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Bosch Hot Water & Heating HydroPower 10H

Bosch Hot Water & Heating HydroPower 10H

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Purchased the 10h to replace the old unit which serviced the property for well over 10 years..... this was my first mistake to believe the replacement unit would be just as reliable WRONG. Hot water only works for 20mins per day then nothing until the next day..... called the plumber who advised a faulty part was the problem and since the unit was still under warranty it was best to call Bosch.... that's when the fun really began their "authorised/trained" plumber advied there was not enough gas pressure to the unit and it was not covered by warranty and the $220 fee was payable but it was not in their work scope to fix the unit..
Bosch customer service had no idea the status of my warranty claim....... now still waiting for a resolution after weeks of no hot water.....
how can a unit work perfectly fine for 23 months and suddenly have developed external issues that prevent the unit from functioning as intended..... is it too much to ask for a unit to function as intended within the warranty period.... will never buy a Bosch again...... as for the authorised plumber apart from changing the reason for malfunction several times the lastest reason is the unit is not sufficient for the house size not sure about others but my house did not grow in the past 23 months......
Bosch honour your warranty and fix the unit...

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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We’re really sorry to hear about your experience with us so far. As we cannot access your contact details through ProductReview, please fill out your details via this form: https://www.bosch-climate.com.au/customer-support/warranty-and-servicing/warranty-request-form/ and we will get in contact with you regarding your warranty claim.

easy fix for my problem

Cold mornings and lukewarm water, could only just stand the temperature when taking a shower, had to boil the electric kettle to be able to do the dish washing. Thought it might have been the caused by the exposed hot water pipes and the distance from the heater to the bathroom. Went to the expense and work by placing insulation tubing around the pipes, this lifted the temperature by a couple of degrees but still lukewarm, gave up and called local gas fitter/plumber. He was there for 15 minutes, took out the jets which were badly blocked, cleaned them and voila steaming hot water! and he only charged me 20 dollars! I had noticed I was not using much gas from my LPG gas cylinder now I know why, he said the other problem can be the water filter blocking up on the inlet pipe especially if you are not on mains supply, Hope this helps someone.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Hot then Cold Problem Solved

It took me two years and the cost of a new heater to sort out this problem. First 10H was becoming problematic in that the water would be hot and then suddenly cold. It didn't matter what settings were adjusted ie. flow rate, temp setting. A service man charged me $100 to tell me to put the water on the lowest flow rate and the temp on highest setting. Works ok in winter but not in summer. There was more to it than simple adjustment. I bought a new heater after a two seasons of this frustration. The problem still existed. It took some time to realise the problem was caused by a new water restricted shower rose I put in two years ago. If you want these heaters to work remove all devices that restrict water flow. This includes shower roses, aerators on kitchen spouts etc. You will solve your problem.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Product has electrical fault (ghost)

The Bosch Hydropower units have poor electrical design, anyway assuming the heater is working properly, I would get it serviced for this that is <(TURN OFF GAS>), backflush water circuit, just unplug in and out water pipes and connect a hose to the outlet its easy enough to find a fitting or something, but you may need to bend the pipes around a little but do not hurt them!, the crud buildup in the pipes will reduce your efficiency like if you use it with unfiltered rain tank water you would want to clean it about every 5 years on the other hand if you have hard water as in bore water then I dont know but I think calcium buildup will be your problem. hard water clogs up everything, disassemble and clean out water inlet manifold, there is a mesh screen in there, on mine it was in bits all through the ports clogging everything up. Now if needed clean over the whole unit with compressed air to spruce it up and reduce fire hazard or if your diy then it's nice to clean things before working on them imo. Don't ask me what all that would cost!
You don't need to mess round with the gas side that's all fine.

