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Bosch Hot Water & Heating HydroPower 13H

Bosch Hot Water & Heating HydroPower 13H

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Very unreliable water heater like most modern bosch products.

Main problems are the diaphragm and the hydro generator unit. The diaphragm will need regular replacement. Probably every 3 years For those who OFTEN have no hot water suspect diaphragm has a VERY small hole in it. If no hot water suspect the hydro generator unit. They are both easy to test and replace. Sure if both need replacement and you need a gas engineer to install bite the bullet and install a new not bosch unit. If repaired and setup correctly you will get constant temp hot water every time. I don't think most engineers have a clue about these heaters.

Date PurchasedJan 2010


Last night I woke to the system pouring out with water. I turned the water mains off to them hear a hissing and strong smell of gas. This morning upon inspection the system had caught on fire! Melting the casing caused the water to pour out which must have put out the fire. I'm waiting a replacement now but very thankful it happened when I was home and awake (happened after a shower). Beside this I have always had trouble getting this system to actually work. Persistently turning the taps on and off to get the hot water to kick in. Very happy its being replaced, but still in shock about the gas catching on fire after a shower.

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Finally fixed - It's gone

Because of the layout of our house we installed 2 Bosch H13 water heaters - one for the main bedroom and living areas and the other for the two remote bedroom ensuites. In the 5 years since we have not had a decent shower except when we go on holidays.

Both units exhibit the same annoying problem with the water temperature constantly varying between hot and cold while showing. We even tried one with the tempering valve removed but the problem was still there. While my elderly father was staying with us for a few months after an operation we had to arrange for him to shower in a neighbours house as he was not agile enough to dodge the hot and cold water extremes.

I contacted Bosch early on and was told I needed a less water efficient showerhead to fix the problem. I was excited by this fix until I discovered we already had the correct ones fitted. All other parameters and flows seem to be within Bosch's specifications.

All sorted now - they're gone and a heat pump unit installed in their place - and I've just had the best shower I've had since moving into this house.

Date PurchasedFeb 2012


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Date PurchasedSep 2013

Never reliable...

Hello, this is the second external LPG Bosch HWS I've owned, & be the LAST! I have had nothing but trouble with the unit firing up, (yes, i tried altering water pressure, gas reg's, etc.), it is always hit or miss. When it decides to work, I only get 3-4 minutes of hot then warm & you guest it cold!. Living in the country bottled gas is the only option to 240v., sadly the cost to repair, or even call out tech., is too dear. Back to electricity unfortunately.

Date PurchasedAug 2011

Despite the reviews, it's been ok

Used in our shed where we've lived full time for 7 months (3 years now and still no problems...), 100% reliable so far. Despite frosty, minus 3 temperatures at times, there has been enough water for a good and hot shower all Winter. Wife is happy. I installed myself, lagged pipes from rain-water pump to heater, used a large LPG regulator. As Winter hit and the tank water temperature dropped I had to adjust the flow rate down twice, but despite this, there is still more than enough water for a good shower. We don't have water-saving devices fitted. As temperatures have begun to climb, we now need to add cold water because it is too hot, I may adjust the flow again, or maybe just use some cold while showering so that we can keep the water hot for the kitchen sink?

Date PurchasedMar 2016
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Thanks for updating the community with your review, Kevin. The team here at Bosch Hot Water & Heating are thrilled to hear you’re still enjoying your HydroPower 13H (and hot water!) three years on despite the frosty temperatures.

13H must stand for 13 times HORRIBLE!

