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Bose A20

Bose A20

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My first headset were David Clarkes.

They gave me a headache.

I just had to buy myself a Bose A20.

And no regrets. It's worth every dollar.

The first time I put on this baby, it was completely silent (well as silent as a single engine aircraft can).

Very expensive though.

Date PurchasedJan 2015


Look, i have been a bose guy for year, starting off with my first pair of BOSE QC2's then onto the Bose QC15's. So when it came to me upgading my Helicopter Headset from my old David Clakes that came with the chopper, i just had to go for the BOSE A20's. The guy at the flight store told me to reconsider the $400 difference from the Lighspeed Zulu-2.... but been a bose person i just couldn't refuse. And really did i lose $400 or did i gain? Lightspeed Zulu-2 was, lets say maybe just as good sound quality (ZU-48.5/A20-55). Not much of a difference. But the look, the ZULUS2 had a boring basic look to them where as the BOSE a20's look was outstanding. they have a few things to improve on , but for now i can't complain 5*****. thanks BOSE i will be back for ur nxt pair.

very reliable , easy to carry compact, compaird to Zulu-2 and simple yet stricking look.
the price could drop, but in this day and age what is $1200 when ur heli/plane is over $400,000 on average.

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Hi Jarrad! Thanks for the good info on the headset. Am also very close to buying one of these as I reckon it would completely change the everyday cockpit experience! I've also been thinking about using it as a pair of headphones for longhaul flights and I noticed you said that you have a pair of QC15's. I know these quite well and would like to know how the sound quality compares in the two?? Obviously the QC15's are much smaller and hence more suited for travel, but unfortunately the budget doesn't allow for both... Thanks! Steffen

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Price (RRP) $1395
TypeOver Ear
Active Noise CancellingYes
Controls CompatibilityUniversal

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