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Super slow dispatch and delivery

I've been purchasing books from them since 2007. All m orders were delivered in 2 weeks time, which I didnt mind. But this last order of mine has been more than 2 weeks now, so i contacted customer service, only to find out that it would still be dispatched in 2 to 3 days and I should expect it not next week but the following week. Seriously, somebody down the line might have forgotten my order or something. Now, they upgraded it to express shipping. Still, I'm disappointed.

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HI Paula, Let me look into this further, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Okay, not overall impressed with the delivery times

i place a $150 order on the 31st of Jan, it still sitting as "this item has been allocated to your order"

the part that i am confused about is i ordered 3 books from Depository on the same day and they just arrived today .....from the UK ...... so yeah, it's a little disappointing

my second order on the 9th of Feb is still showing as in stock and waiting to be picked .... all the items said " ships next day" when i spoke to live chat this morning they said it would ship in 24-48 hours ...so 4 days after the order was placed.

maybe my expectations were set too high, but if i can get books faster from the UK why would i pay more to support Aussie business.

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Hi Alan, I'm sorry to hear this. I'd like to look into this further, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Still waiting

I ordered on the 9th of January. I received 2 out of the 4 books I ordered. It is now the 25th and I am still waiting on the final 2 books for my sons school list which will not come on time so I will have to head out to hunt for them again.

[name removed] the operator who helped me however was excellent to deal with. I recommend keeping him around!

Ordered book... now email staying out of stock, why take 7cents from my account ?

Ordered school book for my son, emailed few days later saying it not in stock, disappointed and cancelled order but they taking a random 7 cents from my bank account ??? All seems very strange !!! Will not use them again

I recommend the book depository

I recommend the book depository. Terrific shipping even from overseas and it’s free. Have failed to have a book arrive from booktopia. They blame austpost, austpost blame them. Six weeks. You would think they could replace or refund. Nope. Will give them a miss in future

Hi Wilko, I'm very sorry to hear you haven't received your order. Let me look into it for you, could I have your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceI just looked at my account to find that information for you to see that my order history somehow has deleted it. Very strange indeed. Lucky I have emails stating that I both ordered and paid for this item. Just gets better booktopiaHi Wilko, The order number will be included in the Order Confirmation email sent to you. If you could let me know what this number is I will look into it ASAP for you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

average at best

Whilst the site took my complete order it didn't highlight that it would arrive in "part shipments". So far I have received two seperate parcels and still waiting on the rest of the order. Description of books wasn't accurate, the series I wanted I wanted all same size so it would look good on the shelf once I had re read it. One of the books is a "mini" which I won't be able to read or to be honest keep. A dumb size.

Hi Mark, We'll usually split ship an order if you've ordered items that have different shipping time frames, and this is to ensure the order reaches you ASAP. If I could grab your order number I can make sure the rest of the order comes in one shipment, and I'll look into the sizing of the books as well. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service8438536Hi Mark, Thanks for providing your order number! From what I can see your order has been fully shipped now - we sent all the In-stock items in the first shipment and all other items waiting to come in from suppliers in the second shipment. It's on the way to NZ now. Regarding the sizing of one of the books, I've sent you a direct messaging about this. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Delivery stupid slow

I ordered 2 books and a game mid November, contact them mid December they tell me they will put urgent delivery on products, I ask them to deliver to NZ now as that is where I was taking them and they are to late The books were finally sent on the 23/12 and now I find that the game was sent today 27/12 and on the Booktopia site the game is now selling for $11 cheaper than when I purchased it.... over a month ago. I received books from the UK quicker. Very unimpressed, still have not received any of the Christmas presents from Booktopia.

Hi Dave, That's pretty disappointing and I'm sorry your order got messed around. Please let me know your order number so I can sort something out for you and find out what there was a delay. Kind regards, Alex8200365Hi Dave, Thanks for that. I've checked on your order and can see we were delayed getting it out to you (both parts) and we're very sorry that they missed Christmas I'll need to dig a little deeper to understand exactly what went wrong with this order but in the mean time I've done a part refund. I'll send details in an email directly. Kind regards, Alex

No refunds only store credit!

