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10H, 13H and 16H
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Waste of time and money, zero stars

Bosch Bosch Bosch!!!! Where did it all go wrong!!!! We have had this unit for 7 years and in that time the only time I get a relaxing shower is when I’m not at home. The water goes from hot to cold constantly, when it is hot it is too hot and then when you ease the cold up enough and the temperature is okay, it will last for about 10 seconds and then go cold. I have adjusted the water flow and gas flow plenty of times but as soon as the weather changes ( which happens in Melbourne all the time) the water will be too hot or too cold so you have go adjust it again and that’s just on the days when you can get it started. There was also a problem with it where you would turn the hot water on and then off and it was like a bomb going off down the side of the house. The only reason that I have kept this piece of garbage for so long is because we are a single income family and with a mountain of bills every week it makes it hard to replace a “working” unit, but when we have some spare money I can’t wait to get a Rinnai and forget all about this lemon, I can’t believe that Bosch are still selling these things. They won’t be getting my money again!!! So if you’re still reading my rant, do yourself a favor and don’t buy one of these things. I have used the rinnai units a few times and they are great, 100 times better than my dud.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Extreme difficulty balancing shower temp'

Extremely difficult to balance water temperature in shower; hot water often cuts out altogether. Spent so much time and hassle adjusting water temp/flow at unit. (Had nothing to compare its performance with as hot water system had to be replaced soon after purchasing home) NOW I know where the problem lies after reading a previous review here! (Incidentally, due to this I placed my elderly father in a hursing home earlier than necessary ... trying to help him shower became a sheer nightmare. Finding this out years later, I'm very upset!

Date PurchasedNov 2009

have 3 of these in units lpg model

The units give very little trouble, the power igniter and pilot jet are the only 2 things that ever have given trouble in 15y.o units. They are getting a bit rusty now so will buy new units exactly the same.
They are very simple for most handy men to repair.
I can diagnose most problems in a few 2nds amd most is to do with dirty gas.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Cold as my mother in law's kiss

This has been my second Bosch HWS in 10 years and both have been ordinary at best. 16H looks brilliant on paper, no 240v, battery or pilot needed for ignition. But it all stops there.

In actual service it's been reliable as a 2nd hand lawn mower. Bosch was once a respected brand name but I suspect these are rebranded Chinese units. If you require a HWS that will regularly fail to ignite, fail to supply more than one bathroom (even though it's their largest unit) this is for you.

When it prematurely fails the best you can do is sell for scrap. Don't give them any more of your hard earned money to attempt repairs that will only be ill fated. Bosch service will always blame others but our gas supply line diameters and gas meter are correct spec as are water supply lines and delivery spouts are non restricted.

I have foolishly spent thousands of dollars with Bosch and failed miserably. This advice comes to you free. It's your call...

Date PurchasedJul 2012

Don’t ever buy a Bosch gas hot water system. Mine didn’t last 7 years when the hydro failed

If you are looking to install or fix a Bosch hot water system I recommend scrapping you unit and replacing it with a reliable brand. Our gas fitter sourced $270 worth of parts to replace the hydropower and to refurb the main chamber, this didn’t work so the unit had to be scrapped. This cost a considerable amount of money. We would have been much better off to replace the unit as soon as it failed with a reliable brand.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Bosch HydroPower *** Forget the HydroPower part if the turbine breaks.

I removed the turbine wires from the failed turbine and replaced said turbine with two C cell batteries (3VDC) in a holder - [weblink removed] - and installed - G1/4 Inner Thread Gold Tone Copper Water Flow Switch Flowmeter DC250V 70W 0.5A [weblink removed] at the I/C pipe. Make sure you know correct size of your existing incoming pipes.

Duracell C Alkaline Batteries - 4 Pack - around AUD $9 - two batteries is all you require.

Inner Thread Gold Tone Copper Water Flow Switch Flowmeter DC250V 70W 0.5A - around AUD $18

Labor in my case free. - depends who you know. Or get a plumber to install it.