Avoid this unit like the plague that it is .
I have lived with one for these past twelve years, and paid for it to be repaired for the last time . Out the door on Monday and hopefully straight to the tip where it belongs . Seven service calls in total ; an average of more than one every two years . I have spent hundreds of dollars in keeping this unit going and received no joy , or reliable hot water in return .
I also have a Bosch 780 Water Wizard on the second bathroom , this has given sterling service over more than 25 years . It needed a new diaphram recently , the only service call in that entire period . The Water Wizard was the reason I bought another Bosch unit , a huge mistake . Bosch obviously don't make them like they used to .
Judging by the trite , condescending and frankly insulting replies others have received from Bosch representatives it seems that I am not the only one to realise the company just doesn't care about its customers.
If Bosch continues to pinch more pennies in this way they will soon see a once proud company run itself onto the rocks of a massive consumer backlash.
The hollow words and tedious wait for response echo loudly in the wallets of the scorned consumer , something the Bosch public relations department should take very seriously.

As I have been unable to have the heater replaced today I thought I would give Bosch one last chance to offer some type of recompense . A slightly reduced price on a model they deemed more reliable would have sufficed . After an interminable wait the representative answered my call in the most defensive , dismissive way possible , '' Do you just want to make a complaint " , seemed to be the basis of his replies to my questions . Forget trying to get some type of helpful response from this company , you will only waste more time and ultimately more money . It seems to me that a class action against it for defective appliances is the only thing that might make Bosch sit up and take notice .I have replaced this Bosch piece of junk with a Rinnai 26 with water controller . The difference is frankly staggering . No more waiting for tepid water to finally flow through the tap , no flicking the tap on and off trying to get it to work , no leaks from inside the unit , just water as hot as I want it when I want it . Why didn't I get rid of it sooner !. Get your act together Bosch !

Only option for a farm shed

Reliable, yes. But the manufacturer should put a drain plug in to drain the water at the bottom of the Heater. The frost has cracked and broken a part. The part itself cost almost $400 to replace. Luckily I put it in myself. It's a quality heater, but not suitable to be put on a wall outside, where it will freeze, and fail. I knew that, and had a special tap put in to be able to drain the Heater, but it wasn't possible to drain the water at it's lowest point. That is where is cracked.

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Hi Alex, Many thanks for taking the time to submit your generally positive feedback on our Hydropower unit. Additionally we appreciate the product improvement feedback in order to improve the durability of the HydroPower. If you have any further questions or feedback please do not hesitate to call our customer service team on 1300 30 70 37 We hope you continue to enjoy many years of hot water! Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team

Worst appliance ever

We are the unfortunate owners of a hydro power 13 H (serial number 582784). During its warranty period virtually the hole internal workings were changed several times. It never seemed to make a difference. Continually leaks, stops working,wont ignite, goes out on and on and on and on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have 5 children and its gone on the blink AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will not light first time

Another complaint to add to the list for these atrociously designed systems. I have plenty of flow to shows and taps as we have no restrictors (yes, we waste lots of water just to get this ridiculously poor system to run). Every time the hot tap is turned on the spark fires but the gas usually won't light. Typically it takes 5-6 goes to get the gas to light and the only easy way to know when this happens is go out but the system and open and close the main water valve, continually triggering a startup attempt until it lights. About 5% of the time it will light first go. The rest take up to 10 attempts. I think it's time we assemble a class action against Bosch to get refunds on what is clearly a system which fails to do what it is designed to and which fails well within what a reasonable person would consider the life span for a hot water system of this value and make.

Hi Simon J, We appreciate the time you have taken to submit your review. In order to provide assistance to the problems you are currently experiencing with our HydroPower product, we strongly encourage you to contact our customer service team on 1300 30 70 37. Upon contacting our team please refer to this product review to assist in working with you to resolve the performance issues of your hot water system. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating TeamBeen there, done that. It's great to see that all you can do to support your dodgy, shoddy, ill conceived product is dump a boilerplate reply under every bad review. You do understand this makes your service look worse?

Absolute piece of crap

This would have to be the worst hot water system i have ever come across, should not be worth any more than $5 brand new, will look for an alternative brand that performs as required which should not be too difficult to find
Score out of 10 would be -9,

Money waster

Unreliability of this unit is the best remark I can give it. Installed 5yrs ago and nothing but problems. Hot water when it feels like it... had it checked a few times by approved Bosch plumber... and as of 6 days ago, cold showers and back to boiling the jug and premixing with cold water.zzzz
Just no good enough from this brand.

