Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder

Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder

Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder

85 reviews

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85 reviews
Happy Chap
Happy ChapHobart, TAS12 posts
EmilyAdelaide2 posts

So fresh! So clean!

I made the switch to Bosisto's Laundry Powder a couple of months ago, and could not be happier!

We have a grey-water system that directs to absorption trenches outside, so we have to be very careful about what household products are used and what goes down the drain. After not having much success with a couple of other eco-friendly laundry products, I gave Bosisto's a whirl after reading all the great reviews... and they're true!

It is super gentle on clothes, but they also come out so clean! And the eucalyptus scent is to die for. What is this witchcraft?

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TommiCatGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC5 posts
brian3,656 posts

Not bad at all

I bought the bositos clothes washing powder as I sometimes buy and use the liquid variant. I got the pack open and found a resealable bag so opened it up put the powder in with the clothes though, didn't remember to look inside for suds action. Got the clothes out then smelled the clothes like I usually do when trying a different laundry and was good - including the wearing of the clothes however, I didn't try on dirty clothes


I would also like to add - dig the handy, green scoop


Practically perfect

Great for / from us folks that have sensitive skin. Also for removing stains from workwear. Leaves a pleasant (not too 'soapy') smell to your wash. Consider worth the dollars. (We're pensioners now so watch out for (regular) specials at Woolworths. +we're buying Aussie

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ExquisitóGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC3 posts

Fabulous products

I use all the Bosistos products and find them to do an excellent job. and clean healthy smell . I am a big fan thankyou Bosistos ..and Australian made and owned.

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Farm mum
Farm mumSouth West, WA10 posts

Can’t go wrong

I have been using this product for over a year! It’s fabulous!! My partner is a heavy diesel mechanic and his work clothes are covered in grease, diesel and who knows what else!!! I was his clothes on a hot setting and use 2 scoops of this powder and it cleans like no other washing powder. Washing machine doesn’t have any leftover gunk that I need to clean. It’s also working wonderfully with my cloth nappies.

I use all of bosisto products and have throw out all the other chemicals. Finally a product that works and is Aussie.

Sandringham10Melbourne156 posts

These must be the best laundry products available in Australia

Felton Grimwade's Bosisto range must be the best laundry products available in Australia.

My wife and I have had excellent results from the Eucofresh laundry powder. It delivers. I bought it from Woolworths.

Unfortunately Woolworths no longer appear to stock the eucalyptus stain remover with applicator, but I'll hunt around and see if IGA (or if I must go there, downmarket Coles) stocks it.

This is an example of a quality Australian owned company that hasn't been bought out by the multinationals such as Unilever, Johnson and Johnson or Proctor and Gamble, so where I can I'll be continuing to buy these Bosisto products.

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upset Jan
upset JanVictoria2 posts


Recently I bought Bosisto's laundry powder to try; Only to find out when l placed it in the soap dispenser it turned into hard claggy particles. I had to remove it and flush the soap dispenser with hot water. Very disappointed with this product. Never buying it again. the company should be reported for false advertising.

Balwyn75AU3 posts

Never buy OMO again!

Finding this wonderful Australian product has changed my laundry habits (with this product and many others by Bosisto) forever. No more of that (and you won't know that it's there until you stop using it!) overpowering "pong" from OMO/Cold Power and the like. Fresh eucalyptus ... just fresh really ... better still if you order online (and there are so many products you want - handwash, spray'n wipe, eucalyptus oil, pre-wash stain remover etc.,) they deliver to your door (free if you reach the minimum threshold).

Egg95Sydney, NSW2 posts

Great all round

It uses Eucalyptus, is biodegradable, good for sensitive skin, is Australian made & owned, & above all does a great job on cleaning my clothes. I love this stuff! No going back to anything else.

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Lisa82Lismore7 posts

Hands down, the best product!

I've tried a lot of products in the past however this has been the best laundry product for us!

It completely dissolves in our front loader, has a pleasant smell, cleans amazingly (especially tough on stains), is excellent for my allergies, biodegradable (safe for our garden & septic system) & does not test on animals (woo-hoo!), can't get better than this!

I couldn't recommend this product (as well as other Bosistos products) enough!