After purchasing a cookbook for my sister, which I received 12 days later only to find out our aunt had already given this same book to her... so I asked booktopia how their returns work for a refund... no information given at all with their delivery.. no refunds store credit only postage at my cost..
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I even think their prices are not competitive either tbh

If you can wait a week, you'll save money!

I've compared price of books from UK Depository and they're not $5-$10 more, plus the fact there's no delivery cost. So if you can wait a week, you're in front.

Not a great experience

Wrong book sent. Right title but even after a lengthy discussion about the author Reese Witherspoon with the person I ordered it through she did not alert me to the fact that it was not the book I was talking about. After 15 days I rang to say the book had not arrived only to be informed it was coming from an outside dispatcher. I was not told of this at the time of order. The book arrived, I phoned and another girl told me it was okay to seal it up in the same bag and the post office would accept it for return. I questioned this but was told I didn't need anything from Booktopia. Went to post office and they told me I need an official reply paid slip from Booktopia. Another phone call now my third involving this order, resulted in a reply paid slip being emailed. Took it to the post office and sent it. Another 7 days or thereabouts I had to phone again to ask if Booktopia had received it! No they hadn't I was told. This time I got a person who knew exactly how to deal with this annoying issue and the book has now duly arrived. She was very patient, professional and understanding and co-operative and polite. I will add that I had ordered another book from Amazon while all this was going on and had absolutely no problem. My comment is that several of your staff need some more training in order to improve your customer service. I sincerely hope that my experience and explanation helps you to improve your service. I have gone to some considerable time and effort to give you constructive criticism and would appreciate some feedback.

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Hi Kaye, I would definitely like to look into this further, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Has not come even though it was supposed to come in over 5 days ago

It is extremely hard to compliment when my books haven’t come in yet. I wish there was something nice to say but even your prices were a bit rash as I could’ve gotten the whole series for $55 at Kmart when I had to pay over $70.

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Hi Liv, I'm really sorry to hear the order hasn't arrived yet. Let me look into it further for you, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Poor business model

Accepted my money for very expensive book, eventually told me it was sold out at the advertised price. Then i found they were advertising it at a higher price so i ordered it from Amazon and got it in about a week. Next order was for three cheap paperbacks which now they say they cannit supply two of the. SHOULDNT BE TAKING ORDERS AND PROCESSING PAYMENTS WHEN THEY DONT HAVE STOCK.

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Hi there, Sorry to hear this. Let me look into this, could I grab one of your order numbers please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Wrong delivery address

Booktopia had the most recent edition of the book I wanted, which was great & I was informed of delivery on the day. I had to search the street to find out where it was left.

Hi Linda, I'm really sorry to hear this! I'd like to raise this feedback with Australia Post to ensure this doesn't happen with future deliveries. Could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceMy order No. was 7887204. Good luck with Australia Post! Parcel delivery should be absolutely accurate. Regular post is often delivered to the wrong address and I think this is a problem in the sorting office. Kind regards, LindaThanks Linda, I've sent you a direct email about this as well. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Not great service

Ordered 2 books in the same order, yet they came in separate deliveries. This meant I was bombarded with delivery notifications and emails but not the same instructions/options, this meant the first delivery was left at my work location as instructed while the second went to the post office 1.5kms away. Confusing and lacking organisation in their delivery method, i won't be ordering from here again.

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Hi Martin, Sorry to hear this! I'd like to look into it further, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Terrible experience with both orders

Given so many positive reviews I decided to support a local Australian business, what a mistake!

First order, got the usual notification email, then went back in the next day to check - order was suspended as they couldn't process my credit card, which works everywhere else! Had to contact them myself to find out what happened, they couldn't tell me, forced to pay with Bpay which delayed the order again. They are very very slow to respond to order enquiries, if at all.

Second order, chose in-stock items so I could pay extra for express next day delivery. Heard nothing from them for 3 days, emailed them with no response for another 2 days. Seems like they decided to send the package on the fifth day with a follow up email apologising, but no reason for being late 5 days late. Wanted the books quickly but had to settle for a 7 day delay for in stock items. Not good enough.

