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Can I read Booktopia ebooks on a Kindle?
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Not easily there are web pages that tell You how to do it easily enough but the kindle is locked to the amazon books so by doing a bit of research you should be able to do itHi Margo, As EvilBigSteve said, Kindle is an Amazon product and so our eBooks don't support this device. You can read our eBooks on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, a PC or Mac and most other eReaders such as Sony or Kobo eReaders. We have some instructions on how to download to each of these devices in our Help Centre here: https://www.booktopia.com.au/helpCentre.ep?p=eBooks&o=reader-app# Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceSorry to post here!.. Hey Jessica, I made a purchase because I thought 'e-reader' would include a Kindle. I can't deal with reading off backlit screens... I got a store credit.. but now I know Kindle isn't possible, any chance of getting a refund do you think?

I have opened my booktopia ebook with the booktopia reader in my iPad. But I also want to open it on ,y laptop with digital editions. It won't let me. It says the licence has been fulfilled by another user. Any suggestions?
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Hi Margo, If you downloaded the eBook to your iPad first then the Booktopia Reader would have automatically authorised it to your Booktopia account. It sounds like Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is authorised to a different account. To fix this up you will first need to deauthorise your computer 1. Open Adobe Digital Editions. 2. Click on Help, then on Erase Authorisation. 3. A window will appear asking if you want to deauthorise your computer. You may need to type in the ID and password associated with the account, then confirm that you want to deauthorise your device by clicking on Erase Authorisation. And then you will need to reauthorise your computer 1. Click on Help, then on Authorise Computer. 2. Choose Booktopia from the drop down menu as the eBook Vendor 3. Enter the email address and password for your Booktopia account, then click on Authorise. Once you have done this, download a brand new copy of the eBook from your Booktopia account and open in ADE. If you have any further issues please let me know and I’ll further investigate this for you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I ordered a book and when it arrived the package did not contain anything. I refused delivery (because it was only a piece of cardboard) and then sent a message to booktopia via ebay to let them know the item is being returned. Australia post tracking confirmed the item was returned to Lidcome 13th December but nobody at Booktopia will return my email via the Ebay site. Ebay refuse to help me and said that I should of accepted delivery? Who would accept delivery of a piece of cardboard and how would I prove nothing was inside the package? Clearly from the tracking information you can see the item was returned to Lidcombe but I can't seem to get anyone to send the book or refund my money. Help!
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Hi Heather, Let me look into it for you, could I have the order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Hi, I am trying to download the e-books I have purchased onto an Ipad Mini and I keep being asked for the Adobe sign-in. Even though I put in the password for Adobe, I can't get past that. Help please! Thanks, Kahty
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Hi Kathy, It sounds like the eBook thinks it's been authorised to Adobe - we can reset it for you, I just need the order number. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Hi booktopia I placed an order Hi There I received a message on 23/11 from australia post saying my package had been delivered? Strange because i was home and had received 2 other packages that same day from else where. I checked the front door mail box etc and no package. Where are my books gone? Tracking number PNB8933622010828. It says delivered at 12.36pm i was standing next to my front door at this time? Please help  Order number 6459297
1 answer
Hi Rach, I'm so sorry for the delay in getting back to you! It looks like my colleague Mark has sorted out some replacements for you. They're on their way now and should be delivered this week. Let us know if we can assist any further. :) Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Hi Booktopia, I placed an order for textbooks on the 5/11, everything said it was in stock in the warehouse and would be shipping in 1-2 business days. It has been 5 days and still no shipping confirmation. I was on hold for ages on the phone to customer service and could never get through so I resorted to chat where whoever I spoke to said this would be shipped today with express shipping. I still have no tracking information and the status of my order has not changed. No one has replied to any of my messages either. As someone who works in customer service for an online retailer, I am absolutely appalled at the customer service I have received! If I do not get this order by Tuesday (12/11) I want a full refund and I will order somewhere else. I need these textbooks for uni. If they said they weren't in stock I never would have ordered them. Can someone please contact me! Thanks.
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Hi Eden, I'm sorry to hear about this! I'd like to look into it further, could I have your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceHi, Order number 6383895. I just need to make sure this is cancelled please, I spoke to someone on facebook today but have not receive a cancellation email

Hi Booktopia, I placed an order on the 29/10 and it has still not been shipped. I need this textbook ASAP. I have attempted to contact via the website and cannot get through on the phone. I’m at the point where I would like to cancel the order, as the customer service has been non-existent. Can someone please contact me here ASAP. Thanks
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Hi Holly, I'm really sorry for the trouble you've had getting through to us. Let me look into the order and see what's going on, could I have your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Please help - need assistance with a return. Order number 6282529. Waited over an hour on hold, very poor customer service Booktopia. Thanks May
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Hi May, I'm really sorry for the wait on the phone, we have been experiencing higher than normal cal volumes. It looks like you managed to get through to our Live Chat team. Please let me know if we can assist any further. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

How do I delete Ebooks from my library on my ipad?
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Hi Stew, You can delete the eBook by clicking the trash can icon at the very top of the screen, to the right. Once you've clicked the trash can, just tap the negative sign on the left and the option to delete will appear. I hope this helps! If you need any assistance with it please do not hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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