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I'm glad I found booktopia

from start to finish the experience was great. Ordering was easy and the books arrived in a very short time. My sister had tried to get me these same books through a bookshop and couldn't get them. I was kept informed where my order was right along the way. I will be using Booktopia more often and have told my friends about you.
Prompt, inexpensive, reliable. yes I like those words

Terrible service!

Absolutely terrible service! I ordered expecting to have my book within a week and it has been 3 weeks on 'in progress'. No reply to my email and spent 35 minutes waiting on hold to speak to a representative who said that the book wasn't in stock and had to be ordered from the supplier (would have been nice if this info had been on the website when I bought it!) and they are having trouble with the suppliers & it should be here soon. It's a birthday present I needed for last week, too late now.

I have bought off Booktopia before and had no problems, I am shocked at how bad service has gotten.

Hello Shauna, we're sorry to hear about the wait on your book. If you're still waiting and need help from us, please respond here with your order number and we'll get someone on to it right away.Hi, Thank you for responding, I received my item today. Thanks


I had never bought online and needed a specific book in a hurry (gift for a speaker at a function). booktopia made it very easy; the book I desired was available and I received it within 48hours...I had time to spare. I totally appreciated being able to track my purchase as I was really anxious it would not make it in time, to my surprise booktopia was fast, efficient and the book arrived in perfect condition.
Fast, efficient arriving in perfect condition

"So easy"

This buying service (online), packaging and delivery was fantastic.
I was so excited having received my delivery in just, three working days.
There is not too much you could do to top this.
The only thing that has annoyed me is the "you didn't write more than 50 word" thing. why make this difficult?
Terrific guys and thank you.
ease, delivery, packaging and speed of the order 2 my door.

Finally found book heaven

Found this website by accident, frigging brilliant, not only decent prices but fast delivery as well.... Who needs a book shop in town when I an now log into booktopia and press a few keys lol... My partner will have to buy a few more book cases for me now I think
Good value, very fast delivery

Top Points for Customer Service

Their communications are prompt. What was very pleasing is how quickly they have notified me when they were having some difficulties sourcing one of the books in my order. That gave me to opportunity to remove that book from the order instead of holding up my entire order. If the books are in stock, delivery really is in 2 days, and if they have to order them in, they keep youi update to date on their progress. Now when I want to buy books I automatically go to Booktopia first.
prompt, forthcoming with information, reliable,

Easy, speedy and great prices - what more can you want?!

Nothing negative to say. They had the book I wanted at a great price, and whilst it wasn't in stock when I placed my order, it came in much earlier than the original ETA, so they exceeded expectations. Good range, great prices and good communication. Very happy customer and will continue to shop with them and recommend them to friends.
Great prices, easy to shop, good communication on status of order.

Fast, efficient & trustworthy!!

After a couple of bad experiences with book orders and deliveries not arriving, it is so refreshing to have abusiness that actually delivers quickly and the prices are also very competetive. After a couple of times from buying at Booktopia, I will definitely recommend to my bookclub. Thank you so much!
Fast efficient, trustworthy & inexpensive

Fantastic service

I have purchased a few times from Bootopia, and I must say it never ceases to amaze me how fast I get the books and always in perfect condition, never damaged. The book selections they have is huge, I can always find what I am looking for at great prices. I will be a customer for life!!!!
Fast postage, great prices


When I sent an email expressing that I was disappointed with the slow service though I understood their "terms", I received this rude reply....."We feel somewhat disappointed ourselves. We have fulfilled and met the expectations raised by the terms of our business. The book was not in stock at the time of ordering and had to be ordered in from a supplier. This was stated before you chose to purchase the book. We even offer a link which gives the customer further information about delivery expectations. In this case, the supplier was efficient, our processing was efficient and thus your book arrived and was sent out good time. To write to express your disappointment in a service that has worked according to stated expectations shows some confusion on your part. Your disappointment is not with us, but with yourself. You did not take the time to read the information offered to you. In short, your expectations were not met. However, as you will appreciate, your expectations lie well without our area of expertise. You might like to examine those yourself and then you might see how easily those expectations can lead you into error."

My reply - "your customer service is clearly as good as your shipping service. What a rude response"....

Would never use again.