Now here's what you do to fix em, this is for a Bosch Hydropower 10H but I assume it probably applies to the other hydropower models too. Ok for those wanting more information the water flow runs the electronics @ 1.5v DC wich charges the high voltage pilot igniter but it also runs the 2 solenoids for the pilot gas circuit and that pilot circuit operates the diaphragm for the main gas valve. The thing is those 2 little solenoids are grounded through the whole unit, if you look it,s not great, so what I did was add a piece of wire say 5 amp should be heaps, now connect the wire to the fixing point for ground next to the electrical box and now connect the other end to one of the chunky screws that holds on one of the gas solenoids(DON'T REMOVE SOLENOIDS UNLESS YOUR REPLACING THEM THEY ARE VERY FRAGILE AND DON'T ABSOLUTELY DON'T UNSCREW THE SCREWS ON THE LITTLE COLORED PLASTIC BIT, That said I used the green one at the back, don't worry it wont leak gas as long as you only remove one screw but of course (>TURN OFF THE GAS<). Tighten up all the screws, again it doesnt hurt to go over the unit and check all the screws and bolts, there is one screw for calibrating the sliding knob also. And that's it turn on the gas and water and go test your brand new water heater!
More info, you can test the generator with a multimeter, just unplug it and test the voltage with the water running through it obviously. Mine was about 1.6v
You could also test the resistance of the gas solenoids with and without extra wire, etc.
Fyi there is a brass screw about half way up on the left side of the unit facing out that I use to bleed the gas line, at least that's what I use it for. Just unscrew it a bit while its trying to light you just have to flick the switch a few times until the gas comes through then screw it up again.
Also it doesn't hurt to go over everything with some soapy water in a sprayer to check for gas leaks especially if unit is old or if you can smell gas, I imagine if there was a gas leak inside the cover that would cause some issues.
Anyway you wont believe how well it works after this mod, it ALWAYS starts as long as u have gas, it will stay lit at pretty low flow levels so you can mess round with the cold tap and it wont cut out to a point, I used to just have the cover off cos I was always messing with it trying to get it to light or tuning the knobs man it drove me nuts. Now I just leave it at the mid point between my summer and winter settings.
I also disconnected the lights to help it work better but I think that's overkill. You don't really need to blast the hot tap anymore if you have enough flow it will just come on.
Oh and if you still need or want to better control the temps then get plumber to install a tempering valve. The flow control knob I just have cracked open but I think If you have not enough pressure at hot tap you could open flow more and also turn up the heat more.
P.S. my 10H was about 10yo when I serviced it.
The Wizz.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Waste of time and money, zero stars

Bosch Bosch Bosch!!!! Where did it all go wrong!!!! We have had this unit for 7 years and in that time the only time I get a relaxing shower is when I’m not at home. The water goes from hot to cold constantly, when it is hot it is too hot and then when you ease the cold up enough and the temperature is okay, it will last for about 10 seconds and then go cold. I have adjusted the water flow and gas flow plenty of times but as soon as the weather changes ( which happens in Melbourne all the time) the water will be too hot or too cold so you have go adjust it again and that’s just on the days when you can get it started. There was also a problem with it where you would turn the hot water on and then off and it was like a bomb going off down the side of the house. The only reason that I have kept this piece of garbage for so long is because we are a single income family and with a mountain of bills every week it makes it hard to replace a “working” unit, but when we have some spare money I can’t wait to get a Rinnai and forget all about this lemon, I can’t believe that Bosch are still selling these things. They won’t be getting my money again!!! So if you’re still reading my rant, do yourself a favor and don’t buy one of these things. I have used the rinnai units a few times and they are great, 100 times better than my dud.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Don’t ever buy a Bosch gas hot water system. Mine didn’t last 7 years when the hydro failed

If you are looking to install or fix a Bosch hot water system I recommend scrapping you unit and replacing it with a reliable brand. Our gas fitter sourced $270 worth of parts to replace the hydropower and to refurb the main chamber, this didn’t work so the unit had to be scrapped. This cost a considerable amount of money. We would have been much better off to replace the unit as soon as it failed with a reliable brand.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Five years of uninterrupted hot water

How can there be so many complaints from so many people?? We've had this system running flawlessly in Melbourne since July 2012. The distance from the gas meter to the Bosch unit is over 20 metres yet there's enough pressure to run a hot shower with the gas ducting heating in winter. Extremely pleased with this super reliable product and would not hesitate to recommend.

Date PurchasedJul 2012

LEMON!! Absolute rubbish product! If you like cold water this is for you! 0 stars!

Absolute GARBAGE product! From day one it broke down & since then numerous visits from plumbers trying to fix the damn thing! Nothing but trouble! 4.5 years & we are up for a new one. $1400 for nothing but an overpriced wall hanging! Customer service was very average. Kept getting excuses of ants or insects blocking the pipes! Well I'm with the plumber now & no ants just a piece of crap! Wish i had reviewed this product sooner as there is obviously a lot of ant problems about! LEMON!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2012

never starts

bought this for my outback property years ago and has never worked properly. it's alright when it's being used every day but if not used for several months won't ignite, takes constant switching on and off to get it started and sometimes not at all. sometimes the ignitor works sometimes it doesn't. I ended up smashing it to pieces with a hammer. The trouble is what do I buy? reviews from other brands are no better.?????

