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Body Soul Platinum BST-Plat

Body Soul Platinum BST-Plat

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What a Disaster!

Bought this machine at the Melbourne Home Show, accompanied by all the sale pitch about how good it was, how superior it was to all other machines of its type on the market and unlike all other companies it is backed up by a full warranty, with a complete service department and money back guarantee. Machine broke within 30 uses and I have been trying to have it repaired for over 5 months. Owners agree it is their issue and make promise, after promise to fix it by set dates. Never arrive, never follow up haven't done the work.

Expensive product, that broke within about thirty uses. It is loud, feels unstable and is marketed by a company of questionable ethics.

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Body Soul Platinum BST-Plat
Price (RRP)$2900
Speed Settings60

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