My advise is not to buy this particular models. Shop around for other brands you'll be sure to get a better product than this one !!

Terrible- no zero star option

Purchased machine brand new in late 2011 and how ironic just after warranty period lapses (2 year warranty) the unit plays up?!

The ignition module doesn't work hence no hot water.

Paying more than $400 out of pocket expenses on a hot water unit that cost me $710! No surprise year 2015 the same failure yet again??

I had called customer service back when the first issue occurred just after warranty only to be told, " you need to get out a plumber to fix the issues, do you want a list of plumbers in your area?"!

Bosch is living on passed merits!

Save your time money and sanity get a Rinnai! Have never had issues with the Rinnai units on other properties, ever!

Good riddance Bosch!

Hi Unhappy66, We are disappointed to hear that your Hydropower has not been performing to your satisfaction. However, Bosch does pride itself on our products we manufacture and believe the previous reviews for our Hydropower are not an accurate representation of the quality and performance of our products. We strongly urge that if you are still experiencing issues with our product that you contact our customer service centre on 1300 30 70 37 (8am-6pm Mon-Fri (AEST)) or alternatively via email at HotWater.Query@au.bosch.com We advise that you clearly outline the issues you have encountered and also whether you did actually a Bosch recommended service agent called out to investigate the issues you have been experiencing. Our team look forward to working with you to reach a satisfactory outcome Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating TeamWhat a waste of time? I was told the same thing yet again out of warranty!!A week on no response ... Don't you just love the the cut copy and paste responses?

Bosch, where is the customer service? No satisfactory outcomes here!

We have a Bosch hydropower 13 H I am not going to write a repeat essay it's exactly what eveyone one describes. Unreliable hot water from one use to the next. Boiling one minute freezing the next. Eight plumber visits with nothing decernable outcome! And to preempt a reply from Bosch that reads the same as eveyone else's don't bother I know how it reads. So sorry your experience of this product is negative please contact us so we can rectify. . . We have! you never do it seems ! It seems clear the model has issues but no company back up. Like eveyone else it means I'll never by Bosch anything again.

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Hi Wendy, We appreciate you taking the time to submit your review and provide feedback on your experience with Bosch and your HydroPower unit. The Bosch Hot Water & Heating team prides itself on addressing any issues encountered with a customer’s hot water system immediately and seeking swift resolution. After reading your review, we are interested in hearing about your experience in further detail. We would still encourage you to contact us via email at HotWater.Query@au.bosch.com and provide us with your contact details and refer to this review so we can discuss the issues you have experienced. We would appreciate if you could also provide us the following details if possible; - Date of purchase/install & installer details - If the plumbers who have inspected the unit are Bosch Accredited Service Technicians - An outline of your previous dealings with our team to try and reach a satisfactory outcome We look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team

Unreliable & poor support

I have had a Bosch 13H since 2007. The plumber who installed/ sold it to me was not interested once out of warranty. It has been serviced several times by the SA agents since then. They say they can't find anything wrong with it (and charge me for that). The shower has temperature fluctuations - from cold to scalding with no warning. I've contacted the SA agent's office who have replied - saying straight away that it's not the heater and
"Winter example

(set temp. 37c) – (Cold water temp 15c) = (temp. rise 22c)

You would need 3 LPM flow rate to keep electronic gas hot water system on".

However it's not an electronic one and the minimum flow rate for the 13H is 3.2L/ min.
There are also some errors in the calculation examples they have sent me.
Also, their plumber has checked the flow rate in my shower & said it's OK.
(Once I got this Bosch Hydropower system, I had to give up on any attempts on saving water in the shower - as promoted by the SA Government - a state where there have been water shortages).

