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Terrible service from this bookseller - I ordered three books, two of which were supposed to be delievered within 5-10 days. Fourteen working days later I have still not received them. I emailed twice to cancel the order and never received a reply to either email. Now I have been told I may not be entitled to a refund, and so will have to phone the bank to dispute the payment. A lot of bother for nothing!! Buy your books elsewhere!!



I originally planned to get the book cheaper from Amazon in UK, but I thought I'd use Booktopia as it would be quicker. Turns out that they ordered from the UK and took longer doing it than I would have done. They give no indication when ordering how long the book will take, (but will charge you the day you make the order)

A pathetic waste of time. Oh well you live and learn and this is the last time I'll be using their "service".

Failure to coomunicate how long items will take to be delivered
Overly long delivery times, 3 weeks to deliver and no correspondence to explain or set expecations


I would recommend that anyone with an issue gives them a call, rather than email. I was having no luck at all getting a reply via email or live chat. I gave them a call and got things sorted out.

Apparently, despite the website saying they ship books as they arrive, it seems that the wait until the entire order arrives. By giving them a call they said they would ship out what they had straight away.

Still poor customer service, but the phone does produce results


I was initially annoyed because of delays with my order because of some problems with the publisher -- however, I called them and explained to them my concern and they were just super about it. They marked my order for express delivery and then shipped it without charging me extra. Not only that, I now know the team by name, and really appreciated the personal touch.
They have a lot of titles and they're really friendly.
They don't keep too many books in stock.


Excellent service. The prices quoted are extremely competitive as i have spent quite a lot of time looking for the best prices and Booktopia comes up tops.
Easy to use. Discounts. Postage rates. Quality control. Email when book is dispatched. Kept informed. Books well packaged. Prices very competitive.


I ordered books for a bookclub (12 books) I needed them in a hurry, so I made sure to order something they said was in stock and would ship straight away. After waiting for the order I phoned and was told that it wasnt actually in stock. I cancelled the order and asked for a refund which was agreed to. After several phonecalls to condescending extremely unhelpful staff, who acted like they were doing me a favour and over a week later the refund still has not been processed.
I would never use this company again!!!!!!!!!

Staff, Unavailablity of books, Misrepresentation


After initially getting quite excited when I found Booktopia.com as their prices seemed reasonable and shipping not too bad I ordered some books for a gift for a pregnant friend. The website said that the books would be shipped in 5 to 10 days depending if they needed to come from overseas. They took my money and then sent me email saying the books were low in quantity at the supplier and for me to ring them in a couple of weeks to see if they had managed to get me one of the last copies. I waited 2 1/2 weeks with no news on whether or not they had got the books or not - my friend had her baby and I had to get her another gift. I rang to ask for a refund and they refused - offering me store credit - which was not acceptable to me. The manager I spoke to was rude and acted like she was doing me a favour and I should be grateful to her. She accused me of not ringing before now to check the status (err... I have a young baby.. I have no time and plus I shouldnt have to do that!!). I have to date recieved no books and no refund and the transaction is pending dispute proceedings through paypal. I would not recommend these people and I will never use them again. Very disapointing.

rude, slow, extremely poor customer service, appaling policies


Stay away from these people like the plague - like any supplier when it works well there are no problems - but when it falls apart is when you actually test an organisations customer commitment - in our experience since they cannot fulfil the order but have taken our money then I expect a refund or at least advice of an expected ETA if not my goods!! I do not expect to be met with rudeness, uncooperative attitude and an expectation that the customer is to call them for updates (which they cannot provide anyway).

To cap it all off their staff are arrogant in the extreme and stated that they were in the right and we should read their T&Cs - which they are clearly in breach of but will not admit.

If you wish to give your money away then I suggest you find a reputable charity - at least then you know you are contributing to a worthwhile cause.
Apaprently good prices, good shipping terms etc. Website is reasonabley use friendly and payment procedure is clear ad easy to follow.
Very poor customer service attitude, descending to outright rudeness over the phone and refusal to supply refund or provide advice when books would arrive.


Avoid them. In the end PayPal upheld our complaint and re-imbursed us since we couldn't get any reasonable resolution with these people.