Rude customer service. Slow shipping.


I ordered books for a bookclub (12 books) I needed them in a hurry, so I made sure to order something they said was in stock and would ship straight away. After waiting for the order I phoned and was told that it wasnt actually in stock. I cancelled the order and asked for a refund which was agreed to. After several phonecalls to condescending extremely unhelpful staff, who acted like they were doing me a favour and over a week later the refund still has not been processed.
I would never use this company again!!!!!!!!!

Staff, Unavailablity of books, Misrepresentation

Bad communication

Disappointed in the lack of communication.
Ordered a book told that it was not in stock and could take a while. Which I was happy to wait.
I enquired about the book 2 months later and the only response I got was a refund notification.
No other information.
Had to call twice and send three emails to actually find out what happened.

And now the last book for my order which was a preorder. Is also having supply issues. And again the only way I found out was by having to contact Booktopia.

Hi Steph, I'm really sorry to hear this! I'd like to look into this further, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service7153609Hi Steph, I can see that at the time you made your order one title was out of stock with suppliers but could be placed on backorder. When you contacted us we found that the book was now out of print, however our supplier had not informed us of this change in availability. I'm terribly sorry for this, and that you had to contact us about a late pre-order item as well. We are currently working on better identifying orders that are late or have stock availability issues, and we've recently formed a Proactive Service Team. This team will be dedicated to finding orders like yours, that aren't going to plan, and intervening. In saying that, I want to assure you that this is not the normal experience our customers have. I very much hope you will consider giving us another chance as I'm more than confident that your next order will go more smoothly. I've arranged for a store credit to be issued to your Booktopia account which you can use towards your next order, we'll send you an email as soon as this is ready to use. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Terrible Procedures

I ordered a book using a visa giftcard.
I received an email saying my order had been processed. A month later when I hadn't received my order I returned to my email which instructed I had to log into the booktopia site if I wanted to check on status. Once I had logged in, my order was marked with a problem processing payment. I received no phone call or email to notify me of this, Booktopia just ignored my order. Terrible customer service.

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Hi Karlie, I'm sorry to hear this! Our main form of communication is email and so any time there's an issue with a payment, we will always send an email to notify you. I'm very sorry to hear you never received this email, it's possible it went to a spam folder. Rest assured we will always get in touch if there are any issues with an order. We hope to see you ordering in future and be sure to get in touch if we can ever assist with anything. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Terrible service

I ordered a book in April on taxes and it would have arrived too late in June to be any use to me. It took 4 attempts to get the order cancelled. When I finally succeeded at cancelling the order I could not get my money back, instead I got a credit and needed to buy something else. Booktopia has made me an Amazon Customer for life. If Amazon can't ship they advise me and if I cancel I get a refund. I buy a lot of books, not a good way to treat customers

Hi Kevin, I'd like to look into this further, could I have your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceOrder Number is 7275733Hi Kevin, Many thanks for providing your order number. I've read through the contact you had with us - we understood your request to be for a store credit. Sorry we got that wrong, and that you had to follow up with us on that. Sorry for the delay with your order, but we're glad you've been able to use the credit towards something else. We hope you'll still consider ordering with us in future, please be sure to get in touch if we can ever assist. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Long long waiting for delivery!

I bought 2 university text books from Booktopia, the price was the cheapest but I ended up withdrawing my Unit as I didn’t have any sourse of study to catch up with my assignments and exams, and I’m still waiting for my books. Booktopia sold the books didn’t have them in the stock. It was shown at purchase I’ll receive the books in 5-9 days it’s almost 1 months and still I haven’t got my books!!!

Hi Ed, I'm terribly sorry to hear this. If I could grab your order number I will look into this further. Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceHi Jessica, I was really annoyed as I trusted booktopia based on these reviews and bought my books, and I thought it should be straight forward to buy my books from one place!! I could buy them separately from different stores Which I knew from experience. also never seen any online stores selling books, they don’t have in the stock!?!?! I left this for those going to buy books online from booktopia, to see something like that could happen to them,... Anyway, I received my books yesterday and I’ll take my subject again next semester. Thanks for chasing up Jessica

Lied about availability of product

Website did not stipulate that the book was not in stock therefore allowed me to proceed with a purchase even though the book will not be stocked for nearly 2 weeks... This is supposed to be a gift and I am currently trying to arrange a cancellation of order however as the website states you can only cancel via phone and have 1 cooling off day period... I have tried calling 3 x and sat on hold for at least 20 minutes each time with no answer although I continue to receive emails from the company regarding my order and how the book won't be in stock for some time and how payment can't be processed without further detail.... Company needs to be more easy to contact...