Every person who has ever used the shower has complained to me about temperature fluctuations.
However, the Bosch agent refuses to accept that there's anything wrong with it.

The above is only a brief summary of the problems I've had with this Bosch 13H unit.
Btw, I have a degree in engineering, so I do know a bit about fluid flow, thermodynamics etc.

Hi Robert S, Our Hot Water & Heating team appreciate the time you have taken to submit your review. Firstly our sincere apologies that you have had a poor experience with having the performance issues resolved with your HydroPower unit. From your comments I gather you have already been in contact with the Bosch Customer Service Center and they have connected you with a Service Agent. Bosch would like to point out the Service Agents we recommend have been trained specifically in how to install and commission Bosch units correctly; however they are not employed by Bosch. We encourage you contact our Customer Service Center on 1300 30 70 37 or via email at HotWater.Query@au.bosch.com so we are able to help you directly with the problems you are encountering. Please also refer to this review upon contacting your team. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards, Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team Customer Contact Center – Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (AEST) Customer Contact Center: 1300 30 70 37 I have since had an independent gas fitter/ plumber look at my Bosch 13H & do some tests etc. He had to make certain adjustments which contravened what the SA Bosch agent (SA Hot Water) had told me to do. SA Hot Water told me that there were different settings which have to be changed each summer/ winter. I have also checked in the Bosch "Installation & Owner's Guide" and this says nothing about different summer/ winter settings. I have also spoken to Bosch CCC & they said the settings should only need to be adjusted upon installation by the installing plumber. They also said they could not do anything without a written report from their licensed agent. When SA Water last left, they said it was working fine, so no faults were reported. However, the independent plumber found several faults today and recommended replacing the whole unit - as they normally don't last more than 5 years. If I do replace it, it won't be with a Bosch unit - unless it's free! P.S. The above is only a brief summary of the problems I've had with my 13H.

13H - Has never been reliable

We live in QLD and have persevered with the Bosch 13 Hydropower for about 8 years now, But finally I have given up nursing it along and will be replacing it this week with a more reliable product from another supplier.

Our troubled journey started when a salesperson from a retailer advised my wife this was the perfect size for our 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with 2 adults and 4 kids to run on a rural property using tankwater where the pumps don't work when there is no electricity and we were using water saving shower heads. So for many reasons this unit was the wrong choice for us and so this was the first annoyance. (Salespeople uneducated in the products they sell is a major annoyance of mine.)

Due to it's flow rate we have only ever been able to use 1 shower at a time even when the unit was operating properly.

Not long after we had it installed we started having periods where it would simply not light and a lot of water would be wasted trying to get it working. Sometimes it would work and other times not. Just appeared to be random. At times you could get it to light by stopping and starting the hot water at the tap. Some time you just needed to give it 12 hours or so and then it would work again.

We quickly learnt that you could not open the cold tap at all until the hot water system was alight and hot water was flowing. You had to apply limited cold as too much would often cause the hot to stop working.

As the unit was far too small for our needs we needed to set the controls to maximum flow which reduced the temperature to a point that in winter you would find yourself not being able to add any cold whatsoever.

The filter in the waterwheel unit got clogged so regularly that I ended up just removing it. Whenever it become clogged the unit would fail to ignite. I also found that the bypass into the waterwheel was often not enough due to our fluctuating pressure from the pump and hence again the unit would not light. So in the end I reversed the valve to force most of the water coming through the pipe to travel through the bypass and engage the waterwheel. This was by far the most successful solution I had employed. It solved many (but not all) of the random failures to light.

More recently the problem I have had is not the lighting of the pilot flame but the transfer of that flame to light the rest of the burner. For some unknown reason this has become problematic with an increasing failure to light.

We also found that during periods of heavy rain where the humidity was highest that the unit would often fail to ignite even though the unit, despite being outside, was fully protected from rain.

Overall the product has simply been unreliable.

