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Super slow delivery

I received shipping confirmation nearly 3 WEEKS after ordering a book for a gift. There should be some kind of advice if a book is likely to have this long a delay, as I wouldn't have ordered from this website had I known.

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Hi TL1, Let me look into this for you, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Be careful for ordering items that are not in stock but on their site appears to be in stock.

On 31st January I've made a payment for 2 items +shipping (42.7). Yesterday, on 4th February I get an email saying that:
a) for the 1st item: This item has been ordered from our supplier and will ship from Booktopia within 7-10 business days.
b)for the 2nd item: This title has a long or uncertain shipping time frame.

Lets be clear. When I ordered both items were in stock! I never buy out of stock items. So no one cared to mentioned me that the items are out of stock. ok?

Ok. Today 5th Feb I just had enough and I contacted them to cancel the order and give me the refund. I go into my bank account and I see that the payment from 31st Jan was still in pending. I go to Paypal account and I see on 4th Feb, 24.2 were taken. Have no idea why, no one contacted me to tell me that they took the money for just one item + shipping. I've asked...what about the 2nd item? Would I have been charged again with shipping? What if I had 50 items?

So, they knew from the beginning that the items were not in stock hence the payment still in pending. When one of items were in stock they charged me just 24.2 without telling me. I should have been let know from the moment I made the payment:
"Cristina, I see that you've paid for the entire order, unfortunately, the items are not in stock. Do you wish to wait? We would charge your card only if the items are in stock and we would kindly ask you for your permission."

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Hi Cristina, I'd like to look into this further, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Never ever purchasing from booktopia

Absolutely appaling service. They never reply back to you via email, also tried calling and no one will answer!!!! Where is my book that ive ordered 10 days ago booktopia??????!!!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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Hi there, I'm really sorry you haven't received your order yet. Let me look into this for you, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

The worst online book seller

Do not order. I was told books were in stock and being dispatched. Two weeks later still waiting.... No explanation given. I will never use this website again or advise anyone else to.

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Return Claim MadeNo
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Hi JRH, I'm terribly sorry to hear this. I'd like to look into this further to see what went wrong, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Very Disappointed

After placing and paying an order in November 2018 for three copies of the same book I was disappointed to learn that the book was actually out of stock and I only received one copy of the book in time for Xmas. I sent an email requesting that the partially completed order be cancelled but got no reply and when I tried to ring was told by recorded message that the enquiry line was very busy and to ring back another time. My order was finally completed in mid January. This will be my first and last experience using Booktopia.

Hinder Problems, do not buy their e books

Absolutely disaster to download the e-book that I purchased on their website. Didn't know there were lengthy procedures to follow to download the e-book. On the purchased page- next to the payment, it stated Instant download so what I thought was I you purchased this e books, when payments went through, It will have a file immediately for me to save and download. Ended up, need to call the customer service which had long queue and finally I had to gone through the whole process with the staff for more than one hour and finally I had to miss my dance classes today. They should have had the steps on how to download the ebooks customer purchased it. I will not buy any books from them again.

Return Claim MadeNo
Hi there, Sorry to hear this. On the product page it does state which programs are needed to download and read the eBook on various devices. We also provide a link to advice on how to download the eBook on the order confirmation page, right after you purchase the eBook. We also provide a link to the download instructions in the order confirmation email sent to you, and within the My eBooks section of your account. I'm glad to hear we were able to assist you in downloading the eBook - now that you have the appropriate program set up, if you do decide to purchase with us in future, the eBook file can be downloaded and immediately opened in future. Be sure to get in touch if we can ever assist. Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceYes...your instruction only appeared after I purchased the ebook. It should have appeared on the payment page to warn consumer there are list of instructions to follow and problem may encounter. There are so much problem when trying to download the ebook for example I did not know internet explorer did not download file property and the staff who I spent more than 1 hour on phone did not aware of the mentioned problem until after a long and stressful tries, he then asked me to use google chrome. I will continue too warn other users to be aware from buying ebooks on your website. Now....I can't even download from my Tablet. When I tried to call back to help centre...I was on hold on the phone for ages.....If you want to do the right thing, can you ask one of your ICT rep to call me on my mobile0416849157 ? If I do not hear from you within 2 days, I will surely lodge the complaints with Australia Fair Trading.Hi again, One of our Customer Service helpers have called you a few times now and left 2 or 3 voicemails but we haven't been able to reach you. We'll try and catch you again later tonight. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Delivery didn’t come!!

I bought a book month ago and delivery did not come!! Messaged them with no reply back, called them many time no on answer. Then I found tracking code number that is invalid!! They do not contact me back at all!! What a service!

Return Claim MadeNo
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Hi Lena, I'm really sorry to hear this. Let me chase this up for you, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service


They don’t answer multiple emails about your order once you have paid and not received your order. Have simply been asking when it can be expected to be shipped, and just not reply. Also the ‘customer service’ on their chat function is rude and unhelpful. More hassle than it’s worth, don’t bother.

