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Boom Broadband

Boom Broadband

4.5 from 170 reviews

Was excellent until they sold out

Connection was perfect and customer service was always timely and great. Since it was bought out we have had more dropouts.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Good internet

Unstable internet, slow at times but good customer support.
Price is good, can't complain.
May not be better than Matecommunicate.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Previously have then a 5 star...

Sold to activ8me. I used to ring boom and they answered within 6 rings with excellent customer service. Then they sold out to the muppet show. Email from Activ8me... the migration form boom to activ8me is complete. Need to configure router. For further assistance call, blah blah blah. End of message. Yes they spelt from wrong! That was it!!!! That was the entire unprofessional, misspelled message! Mint Telecom here I come...

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Sold to Activ8me, No internet for 6 days, no reply or answer from all contact methods.

Boom BB was a great Aussie company with good service until they were taken over by the RUBBISH Activ8me. Increasing lengthy daily drop outs for the past couple months, eventually lead to NO INTERNET for a day or 2 here and there and now, no internet for 6 days. No answer from Activ8me after dozens of phone calls over the past week. No response from several activ8me emails. Paying for a service that does not exist. When I finally am able to speak with a human, I will be immediately cancelling my service and will refuse to pay my last bill as there have been no services provided by these money stealing PIGS. Good luck in your race to the bottom activ8me.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Very Happy and Relieved to Get out of Boom / Activ8me

I was one of the loyal customers of Boom Broadband for over a year in spite of frequent drop outs in the last eight months. The charges of Boom were not cheap either. What [name removed] had done to loyal customers like me is a betrayal of the highest order. He had done everything in a dubious and secretive way without informing the customers and left us in the hands of a poor ISP. I just got out of this mess yesterday to a much better ISP. It is such a great relief.

Connection TypeNBN HFC (Cable)

Sold Out - Activ8me speeds are worse than adsl

I only have been with boom for a few months this year. They were fantastic.

4th October 2018, I received an email from boom to say they have sold out to Activ8me. Service was transferred to Activ8me without notice or choice. I can't check my account as Boom Broadband site automatically redirects to Activ8me. Phoned Activ8me after 35 mins on hold, I opted for the callback, callback never happened.

Service is disgustingly slow, definitely not what I paid for. Definitely changing to another ISP, one that has excellent service and reviews.



Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Boom being bought out from another provider

We are of the same opinion as #Sue44.
You can see from a previous review we found Boom to be the best and now...
Sold to activ8me.
We had the same experience with Boom choosing to move, no Warning, notification of what they were planning to do, it just happen.
On Boom's new members page, there is nowhere to log a ticket and even if you do call after hours, they no longer allow you to leave a message.
Boom was known for the reliability and going above and beyond with customer service.
Internet is still the same, Latency is much higher in the 20's now and Download speed has dropped dramatically.
It looks like they have lowered the price of the plan, however, we believed you get what you pay for.
I am not sure how long we will stay with Boom now...
We will give the new RSP a go and see how they fair, with high latency and slower speeds...
I don't believe it will be that long.
If it picks up, we will amend our review.

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)

Sold out with no warning

Was only with them four about three weeks before they sold out. Was great till then. They must have known while they were signing me up that i was going to be changed to a provider activ8me me with more terrible reviews than excellent ones. If they had said i would have gone elsewhere. Dishonest dealings padding their numbers for sale. And their email what a load of rubbish activ8me customer service I cant comment on because I cant get through!!!

Connection TypeNBN HFC (Cable)

Boom Broadband, you are a traitor!

I absolutely echo the previous posters comments. I have been with Boom for nearly two years after a word of mouth recommendation. While there were initial teething problems being in a new property, their service was second-to-none: a locally-based company, you just call and a friendly person with an Aussie accent picks up and does everything to help out. Bar the very occasional drop-out and one singular blackout in 18 months, I never had to worry about internet, just sit back and enjoy the service for months on end. This was reflected by the impeccable reviews they have here.

And then...

