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Internal Compact Ci13

After 30 years of service our old water heater died. It was a Bosch, so we replaced it with similar characteristics Bosch product, thinking that we'll get similar quality. This is what happens - there is continual fight between amount of hot water and temperature. Especially in winter, if we want hot water, it slows down to a trickle. If we want more hot water - water temperature drops.
We had plumbers here who were associated with Bosch, independent plumbers, but nobody can help us.
How is it that possible that very old product worked without above mentioned problem and its replacement is so much worse??? Would you not think that the replacement, especially where we talking 30years, would be at least equal to its older model?!
Can you help us please.

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Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwinasked

Bosch Internal Compact

Hi my Bosch natural gas hot water system is showing EA do you known why with no hot water?

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Vicki H
Vicki H

Hi Brooke. Unfortunately I don't know what this means. You/your plumber will have to contact Bosch directly to ask them. Good luck though. My experience was that the plumber (either our plumber or the one sent by Bosch) would ask them about our error code and the response from Bosch was: "it could mean a number of errors". They would offer no further assistance. This was very unhelpful at the time as we assumed that each error code would mean something specific. In a building housing six Bosch hot water units, my strata managers are gradually replacing each one as they fail with a Rinnai. We gave up trying to get them fixed under warranty or dealing with Bosch who were very unhelpful and did not want to know our problem.

Kurt Tavious

Kurt Taviousasked

Internal Compact Ci10

Hey everyone, does anyone know what error code EA means?

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Vicki H
Vicki H

Sorry Kurt, I can't help you. You will have to contact Bosch under warranty and ask them. My experience was that these codes were vague and could mean a number of things, therefore requiring their agent to attend the unit on site. I have since replaced my system with a Rinnai which is very reliable. It saddens me that Bosch are still selling this unreliable product which causes grief to unsuspecting buyers. Good luck.



Internal Compact Ci10

Ignition is not working no pilot flame the glass window from the glass window I can read - b0-can you help

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Vicki H
Vicki H

Hi Lee

This sounds similar to the problem we had. The "b0" you are reading in the glass window sounds like an error code? My unit did not come with a manual that interprets these codes so we had no choice but to ring Bosch and ask them what it means. Bosh told us that the error code was not specific and could indicate a number of problems, so they had to send out their service agent. As you can see from my review this became a painful experience for myself, my strata manager and my plumber over a long period of time. Good luck!!

Bosch Hot Water & Heating
Robert B.Bosch Hot Water & Heating

Hi Lee,

Many thanks for taking the time to submit your question.

The "B0" does in fact sound like an error code, however as per our installation manual the only codes we have which are relatively close to that error code description would be the "E0" or the "F0" which both refer to different issues with the unit.

In this circumstance as it would be difficult to provide you with a definite meaning of the error code on this forum, so we encourage you to contact our customer service centre on 1300 30 70 37 or alternatively via email HotWater.Query@au.bosch.com.

Our team will be able to assist in resolving your query above.

Kind Regards,

The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team



Internal Compact Ci16

Had my ci16 about 11 months and it has started playing up i would be having a shower and all of a sudden water goes ice cold it has error on screen A4. Wondering if it could be faulty regulator from my gas bottles ?

I rang bosch and they couldn't answer my question and evem though mybsystem is under warranty they still want to charge me call out fee which i don't think is right.

If something is under warranty it should be fixed for free no matter how far out the customer lives.

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Vicki H
Vicki H

Hi Lugga9. I agree. I feel your frustration! It is bad enough that you purchased an unreliable product but to receive such bad after sales service means we can have no confidence in Bosch resolving our problems. We are left stranded! It is all too painful and costly to try legal proceedings against such a big company. At least we can warn people through this web site and hopefully save them from suffering the frustration, inconvenience and considerable cost that we have.

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