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Hi Mel, I'm sorry for the trouble you've had trying to get through to us. If I could grab your order number I will sort out a cancellation for you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Nowhere near expected delivery time....

Ordered my book on the 11th - it arrives on the 23rd. This is not the 3 -4 working days as advertised. Is this your issue or Australia post ?? Won't be using Booktopia again.

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Hi Fidler, Sorry for any confusion. The time frames listed on our website are shipping time frames, not delivery time frames, meaning that the book you ordered would leave our warehouse within 3-4 business days. Once the item is shipped, standard delivery time frames with Australia Post apply. More information on delivery expectations can be found on our site here: https://www.booktopia.com.au/helpCentre.ep?p=shipping&o=delivery# Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Non arrival

This is very disappointing as I have not received either items. Really disappointing! I will check with Post Office but received no card either.

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Hi Lizzy, I'm sorry to hear this! Let me look into it further for you, could I have your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Not happy

I cannot believe it takes over a week for an item to get from Sydney to Wollongong. There is a promise on the website of next day service well I ordered my item on Thursday 12th April and it is now the 20th April and still no sign of my item. I will not order from this website again would be quicker to go to a real bookshop and order.

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Hi Celtic, We're sorry for any confusion; all of the time frames on our site are shipping time frames, not delivery time frames. This means that in-stock items leave our warehouse the next business day that you order them. If you have your order number there I can follow up on it for you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

probably wouldn't use again

Decided to use booktopia as I was informed if in stock, my books would be shipped the next day and I would get them within the week and I didnt want to wait two weeks to get them from the UK off another site. Put my order in on the 5th it is now the 17th and I still have not received them. While I understand that there can be delays, I would expect the customer service to be much better. They seem polite and helpful when talking to them, but twice I was told they would look into it and get back to me that avo and that never happened. Maybe more customer services people are needed in NZ as twice I have called and have had to wait over an hour for someone to answer my call. On the plus side I was offered free shipping and the books are a good price.

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Hi Doreen, I'm sorry to hear about this! I'd like to look into this further to see what caused the delay and how we handled your query. Could I have your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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i have an samsung galaxy tab a 10.5 and running Booktopia Reader. when i open book to read the fonts are too small to read. how do i increase the size of these?
1 answer
Hi Geoff, Thanks for contacting us. To increase the font size of a book, open the eBook on your device then tap the screen once to bring up the menu. Once you’ve done this, click Settings in the bottom right hand corner. There will be section called "Text Size" and a plus and negative sign that will increase or decrease font size respectively. Tap the plus sign a few times and the font size will increase. If the plus sign goes grey then you're not able to increase the size any more. Once you’ve done this, make sure you click Save in the top right corner to save the changes. I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I downloaded an ebook yesterday using the Booktopia app and stated reading it, but if I accidentally turn my phone sideways it loses my page and goes back to the start of the chapter again. Im starting to get very frustrated with it-can you view the ebooks in any other browsers? I have an iPhone. Thanks
1 answer
Hi Karen, Sorry to hear this! If the orientation on your phone changes, the eBook will need to re-format to fit into the new space so it may display less or more text than you were previously seeing. If you would prefer to read the eBook in a certain orientation on your phone it's recommended that you lock the orientation to avoid losing your place in the book. You can do this by holding the phone in the orientation you would prefer and then swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This will bring up your phone's settings, look for the icon that has a padlock in a circle. This will lock the orientation, and when you're done simply tap this icon again to unlock the orientation. I hope this helps, if you have any further issues please let me know what your order number is and I'll have someone get in touch with you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I want to download and print pages and send to a friend in prison chapter by chapter? How do I do this? I bought a book on my iphone booktopia app. Thank you. Marguerite
1 answer
Hi Marguerite, eBooks cannot be printed, sorry, they can only be read on digital devices. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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