....I get an email on October 4th saying they sold out to Activ8me. No notification, no acknowledgement of long-term customers of how to setup an account with the new company, nothing. Now my internet is constantly dropping out after months of no issues, and service has hit rock bottom. Some of the email from the director of Boom (with whom I spoke several times on the phone) went as follows:

"Activ8me are now large enough to enjoy the opportunities that come with a company of its size, yet small enough to be totally focused on the importance of delivering high quality service to each and every customer from their Australian based call centre.

Activ8me were our preferred provider when it came time to sell Boom Broadband so we are thrilled that our customers will be with an Australian provider of such quality."

This couldn't be further from the truth! I called today for the first time and had to wait ages for an answer from what was easily an overseas call centre, a guy with a heavy Indian accent that couldn't help at all. And now I'm told I have to wait at least 2 business days to even discuss closing the account with the company I never wanted to be with, that is how the service has gone. Disgraceful.

Boom Broadband and Phillip, you are a traitor and shame on you for forsaking all your long-term customers!

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Sold out to active&me :-(

I only have been with boom since beginning of this year as 2018!!!! My mother told me they were fantastic and she wasn’t wrong until today as of 5th October 2018 I received n email from boom to say they have sold out to active and me service and I’m absolutely devastated, angry and very upset as I have enjoyed the experience I had with boom. No warning, notification of what about to happen and now unable to access to my account, no details information than of your personal details of payments etc I FEEL SO BETRAYED!!!! I do not know what to do, but definitely will change over to another ISP I can rely on, trust and has excellent service and rating.


Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Great Service, Average Product.

Boom Broadband have the most friendly staff, and went above and beyond to get me connected when the NBN Co. and other providers were very unhelpful. I've been with them for around three years, and I find the speed of the connection is a regular problem. I encounter some kind of issue every few weeks with slow browsing, or netflix buffering and dropping out. They always take steps to investigate, and often the problem clears up within a few hours. If you are looking for great customer service and happy to tolerate average network service, Boom are definitely for you.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Constant drop outs

Very friendly, just not able to help, neighbors have no drop outs, ours is none stop, Boom keeps blaming NBN co, so how come not happening to neighbors, either their router or their service, but it's their problem they refuse to aknowledge let alone fix

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

No nonsense helpful Aussie company

Great connection, no drop outs. Have been seamless in helping us transition between properties when moving. Very helpful customer service who have been prompt and accommodated to our needs. Would definitely recommend. Great customer service - hassle-free help. I will never go back to the big companies after using BOOM.

Connection TypeNBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

best NBN provider

Can't fault their service and are really helpful when do have questions - Australian run and serviced company helps a lot with good customer service

Connection TypeNBN FTTB (Fibre to the Building)
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sold to activ8me, terrible decision. Horrible company!!!!

Could be better

I signed up with them as they had great reviews and pricing was competitive. I find the internet speed can be very up and down and have had a bit of frustration at times. I do hope it will get better but it is slightly better than tpg. Compared to existing review my experience has been slightly disappointing.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)
Hi Bella1004, Thanks for your feedback. NBN speeds can vary and are influenced by many factors. If you are having problems however our friendly support team can definitely assist you. Please email support@boombroadband.com.au or call us on 1300 00 BOOM for further assistance.Hi! My day is also influenced by many factors usually systemic in nature hence i can't call everytime thee is an issue. I think instead of ctrl c ctrl v answer u could've given me $10 off or something. I didnt even know i actually finished uploading this review but I'm glad i did as i didn't expect a generic response!!Hi Bella, I’m happy to help with a more personalized response to your issues. Obviously we don’t have any details on your account from your post here, but I’m happy to look further into this. Please email - support@boombroadband.com.au with your name and address and we’ll get in touch. There are always things that can be done to assist. Happy to help further.

Outstanding service and value

We connected ADSL through Boom and it has been an easy, pleasant experience.
Connection is great, unlimited plan price is awesome and no contract which is a winner.
The staff are incredibly polite and helpful, the service is impeccable.
All round a fantastic company, highly recommend

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Seemless transition

Very happy moving from IiNet ADSL to Boom NBN. The connection was easy and internet speeds have been satisfactory from day one. A no nonsense company - I am very happy with their service.

