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I am looking into purchasing the series 8 WAW28460AU Front loader, but my question is... How many programs can perform a cold water wash? My husband prefers a cold wash to hot (he thinks the warm water shrinks his clothes :/ ) our most used programs on our current wash machine are the fast wash, regular wash and Heavy duty (so possibly the sports program on this model). :)
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Hi Laura B,  Thanks for the question regarding the Bosch WAW28460AU washing machine. All programs for this model can be performed on a cold wash. We do recommend if you are constantly using cold water wash that you de-scale you appliance on a regular basis with hot water. If you need any more help, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744.  Regards, Bosch Home Australia

Hi there, the connection hose inlet is not enough to connect to my tap. Where can I purchase a extension brass end hose?
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Hi Sang, Thanks for the question regarding your Bosch WAW28460AU washing machine. The inlet hose comes as one part with the aquasecure, we do not sell or recommend purchasing an extended inlet hose. If you need any more help, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744. Regards, Bosch Home Australia

My WAW28460 is stopping mid cycle and completely shutting down. I turn off power, drain water and check filter, which is clear. I can then turn on machine again but it has happened 3 times in the last fortnight. Purchased January 2018.
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Hi Louise, Thanks for the question regarding your Bosch WAW28460AU washing machine. We'd like to help, if you can please email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com and we’ll investigate for you. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Hi Why my Bosch washing machine WAW28460AU only wash with cold water even I already chose the temperature?
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Hi Jill L.,  Thanks for the question. The maximum temperature that can be set depends on the programme that has that has been selected. The selectable temperatures apply to the care labels on the textiles. The temperatures in the machine may deviate from this so that you get the optimum mix of energy-saving and washing results. However if you feel as though the machine is not heating up the water at all, please contact us on 1300 369 744 and we’ll investigate for you.Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Hi. I've bought WAW28460AU washing machine, does this model come with Aqua-Stop program or I have to turn off the tap every time the machine finishes?
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Hi Seppie-b, Thanks for your question, If you email us at socialmedia.au@bshg.com, quoting BSH4678 in the subject line, we’d like to investigate for you. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

What’s the difference between WAY32891AU and WAW28620AU?
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What are the differences between WAY32891AU and WAW28620AU? It appears there is something called Dark Wash and one called Drain Only. How do you wash darks without the dark wash option?
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How to spin only please? I do not want to rinse- just spin.
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Hi Ray Webb,  Thanks for the question regarding your Bosch WAW28460AU Washing Machine. When using the Rinse/Spin cycle. The Rinse Plus button is set by default for this program. If you require a spin cycle only, press the button to deactivate the function. If you need any more help, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744.  Regards, Bosch Home Australia

I have a Bosch WAW28460AU model washing machine. It never misses a beat. But lately now and then the controls want work. It like its frozen. It also beeps and jumps through all the different temperatures and setting until it gets to the one its set on but then the buttons want work. If you switch it off at the main plug after a while it will work but sometime take hours before it will work again. Should I get someone out to fix it or are you able to reset it somehow?
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Hi Wendy. I downloaded this for future use, don’t kno if it works. Good luck. MaryBosch front loading machine reset. Reset The Washing Machine 1 Turn the program dial to the off or reset position (should be at the 12 o'clock position) 2 Turn the dial to the 6 o'clock position. 3 Press and hold down on the spin button and simultaneously turn the dial to the 7 o'clock position. 4 Hold the spin button for around 5 seconds and then release. More items...•Jan 13, 2012

Which is the best program to use to wash towels?
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Was reading something about this earlier. One of the more delicate cycles like wool and apparently they retain their fluffiness and don't come out like a piece of hard flat sandpaper.