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KazzasIllawarra, NSW5 posts

Excellent laundry products

Bought Bosistos washing powder a few years ago on my sisters recommendation and have been using it ever since. Excellent product. Cleans washing well, no residue, and leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean. I'm not keen on highly perfumed products. Gets delivered to door, so no more dragging heavy boxes of laundry powder home. Use the stain remover and wool wash also, and have found them to be excellent too.

GraceSydney Surrounds, NSW14 posts
KESPerth, WA4 posts

Australia's Best Laundry Detergent

After 18 years of trying every good and indifferent brand, I conclude that this is the best washing powder on the Australian Market (including Choice favourites Omo and Cold Power) for front loaders.

This is based on having used this FGB product for about 5 years, and its:

✔︎ not reacting negatively with baby and sensitive skins;

✔︎ smell;

✔︎ being grey water safe; and

✔︎ able to be bought directly from FGB.

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Joy63Metropolitan Adelaide, SA17 posts
Laundry Detergents

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Fantastic!!!! Just the best:)

This is a great product for people that suffer with allergies & eczema . One thing I wish it come in a big bucket. Hope the company considers this one day, as people that live in the bush need to be able to buy in bulk. I would buy it all the time if it was available in a bucket.

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Juduf4 posts

Best washing powder and Australian made

I have recommended this washing powder to family and friends. All the claims on the box are true. It smells great and cleans without any nasties that leave a smell in your clothes. Love it!

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Anth v
Anth v12 posts

no added nasties, beautifully clean crisp clothes

Great product leaving clothes clean and fresh, I use this together with the Bosistos eucalyptus stain remover for more stubborn stains. Also recommend the allergen laundry liquid for use with bed sheets and towels. An eco friendly product that is naturally antibacterial, not tested on animals, no phosphate... Perfect for cleaning baby clothes too! Well done bosisto's.

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Great product

Excellent product and ticks all the boxes important to me. No palm oil, fillers and eco friendly. Cleans great too! Buy at local supermarkets as Coles no longer stocks. Why is that? At least supporting the smaller shops.

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happy eco
happy ecoNortheast, VIC18 posts

Australian Made & Owned And Eco Friendly

I always purchase this product. I love it. Cleans well and they use natural Eucalyptus Oil. I have no problems with my allergies. As Coles no longer stocks this and others in the range, I go to Foodworks and it is always there.

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Diane2 posts

Great for environment and sensitive skin and cleans really well

Great product that works well and leaves clothes clean with lovely gentile smell, great for sensitive skin and environment. Why doesn't Coles stock this? I make a special trip to woolworths just for this product. You only use a small quantity and still works well with newborn baby stains and skin - australian company as well - highly recommend

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Ratrod4 posts

Love this product

We live on acerage and have tank water and septic. This product leaves clothes smelling really fresh and clean and gives me piece of mind that I am not putting contaminates back into our grey water system which we use to water our plants and vegetables. It also works well to remove stubborn diesel stains from my husbands work wear with a little soaking

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Darwin saver
Darwin saverPalmerston, NT23 posts
Jan A
Jan AGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC9 posts

No palm oil derivatives and it works

I am trying to go palm oil free. This is proving very difficult. However, I am pleased with Bosisto's washing powder. It cleans the laundry and has a faint, pleasant smell of eucalyptus. It does not foam too much in the front loader. It comes in a cardboard box that can be recycled. Although it is more expensive than other famous brands, I compensate by using less. I do not know how it will work for very grubby clothes, but for ordinary washing it works just fine.

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FredCentral, SA4 posts

Top Powder

This product works great, leaves your clothes clean and bright and what a wonderful scent it leaves behind.

As for cost, the difference is not that much, but worth the little extra as I know I am supporting a Australian product, and more so I strongly believe it works better than the rest. Coul

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blavatskyAU9 posts

Love this washing powder

Really fresh wash - laundry always smells lovely. Just a hint, you can buy in bulk online through their website and it works out a fair bit cheaper than coles/woolies. Very happy with this product especially if you hate the toxic chemical smell of most washing powders. Does a great job cleaning the clothes too!

Happy mum
Happy mumDAVISTOWN9 posts

Love it great for sensitive skin

I have been using one of the major brands for years because of my kids eczema but tried Bosisto a few months ago. Fantastic no rashes, gets rid of the dirt and the clothes smell great. Love it is Aust made. Wish I had tried it earlier!! Just need to get it stocked in more stores only Woolworths in my area. Hopefully more people start using It so other major supermarkets start to stock it.