Connection TypeNBN FTTC (Fibre to the Curb)

Great provider

I have been with Boom since nbn was available in my suburb in 2015. I have never had any problems but I think it's time to upgrade and seek other service providers with value for money.

Connection TypeNBN FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)


ADSL2+ connection. Onboarding experience was great. Value for money is good, but customer service is where this provider REALLY stands out. I've had issues with the line and connection (Telstra's fault on all occasions), but issue reporting and resolution by Boom is the best I've experienced anywhere, especially with Telco's. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Connection TypeADSL/ADSL2+

Great stuff

It all appears to have come undone at Boom. They have indicated that they have been acquired by Activ8me and now I do not have access to the online account portal. After such a great experience over a number of years with Boom, I'm sadly disappointed with the method they are using to lock their clients out of the process. I'm moving to another ISP and I'm almost certain that many other Boom customers will follow. I've offered two stars for past services but I'm certain that many others will not be so generous. Past comment - Have been with these guys since the fixed wireless services were introduced into our town. Had an issue with some NBN equipment and this was dealt with in a very efficient and diligent manner. Had an issue recently which is likely to do with some of my own devices but still the guys at Boom persevered in an effort to resolve the problem. Cant really say enough about how satisfied I've been with their services. Appears to be something of a slowdown in data rates but this is consistent with most users within the broadcast area of the town. It's likely to do with congestion within the NBN but also might have a little to do with bandwidth capacity. Have been promoting verbally about the benefits of switching to Boom from the big Telcos but I'm surprised by the resistance to move over to a smaller and more efficient provider despite the stories of frustration that I hear about the service(or lack of) from the big Co's…..

Connection TypeNBN Wireless

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Questions & Answers

I am currently on hold with IInet and want to replace them as my ISP. I simply want naked adsl in the Wembley area with unlimited data, can you provide this? Chris
1 answer
Hi Chris, Unfortunately Boom Broadband does not offer naked ADSL services. We can offer ADSL2+ services in VIC, NSW and QLD but I presume you are referring to Wembley WA which unfortunately we cannot service. It looks like NBN is still a little way off for the area also but once available we will definitely be able to help. We can provide NBN services across the country. Sorry we can't help today. Happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Hi, I have recently discovered the unreliability of the FTTN NBN. I have 5 days with no internet. Shoddy NBN techs. So I am curious if you offer a 4G backup like Telstra? Thanks, hydraflexx
1 answer
Hi, Boom Broadband doesn't offer 4G backup unfortunately as we do not offer mobile products. If you are having technical difficulties our priority is to work with NBN to have the issue resolved ASAP. Boom prides itself on resolving faults within the framework of NBN extremely quickly. If it is a protracted issue, in most cases we will work with our customers to provide a pro-rata credit to offset any mobile data usage in the interim. As always, if you are having problems talk to our friendly support team and I'm sure we can assist.

We are on the edge of NBN's wireless coverage area in rural SW WA (10km from their tower which we can't see). If we can get wireless NBN at all, would we be subject to frequent dropouts or inferior speeds? At the moment we get reliable but expensive service via a Telstra mobile network tower which is only 1km away. Thanks, Colin
4 answers
I can't answer that. I'm on a fibre cable the the building in Sydney CBD. You need to speak to NBN/Telstra Boom & several other providers & ask as many questions as you can. Can they guarantee a proper & effective service with no dropouts, slow speeds etc? If not stick with what you have.Thanks Ignas. On the strength of reviews here, there are only three NBN resellers that we would bother to talk to; which we have already done. Since posing the question a visitor has racked up $250 worth of Telstra mobile data in three days; we need to get rid of that real quick so have signed up with BB and hope they can deliver what NBN Co say they can.Hi Cockatoo, Apologies for the late reply to this question. We seemed to have missed the post. Generally with Fixed Wireless NBN services on the day of install the NBN technician will conduct a signal strength test to determine if you are able to receive the service at your address. Provided the required signal strength can be met you shouldn't have any problems. If you don't have a line of sight to the tower this may be an issue, but again the technician would advise on the day. If the installation does not proceed, Boom Broadband would of course provide a full refund. I hope this answers your question and apologies again for the delay. Regards, Boom

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