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how do I increase text size on booktopia?
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Hi Shona, Just to clarify, are you using our Booktopia Reader app to read an eBook or do you want to increase the size of our website while you make purchases? Let me know if you're on the site or using our Booktopia Reader app and I can help you with this. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I need access to my account while overseas. While in Aust I bought a lot of books from you so that I can read them while overseas (where I am now). From here though, I cannot access your site or my account on it. Please help. Pip
1 answer
Hi Pip, It sounds like you're referring to eBooks. eBooks can only be downloaded in Australia however once downloaded you can access the eBooks anywhere and without an internet connection. Did you download the eBooks and open them while in Australia? What device and software/program did you install to your device? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I just ordered 3 books giving only payment as credit card,but you did not ask me the number of my master card .I used your side before once,is it enough???probably no! I buy almost everything on line . Thank you for answering me.
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Hi Maciek, You do have the ability to store your credit card details in your account and so it's possible a stored card has been used to pay for the order. I'd be happy to check for you, I just need your order number. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Hi Booktopia, I recently purchased and downloaded a book from you. It works fine except for the fact that some pages have illustrations and I can,t see the whole picture. I.ve tried decreasing the text size which works to get a bit more of the picture but not in its entirety. The diagrams and pictures are important. Can you help? Thanks Nicky
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Hi Nicky, Sorry to hear about this! We'll need to get a few screenshots from you so we can raise it with the publisher. If I could grab your order number I'll send you an email. Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceThanks. Order number is 7124361Hi Nicky, Thanks for that, I've sent you a direct email asking for some screenshots. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Hi, Can I print my ebook? Because ebook is not always comfortable to read.
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Hi there, No sorry, eBooks are intended to only be read on a digital device. You can read the eBook on a smartphone, tablet, computer and most eReaders. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

How long from purchase to door on delivery please?
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Hi Tracy, The time it takes to be delivered to you depends on the availability of the item you're after and what state you live in. If you could let me know which item you're after and what state you live in I can give you a delivery estimate. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Unfortunately I cannot order from Booktopia as I am overseas where access to Australian authors is extremely limited. (This cannot be helping their circulation.) Can you suggest another site with Australian authors which does send overseas?
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Hi S. M. We've made the decision to focus on our Australian and New Zealand customers, but there are a number of International re-shipping services that you may be able to take advantage of. Be sure to get in touch if we can ever assist you with pacing an order. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I've just submitted a review (for the first time use of Booktopia). I don't want my email address published or given to any other agencies and I do not want to be receiving emails from Booktopia about deals. I will contact Booktopia when I need to. Can you confirm this please. Nickname "Nanna" - email address [Email address removed]
1 answer
Hi Nanna, When you post a review of a product on our site we do not publish your email address with it. We actually have a moderating system which prevents personal details like this being submitted on our site. If you're still concerned, be sure to contact us directly. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

As I am not very good with technology I couldn't do the 'Proof of Purchase' documentation to go with my review. Is it OK to send copies of my documentation? I would like my entry to have the top status! Charmaine Savage
1 answer
Hi Charmaine, Sorry, this isn't something Booktopia can help with but you may be able to contact Product Review directly about this. You can contact them here: https://www.productreview.com.au/brand-manager/platform/contact.html Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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