JulianaSouth East Queensland, QLD8 posts

Love it!

I have started using the liquid deterget and love the fact that it is Australian, all-natural and eco-friendly. Just wish it was not so pricey! And would love it even more if it were in a bulk pack at a more reasonable price. At the moment, I buy up a lot only when it is on special!


Get's rid of smells from wool

I usually can't get rid of body odour from a woolen jumper that I have had for years, but this time, after washing it, smell was completely gone and the rest of my clothes were fresh, also! Good value for money and accessible, as it's sold in all major supermarkets. I would buy this again.
fresh and cleansing
Bewildered Human
Bewildered HumanGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC13 posts
romzes8418 posts

Natural, smells nice and lasts forever

Bought this powder a few months ago in an attempt to move towards eco friendly products at home. Eucalyptus smell, dissolves completely even in a short wash, what else would you need. Unfortunately, this powder does not work on blood/fruit stains. Need a squirt of stain removal to help it wash. Adding bleaches n all will defy the purpose of the eco friendly product. However, works perfectly well for everyday refreshment washes! Definitely recommend for that!
Environmentally friendly product
Does not remove stains that well. Still need to use traditional powders for some tough stains
ECNBrisbane38 posts

Doesn't remove stains

Unfortunately I've found this product does not remove typical family laundry stains so I can't recommend it for families unless you were adding another product to the wash for stain removal (napisan etc).

However for people with lightly soiled/unstained clothes, it would probably be great. It also works well on pet bedding (removing smells).
Smell, leaves clothes feeling clean
Doesn't remove stains

Melbourne_3000Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC122 posts

Like Bosistos, good products

I have used several packs of this laundry powder however like the previous reviewer I am also concerned one little 15ml scoop is not enough for a load, I do realise its a concentrate.

Would not prevent me purchasing it again only when on special.

I do feel Euca (by lightning cleans) is a better product.
The smell, cleans nicely with the correct dosage, no fillers.
price is a little high

Love to Sew
Love to SewCANBERRA37 posts

best washing powder in the world !!!!!

My husband is a mechanic, so greasy clothes every day 7 days a week.

I used to use a popular brand of washing powder with degreaser in the machine, until one day I stripped the machine down to give it a good clean and was shocked to discover all the grease inside it.

Next day I had time to kill in the supermarket(woolworths) yes I am crazy'

I decided to buy the bosistos euco powder and Wow the greasy clothes came out heaps cleaner!

I will not buy anything else ever again. Thanks Bosisto's

cleaning power and smell

Laundry Detergents

Find out how Bosisto's Sensitive Laundry Powder compares to other Laundry Detergents

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Don Tomlinson
Don TomlinsonSouth Grafton

A great product

Have been using Bosisto laundry powder for a number of years, and found it outperformed all previously used products - no white powder marks on dark clothing! What a bonus!! Members of family with sensitive skin showed no reactions to this product, which has been a relief. The small amount required in the wash has also been a bonus.
Very concentrated - pack lasts for ages,great value for money.
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craigandleonieAU3 posts

Bosistos Eucalyptus fresh

I love Bosistos eucalyptus washing powder its smells so fresh and in winter it is so comforting eucalyptus smell on sheets devin
Great smell
Adele_Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC11 posts

Best washing detergent I've used

Ive been buying this product since i first found it on the shelves of Woolies about 3 years been buying it ever since, always stock up when i see it on special. Wonderful product, cleans well, smells great low allergy, which is great as I suffer from skin allergies, and it's without fillers so can go on the garden, lasts for ages, only need a small amount as very concentrated. Have recommended it many times to friends, family and even at the check out, best of all it's Australian made and owned
Reliable brand, lasts ages so saves money
KarolinaAU2 posts

The best washing powder on the market!

It smells great, has no fillers so you only need half as much as other concentrates. I have sensitive skin and a partner sensitive to strong perfumes but we don't have any issues with this powder. I always socak badly stained items in Napisan first but it copes with normal soiling.You can use it in all machines and all temperatures. I have a top loader and use cold water. It is well priced and just a great Australian product! Here in WA I get it from IGA and I think Woolworths sell it as well. Just give them a call to find out your nearest supplier or perhaps you could buy it online.
Inexpensive, very concentrated, great value product and environmentally friendly!
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