The switch will activate when it detects water flow, 3VDC from the two C batteries will power up the unit.

The switch should outlast the unit the C cells might need to be replaced every year or two, rechargeable batteries are also OK.

If quality parts are used the upgrade will last for many years.

1) Hot water tap is turned on.

2) Switch on the coldwater input is activated.

3) power from the batteries powers up the computer and the hot water service.

* The unit was already installed in the house

Date PurchasedFeb 2011
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2 D cells will work also JAYCAR 2 X D CELL SIDE BY SIDE Battery Holder CAT.NO: PH9220 copper Water Flow Switch Flowmeter DC250V 70W 0.5A at the I/C pipe. Make sure you know correct size of your existing incoming pipes. This has been working for 3 years now

Perfectly fine

We've had a 16H for about 17 years. It has been serviced once in that time. We've never had any trouble to speak of. Very occasionally it doesn't start first time, but you just turn off the tap and turn it back on and it starts okay. This might happen perhaps once or twice a year. For us living on solar power (no mains) it has been perfect.

Date PurchasedApr 2000

Finally fixed - It's gone

Because of the layout of our house we installed 2 Bosch H13 water heaters - one for the main bedroom and living areas and the other for the two remote bedroom ensuites. In the 5 years since we have not had a decent shower except when we go on holidays.

Both units exhibit the same annoying problem with the water temperature constantly varying between hot and cold while showing. We even tried one with the tempering valve removed but the problem was still there. While my elderly father was staying with us for a few months after an operation we had to arrange for him to shower in a neighbours house as he was not agile enough to dodge the hot and cold water extremes.

I contacted Bosch early on and was told I needed a less water efficient showerhead to fix the problem. I was excited by this fix until I discovered we already had the correct ones fitted. All other parameters and flows seem to be within Bosch's specifications.

All sorted now - they're gone and a heat pump unit installed in their place - and I've just had the best shower I've had since moving into this house.

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Plagued by problems

We have had the system for a few years now so it maybe an older model. But it has broken down many times it has been expensive to repair. I often have to let the shower run for 2 minutes or more before the hot water comes through. In winter it takes ages for the water to be hot rather than just Luke warm. I need a new machine and I would never get one like this again.

Date PurchasedOct 2007


Breaks down to many breaks down to many times and always forking out money breaks down to many times and always forking out money breaks down to many times and always forking out money breaks down to many times and always forking out money breaks down to many times and always forking out money breaks down to many times and always forking out money breaks down to many times and always forking out money

Date PurchasedSep 2013

Brilliant for the farm

Our hydropower 16 has been a dream. 14 years of reliable service. On a farm with no mains power, heating water is a dream with an lpg tank. we recently had a plastic part split in the frost. Time will tell whether bosch can assist with the part. I am hopeful though.

Date PurchasedFeb 2003

Piece of scrap metal

I bought a 100 acre farm with a renovated farm house and a Bosch 16H LPG Hotwater system 12 months ago. Been nothing but a failure and an expensive gas guzzling failure at that for 12 months. Like a lot of Bosch products it is a disappointment. Avoid avoid avoid.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Poor reliability

Had this 16H since we bought house three years ago. Never sure if it will supply hot water. Had plumber come out who said he supplied a new part for $105 then couldnt get unit to go. He then suggested we get the pressure pump se4viced. As he left the yard I notice he had an old 16H gutted on the back of his ute. NEW PART, HMMM! Had service done on pressure pump still no hot water. After hefty plumbers bill and after reading comments might cut losses and get another brand.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Five years of uninterrupted hot water

How can there be so many complaints from so many people?? We've had this system running flawlessly in Melbourne since July 2012. The distance from the gas meter to the Bosch unit is over 20 metres yet there's enough pressure to run a hot shower with the gas ducting heating in winter. Extremely pleased with this super reliable product and would not hesitate to recommend.