Hello Ernie, We thank you for taking the time to submit your review. Our team at Bosch are disappointed to hear that you have had a poor experience with your Hydropower unit in which it appears was not a suitable solution for your home. The Bosch 13H Hydropower unit as advised within our Brochures is best suited for a 1 bathroom home, which as stated in your review would have been a major contributing factor to the reason in which the performance of the unit was not at a satisfactory standard. We also see that within your review you have now moved onto purchase another unit to better suit your needs, however if you would like to discuss the issues you have experienced in further detail or provide any additional feedback we welcome you to contact our customer service centre on 1300 30 70 37 We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Kind Regards, Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team Customer Contact Centre – Operating Hours Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (AEST) Customer Contact Centre: 1300 30 70 37 Thanks for the comment. Here is the message I would give you on that particular unit. I can see from the comments on this site and elsewhere on the internet that this product has either a design or quality issue or both. The number of negative comments are overwhelming. When we contacted a list of plumbers about replacing it they all said that the unit was junk and not the best product Bosch had produced. Let me share with you that I have spent a significant part of my career in product management. If I had a product in my portfolio like the Hydropower 13H then I would have terminated it long ago. Bosch have an enviable reputation world-wide for high quality products that has been built over decades. This product is doing immeasurable damage to that reputation. It is simply not worth persevering with such a product and should be end-of-lifed immediately. There is enormous negative press about this product and when you have the plumbing community who are major recommenders to the customers of products like these telling people to avoid it, then you have a problem that needs to be addressed. I personally still believe the Bosch name stands for quality products, but even that could not overcome my fear of getting it wrong twice in a row, at my expense. So yes i have gone ahead with a purchase of another brand. I sincerely hope your product mgt team take a critical look at the damage to your brand from this single product. Thanks for your xmas wishes and I wish your team all the best too.

Would not recommend to anyone

We moved into a property that already had the 13H unit installed. This is the most useless piece of junk I have ever come across. You waste enough water to fill a swimming pool to try and ignite the thing and even then it still won't ignite.

You can only have your shower during the day which is pointless because your at work. You cant heat water to wash dishes or use the dishwasher.

Each morning I am running to my parents house for a shower before work because our system just won't work.

By reading all the reviews on this site as well as others I am going to go ahead and say there is just no point in saying there is no point in wasting my time or money to get the thing fixed as it's just a general issue with the system and I am better off replacing it with a more reliable brand and system with better customer service and reliability on the product.

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Hi Sunshine, Bosch prides itself on providing efficient, high quality products which best suit the customers needs which is why we are always disappointed when we hear that a customer is dissatisfied with the performance of one of our hot water systems. We would like to further investigate this issue for you which is why we strongly urge you contact our customer contact centre on 1300 30 70 38 or alternatively email us at HotWater.Query@au.bosch.com outlining both your contact details and further explaining the issue in more detail. We would also recommend referring to this review as well. We look forward to working with you to resolve this issue. Kind Regards, The Bosch Hot Water & Heating Team

Bosch Hydropower 13H - Scolding hold or dead cold

I can never have a simple hot shower. The water is scolding hot then goes dead cold, burning hot again and then cold. When I say hot, I mean that I would need to be taken to the hospital with serious burns if I were to stay under the water. Then it goes cold. Freezing cold.

I was just washing my dishes and burnt my hand. I almost cried. So I went to inspect the system to see if we could change the maximum temperature. Nothing. No dial visible. After reading the other reviews I think we will have to change. Can't go on like this, especially that we have a little on it's way... Very dangerous.
Dangerous hot, then cold

Hi Julia, The hot water and heating team at Bosch pride itself on selling only high quality products and we are always disappointed when a customer is dissatisfied with a performance of one of our water heaters, especially when the safety of the people in your home becomes an issue. The safety issues you have experienced need some clarification for us to resolve them, so we ask that you contact our Customer Contact Centre by phone on 1300 30 70 37 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm (AEST)) or email us at HotWater.Query@au.bosch.com so that we can begin the process. Our customer contact centre is aware that you will be making contact and will be able to assist you. Kind Regards, Bosch Hot Water & Heating TeamI totally agree with you Julia. I put in a hydro power 16H September 2013 and had regretted ever since. We experience the same problems that you described. I have never had a good shower since. I'm thinking of replacing it with another brand.we had same problem with that product, actually Bosch team should be ashamed of themselves , we had a different Bosch water heater (older model) and it was an excellent experience, we used it for 25 years without a single trouble.

