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I'm overseas and trying to download an Ebook is this possible?
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Hi Anna, I'm sorry, eBooks can only be downloaded while you're in Australia, however once an eBook is downloaded to your device you won't need an internet connection to read it. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I ordered some books on the 5th of september two of the books i have received but I don't think the other two have been shipped yet, one was a preorder but the release date was the next day. Just wanting some info on when they're expected to arrive. order number is 7776193
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Hi Rose, Sorry for the delay with this order, especially the pre-order title. The good news is that stock is finally on the way from the UK publisher, this is expected to arrive later this week. I've upgraded the shipping on your order to Express Post to ensure it reaches you ASAP once the item is shipped. We'll send you an email with the tracking details when it's on the way. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I ordered the charmed book of shadows replica and its been seven days and hasnt arrived yet, does it take longer because its a bigger book? Im also located in melbourne
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Hi CamJac, Sorry for the delay in responding. Let me look into it, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I have joined Booktopia today and ordered an eBook online. The payment was successful and I have had emailed to me an order number. I have downloaded the android app on my Samsung phone and tablet. Logging in is no problem, but no book. It is very frustrating as google play books is an immediate download. I would expect the same here. Can you help please?
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Hi Janine, Let me look into it for you, could I have your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

How do you share a purchased ebook with someone else?
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Hi Kerri, eBooks can't be shared with other people, they're only available to download from your own Booktopia account. You can, however, download the eBook to as many devices as you like, as long as they're signed into your Booktopia account. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

How do I self-publish a book on Booktopia?
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Hi Jason, Booktopia is a retailer - not a publisher - so we can't publish a book for you. We source all of our titles from distributors and suppliers and so we'd recommend you try contacting a distributor. There's more information on this in our Help Centre here: https://www.booktopia.com.au/helpCentre.ep?p=affiliate&o=new-suppliers# Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I have just put Adobe Digital Editions and the Booktopia Reader app on my Lenovo Android tablet, bought a book and EVENTUALY worked out how to down load it there and into my library. Seems to work OK. I see in the questions page here I can view/download the same book onto my PC but the download, while showing I have already downloaded it to the Lenovo only gives me the option to also load it to my LG Android phone but not the PC. Why not please? You also suggest in one answer to go to the 'Help' area but there doesn't appear to be one. Also it is awkward to scroll the pages for some reason.
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Hi Olden grey, All you should need to do is download Adobe Digital Editions to this PC as well and you will need to authorise it to the same Booktopia account you used on your Android device. Try downloading the eBook file and as long as Adobe Digital Editions is installed correctly on your PC it should automatically open and ask you to authorise. There are instructions for authorising Adobe Digital Editions in our Help Centre. If you have any further trouble with it feel free to respond here with your order number and I'll contact you directly. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

How do I increase text size on the booktopia reader app? I have bought an ebook in epub format and the text is too small to read on my phone.
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Hi Ekmandy, To increase the font size of a book, open the eBook on your device then tap the screen once to bring up the menu. Once you’ve done this, click Settings (this should look like a cogwheel on IOS). There will be section called "Text Size" and a plus and negative sign that will increase or decrease font size respectively. Tap the plus sign a few times and the font size will increase. If the plus sign goes grey then you're not able to increase the size any more. Once you’ve done this, make sure you click Save to save the changes. If you have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I work near your distribution centre. Am I able to pick up an order from there or do I have to have it posted?
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Hi Andrew, I'm sorry but we don't offer collection, the way we distribute orders doesn't really allow for it. Plus it becomes an OH&S issue having customers on site. We do often have Free Shipping promotions which we only send to customers signed up for our Newsletters. We have a promotion going on right now which expires midnight on the 13th of June, the codeword is EOFYS and can be entered in at the final stage of checkout under the Gift Certificates, Store Credits and Promotion Codes heading. I hope you'll consider ordering with us in future and taking advantage of our promotions. Be sure to get in touch if we can ever assist. :) Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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