Date PurchasedJan 2007

Great Unit

I had this unit installed in 2012 and it is still going well, I find it better to turn the water off to the unit when I go away and it fires up every time, it may be getting a little tired and when it does give up, I will replace it with another one.

February 5th 2017 Update: Hydropower 10h HWS

I made an error with my previous review, I actually had it installed in 2002 and it is still going well.I believe that the later models are much more efficient.A lot of people make the mistake of trying to adjust the Hot Water with the Hot water tap, you actually adjust the cold tap.

Date PurchasedApr 2012

Dreadful engineering

We got this unit as a replacement hot water system for my 80+ year old mother around a year ago and it's been nothing but trouble since. In theory this is a good idea - the flow of the water ignites the flame for the instantaneous hot water. In practice, it's dreadful. Months of pouring litre after litre of fresh water down the sink dozens of times a day waiting for the water to come hot, who knows how many thousands of litres in total. It would take multiple attempts to ignite, turning the hot water taps on and off again and again. It would come on and shortly after go back off. Multiple adjustments to the flow in the system to try to get it to run. Just awful to use.

Service calls from the installer saw little improvement, and when winter hit things just got worse, with my elderly mother at times reduced to heating water in a kettle or on the stove to wash with, just like going back her pre-hot-water childhood. Finally in August the installers came and did a major internal overhaul of the system, and said that a design fault had been found and this should rectify it.

Well the system did become more usable after this at least, but now having come by the house at Christmas I find big black carbon deposits have spewed out of the vents of the unit, up the bricks on the surrounding wall, and onto the eaves above. Who even knows what is wrong with the system to cause this, I've never seen anything like it in a natural gas system. It may even be quite dangerous to be using. So it will be another call out for the installers once they re-open after xmas, and we will undoubtedly be footing the bill for the clean up and repainting that the system has now caused.

This system is an absolute mess and I struggle to see how it's still on the market - Bosch should hang their heads in shame for selling such a product. I know they will refuse, but I will be requesting a replacement system when I call out the installers again. If you're looking to buy there's plenty of other systems on the market that have to be much better - don't let them talk you into one of these.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

It doesn't work as intended

I can't run hot and cold water at the same time with this heater. If I turn on the cold water tap when running the hot, the heater unit cuts out and you only get cold water. It's been like that since day one. This is not like other Hot Water units I've had. Buyer Beware.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

EDIT 15/6/17 - 10yr old issues after 5yrs.

It's ok. After 5 yrs some issues with pilot light starts. We constantly had to try to clean it and brush any cobwebs away as spiders love the ignition box and pilot flint. Sometimes it's frustrating to go in and out seeing what we could do. The pilot light was big issue. Had to light it with lighter every now then.

Serviced twice in 2013 for a worn pilot light and dead spider ($289 + $150). Recently nov 2016 for a new ignition box ($404) and wasn't informed about the replacement or costs of it until I received bill. Then in feb/17 another part broke for $320. Unbelievable. They could have called to give option as a NEW fully installed unit or even better a RHEAM was $1000-1200.

Perth Gas Service has a monopoly to servicing the Bosch 10H in Perth area. Don't know if that's still the case but I don't recommend them as you have no other option.

Overall after 5yrs you get issues and frustration. After 8-10 don't keep servicing. REPLACE.

Date PurchasedAug 2006


Absolutely rubbish. In the 1st two years of warranty, replaced ignition system, burner, heat exchanger and diaphragm. Works great in summer but when it feels like in winter. Diaphragm area is all plastic and leaks and cracks. It lasted 4 yrs.
Got a 10P yes 10P... Absolutely robust built, all brass around the diaphragm and way too hot. Got the water flow half way set as fully in too hot to shower with even cold water opened.
The 10H never even got that hot from brand new, even after the bosch tech looked at it 4 times during warranty.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Bosch 10H, 13H, 16H Hydro - Hints and Tips

