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Hi, I submitted a review regarding my bedside tables which I bought from bevmarks today. Can I count it as a review with my past review in relation to BOSCH washing machine for the $20.00 gift card? If yes, I have to write 2 more reviews only. Please advise. Yours faithfully, Sudath
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Hi Sudath, Thanks for your question. If you could please contact Product Review as this is not a Bosch promotion. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

I’ve just bought a WAW28460AU. instruction manual says only to connect to mains water, but we are on tank water with a pressure pump. Would this cause an issue with the machine?
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Hi Dale, thanks for your question. As long as the water pressure is at least 100kPa (1 bar) and a maximum of 1000kPa (10bar) you should have no issues. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Hi There - My washing is not coming out clean in my new bosch washing machine - WAW28441AU. The washing is also coming out barely wet - with some completely dry patches. I have had the machine a couple of months now and tried different cycles - using more/less detergent. I have tried both speed perfect and full wash - nothing seems to make a difference. Could the machine be faulty?
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Hi, I have a different Bosch model to yours and thus, not sure about suggesting a possible solution as I don't have a WAW28441AU. Have you posted your question on the review site relevant to the model in question? I'm sure a Bosch rep might then respond and assist accordingly. Good luckHi Angela,  Thanks for your question. There are a few things that you can try, firstly we'd recommend making sure that the tap to the appliance is completely open. We'd also recommend checking that the cycle you're using is correct for the load that you're washing, you can find a full breakdown of the cycles including the kg limit in the appliance user manual. If this fails to resolve your concerns, feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744 to discuss further. Regards, Bosch Home Australia

Hi is it possible to dye clothing with black Dylon Velvet Black Fabric Dye? The packet has instructions for putting it into the drum with salt and fabric and running it on 40 degree cycle after wards to remove excess dye. Please advise. The machine is a WAW28460AU. thanks Saskia
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i have just ran a drum clean and now my machine has stopped completely. cant switch it on or open the door. tried switching power off and on but to no avail. Can the machine be reset?
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Hi Barheep, Thanks for your question. The only way to reset the appliance would be to disconnect it at the power point for a few minutes. We'd like to help you investigate, so could you please contact us on 1300 369 744 to discuss further. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Hi How do you open the washer after it starts to add something to it? Thanks
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Hi Dave, to add an item just press the start/reload button and wait for the door to unlock. If the water level or temperature is too high you won't be able to pause the appliance during a cycle. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

I want to buy a Bosch WAW28460AU 8kg Front Load Washing Machine but read that you can't stack a dryer on top. Why is this? You can with the WAT24220AU 8kg. Thank you!
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Hi Jonesie, thanks for your question. You can definitely stack a Bosch dryer on top of a Bosch washing machine with the use of a stacking kit. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.

Installed WAW28460AU washing machine yesterday. Can not select or change temperature for any program. Help desk suggested master reset but did not help. Spin and Finishing time can be selected. Help is much appreciated. Thanks Raghu
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Hi Raghu N, thanks for your question. When you turn the appliance on select the cycle you require, then adjust the temperature via the assigned button before pressing start on the cycle. If you have any future queries, please feel free to call us on 1300 369 744. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.When I press spin button it cycles through options, same way for finished in button as well. When I press through temperature nothing is happening. I tried every program, temperature can not be selected or changed. Don't understand when other buttons work, why not the temperature option button. Made service call. It was disappointed to hear that I need to pay if not appliance problem. How can it be my problem for brand new washing machine? Disappointed with the response.

My Bosch WAW28460AU is leaving lint on my clothes. When I wash dark cottons they are covered in lint when the cycle finishes. Why is this and what do I do?
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Hi Angie, thanks for your question. We'd recommend cleaning out the laundry dispenser pump, you can find full instructions on this in the general maintenance section of your user manual. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us on 1300 369 744 to discuss further. Regards, Bosch Home Australia.Hello, I have tried this, as well as running a 90 degree empty cotton wash with powder detergent. I have drained the water and cleaned the filter. There is still fuzz all over my dark clothing. Not a happy customer!

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