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Bosco BPE0300

Bosco BPE0300

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Big fail on assembly instructions

The disc has a small lugg that needs to fit into place when screwing on disc holder. This is not in the assembly instructions. Therefore it puts pressure on the mixing bowl cause it's trying to lock in and has fractured my mixing bowl. I have used it many times and probably just lucky it slotted in.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Please respond to my problem. Pepperandsalt@ozemail.com.au. I need a new mixing bowl and can't seem to purchase one.


I like the practicity of it, and how it is easy to use, and all the variety of optiobs. The only negative thing that I can thought is the cleaning process, that is manual, and could be improved.

Good Product!

This machine is great, and it has more extrusion discs than most others on the market. Although I wish it had a disc for Lasagne, I am more than happy with it.

Good product

The machine works perfectly but after making the pasta a few times, I realized that it works best when a bit of oil is spread throughout the mixing arm first to keep the flour from sticking to the machine.

Good product

Made 2 batches of spaghetti, and both turned out great! Egg won't gp through the small bowl that you put on top, so I just slowly poured the liquid mixture through the slit. Which turned out fine. Can't wait to make more batches of pasta. Will try the other attachments next week. My only comment is its a shame it doesn't include some sort of lasagna extruder, hence the 4 stars. But otherwise I think it's a groovy toy to have in the kitchen.

Great Product !!

I looked at a number of different brands of pasta machine and this one caught my eye. I was pleased to see that it was also on sale, so I took a chance and purchased it. So glad I did !! I bought the new model - BPE0300-X. After reading the instructions and the info on this review website, I made my first batch of pasta - Macaroni- and WOW it was great !! No issues, just worked perfectly. I look forward to making other types of pasta.

Great product, except bowl keeps snapping :-(

I absolutely love our automatic pasta machine but we had a problem with our plastic bowl snapping, Bosco were fantastic to send a new one, but today our new bowl has snapped the same way the last one did which leaves the whole machine unusable.
It's a shame because the machine works fantastic and gives us perfect pasta each time. Is this a common problem? I still recommend this product because I think it's amazing, but would like my bowl to stop snapping. Would it be possible to get a new bowl sent out? We aren't rough with it, we look after it and always follow the instructions.
It would be great to hear back from someone.
Thank you.
Easy to use & gives a great product
Bowl keeps breaking under pressure

So much better than I expected

Followed the instructions to the letter and was rewarded with delicious, well formed pasta. Had a New Wave pasta machine before - results similar but the unit is much tougher. Paid a little extra and bought the mew improved model BPE0300X. Like the look. Family loves the fresh pasta. Recommended to anyone who likes to cook.
Easy to use and reliable results

It works!!!

I just bought the new and improved pasta maker...it really works..fettucine and spaghetti was delicious. Well worth the money...don't worry about the negative reviews...I was a bit sceptacle too....all good!!! The only thing that's a negative is that it doesn't do lasagna sheets. Have to use my manual one for that.
Once you get the hang of it...very quick.
Shame it doesn't make lasagna sheets.

Hi Angie, Thank you for the great review. This proves that we have great quality products. We are looking into adding more features with our pasta maker however at the moment we haven't have updates. We are happy to consider your suggestion. Thank you and should you need any assistance feel free to contact us at service@boscoappliances.comThankyou for your response ...lasagne attachment would be fabulous as you could also make crostoli

5 batches of pasta later.....

We have tried to make pasta 5 times. At the moment the machine has shut down due to overheating??? We have added/taken out water, egg, oil, flour and have prayed to the good lord up above and not once has the mixture gone through the extrusion process. The mixture sticks to the "mixer" no matter how wet or dry the mixture is and goes around and around and around and around. The guidelines in the booklet as to how to prepare the pasta are pretty much useless.
Nice colour
it won't extrude the pasta and overheats too quickly.

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Thank you for your review and we extremely feel sad about the difficulties you are having with your pasta maker. You may contact us at service@boscoappliances.com for further assistance. We always provide complete after sale support and out of warranty service to all our products. Our customer service will be more than willing to help you.

Once u have made pasta with this u won't go back to store bought pasta

Love this machine, makes the yummiest pasta. Would never go back to store bought pasta after making my own with this machine. So quick to make and easy to clean. Highly recommend. If u make the mixture correctly then u won't have any problems and if u do the customer service is fantastic.
Just read there is a newer model coming out, so even thought have only had it 4 months it won't be the latest model : (

this was written by the factory because I have one and its bad it will not deliverthank you for your comment, Lou. However, we don't have factories writing reviews for us. If you have a problem with your machine, please contact as at service@boscoappliances.com and we will do our absolute best to help you. Irina@BOSCO teamApril15, thank you for your review and please don't worry we will support our products even outside official warranty period has expired. Irina@BOSCO

Great Product , but can be tricky to get mixture right

Love how easy it is , just add ingredients and press go . then cut off your length of pasta as it extrudes .
Only thing I will say is .. you must have your mixture correct , All these bad reviews seem like they have their mixture too wet , it should not form a dough ball in the mixing chamber , it has to be in separate conglomerates in the chamber .(ps the recipes supplied seem to make it too wet)
Great and fast pasta maker .
Dough mix must be perfect .

