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Bostitch Mini Impact PN50

Bostitch Mini Impact PN50

5.0 from 6 reviews

Very handy addition to your tool arsenal

Works well. Very handy when you need to get in a tight space where you cant swing a hammer. Also takes a diverse range of nails. Had to change over the quick connect fitting though before first use as it uses a mini nitto fitting and all of my fittings are larger.Only problem i have had is due to my own fault. You need to put a drop or two of oil in it before use each time which I didn't. A few hundred nails later it stopped working properly which is when I remembered the oil. Put some in, which got it working again but from then on it splatters out a black oil/rubber mixture on my hands.Still works fine and have successfully put in thousands of nails but I end up with black gunk on my hand!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Changed my mind - great little tool, essential.

I needed to drive a bunch of decking nails this weekend - saw the tips in the comments and further reviews here :)

Purchased one of these again, plus a 1/8 Nitto male swivel adapter. Worked a charm, saved me a lot of effort on a boiling hot day. Used it with a small (1.5HP) Ozito compressor - only just big enough I think, but did the job.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Compact tool; easy to use

I was a bit doubtful about this tool when I first saw it; how could anything this small drive a nail? But it does, and fast, and in the tightest spaces. I have found it to be the best tool to drive in connector nails on joist hangers and similar brackets, especially when in corners and unable to swing a hammer. Drives a 75mm nail into pine no problem; I pre-drill a pilot hole when nailing into old sub-floor hardwood, the same as I have to with a hammer anyway. Be gentle placing the head of the nail into the driver or it will tap it into your finger. Once the nail is held by the magnet, place the nail where you want to go and apply pressure; the nailer will then rattle the nail in. It's bit of a wild ride until you get used to it, then It will be your best friend.

Replace the original small connector with a standard nitto fitting as mentioned in other posts. Wrap some plumbers tape around the thread. Good to go.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Very handy little tool!!

Just bought one today but had to change the air fitting to a 1/4 inch BSP style swivel Nitto, once on I hooked
Up to my compressor and it works really well! Had some practice with some 2inch 3mm nails into some scrap
Wood and it works like a champ!
Doing some renos on a house and need to get in some tight spaces where my nail gun won't fit. A hammer won't do either as I can't get enough swing so this little tool is just perfect. Very happy!
You have to oil with a few drops of tool oil in the air inlet before use and then you ready to go. Works great and is invaluable little tool!

What a fantastic tool!

I think this is one tool everyone with a compressor should have.
Unbelievable how easy it is to use.
I was going to replace the small hose fitting with a nitto quick release but decided the swivel action was a good idea even if it leaked a little air so just clamped a short hose on permanently.

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The hose fitting that is supplied (ChargeAir) is rare but available at Bunnings. Converting to Nitto is a better idea. I have used Janec fittings in the past but I converted my compressor and all hoses over to Nitto a few years back to make life easier.

Great tool. Suprisingly powerful.

I decided a palm nailer was a good idea so bought one from Bunnings for $70. I read a review explaining the incompatible air hose connection, so I was prepared to get creative. I clamped a short length of air hose over the original connection and put a standard connection on the other end. Problem solved.

The tool is fantastic. Drives three and four inch nails into hardwood. Pine is easier. Pre-drilling makes things easier again. Small nails don't work well. Anything with a head size of 3mm or larger will be ok.

This tool does not replace a framing gun or your trusty old hammer. It is a highly recommended addition to your tool collection. Any excuse to use it. Got to go... looking for something else to nail!
Compact, gets the job done.
Won't take smaller nails.

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