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Bosch GTM 12 Professional

Bosch GTM 12 Professional

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Great Saw

Bought it as a second Saw to take it on site with me supplementing my Makita compound sliding Saw. Very Universal tool. What a Joy! Accurate cuts across and along. Great for Kitchen Installers and Carpenters. Not too heavy-22 kilos. It even has lights not to mention Laser. Very convenient universal tool.
Size, Blue Bosch quality, design

Questions & Answers

I would like to know more about the on/off switch on the GTM 12 Professional Bosch saw. The switch will not stay on, in the position of the table top position. When used as a drop saw the switch has to kept depressed using it. Does anyone know about this situation?
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Hi Gary, I'm very sorry, but I can not answer that because I just don't remember. I has been about 3 years since I've had that saw. However I do remember that I never had any problem with it what so ever. Regards, Alex KelnerA long shot and late answer but its probably a broken switch. I have a broken switch on my Gtm12 and ordered a new one. Only problem is i forgot how the cables were connected. I would really appreciate if you could help me out by looking at the cables in your switch. Which colour goes to which number? There are 2 black( linked together) 1 gray, 1 red and 1 blue.I would be so grateful if you took your time and helped me out! Best regards! Kristoffer from Sweden

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