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Bosch ART Series

Bosch ART Series

23-10.8 LI, 26 Li, 26-18 LI + and 30-36 Li
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Why did you change the design Bosch?

Bosch what have you done? I owned the previous model art 26 LI and sadly it died after a good 9 years of extensive use. Loved that trimmer. This model just annoys the bejesus our of me. The previous model you could easily adjust with your foot the angle you wanted it to be which made it so easy for getting under trees and benches etc. This model only has two settings, flat or side with a fiddle push button that makes it so difficult to manover.

I am so disappointed Bosch changed the design. I raved about the previous model to everyone and I’m so frustrated using this replacement.

The battery lasts longer but the blades are 5 to a pack for nearly the same price as 20 to a pack with previous model and they don’t last very long so works out more expensive to use.

I hate line trimmers which is why I loved the previous model so much. I just don’t know why you changed the easy to use design.

While it is still a lightweight trimmer and easy start, good battery, I’m afraid it’s nowhere near as user friendly as the previous model. Such a shame. I’ll be cursing every time I use it now.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Great for the garden

This is one of the newer models and I have used for about a week and easy to use and does a good job trimming lawns and edges. The new black blades work better than the older red ones. I had previously had the older model and this one is more effective and less blade replacement needed.
Very please with purchase

Date PurchasedJan 2019


Blades I have found cheap on the aliexpress app 2.85 for 10
Good trimmer but pricey blades ,
Has good power and lasts a while .
Love the safety button and changing of blades they are so easy compared to line trimmers
Would recommend people to shop on aliexpress

Date PurchasedDec 2018


It's a toy. Struggles to cut even ordinary grass, keeps jamming. No chance of cutting weeds. Stupid plastic blades mean you can't cut up to any hard edge. Machine is light but found it heavy having to hold up at the right angle to cut. Ordered extra blades and the wheels. Three weeks later still waiting for them to come in.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Let down by the silly blades.

Nice light machine but the plastic blades are the weak point: expensive, hard to find and not at at all durable. They soon give up cutting. On my pocket-hankie lawn I use two blades each time, whereas with the previous line trimmer I could go three or four rounds before needing to respool, which was cheaper.

Date PurchasedMar 2018


The problem with this cutter is the blades that it uses instead of lines. I have rope grass, and need to edge the nature paths frequently. Even after ordering the "extra durable " blades, I find that I'm constantly having to change blades, often going through 6-8 before fully trimming (admittedly, I have a corner allotment). Get the blades close enough to the concrete to cut the rope grass and the blades are gone. Keep the blades away from the concrete and the rope grass isn't cut. Light, easy to hold, but totally annoying to try and use on anything like tough grass edging.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

not at all what i expected.

it can not even cut couch grass .you have to use 2 - 3 blades each time you do your edges.I feel that have been
charged way to much for a plastic garden toy that is of no use at all.I think should refund my money as I am living on a very tight budget.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Not what I Expected

Loght easy to hold, good adjustment of the head and has a handy wheel to use when guiding along an edge.
The plastic blades seemed a good idea, however they are crap. I use at least 2 on a small yard and the genuine replacements are very expensive, the generic ones are cheaper but break very easy.
I now only use it for vertical cuts along the driveway and gutter edges and bought a line trimmer for all the rest. To tell the truth I havent got the Bosch out for a while.
This was probably a good unit back in Germany, but certainly NOT good enough fot buffalo lawn and around a rockery.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Not impressed

Nice and light, easy to use - the annoying feature is the plastic blades. I would use two each time I trim my lawn edges and given the replacement cost of a cheap piece of plastic I feel ripped off to some degree.
I have now purchased a Ryobi Petrol line trimmer. Last Bosch buy for me.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love it!

I am a 66 year old lady, and we live on 3/4 acre in the country. We have a ride on mower which is great for most of our lawn, but my two other favourite lawn tools are my battery operated mower (for tight spaces) and my Bosch edge trimmer. I have been using mine for at least 5 years and it is great. I have bought lots of extra blades on eBay so I always have a supply. My husband has given away his petrol driven trimmer as we no longer need it. It is quiet and suitable for all our needs.

