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Hi, I tried calling your customer service but wasn't able to get through. Order 6290155. I got a message from Australia post saying my order has been delivered. It hasn't. I've tried contacting them to complain and they have done next to nothing. They say they have a signature but won't show me what the signature was, they say only the sender can see it. I was the only one home at the time, plus my husband didn't sign for it. They must have delivered to the wrong address. Can you please launch a complaint with them? It looks as though the item is missing. Thanks
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Hi Alex, I'm so sorry to hear about this! We can definitely investigate this with Australia Post, hopefully we can recover the parcel. I've sent you a direct email about this. Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceThanks Jessica! I've replied to your email and appreciate the effort on your part. Alex

I ordered on the 11th of October, the 10 days business days period has passed and nobody is replying me on the website or answering the phone. I want to know why is it delaying to ship my order?
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Hi Lucas, I'm sorry to hear about this! I'd like to look into this further and see what's happened to your order. Could I have your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceThank you for replying fast. My order number is 6261450.

Hi Jessica, thanks so much for your informative answer! Just one more question: are you able to check whether my order #5596269 has been embargoed and a rough estimate on its arrival? I only ask because I'm on a bit of a time-crunch and would love to prepare accordingly. Thanks again!
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Hi Ren, Sorry for the delay in responding! It looks like the book you've purchased doesn't have any embargoes on it. The stock is on the way from the UK and expected to arrive sometime next week - this means it won't come on the day of publication but we'll make sure your copy is shipped ASAP. :) Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Hey Booktopia, I ordered a book I need urgently on September 25 and the status said that it was out of stock and you guys would be expecting more copies of it on October 2. However 2 days passed and the status never updated. I left you 2 messages on the website which were not replied to. I called 3 times and each time I was put on hold. Could you please arrange a cancellation of my order (6194558) and refund? I really can't wait forever. Cheers.
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Hi C, Sorry for the trouble you've had getting in touch with us! I can see that my colleague Edinel has cancelled your order and requested a refund for you. You'll receive an email as soon as the refund has been issued. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I placed an order #6097527 on 22/08/2017 and have not received 2 books. I've been on hold for 20 minutes now, I just need this order cancelled at this point as her birthday has passed. Any help?
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Hi Jonatan, Sorry for the delay in answering this! I can see that you got through to my colleague Coral and she advised that the order had been shipped. If you have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Hi how can I change my credit card details? I have ordered books and forgot my credit card has been changed since my last purchase. Have been trying to change details on your site but cant. Been on the phone for 45 minutes. All I want to know how to change details as so I can put my order through again. Thanks
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Hi Marisa, Sorry for the delay in answering this! To remove a credit card from your account, you will need to sign into your account and go to the Account Settings tab. Then select Manage Credit Cards. Here you’re able to remove any stored cards by selecting the Forget This Card option. I hope this helps. If you have any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Hello, I have sent a message to booktopia in regards to my order (#6059909) which was placed on the 22nd of August 2017 and have not yet received my book and I have also not received a reply to my message or a shipment confirmation. I am just wondering the estimated time in which I will receive my book will be? Kind Regards, Elice Craig
1 answer
Hi Elice, I'm sorry for the delay in responding to this. I can see that my colleague has since cancelled this order and processed a refund as requested. If there's anything else we can help with please do not hesitate to get in touch. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Hi Booktopia, I have been very pleased with your company regarding past orders however I placed an order #5983051 on the 2/8/17 and received part of my order but am still waiting for 1 book. I have tried to contact you on several occasions via message and phone, waiting on hold for over 40mins. I'm on hold right now as I write this message. Could you please advise when my book will be sent as it was supposed to be a gift? Thanks, regards Kate.
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Initiate a bank chargeback.Hi Kate, I'm sorry that you had difficulty getting through, we did experience some lengthy waits at that time which is regrettable. I can see we cancelled this outstanding item as requested but because this left you disappointed I've added a credit to your account which you can use on another order in the future. Kind regards, Alex

I made an order (#6066033) earlier today (Tuesday) and called you guys several times a couple of hours later to cancel but no one picked up the phone. I then emailed you @ info to cancel the order, surprisingly this evening i received a message the item has been shipped. Can you guys issue my refund please? I do not want your shipment. And please make it easy for clients to contact you and cancel items online if they dont need it. Thank you
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Hi Grace, Is that definitely your order number? It has a different name against it and this order hasn't shipped so I just want to make sure I'm looking at the right order. Please get in touch with us via Live Chat or send us a message and choose the category "I want to make a change or cancel an order". These are responded to with the highest priority. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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