Date PurchasedJul 2012


this is the worst system ever! Uses load of water before it heats up and after 6 months after more plumbing costs than the system is worth HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!! So if you want to have constant misery and lots and lots of cold showers lpg BOSCH system Hydropower is for you......and DO NOT expect any help from the Bosch company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

LEMON!! Absolute rubbish product! If you like cold water this is for you! 0 stars!

Absolute GARBAGE product! From day one it broke down & since then numerous visits from plumbers trying to fix the damn thing! Nothing but trouble! 4.5 years & we are up for a new one. $1400 for nothing but an overpriced wall hanging! Customer service was very average. Kept getting excuses of ants or insects blocking the pipes! Well I'm with the plumber now & no ants just a piece of crap! Wish i had reviewed this product sooner as there is obviously a lot of ant problems about! LEMON!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2012

never starts

bought this for my outback property years ago and has never worked properly. it's alright when it's being used every day but if not used for several months won't ignite, takes constant switching on and off to get it started and sometimes not at all. sometimes the ignitor works sometimes it doesn't. I ended up smashing it to pieces with a hammer. The trouble is what do I buy? reviews from other brands are no better.?????

Date PurchasedJan 2007

Instant hot water and relief.

This has replaced a previous Bosch Battery Driven unit. The advantage gained was when we lost mains power we were still able to have hot water and a cooking facility and no flat batteries. I recommend holding out for a unit like this and will install this in the next house I buy or build.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Great Unit

I had this unit installed in 2012 and it is still going well, I find it better to turn the water off to the unit when I go away and it fires up every time, it may be getting a little tired and when it does give up, I will replace it with another one.

February 5th 2017 Update: Hydropower 10h HWS

I made an error with my previous review, I actually had it installed in 2002 and it is still going well.I believe that the later models are much more efficient.A lot of people make the mistake of trying to adjust the Hot Water with the Hot water tap, you actually adjust the cold tap.

Date PurchasedApr 2012

great no problems at all

Have found this a great hot water system
Great hotwater works everytime
No messing with power or batteries to start it .
I have had no problems with it
At all.
Would recommend it to anyone that wants good hot water anytime .
I say great product so well built .

Date PurchasedJan 2013

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Questions & Answers

I will shortly be purchasing a Bosch 10H as highly recommended by my Plumber. This wlll replace my Bosch 10P which is 20-plus years old. In poor condition and rusty. Overall used to work well. Has now failed. How does the 10P compare with the new 10H model? Thanks, Maureen.
2 answers
Hi Maureen, thanks for your question. The Bosch Pilot uses a traditional standing pilot light while the Bosch HydroPower uses water movement to create its own small voltage to ignite the water heater. Please be advised that if you switch from a 10P to a 10H, you may notice a slight difference in performance. We would not recommend switching from a 10P to a 13H, for example, as there would be a significant difference in performance and hot water delivery. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us at 1300 30 70 37 any time from 7:30am to 6:00pm (AEST) during the weekday and our helpful team will be able to assist you further.Much appreciated Robert. Sounds like there have been some improvements between the two models. Kind regards.

No hot water. Looks like pilot light is out. How do you relight it and do you think that will be all that is wrong?
3 answers
Not familiar with the model. The H for Hydroflo in the model name usually means it has a Water Wheel igniter (no pilot light). I'd be calling who ever installed it to check out the electrics and the gas flow.I don't know who installed it but would a gas plumber/fitter know?Hi Ann, as Peter mentioned, there is no pilot light for this type of unit. If you follow the steps mentioned in the answer to your other question and it does not trigger your ignition, please get in touch with us at our toll-free number 1300 30 70 37. Our team is available from 8am to 6pm (AEDT) during the weekday and we will be able to put you in touch with a Bosch recommended service agent.

How do you light the pilot light
1 answer
Hi Ann, as it a HydroPower unit and therefore an electronic ignition system, there is no pilot light. We recommend ensuring that all your hot water taps are off before turning one tap back on at full flow. If this does not trigger your ignition, please isolate the valves at the unit for twenty seconds before re-opening them and trying the steps above again. If this does not work, please get in touch with us at 1300 30 70 37 from 8am to 6pm (AEDT).


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