Lastly, their website forces customers enter solve CAPTCHA puzzles whenever you login and whenever you send an enquiry form while logged in, which is very annoying. Why would they force you to solve CAPTCHA puzzles when already logged in, which makes contacting them very difficult. I had to solve 8 puzzles just to send a single message to them, totally uncool.

I will now be trying a competitor, sadly wondering how so many positive glowing reviews for booktopia could result in two horrible experiences for me.

Hopefully this time my review will be published on this site.

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Hi Simon, Sorry to hear about this. I'd like to look into this further, could I grab your order number please? Regarding the Captcha puzzles, we're making changes to how this functions. Thanks for your feedback - we need honest reports. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Creased book cover

The book I purchased was a hard cover children's book with a creased jacket cover. It was intended as a baby gift for a newborn but I was unhappy with the state of the cover. Not nice, especially when the book was brand new. It ruined the gift as far as I was concerned.

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Hi Kate, I'm really sorry to hear about this! I've sent you a direct message so we can sort out a replacement for you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

No communication about out of stock books

Unfortunately I have found Booktopia quite poor in communicating to buyers. Items show as in stock but take weeks to be sent out if at all, usually resulting in a cancellation an another week to get your money back.

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Hi Mark, Sorry to hear this. I'd like to look into the experience you've had a little further, could I grab your most recent order number? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Why the long wait!!!!!

I ordered a book on the 14th July. Today is the 26th July and I've been informed my book has been shipped today. I live in the Lower Blue Mountains one hour from Sydney. I could have walked to the warehouse and back in this time. $7 delivery and a two week turnaround when you live an hour from the warehouse pretty average really.

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Hi Yvette, It sounds like you may have ordered an item we don't stock in our Sydney Distribution Centre. If I could grab your order number I will look further into it for you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service


Hello. I was very disappointed in the time the book took to arrive. Your quote when ordering was 1-2 days. It arrived after 8 days.
Had I realised the length of time involved I would have sourced it elsewhere. The 1-2 days suited me.
Thank you.

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Hi there, I'd like to look into your order a little further, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Never received my book.

According to the staff at Booktopia, neither they nor their courier know what happened to my order. I never received it and was refunded my money. Don't know that I'll bother with them again.

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Hi Onyx, This definitely doesn't sound right. If I could grab your order number I will most definitely look into this for you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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i have an samsung galaxy tab a 10.5 and running Booktopia Reader. when i open book to read the fonts are too small to read. how do i increase the size of these?
1 answer
Hi Geoff, Thanks for contacting us. To increase the font size of a book, open the eBook on your device then tap the screen once to bring up the menu. Once you’ve done this, click Settings in the bottom right hand corner. There will be section called "Text Size" and a plus and negative sign that will increase or decrease font size respectively. Tap the plus sign a few times and the font size will increase. If the plus sign goes grey then you're not able to increase the size any more. Once you’ve done this, make sure you click Save in the top right corner to save the changes. I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I downloaded an ebook yesterday using the Booktopia app and stated reading it, but if I accidentally turn my phone sideways it loses my page and goes back to the start of the chapter again. Im starting to get very frustrated with it-can you view the ebooks in any other browsers? I have an iPhone. Thanks
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Hi Karen, Sorry to hear this! If the orientation on your phone changes, the eBook will need to re-format to fit into the new space so it may display less or more text than you were previously seeing. If you would prefer to read the eBook in a certain orientation on your phone it's recommended that you lock the orientation to avoid losing your place in the book. You can do this by holding the phone in the orientation you would prefer and then swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This will bring up your phone's settings, look for the icon that has a padlock in a circle. This will lock the orientation, and when you're done simply tap this icon again to unlock the orientation. I hope this helps, if you have any further issues please let me know what your order number is and I'll have someone get in touch with you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I want to download and print pages and send to a friend in prison chapter by chapter? How do I do this? I bought a book on my iphone booktopia app. Thank you. Marguerite
1 answer
Hi Marguerite, eBooks cannot be printed, sorry, they can only be read on digital devices. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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