Thank you for your review, CSK. Your comments about the mixture being right is absolutely correct. The mixture should be more on the drier side. It should not form a dough ball, otherwise the machine will not extrude. Having said that, it is our first model of automatic pasta maker and we are just about to release an improved model. Is there any chance the new mixing bowl can fit on the old model ?I would be interested to know the answer as well. Try a few times but still can't get the right mixture.

Great idea, bad design.

Was so happy to get this as a gift but after several attempts I have realised that it is never going to work well due to the bad design.
The mixing part is noisy but ok but the extrusion only works for the first half of the mixture - I assume volume is what propels the mix toward the extruders. After the volume decreases and the mix has no mechanical method to make it through the 'worm' to the extruders; The extruded mix clumps together after leaving the machine because the dies are designed badly and the strands of pasta are too close together; The recipe book and instruction manual are not very informative either; It is massive and takes up a lot of kitchen bench space.

If the machine had been made to make better use of gravity then perhaps it would be great. As it is - completely useless which is a real shame - it actually looks great.
It looks impressive I guess.
Too big, bad design.

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Sorry to hear about your experience with our pasta maker. We have new design mixing bowls and mixing arms available which solve this problem. The mixture should also be of the right consistency - which is not too wet, but more on the drier side. Please contact us if we can help you further: service@boscoappliances.com

Complete waste of time and money

Avoid this machine and look for an alternative. Its hard to clean, the motor seems weak as soon as the dough starts forming and you need to keep stopping the machine to get the pasta to feed through the worm. Also the recipe book is completely useless and it is entirely guess work on how to make pasta.

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Thank you for your review, Daniel. I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience. We have new design mixing bowls and mixing arms available which solve this problem. The mixture should also be of the right consistency - which is not too wet, but more on the drier side. Should you need any help with recipes, instructions or quick guide (available to download), please contact us if we can help you further: service@boscoappliances.com

This is not worth the box value it come in

If this does not get pulled from the web, it's not worth having firstly if it's to wet it works but it all sticks together? If it's the correct consistent it will not come out without help you need to help it because it does not feed forward towards the worm that makes it come out!! I have tried with eggs, with olive oil and water non works I'm going back to hand made mix and then the old machine. It does not work the manual extrude button does not work out of the box, plus cleaning the machine is also big time. I'm not a novice in the kitchen and have cooked for many years.
As above

I agree with Lou. I received the pasta maker as a gift and it does not do the job properly. The instructions and recipe book are completely useless! This machine is a waste of time and money.Thank you for your review, Lou . I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience. We have new design mixing bowls and mixing arms available which solve the extrusion problem. The mixture should also be of the right consistency - which is not too wet, but more on the drier side. Should you need any help with recipes, instructions or quick guide (available to download), please contact us if we can help you further: service@boscoappliances.comWe have upgraded our model now to BPE0300-X and modified the bowl and mixing arm assembly. Should you need help, please contact us and we will provide our support the best way we can.

Loving it!

I have heard of automatic pasta makers and always wanted to have one. I'm fond of cooking including making my own pasta from scratch. Pasta making by hand is very tedious process and requires planning ahead. My mum bought me one the other day. She gave me a new BOSCO Automatic Pasta Maker.

I am happy with my new kitchen gadget. It is awesome. It has 8 pasta interchangeable extrusion dies for a variety of different pasta. I have made spaghetti and fetucchini. The process is fairly simple: you just need to add all the ingredients into the bowl, adjust water/flour ratio and wait for the machine to extrude it. I found the process simple; however, it took me a few uses to fully get accustomed to the machine. We have been having nutritious, home-made pasta for the last few weeks. The machine also makes dough and biscuits, but I haven’t tried these options yet.

The Pasta maker is easy to use and easy to clean. It is very well built and pretty and good quality. This machine is great for our family because of the features and benefits. Have you tried it? Be like a pro with this machine.

This review sounds like advertising copy not a genuine reviewThank you for your review! Although it does sound fake, we had nothing to do with it.We guess some customers have different ways of expressing their opinions. We invite customers to express their sincere opinions about our products, so that we take criticism on board and try to improve in the long term.

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My plastic bowl has snapped. Where can i buy it?
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My mixing bowl has broken. I don't know where to buy spare parts to the machine, any ideas?
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Hi does your machine do just lasange sheets or does it have an attachment that I could putchase??
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Bosco BPE0300
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