I've had two Bosch 10H units over 30 years and I can report reliable service BUT there can be problems as with any item. These home handyman fixes can be summarised as below. Please exercise care and thought if working on these units, be sensible as to you what you can and cannot do. Try these hints/tips if you have hot water problems with the Bosch 10H, 13H, 16H Hydro units.
1) Water saver devices: the heater relies on a given minimum water flow to activate the propeller which works the spark and gas flow. You cannot use water restriction / flow, water saving shower heads, washers or anything that limits flow rate. If you do the heater will not work or start/stop. Full pressure, full flow is required.
2) Gas pilot-light tube: A favourite home for tiny spiders that like to make nests inside the tube. Remove and dismantle the ignition tube and spark mechanism, take off the spark mesh and with a thin wire clean and blow out any debris - YES true I've had this 3 times. The blocked or restricted pilot tube and subsequent reduced pilot flame will prevent the gas burner from lighting.
3) Spark propeller not spinning: from below at front, remove the 3 screws on a coverplate holding the generating propeller. Over years dirt and debris in the water can clog the smooth running of the propeller. Turn off the water supply to the unit, carefully remove and dismantle the propeller, check for free spinning and where it fits into the housing. With the coverplate off slowly turn on the water supply to help flush out inlet water pipes.
4) Understanding of use: People who have previously used storage tank water heaters or mixer taps then come to use these Bosch hot water units expect and use the water taps in the same way, IT WON"T WORK. instantaneous units must have a full flow of hot water to ignite the gas and work. Adjustment of temperature by reducing the hot water flow as done in mixer taps will turn off the unit. You must turn on the hot water tap full or near full to maximise hot water flow THEN use the cold water tap to reduce temperature. That is why mixer taps are problematic with the Bosch Hydro units they tend to turn off the gas unit by reducing hot water flow then you just get cold water. Requires adjustment in thinking on how you operate the hot and cold water taps. I personally can never get used to mixer taps, waste much water trying to get the temperature right. Guests to my home who come from using storage hot water units and/or mixer tap houses tend to have trouble getting hot water as they don't understand how the Bosch "Hydro" units work. Once explained all is OK.
5) Air Pressure ??: There is a large round housing on the lower left side with a large slot screw at the front. This front screw is simply a cover to a gas diaphragm screw behind it. Again a strange effect has been where the front cover is super tight then over time for a reason I cannot explain other than it may be air pressure, if that plug is tight it has an effect of restricting the movement inner diaphragm, therefore limits the gas flowing to the main burner. DO NOT adjust the inner diaphragm plastic screw, this is not required, just unscrew the outer metal cover screw and leave it loose in its thread. Ie, remove the outer screw then say half turn back in. It still does its job as a dust cover but allow air pressures to be balanced. Full gas flow is maintained to the burner.
6) Water leaks: The first unit I had developed a slow but persistent drip leak. I could not see a source from a seal or washer, but did see where the water flow meets the gas heater system, look for a round valve / throat structure beneath the burner. I happened by chance, seeing a drop of water weep through the metal throat, then I noticed how the metal throat itself was covered in corrosion. I asked a Bosh parts supplier to be told this is common, ie: corrosion to the burner / water unit caused by a poor or missing earth on the house. The electrical system of the house therefore looks for a easy path to earth and this can be through the hot water system via the metal water plumbing. By electrolysis action will corrode this part of the Bosch unit. Replacement of this part is really for an experienced person, costs will tend to favour full replacement of the whole unit. This electrolysis action can apparently cause mixer taps to deteriorate and leak too. Yes it was true as investigation found my house earth system corroded and ineffective. Replaced the earth, improved by adding another then replaced the Bosh system, no further corrosion problems ever.
7) Built in adjustments: the Bosch units do have their own built in water flow and gas flow adjustments behind the front cover. You can reduce water flow, therefore increase temperature by the round water control knob or adjust gas burner flame and heat by the gas slider control. The user guide explain these simple to use controls.

The above hints and tips sound like a lot of difficult issues but these have been what I have done to solve hot water problems and if you think in terms of 30plus years of use between 2 Bosh Hydro units I think I have had a good economical run, no worse than any other hot water system. Hope you find these helpful.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Bosch Service Terrible and Water Heater a Lemon

Purchased 10H for my holiday home in Margaret River, on March 5th, from Home Hardware as it was the only gas tankless heater available. It was installed by [name removed] the Bosch agent for the area at a total installation cost $1308.87, the heater was $925.85. It did not work even after the plumber replaced almost every part in the machine. The service department was hopeless and rude to deal with insisted that the unit was out of warranty as it was manufactured two years prior to the purchase date. The service department then insisted that the home hardware must have damaged the machine, despite the fact the agent confirmed that all seals were intact and the unit had no visible damage. Absolutely the worst customer service department I have ever dealt with. The unit was replaced only after the local agent intervened and liaised with Bosch. I will never by Bosch again.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Don't touch Bosch gas hot water systems

I purchased my 10H on plumbers recommendation and price, and liked the fact that no electricity was needed to run the unit. However from the start the water was never hot enough, and after being absent from home for a few weeks, it would take days to start giving hot water again. Recently this period has increased until it only worked sporadically. Replaced the regulator and now it still only comes on sporadically, though piping hot water. The flames burn partly yellow, which indicates another fault. Reading all the reviews here, I think I'm better off cutting my losses and buy a Rinnai. My plumber is at a loss too as to what to investigate next.