No stars for this

Very pleased I found this page. Just moved into a house with a 13H bosch hydro water heater,supposedly only 18 months old, it's dreadful, keeps going hot,cold,hot,cold, got a new bottle of gas, to make sure there was plenty, had to wait 5 mins for water to get hot tonight, then nearly scalded my head trying to wash my hair...2 nights in a row now, had to get out of shower , cold water running not hot, get dressed and go and see if the gas is on....wastes water too...I need help, only 1 in household , so no kids using it all up, surely a 13H should be big enough to heat water for some washing up and a shower daily ???? Not happy at all.

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remove the water restricter. don't trickle the water to get hot water, have the hot on full to start, its a bit touchy for hot and cold tap temp adjusting. hope that helps

Worst Household Purchase Ever!!

Six years of patience, 1 repair and $1600 down the drain. Have 13H model and hate it. At first would cut in and out during showers. Temperature very touchy hot days blistering water cold days none at all whilst cutting in and out. Plumber adjusted still no better. Ignition box replaced last year $354 on a unit I still consider fairly new. Not overly used 2 person household, washing machine heats own water. Takes forever for any hot water to come through running for twenty minutes changing different pressures to make unit ignite. Washing up in lukewarm water and back to boiling kettle for sink. Final straw this winter sick of stress listening to partner yelling at 430 on frosty morning waiting 20 minutes to have a shower rang plumber asked to replace with old storage type before i ripped it off the wall myself! Also have large water usage on my bill from excessive running of taps waiting for hot water. Lets not even discuss environmental issue of water wastage. Quote for new system $1615. Thank you Bosch for a useless appliance would rather have spent cash on holiday instead of wasting it on replacing a useless appliance that should still be working for many more years yet.

Not reliable. Touchy temperature - scared to have visitors with kids just in case of scalding. No hot showers on frosty mornings makes for domestic bliss!

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Questions & Answers

No hot water. Looks like pilot light is out. How do you relight it and do you think that will be all that is wrong?
3 answers
Not familiar with the model. The H for Hydroflo in the model name usually means it has a Water Wheel igniter (no pilot light). I'd be calling who ever installed it to check out the electrics and the gas flow.I don't know who installed it but would a gas plumber/fitter know?Hi Ann, as Peter mentioned, there is no pilot light for this type of unit. If you follow the steps mentioned in the answer to your other question and it does not trigger your ignition, please get in touch with us at our toll-free number 1300 30 70 37. Our team is available from 8am to 6pm (AEDT) during the weekday and we will be able to put you in touch with a Bosch recommended service agent.

How do you light the pilot light
1 answer
Hi Ann, as it a HydroPower unit and therefore an electronic ignition system, there is no pilot light. We recommend ensuring that all your hot water taps are off before turning one tap back on at full flow. If this does not trigger your ignition, please isolate the valves at the unit for twenty seconds before re-opening them and trying the steps above again. If this does not work, please get in touch with us at 1300 30 70 37 from 8am to 6pm (AEDT).

Why does my unit ignite but then after a half a minute go out and cold this happens quite regularly
1 answer
Hi Lynn, thank you for your question. Please be advised that we do require more information such as the age of the unit, the gas type you are using, and whether it has been serviced recently. Our helpful team is available from 8am to 6pm (AEDT) from Monday to Friday and can be contacted free of charge at 1300 30 70 37.


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