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Hi Nay, I'm really sorry to hear this. I'd like to look into this further to see how we handled your enquiries, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Terrible wait times & service

Don't waste your time.
I waited over 6 business days for nothing to happen with my order sitting on "in progress" the whole time even though it was meant to be in stock.
I followed up twice and each time was told 2-3 more days. In the end i had to get a full refund & go somewhere else.
Never again!

Product Quality
Hi James, I'm really sorry to hear this. I'd like to look into this further, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceIve Been told the issue was going to get looked into twice & nothing happened. I wont be wasting my time with you again.

No delivery after a month no reply to messages

Worst ever - delivery never came!!!!!!
Ordered online - was In Stock. However after payment it said waiting for more stock - after waiting a month for delivery and messaging twice with no reply I managed to contact them by phone after 20 minutes on hold.
They then proceeded to tell me they could not get the book and no other supplier could!!!!
After one call to other store - I got the book myself.
Booktopia has worst customer service - will never buy from again or recommend to anyone!

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Hi there, I'm really sorry to hear this. I'd like to look into this further to see what went wrong, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Terrible customer service

I have used booktopia before and had no issues until lately. I don't know if they still have customer service or outsource them somewhere else hence bad service.

Let me tell you about my online experience. First. They don't send invoice as attachments to email on order confirmation . Second. If you message their customer service there is no email acknowledgement hence you don't have a copy of your communication with them. No email trails. Like talking to a blank wall. For an online store this is a must. They have fallen behind.

Anyway. I Made an order of books and got free delivery. 10 days later Didn't receive item and found that auspost send it back to booktopia since it was damaged. Emailed customer service twice about the issue but didn't get any response. Disappointed with the service. I believe you deserve what you get for free shipping.

Hi there, Thanks for your feedback regarding the email confirmations, I've made note of this for our Head of Customer Experience. I'm sorry to hear there was an issue with the item. Let me follow up on this for you, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceThanks for the concern. I can see that most of the negative comments here are all about poor customer service. If you have read my messages my oder number is there. Granting that you have a messaging system in the first place. Anyways,Order number: 8567065Hi there, I'm really sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I'm honestly not too sure why this was returned to us, when we processed it we found that the items were not damaged. The parcel arrived back to us on the 04/02/18 and our team processed it and sent you an email to say it had been returned, I'm sorry we didn't respond to the original email you had sent on the 01/02/19. I had the parcel resent to you yesterday on Express Post, according to the tracking it's on board for delivery today. Let us know if there are any issues with the delivery this time around. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Worst online site to order books from

Used site before and now I remember why I stopped purchasing their books. Would not accept my password and the amount of ID photos to click on was ridiculous. Some of the photos not clear so could not identify easily. I would not have used this site but item I purchased was in stock. Took me approx 45 mins to change password and conclude payment. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you had some trouble signing in and placing your order. Regarding the captcha, where you need to select the images related to the question, there is also an audio option you can use. If you ever have trouble in future and you'd like some help, you're able to click the Live Chat button to speak with one of our friendly Customer Service members. We're very happy to help! Kind regards, Jessica Customer ServiceTried live chat, but no answer.

Online service that was once efficient is now slow and communication via email slow.

Items ordered one week ago still not here and that is NSW to ACT. Glad I don't live in WA. Ironically a book on backorder is finally on its way after 1 week whilst 3 'in stock' books have still not been posted. Might as well have gone in store in Canberra or will use another online service as these guys have let the ball drop big time. So disappointing. Used to be on point. Have been a customer for over 3 years.

Hi Deb, I'm really sorry to hear this. Let me look into it for you, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service8569982 was original order for 4 books and I thought as 3 were in stock they would arrive quickly. As per my review it was a week and the original 3 were not even dispatched so I organised a refund.Hi Deb, I'm really your order didn't ship on time which lead you to cancel it. Shipping delays like this are definitely not the normal experience you would have and we'll need to investigate it further internally to see what went wrong. I hope this experience won't deter you from ordering in future as I'm confident you'll have a much more positive experience next time around. I've arranged for a store credit to be issued to your Booktopia account which you can use towards your next order. We'll send you an email as soon as the credit is ready to use, and it will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Be sure to get in touch if we can ever assist in future. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service


Ordered a book 2 weeks ago. Said it was in stock and should be delivered within a few business days. Two weeks later and still nothing. Have sent two messages and they are not responding. The live chat had also popped up in two instances, when clicking on it, it informed me it was not available. Will never order through this company again. Wondering if this book will arrive....

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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear this! Let me look into it for you, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

No response to non-arrival of order

I ordered two books on 9th November that did not arrive. I have written emails, sent messages and I have not received any reply. I am very disappointed as all other orders have always arrived OK. Most of all I am disappointed that Booktopia has not even had the courtesy to acknowledge my messages. This is not the way to run a customer care centre, and makes me question whether it is such a good business after all.
Whatsmore I'm having to waste time writing this and chasing it up. Grrrrr.

