not as monotonous. In summary, Fun, challenging, rewarding, explosive, well paced and instructed, awesome warm up and cool down, this thing is rock and roll, only wish we had it earlier. Get it, try it, if no like, send it back, I bet you don't though!! Steve Maresca Rocks. He keeps you motivated, makes you laugh because he sighs at the same points you do, then picks you up with a "you can do this" or "I've got you, its just you and me"
Take it anywhere, fits in a backpack, fat burn and muscle build, basic principles, bargain price compared to other like systems in market, Insane workouts, you are in control of the intensity. Great fun and Steve Maresca keeps it flowing on the dvds provided. Would buy it just for the workout DVDS.
Perfect on the door, however you need a bit of space to do some of the exercises, we moved it to a beam in the garage by taking off the crossbar and using extension webbing provided.

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Body by Jake I.M. Rings
Release dateOct 2012
  • GTIN14: 00816142011145

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