Date PurchasedSep 2010

Chews through the overpriced blades

Blades are not easy to obtain. Bunnings will get them in for you for $8.00 per pack of 5, but even on our small yard we use 2 blades. The blades look very cheap, probably produced in China for no more than 5 cents each. I wouldn't even mind paying 50 cents each for them, but $1.60 for a 5 cent blade is ridiculous.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Returned to store

Charger wouldn't charge the battery so returned it to Masters for a refund. Reluctantly the store gave me my refund. Why would Bosch allow such a defective product to be sold. Meant an extra trip to return it.....my time and money spent for zero gain. Will not look to purchase a similar Bosch product in the future.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Not just for the ladies...

This is a pretty good machine. After years of petrol line trimmers, I have finally given them away for good. The Bosch 26 Li is a very well made, and light unit that does a good job trimming lawn around trees, garden bed edging and paths. It is a dream to start. No cords to pull, no swearing and no hassle. The unit uses blades (1) and these are available from Bunnings. Bought a pack last week. I have brick edging that would break even thick line after 10 minutes or so. The blades hold up and do not break. They are also super easy to change.
Pros: The missus can use it, Light, easy to start every time, blades are strong and easy to change, telescopic so doesn't matter how tall you are. Did I say Light? I mean, it is super light, I can use 1 handed.
Cons: A little expensive, battery takes ages to charge (3 hours I think) and runs for around 30 minutes. It really could do with a quick charge long lasting battery. Only for grass trimming, not for cutting down thick knee high scrub

I will never go back to a petrol unit after this. The battery is why I gave 4 stars.

The unit comes with a couple of black "Durablades". These are much sturdier and stronger than the red blades Bunnings stock. I have purchased from Masters and Ebay. Blades cost around $2 - $2.50 ea and I get 3-4 uses out of each blade.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Update: Masters has gone to God, and Bunnings don't seem to sell the blades anymore. I get "Durablades" from Ebay, but you need to watch price. Can be as high as $8 each and as low as $2 each. If you see them cheap, grab them. If anyone can share on where to buy cheap blades, please post a comment. Robbo59

No complaints it's a great machine

This little machine is perfect for us ladies, I've had mine for over 3years, it hasn't missed a beat & believe me I'm brutal on all my gardening equipment. I didn't know it had a low speed, I've never used mine on low, always full speed ahead. Battery last about an hour, 24 blades lasts nearly 3 months, easy to maintain, I always keep mine fully charged ready to go. I would definitely buy another if this one ever stopped working.

Can't get blades, flybuys reward,

Would give 5+ stars BUT wait months for the blades to came in Stock then they only send the hardware 1. I've never found them at Bunnings .
Otherwise it's great I'm petite lady I love it but they need to make the blades available NOW something I feel like putting it up flybuys back side. Good on you FLYBUYS

Outstanding for a suburban block.

I'm a lover of battery powered garden tools. I don't miss the fumes or the noise.

We have acreage with a front yard of about 1400m@, grass, garden and driveway.
Out back, dense scrubby bush, nasty thick weeds.

The pros
The trimmer is great for the front with, plenty of power.
90% of the time set on low speed.
More than enough for a suburban block.
The cutting is shot away from you, rather than towards you like some trimmers.
You can end up pretty clean after a cut with less stones flicked up at you too. :)

Doesn't like heavy weeds. It tears them, rather than cuts them due to the thinner line.
Better if the head tilted for edging.
It's light by trimmer standards, better if it was even lighter again.

Highly rate for suburban blocks and great for what we use it for.

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* Please note this is a completely different model and deserved it's own model area for review. Not sure why they lumped the two models together, as all they share in a name. This is 36v and i have both products, they are chalk and cheese, poles apart.


I bought it as I only have a small yard and I have a dodgy back, so lighter weight was important. Worked brilliantly until it suddenly stopped working. I have a selection of bosch tools run by the lithium ion batteries, so I have a few on hand. However, none work on the snipper and I have no idea where the receipt is. What now?