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Do not buy !!!!

Absolute crap steer clear over priced had 2 now the plumber said throw it in the bin.
Both last almost exactly 2 years.
We feel robbed an can't believe a company would produce such a uses throw away product .
Shame on you Bosch
All that needs to be said.
All we want is some hot water

Hot and cold

It was reliable maybe for the first year or so and then down hill from there, it was sheer pot luck if you had a hot shower at one stage after a second service and a few hundred dollars for parts it improved for a month or two and now we have a hot shower most of the time but rarely get hot water in the kitchen of bathroom sink. It is unacceptable to pay such money for such a bad product which obviously the company is aware of and continues to sell. I will never by a Bosch product again out of principle. It is unfair to expect people to pay $ 500 and more for parts and servicing every few months! Better products on the market!

10H Problem, Please help!

Hi there!, I have a Bosch 10H System installed as our houses hot water system, As most of you would know when the hot water tap is turned on the flame in the system ignites and starts to produce the hot water that we use in the house (I think), As of recently there is no spark igniting the flame there for producing no hot water. Nothing has changed nor has the system been tampered with. the gas is working, i can even manually light the flame with the tap running but when the hot water tap is turned off the flame goes out and will not spark again, meaning if myself or anyone needed to use the hot water or shower we must leave the hot water on after manually sparking the flame and all have a shower one after the other. I would like to know if anyone has experienced this problem and would be able to help me fix this issue. Please if you know ANYTHING that is relevant to this problem leave a comment it would be VERY much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Jesse, We are disappointed to hear that your Bosch HydroPower has not been performing adequately, however we appreciate the time you have taken to submit your query. Our team would strongly encourage you contact our customer service centre on 1300 30 70 37 or via email HotWater.Query@au.bosch.com and refer to this review upon contacting our team. Please consider having the following information ready upon contacting our team; - Date of installation - Part number - Previous contact history with our team - Service history (If the unit is over 2 years old) We look forward to working with you to resolve the problems you are encountering, and ensure we can assist in having your HydroPower unit performing back to a satisfactory standard. Best Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team

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I will shortly be purchasing a Bosch 10H as highly recommended by my Plumber. This wlll replace my Bosch 10P which is 20-plus years old. In poor condition and rusty. Overall used to work well. Has now failed. How does the 10P compare with the new 10H model? Thanks, Maureen.
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Hi Maureen, thanks for your question. The Bosch Pilot uses a traditional standing pilot light while the Bosch HydroPower uses water movement to create its own small voltage to ignite the water heater. Please be advised that if you switch from a 10P to a 10H, you may notice a slight difference in performance. We would not recommend switching from a 10P to a 13H, for example, as there would be a significant difference in performance and hot water delivery. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us at 1300 30 70 37 any time from 7:30am to 6:00pm (AEST) during the weekday and our helpful team will be able to assist you further.Much appreciated Robert. Sounds like there have been some improvements between the two models. Kind regards.

I have a 10h gas water heater seems to light ok but the water is only warm there is a bit of yellow flame in the front
1 answer
Hi Derek, thank you for your question and apologies for the delayed response. Due to ProductReview updating its platform, we have missed some questions that were asked. The yellow flame indicates that there may be some blockages in the burner which is causing poor combustion. One of the causes of blockages are insects blocking burner orifices (which cannot be avoided as adequate air flow is required for complete combustion). The unit will need to be cleaned and to minimise the chance of this issue recurring, a surface type insecticide can be used with care though a consultation with a licensed pest controller is recommended. If you have already adjusted your gas and water controls, it could be a gas supply issue. As we do need more details to more accurately troubleshoot your issue, we recommend that you give us a call at 1300 30 70 37. We are available from 8am to 6pm (AEDT) during the weekday.

My Bosch 10H has no pilot nor hot water this cold morning. How do I ignite it?
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