Rude, doesn't adher to own policies, cannot ship goods, only good for taking your money and not providing goods


I must be one of the lucky ones when dealing with Booktopia. I have been buying from them for over 12 months - big orders too, and have never suffered any of the treatment listed here. I have had prompt responses to any of my e-mails; constant phone contact with each Rep who is dealing with my order; an undisputed credit for a mis-ordered book and an undisputed refund to my credit card for stock they couldn't obtain for me. Maybe my happier attitude to ordering through Booktopia has led to my V.I.P. treatment
OR .... maybe we can all be a bit optimistic and hope that the Booktopia staff have read these reviews and have changed their ways for the better! :)
Eternal Sunshine
Easy to use website, discount prices, good for hard-to-find books or specialist genres
My only complaint would be that they don't up-date their website often enough. You can get a little frustrated when some of the titles - especially if it's in a series - is on the website but unavailable.


36 days to get 2 books which were readily available on the shelf at the ABC shop. Missed Christmas delivery and books arrived 6th Jan 2009 after ordering in Nov 2008. Forget this lot. They even suggested I print a note from thier website saying the books were on the way and put it in the card for my wife for Christmas. The note stated the books were coming. Kind of defeats the purpose of a surprise given that the note stated the gift was coming from Booktopia. Their communication and delivery suck...

very late delivery
no communication or help


Please give BOOKTOPIA a go. I have bought 100's and 100's of dollars of books from them and in the beginning there were some teething problems but hey they are a very young company. I have no relationship with this company bar being a customer but Australia needs this online bookstore for its prices and its willingness to try and improve where they feel things have gone wrong.

When you have bought as many books as I have I think that is when you can truly make an overall judgement call. I am sick of paying more for books here in Australia than I do overseas and the only store that I find comparable prices is BOOKTOPIA. I want my money to go to an Australian company wherever possible and they have grown in every way since I first started buying from them.

I did have problems - a lot of them but I stayed with it and worked things out and now I know how things work and now that they have improved their information service to customers I have no problems at all. Just today I was told a book was not available and they were honest enough to say they had no idea when it would be as the publishers had run out and I had the option of what I wanted to do.

People with problems have every right to have them resolved but we are now 2009 and things have changed drastically since complaints entered here many months ago. I have just spent another few hundred dollars today and I would not bother continuing with them if they were such a bad company to deal with.

Give them a go and keep this Australian business afloat. They give very fair prices with near enough to zero postage. I defy anyone to find better prices in general. Ebay certainly do not beat them all up with postage etc. Booktopia have my full support.
Very good prices, easy site, has found very rare books for me,easy to access, one call away, easy transaction process, good to navigate for info
Very little as things have improved immensely


Don't use. They don't just have teething problems they don't care about their customers, and they take your money upfront and then do the bare minimum.

Take your money then don't contact you no matter how many EMails you send. Have to phone them to get a refund. They don't even care that it's another disgruntled customer, their attitude is atrocious.


I really thought it is a scam at first, until i saw some of their customers complained here. I feel better but still fed up with their customer service.
Good price.
They are not honest in terms of number of days for delivery. I have ordered a book one month ago, and it is still pending.
I have wrote to their customer service twice with no reply at all.


In an update to my last review of Booktopia. After complaining to their service department. They sent out my order via overnight express. which I am grateful for.
because of this I have increased my rating. but they still rate poorly in my opinion because I was told over the phone on two different occasions the product had been dispatched. After the last phone call I get an overnight satchel. To me that says they did not dispatch them as they first advised me they had. so someone in the supply chain had given false information.

Thats not good.


I've placed an order with booktopia about two months ago. Initially i ordered 4 books. After 2 weeks they told me that one of the book is not obtainable, and i told them to proceed with the other orders, the third week they told me that the second book was out of stock so they had to order it but may take 1-2 weeks... the third time the contacted me about the third book after 4 weeks from my date of purchase i went mad. i still thought that they have shipped my order. i finally got my 2 books that i've ordered after 8 weeks from my date of purchase!!! my class has already started and we were about to have midterm!! this is so bad bad bad!
Cheap price on textbooks
Very very verrryyy slowww deilivery, bad communication, misleading information on the website.