It does the job but it uses a lot of blades, which are not always available.

I have a normal suburban block and I would use at least 3 blades to do front or back yards. I haven't got big lawns and have a cordless electric mower which won't do front and back in one go and neither will the Bosch but that is OK - I don't mind doing it over two days. I went to Bunnings today for blades but they are out of stock so I went to Home Hardware and had to pay up front for them to order them, I gather they are not usually stocked. I see them listed on eBay but the price is +50%. I am tall so the Bosch is a little short for me but otherwise I like the fact that it is light and easy to use, the biggest drawback for me is the blades.

A good trimmer - battery could be better

I have a 820m size block and use this to trim grass around trees and along walls. It does a good job, the only problem being the battery lasts for about 75% of the job - so I recharge and find something else to do for a couple of hours. Lightweight, not too loud, I sue 2 or 3 blades each time and get replacements at the local Bunnings.

This is good.

This is a beaut little machine. I don't know what people expect. It goes well beyond what I expected and so simple to use. The little plastic cutting blades work better than I guessed. They last longer than I thought too. They snap on and off just fine. The light weight of the device is marvellous. For a while I thought I might be deluding myself but recently a friend trimmed a front lawn and came back raving too. I thought, "Confirmed". Or something like that. I hear people complaining all the time about their monofilament lines breaking over and over and over again on their classic whipper snippers That's not something I worry about now I have this.

20 minutes of battery time is pretty good for the hard work it does. But I got a second battery and I'm on clover. On grass and on weeds.

But see my 'con' too. More of a 'be careful' than a con.
Someone really sat down and nutted out a good, useable device for people who don't make a performance out of doing things with grass.
This is important. The early models [like mine with five good years under its belt] needs a special, slightly weaker battery. Your hardware shop must order them in. Bosch have plenty of rechargeable spares for older machines, but the shops have new type batteries that won't work.

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, is there any difference between 23-10.8 Li and 23-18 Li ? Thank you
No answers

I have had the Bosch trimmer for a couple of years now but unfortunately the piece of the device that secures the red plastic blades is worn resulting in the blades flying off the trimmer when in use after a minute or so. Not sure if this repairable? Any ideas? Richard
2 answers
No I don't know if it is repairable, it would depend on the ingenuity of the repairer. I noticed the wear on mine and I'm trying to avoid being in your situation by replacing the blades a bit earlier, to keep that point further from the concrete or whatever. As it is metal I suspect you might be able to get someone to build up the "head" and the grind it back far enough for the blades to fit over, just.John, have just discovered a website called toolspareparts.com.au which appears to source all the spare parts of the trimmer. The replacement plastic disk is $20 plus $10 delivery. Let's see if they deliver! Thanks for your reply to my post. Richard

How many blades are on the cutting base of the line trimmer please?
3 answers
There is one - its a click in tab, it works very wellHi, it's not really a line trimmer ... that's why I like it. There is one snap-on plastic blade and you know when it's worn down. These lasted, for me, a couple of whole lawn cuts before I bought the Rotak mower. People moan that these are not heavy-duty like a 'proper' trimmer. Well, perhaps not ... but when people have come here to cut things with their line trimmer, the line keeps breaking and I hear them swearing. That never happens with the little plastic blades. They come in quite cheap lots of about twenty or thirty too. I am a design junkie and the unit is light and well thought-out. Perhaps it's a bit on the expensive side though. But get a second battery for a full hour of use. Best wishes, Ian.Thank you


ART 26 LiART 30-36 LiART 26-18 LI +ART 23-10.8 LI
Power SourceBatteryBatteryBatteryBattery
Handle TypeLoop HandleLoop HandleLoop HandleLoop Handle
Battery Voltage18 V36 V18 V10.3 V
Price (RRP)199299
Cutting SystemPolymer BladeSemi-auto line feedDurabladeDurablade
Release dateApr 2012Apr 2012Apr 2012Apr 2012

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