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Bose Lifestyle 650

Bose Lifestyle 650

3.3 from 4 reviews

Difficult interface. Not good compared to other systems that are available. The

Complicated interface. Perhaps I don’t know how to operate it. The rear speakers don’t seem to work but maybe I don’t know how to adjust the volume..
A contractor installed it eighteen months ago. They were very competent but any recalls cost over $100.
It has to integrate with Foxtel but it may not be working because of the complicated controls.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Amazing sound system- only if you add an extra subwoofer

Well the old saying no highs no lows must be bose is gone forever after the lifestyle 650 hit the market. Having custom built a few systems and always used high end amps with custom sub woofers I never imagined an "off the shelf" solution would fit the bill, but moving into an apartment thought this would be a sensible option. Well so it appeared to be, and thoughts were, it might have been a bit of a compromise as the sound was really good, clear and crisp but didn't have the depth I was used to from a larger custom system. .... But then I added a second subwoofer.... and the whole system was totally transformed. It is now as good overall as most high end systems with careful placement of the components. Good thing about Bose is their 30 day change of mind policy so this was virtually a no risk test, but it turns out to be the best choice you could make for this setup. Bose stores do not have this setup with 2 subs and I just can't imagine why they would not as demonstrating this would guarantee an increase in sales. Being in Electronics Engineering I look for build quality and good design and this system really is worth the large amount of money it costs. The soundtouch app and spotify make this a perfect setup

Date PurchasedMay 2017

If you have the money, this is QUALITY

Purchased this about 4 months ago,thought the price was over the top however it boasts quality and precision with quality. This system meets all expectations, I did also go and purchased an additional BASS module not because the unit needs it, I just wanted to windows to rock and they do now.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Probably their worst product yet.

I just upgraded my Bose Lifestyle V35 to the $7,000 Lifestyle 650 based on a promise of 4K, internet ready greatness. This product is a disaster. Firstly, the sound is nowhere near as good as the V35. It is tinny, disconnected and terrible. The one thing Bose used to do well (because it never played well with others) was sound quality and this is abysmal.

The software engineers who designed the setup program are clueless. It is a rigid, rhetorical and inflexible process that will not allow you to skip sections. For example, there appears no way to set it up if you do not (yet) want to install the rear speakers. It just keeps trying and then asking you to ring their support team for assistance in setting up the rear speakers.

The Soundtouch app is buggy and laggy. I clicked pause - it didn't. I close the app and it doesn't re-open. You have to end-task it and then restart. I suspect it is not aware of advanced power management functions in later Android OS that pauses apps to prevent errant battery usage.

Further, I click unpause (without app sleeping) and nothing happens. Five minutes later it unpauses for no reason and starts playing spotify again after I have walked up the other end of the house.

Do yourself a favour and purchase anyone elses sound bar for better audio quality and forget the surround sound.

The company who sold this to me is a really solid but I don't want them to be out of pocket. If there is a way they can return it without costing them money, this is going back and I will get a Sonos sound bar.

I am just glad I haven't drilled any holes in the ceiling for the rear speakers yet.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

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Lifestyle 650
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