When I sent an email expressing that I was disappointed with the slow service though I understood their "terms", I received this rude reply....."We feel somewhat disappointed ourselves. We have fulfilled and met the expectations raised by the terms of our business. The book was not in stock at the time of ordering and had to be ordered in from a supplier. This was stated before you chose to purchase the book. We even offer a link which gives the customer further information about delivery expectations. In this case, the supplier was efficient, our processing was efficient and thus your book arrived and was sent out good time. To write to express your disappointment in a service that has worked according to stated expectations shows some confusion on your part. Your disappointment is not with us, but with yourself. You did not take the time to read the information offered to you. In short, your expectations were not met. However, as you will appreciate, your expectations lie well without our area of expertise. You might like to examine those yourself and then you might see how easily those expectations can lead you into error."

My reply - "your customer service is clearly as good as your shipping service. What a rude response"....

Would never use again.

Rude customer service. Slow shipping.


POOR - go elsewhere if you want something quickly and want to know whether you'll get what you order. Stick to sites that confirm what they have in stock or not.
Looks like they have a good range, but in fact they have very little in stock - about 1,500 books.
So when I ordered from them I got an email about a week later saying the book was not in stock - why advertise what you can't get? I'll stick to stores that have confirm availability in future...


I have ordered many times from Booktopia and although it sometimes takes a long time to recieve the books it seems to me that if you want something straight away you don't buy it online! The one occasion I have had to deal with their customer service department the replies I recieved were brief but effective and the problem was solved quickly. I have never recieved damaged goods. I live in a small rural town and always recommend Booktopia to other book lovers of my acquaintance. My biggest criticism is that I have noticed some obvious holes in their catalogue, in particular with Asian and sub-continental authors and with classic titles. Imprints available in the latter are often older and somewhat obscure. Overall, I love Booktopia.
A wide-ish range and cheap prices especially on local postage. Good communication in my experience.
Books can take a long time to arrive, some glaring holes in the catalogue, for example, not very many Indian authors.


I will not use this service again. I will shop elsewhere. Suggest you do too. Customer service was not ideal and I wasn't happy with there return policy.
Well I thought it was going to be Australia's answer to Amazon. Convenient online book store with a huge range. Not at all what I expected.
Both books I ordered took a very long time to receive. My credit card was charged even before the books were shipped. Both books were not of great quality and definately not worth what I paid.

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i have an samsung galaxy tab a 10.5 and running Booktopia Reader. when i open book to read the fonts are too small to read. how do i increase the size of these?
1 answer
Hi Geoff, Thanks for contacting us. To increase the font size of a book, open the eBook on your device then tap the screen once to bring up the menu. Once you’ve done this, click Settings in the bottom right hand corner. There will be section called "Text Size" and a plus and negative sign that will increase or decrease font size respectively. Tap the plus sign a few times and the font size will increase. If the plus sign goes grey then you're not able to increase the size any more. Once you’ve done this, make sure you click Save in the top right corner to save the changes. I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I downloaded an ebook yesterday using the Booktopia app and stated reading it, but if I accidentally turn my phone sideways it loses my page and goes back to the start of the chapter again. Im starting to get very frustrated with it-can you view the ebooks in any other browsers? I have an iPhone. Thanks
1 answer
Hi Karen, Sorry to hear this! If the orientation on your phone changes, the eBook will need to re-format to fit into the new space so it may display less or more text than you were previously seeing. If you would prefer to read the eBook in a certain orientation on your phone it's recommended that you lock the orientation to avoid losing your place in the book. You can do this by holding the phone in the orientation you would prefer and then swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This will bring up your phone's settings, look for the icon that has a padlock in a circle. This will lock the orientation, and when you're done simply tap this icon again to unlock the orientation. I hope this helps, if you have any further issues please let me know what your order number is and I'll have someone get in touch with you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I want to download and print pages and send to a friend in prison chapter by chapter? How do I do this? I bought a book on my iphone booktopia app. Thank you. Marguerite
1 answer
Hi Marguerite, eBooks cannot be printed, sorry, they can only be read on digital devices. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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