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Hi Annie, I'm really sorry to hear this. Let me look into it for you and provide an update, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Lower than low

I ordered books in November as a Christmas gift for my son. Received confirmation my order was placed. It’s now January and have not received them.
I emailed booktopia at least 3 times asking where my order was. No reply!
Phoned booktopia and was on hold for 35 minutes before someone answered.
My order was looked up, told there has been some problem.
I asked Why was I not told of this months ago. The response was we didn’t know until we look it up!
It is not the company’s responsibility to process orders and inform the client of any issues???
I asked for some sort of compensation due to their incompetence and a disappointed child.
No, couldn’t offer any credit. Nothing!!
I will definitely be telling my friends not to use this poor excuse for a company and will never ever use them again.

Awful E-commerce experience

Having tried to unsubscribe from Booktopia mailings, I rather counterintuitively acted on a free shipping offer. (Wow I was going to save $6.95!) Alas the website was overly cluttered by those annoying verify tools and then refused to send me a new password, when it declined to accept the one that had previously worked perfectly well. So, to the old fashioned and ever reliable 'hot line', that for 30 minutes continually apologised for all their consultants being busy helping other customers. Rather suspect Booktopia made a mint over Christmas and are now all on the beach. Pity the unsubscribe button didn't work in the first place.

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Hi Philip, I'm sorry to hear about this. I've sent you a direct message to see if we can have this resolved for you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

Obviously directors haven’t employed good customer service manager

Wow, what a disappointment. Take your money and don’t deliver. Obviously Booktopia isn’t interested in repeat business......-[name removed] brothers, what’s wrong with you and the business you run??

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Hi, Sorry to hear this! Let me look into your order for you, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

awful customer service, over a month of waiting, no book, 500$ out of pocket and no end in sight.

Pretty much never written a review about anything but this company is just awful. I ordered this book as a gift for a colleague's 60th birthday back in November. It didn't show up. support kept insisting it was units way. A month later its apparently "stuck " in the warehouse. Promised it would be here asap. New tracking numbers 10th of Jan. Well its the 16th and its still not left the building. Took 2 days for the support team to "investigate" where my original order was. Just crap. Want my money back and i'll go to Amazon....

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Hi Marki, I'm really sorry to hear about this, it sounds like a couple of things haven't gone quite right. Let me look into this to see what went wrong, and to see what I can do to make it up to you. Could I have your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

No customer support

I ordered a book in late December, which was not currently in stock and had to be ordered in. Three weeks later I am still waiting on an update on the status. I have tried to call customer support multiple times in the last couple of days and have been unable to reach anyone. I have left messages asking for a callback and have even sent a message through their online portal. Clearly, no one is prepared to provide any feedback on my order. This has been incredibly frustrating at best. You can do better.

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Hi Brent, I'm really sorry you haven't received your order yet, and for all the trouble you've had trying to get in touch with us. Let me look into it and provide an update ASAP, could I grab your order number please? Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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i have an samsung galaxy tab a 10.5 and running Booktopia Reader. when i open book to read the fonts are too small to read. how do i increase the size of these?
1 answer
Hi Geoff, Thanks for contacting us. To increase the font size of a book, open the eBook on your device then tap the screen once to bring up the menu. Once you’ve done this, click Settings in the bottom right hand corner. There will be section called "Text Size" and a plus and negative sign that will increase or decrease font size respectively. Tap the plus sign a few times and the font size will increase. If the plus sign goes grey then you're not able to increase the size any more. Once you’ve done this, make sure you click Save in the top right corner to save the changes. I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I downloaded an ebook yesterday using the Booktopia app and stated reading it, but if I accidentally turn my phone sideways it loses my page and goes back to the start of the chapter again. Im starting to get very frustrated with it-can you view the ebooks in any other browsers? I have an iPhone. Thanks
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Hi Karen, Sorry to hear this! If the orientation on your phone changes, the eBook will need to re-format to fit into the new space so it may display less or more text than you were previously seeing. If you would prefer to read the eBook in a certain orientation on your phone it's recommended that you lock the orientation to avoid losing your place in the book. You can do this by holding the phone in the orientation you would prefer and then swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This will bring up your phone's settings, look for the icon that has a padlock in a circle. This will lock the orientation, and when you're done simply tap this icon again to unlock the orientation. I hope this helps, if you have any further issues please let me know what your order number is and I'll have someone get in touch with you. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

I want to download and print pages and send to a friend in prison chapter by chapter? How do I do this? I bought a book on my iphone booktopia app. Thank you. Marguerite
1 answer
Hi Marguerite, eBooks cannot be printed, sorry, they can only be read on digital devices. Kind regards, Jessica Customer Service

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