What is the difference between WAW28460AU and WAW28441AU?
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Hi cinw10, Thanks for the question regarding Bosch washing machines. WAW28441AU is The Good Guys exclusive model. This model comes with Aquastop. WAW28460AU comes with Aquasecure. If you need any more help, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744. Regards, Bosch Home Australia

I have just purchased the Bosch WAW28460AU to replace my Bosch Maxx after 10 years. My question is this. I have 2 dogs and they both lose a lot of hair and sleep with me. Which is the best cycle for pet hair removal. I’ve done a load and it looks like someone has thrown extra dog hair in! I try to get hair off prior but it’s very difficult. So if someone could tell me that’d be great Karen
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Hi Karen,  Thanks for the question regarding your Bosch WAW28460AU washing machine. Unfortunately we do not have a specific cycle that can remove pet hair. If you need any more help, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744.  Regards, Bosch Home Australia

Hi, my Bosch front load washer is using very little amount of water, therefore it is doing a poor job cleaning very dirty clothes. Is there any way to change it so there should be more water during the cycle?
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Hi Aron, Thanks for the question regarding your washing machine. The amount of water is pre set per cycle, if your clothes are not cleaning correctly we'd recommend trying another cycle with a higher kg limit. If you need any more help, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

What's the best cycle for washing towels and bed linen?
2 answers
Hi Nina,  Thanks for the question regarding your Bosch washing machine. We recommend using eco perfect and speed perfect between 1200-1600 rpm. You can find more information on page 15 of the user manual. If you need any more help, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744.  Regards, Bosch Home AustraliaHave heard that washing them on a delicate or wool cycle leaves them fluffy and doesn't make them all hard and flat in the pile. Going to try this myself because the normal cycle absolutely buggers towels.

What is the differance brtween a WAW28420AU and a WAW28460AU?
1 answer
Hi Don, Thanks for your question regarding the Bosch WAW28420AU and WAW28460AU. The main differences between the two machines would be the capacity and programs. The WAW28420AU is a 9kg machine versus the WAW28460AU which is 8kgs. The WAW28420AU has a few more wash programs such as Jeans/Dark wash, Freshen Up, Nightwash, Sportswear etc. You can view the full specifications for the two models, and do a comparison through our website at www.bosch-home.com.au If you need any more help, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Hi, I submitted a review regarding my bedside tables which I bought from bevmarks today. Can I count it as a review with my past review in relation to BOSCH washing machine for the $20.00 gift card? If yes, I have to write 2 more reviews only. Please advise. Yours faithfully, Sudath
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Hi Sudath, Thanks for your question. If you could please contact Product Review as this is not a Bosch promotion. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

I’ve just bought a WAW28460AU. instruction manual says only to connect to mains water, but we are on tank water with a pressure pump. Would this cause an issue with the machine?
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Hi Dale, thanks for your question. As long as the water pressure is at least 100kPa (1 bar) and a maximum of 1000kPa (10bar) you should have no issues. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Hi There - My washing is not coming out clean in my new bosch washing machine - WAW28441AU. The washing is also coming out barely wet - with some completely dry patches. I have had the machine a couple of months now and tried different cycles - using more/less detergent. I have tried both speed perfect and full wash - nothing seems to make a difference. Could the machine be faulty?
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Hi, I have a different Bosch model to yours and thus, not sure about suggesting a possible solution as I don't have a WAW28441AU. Have you posted your question on the review site relevant to the model in question? I'm sure a Bosch rep might then respond and assist accordingly. Good luckHi Angela,  Thanks for your question. There are a few things that you can try, firstly we'd recommend making sure that the tap to the appliance is completely open. We'd also recommend checking that the cycle you're using is correct for the load that you're washing, you can find a full breakdown of the cycles including the kg limit in the appliance user manual. If this fails to resolve your concerns, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744 to discuss further. Regards, Bosch Home Australia

Hello. I had the Bosch WAW28460AU installed yesterday and water is leaking from the cold water outlet when machine not in use. Does this model have the Aquastop feature or do I have to turn the tap off when finished? Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Jac
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Hi Jac, you need to check where the water is actually leaking from - the tap, between the tap & hose fitting or from the hose & fitting. It could be something as simple as disconnecting and reconnecting the hose to the tap to make sure the washer seats correctly. I think the Aquastop hoses have a cable running with the hose to the block at the tap end of the hose. Mine does not have the Aquastop hose. If I recall correctly, about 2 years ago there was a minor issue with some hose fittings leaking which Bosch Customer Service were able to arrange replacement hoses. Turning the tap off when not in use is a temporary solution and it should not leak with normal use. Check for correct installation then contact Bosch Customer Service. Regards, Philip

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