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Hi! Has anyone purchased the Kendall Set from this site? Would love to hear your opionions about the quality, fit and overall look before I purchase. Thanks.
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Just don't. Don't waste you time and energy. I wish someone had told me that before trying to deal with this company I'm now $100 trying to see if Afterpay will help me get my money backI never ended up buying from them. Thank you though for the heads up.

Hello. Do you know if it is possible to return the items back?
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Hi, yes I think you can however you have to pay for postage and they only give store credit. No direct refunds from my understanding :)They only offer store credit back and you have to pay original shipping of 19.95au when you originally order order plus shipping back (it cost me $45 to send the items back because of how much it was worth, it was over $300..didn't know that was a thing). Then 19.95 shipping once again when you use your store credit even if you don't use the whole voucher. So you end up wasting loads of money.Its' not. Hayley is pretending to not have my returns. After Iv'e tracked them and I know she has them.

Do you deliver to the UK? If so, how long will it take to deliver and is there any extra charges for delivery? Thank you x
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Do not do it. The items will most likely not come or not be what they advertised.

Has anyone ordered from Born To Be Chic from the States?? I am wanting to purchase a dress online but am mixed with reviews because no one has really said anything about sizing or shipping to the states! If anyone knows anything, please let me know as I'd love to order it! Thanks!
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Bad customer service. They don’t care if something goes wrong with your order! I just wasted $160. Don’t make the same mistake

So you guys have had a bad experience? My daughter wants to order from here so I went on and read the reviews and they are all are good. Now I come across these and I'm not so sure...
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My experience was great. I don't know where you are from but I'm from the states and I got my order and it took a couple weeks because of international shipment but it was greatI'm also from the states. What about the quality of material used and how it's put together?Please do not waste your money!!! This website is FAKE! I paid $149.00 two months ago to have a dress shipped to Denver Colorado and I haven't received ANYTHING!!! No tracking details nor the product! Please don't waste your money and fall for their fake reviews!

Has anyone recieved anything back from them?
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Yes they do but I started a claim with the Commonwealth Bank while I was waiting for my money to be refunded I don't know if it was that action I took that helped me get my money As Dress for Success replie was there sorry they didn't get my email as there not open on a weekend even though the emails were sent on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. I say start a claim with your bank. I hope this helps.

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