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I've preordered and paid a book on June 7th which was supposedly released on June 16, however I haven't got it yet. When I checked your website, my book was already released and ready to buy. I messaged you and called you so many time but no answer. How can I get you through and am really worried about it!
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Hi Lotus, Sorry to hear about this! I'd like to look into it further, could I grab your order number? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I have booktopia reader for my iPhone can I share with my laptop and how can I do this?
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I'm not sure your local library might be able to help. NoneHi Liz, Sorry for the delay in answering your question! The Booktopia Reader app is intended for IOS and Android devices only however you can still access the eBook on a PC as well. The way to do this is by downloading Adobe Digital Editions and authorising it to your Booktopia account. You can find some instructions on how to download your eBook to your computer in our Help Centre (http://www.booktopia.com.au/helpCentre.ep?p=eBooks&o=reader-app#) - just look for the heading that says "Reading on a PC or Mac Computer, or eReader device". If you have any trouble with it do not hesitate to contact us via phone, live chat or email for some assistance. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Can I read your eBooks on my laptop? I have successfully downloaded on my Samsung Note 5 but the type is so small, I have to read it with a magnifying glass, and a large one at that!
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Thank you for your review. You should be able to increase the font size on your device in the Settings of your eBook. There will be a section called Text Size and a plus and minus sign that will increase or decrease the font size. You are able to read the eBook to your laptop as well. To do this you will need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions. Instructions for this are in our Help Centre. Click on eBooks under help topics and follow the instructions for "Reading on a PC or Mac Computer, or eReader device". Please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team if you need further assistance.Hmmm, I do not see the option to adjust text size????

Hello. After a very satisfactory first experience with Booktopia. I would like to ask if you can get into stock? BACK TO THE FUTURE ALMANAC. It is a book produced in the USA regarding the items available to collectors and fans alike. It is available through the bttf website but the delivery is from America and very high shipping costs. Regards Mark Chapman Perth WA
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Hey Mark, As a fellow Back to the future fan, I understand your passion. Great Scott! We're not able to source this title from any of our suppliers - but maybe this one will take your fancy! http://www.booktopia.com.au/back-to-the-future-michael-klastorin/prod9780062419149.html Thanks for your recent 5 star review by the way, we're delighted. Kind regards, Nick Customer Service

Hi there, I would like to order the First Principals of Business Law textbook. Just wondering how long it may be before this book will be available for delivery? To my understanding it is a new book, however the booktopia website says that it is out of stock. Thank you!
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Hi Emily, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! First Principles of Business Law 2017 is now in stock and ready to ship. It would ship within 1-2 business days of ordering and then delivery depends on where you're located. If you have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I am like Sheena. i put in Order No. 5192574 on the 4th January, 2017. Almost two weeks later, i have heard absolutely nothing at all about the delivery. If customers can't make contact, you have to ask: What's going on? i feel very uneasy about this and i am not looking forward to the consumer action that may be needed to resolve it.
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Hi Bevan, Your order is a title that is from confirmed stock with our supplier and these are advised to take a little longer before they ship from our Distribution Centre (in this case it was advised at the time of ordering as shipping in 5-9 business days), and it did ship on-time. I can see you spoke with our team the other day and we upgraded this to Express Post just to get it to you quicker after we shipped it and that you have it now. We're conscious of the gap in communication between ordering and these types of orders being shipped and are putting in place some update communication to keep you advised of progress, even if there is nothing wrong with the order. I'm sorry this wasn't already in place to save you unnecessary concern. Kind regards, Alex, Customer Service ManagerThanks, Alex. I am pleased to reply that subsequent to my post, Booktopia dealt with the delivery issue very efficiently and promptly. Once i had got through by phone, the matter was settled quickly and the order arrived via Express Post within three days - well ahead of the likely date given. As Alex points out, it was the absence of update communication that spooked me a bit. As a consequence, especially now that i understand how Booktopia's administrative /delivery processes work, I would have no problems in ordering books through Booktopia again in future and recommending them to other customers. Bevan.

Hi, I have just ordered an ebook, downloaded the Booktopia app, and after much mucking about have managed to download and open it. I would prefer to read it iBooks as it is a much better app - can you please let me know how I do this? Many thanks.
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Hi there, Our eBooks are not compatible with the iBooks app however we do have similar settings available. If you have any feedback that you think would improve the Booktopia Reader app please pass it along. We're very happy to assist you if you have any troubles in future, just get in touch. Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceThank you for responding. I disagree - I do not find the Booktopia app very useful at all and had I realised I would not be able to download a Lonely Plant book (which is compatible with many different formats and allows you to download it 5 times) I would not have ordered it from Booktopia. This is the first ebook I have bought where I cannot open it in iBooks. I am extremely disappointed and rather annoyed.

Hi there, it seems to be a common problem that people can't seem to get responses or get through on the phone. I have not recieved my order (4984478), have contacted Aus post who have said the sender needs to contact them to initiate an investigation into the lost item. If i cannot get through to you I cannot resolve this issue myself. Please contact me to organise a resend of the my order and start an investigation with aus post. Details in my 2 emails sent through my account linked to order number. Thanks.
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Hi Sheena, I'm very sorry you've had difficulty contacting us. We have received many more calls (and contacts in general) than we had planned for and this has regrettably meant some long waits at times. I can see we have since responded to you and you have the parcel (now) but I have though lodged an enquiry with AusPost to investigate why this happened. I've also added a credit to your account for the mess-around. Kind regards, Alex, Customer Service ManagerI can confirm there's absolutely no hope of getting any response this time of the year. My books are supposed to be shipped within 1-2 days and it has been more than 4 business days and now there's no point of getting them in time for Xmas. No responses on either phone or emails. Request to cancel order was ignored. Completely unprofessional practice.

do you post to po boxes?
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Yes we do and it's easy. Just enter the PO Box address just the same way you would for a house address. We also have options for Parcel Collect and Parcel Locker delivery as well.

