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Bose SoundTouch 20

Bose SoundTouch 20

3.2 from 9 reviews

Sound Quality is great!

Bought a series I in 2014. I am very impressed with the sound quality. I have since purchased another 2 (series iii) and am now enjoying Play All. I can live with occasional drop outs now because 99% of the time it works perfectly. (I followed advice on the Bose forum about improving wifi reliability and this caused a big reduction in drop outs).

The lack of Airplay on the series iii is annoying but I mainly stream music from my PC and internet radio. Still it would be good if this was finally delivered to series iii as promised by Bose over the last 2 years as I have found it to be a useful feature on the series I.

Overall I am very happy with my soundtouch 20's.

Purchased in April 2014 at Myer Online Store for $400.00.

Great sound but struggles with wifi

Sound is great, functionality with PC and itunes is good. News channels work but all of this is dependant on how well it plays with wifi. My wifi signal is strong but my pc is often on a VPN for security. This is when the Sountouch does not play well. It loses it's connection to the PC and can't play any music from it.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Absolute rubbish

In 2015 I received a 'free' SoundTouch 20 Series II Wi-Fi music system when I purchased a Lifestyle 135 Series III system. I could never get it to work at the time and have recently tried again. I think I have discovered the problem - it's just complete rubbish.

I should qualify this review by saying that I own 5 different Bose products. Their headphones are exceptional in my view but I am wondering about other items. The sound from these systems is okay to my ears. I know that some audiophiles detest Bose but I frankly think that they are not too bad. Overpriced maybe, but the sound quality is pretty good.

My problems with the SoundTouch 20 Series II are manifold: while the range once supported Apple Airplay this is no longer the case; the setup process simply wouldn't work for my via either iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) or Mac OS - I only finally succeeded using a Windows PC; and finally, the WiFi capability of the speaker makes it simply unusable.

On the lack of support for Apple Airplay, I guess that Bose are simply too cheap to pay royalties or whatever to Apple? That's extremely disappointing in my view.

In regards to setup I cannot fathom why I could not get it to work via iOS/ Mac OS but I could via a Windows 10 PC. It does, I suspect, reflect a lack of software testing on the part of Bose. I tried numerous devices, setting-up wirelessly and with cables, and even restoring the system to factory settings. Trying via Windows and with the supplied USB cable it worked first time.

Finally, and this is my biggest issue, it appears that the SoundTouch 20 Series II Wi-Fi simply doesn't have a good enough WiFi receiver. I have tried it in various places around my home and it seems that its ability to link to our WiFi is extremely limited. This does not reflect our WiFi as even placing it near where other devices (TV's, game systems, etc.) have no problems it just drops in and out constantly. It's hardly worth using on that basis and is far inferior to older Bose wireless speakers which have no problem in the same places.

I am seriously questioning whether I should continue as a loyal Bose customer.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Software updates remove features you paid for

Buyer be ware. I tested a Bose Sound Touch 20 in the store using my phone, but within months a Bose update removed my phone from the supported phones. Having bought a new phone Bose has inflicted another update which has removed the internet radio preset button function.
I bought the Bose because I like to listen to advert free radio stations and now we must reset all the buttons and run them through a streaming service of Bose choice which will include adverts, unless we pay for an upgraded premium product. You can not ignore the updates, they effectively disable the product and app until you comply.
They have altered the product by stealth to one of a lesser standard than I paid for, who knows what they'll do next.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Sounds good but limited DLNA support and most radio stations can't be listened to

I've owned this and other Bose Soundtouch products for a few years now, and they initially worked well and sounded good, recently with each software downgrade DLNA compatibility has reduced (I can't find one that works at the moment) and with the latest downgrade most of the previously accessible radio stations have been removed as they now only support Tunein. In the past I would have recommended this, but not now, I suggest checking radio stations and compatibility with you music server before buying.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Love the speaker; hate the app

This has a great sound, so glad I opted for the 20 over the 10. We use it all the time to stream radio, from all over the world. I think it was easy enough to program the six presets. And it looks very, very sexy.

But, the desktop app. ARGH. It's awful. Every time I use it (rarely, because it's so awful) it updates, and then needs to update the actual speaker. And then it futzes around trying to start but doesn't. I can't believe that something that makes a quality speaker like Bose can't design the operating apps - they're like something out of 1995.

But I do love the speaker, so I had to give it 4 because I couldn't give it 3.5.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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I've just updated the app (again), and the speaker software (again). And I can't help but think that for the great speaker products BOSE makes, it really doesn't take the whole IT/app/interaction thingy too seriously. It's seriously left wanting. I really do want to revise my star rating to 3 I think.

Just Amazing & So Powerful

This SoundTouch 20 is Amazing. The sound is just perfect and so powerful... Music at just a Touch and pairs with all your devices.. This is an Excellent Product and I recommend anyone buy this product. The service from Myers Melbourne was excellent. I will purchase more in the future from both Companies.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great for our Motorhome

This is tops in a RV, a very big sound from a compact speaker. This single speaker replaced five that were built into our motorhome.
When we first bought this speaker the software was disappointing, it was clumsy, not intuitive to use, dropped out regularly and impossible to play music from my laptop library via bluetooth. It seemed as though it was specifically designed for streaming music off the internet, this is a problem when limited to mobile broadband.
Twelve months later, the software is much improved which gives more flexibility in use. The only remaining criticism is no music built into it's own software but it feeds off Windows Media player or such however these are minor because the sound is great.

Great sound

I bought this to replace a Sony Dream machine iPod Dock. What I really wanted was something to dock my iPod but there seems to be very few of these around these days as everyone is WiFi'ing. In saying that, the set up was easier than I expected it to be. I have it set up on my Desktop PC and iPad, however, can only use my iTunes from the desktop PC (and I love being able to use operate it from another room) and to use my iPod I need to use Blue Tooth even though I have an auxiliary cable connected (not sure why I can't it get to work through auxiliary). Overall, happy with the system, ease of use and sound quality.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

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