Hi Booktopia team I bought "Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection" blu ray on 13/05/2016. Unfortunately, the second movie blu ray disc skips many times and is unwatchable. I haven't finished watching 4th, 5th and 7th movie discs yet, so I'm not sure about the condition of those discs. I found out the problem last month. Also, the box spine was torn while I got the delivery and I had to tape it together. I didn't contact you as I thought it was too late to ask for a replacement. When I found this review website, I thought I could ask you about it. Is there anything you can do now? My order number:4258496 Thanks and regards
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Hi Anthony, So glad you asked us about this. We can totally sort that out for you and get you a replacement. As you've sent your order number already I'll contact you directly to make arrangements. Kind regards, Alex, Customer Service Manager

My order has been processing for 2 days and it hasn't stopped. When will it finish?
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Hi Isaiah, Thanks for your message, have the books dispatched? If you'd like to reply with your order number I'll investigate. Warmest regards, Chance

Hi, I ordered a book by Danielle Steel not realizing it was a small paper back would I be able to arrange to get it swapped for a big one as I collect them and all are in the big version it called Friends Forever.Even if I have to pay the difference. Thank you C.
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Hi Crissy, If you want to contact our Customer Service Team we can arrange the swap for you. You can call 1300 187 187; we're available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Sydney time. Just remember for next time that you can find the details including the size and format in the Product Details tab on the listing. Cheers, Alex, Customer Service Manager

I placed an order on 12 February for 2 books which were debited to my PayPal account on that day. One book, Island Home, delivered in a timely manner. The second, Slow Stitch, has NOT been received nor credited to my PP account. Please advise status of the order or credit my PP account for $35.99 ASAP.
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This is the sort of information I should have read before wasting my time and money with this business.Hi Judi, Apologies again for the inconvenience, it's been a pleasure dealing with you and I hope you're happy with the resolution to this situation. If you need anything else please don't hesitate to give me a call directly on 1300 187 187. Kindest regards, Chance (Booktopia Customer Service)

Hi, I placed an order for a magazine subscription back on the 16th November (order number 3631368). I have sent an email regarding when I will receive the first issue with no reply. Can someone please get back to me with an answer. It has been 2 months. Thanks Erin
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Sounds about right!! Good luck.Hi Erin, Please accept our deepest apologies for the slow response at the time on this issue. I'm glad we took care of the problem for you, but I'm going to get in touch to organise something further today. Kindest regards, Chance (Booktopia Customer Service)Thanks Chance. Arthur was very helpful sorting this out for me. Thanks for your reply.

How long does it take for books to arrive?
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Hi I ordered between Xmas n new year on a public holiday/long wknd but I still got the first of 2 packages in 3 business days, I wasn't expecting an out of stock book until the 11/01/16 however I received that book also by the 06/01/16. I'm in a regional/ rural area so usually packages from the city take 4/5 days depending when n how they're posted. I've been really happy with their site I will use it every time from now on.

Like all those above, no answers to emails, no answer to phone call - gave up after 40 mins. I bought an advertised ebook to read on my kindle - the kindle doesn't recognise it. It also doesn't work on my android phone. It is advertised that the book will work on ebook device or android phone. I also had to install an intrusive piece of adobe software just to download the book, even though I already have ebook reader software (foxit pdf and calibre ebook viewer). If I am unable to read this on kindle, I would like a refund please. Order # 3768336
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There is a work around on this , use calibre book reader it will convert and you can email to kindle from the software. You may need a plug in to also be installed. Google is your friend . Trust meThanks. I've already used a work around so that I can read the ebook on anything. I think I did exactly what you're hinting at. I just think it is unfair for the many people who are not technically inclined or prepared to go to the bother. I really think the limitations of the ebook should be stated clearly with the description of the book.I would like to say, I still use booktopia for books. They are an Australian company and I've received everything I've paid for. I did not like, and still don't if it is the same, their ebook limitations and that the limitations weren't clearly advertised. Amazon / kindle have similar limitations and control over the ebook YOU BUY.

Booktopia. Do you have any customer service staff or have they gone on leave for Christmas early? My many attempts at following up my shipment from November go answered, emails all ignored. Wait on hold for ages and calls not answered.
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Hi there, we're very sorry if you're having trouble getting through. We've put on extra staff and and working overtime to keep up with record volumes of contacting us this Christmas. If you still need help with your order, please reply with your order number here and we can look at it for you today.

Hi! Ordered book, 3697371. Wrong one sent! have tried to contact you by email, no reply. Just wasted over an hour on the phone. Didn't even get to talk to a person! Just wondering what's going on? Barry
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Hi Barry, Please accept our apology for the mixed-up order. We have received a much larger than planned number of customer queries recently and have added more staff to help, but it has meant longer waits than normal to speak to someone and to reply to messages. We'll have someone in the team contact you on Monday with a resolution. Kind regards, Alex, Customer Service Manager

Is this website safe?
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the website is safe to useNot good at all. Very worried after placing an online order. No communication or update after contacting the company for weeks now. I suggest being very careful.Hi there, Yes our website is secure and uses industry standard 128-bit encryption and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for all transactions. We use only Tier 1 payment providers and are PCI compliant. Kind regards, Alex, Customer Service Manager

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