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why was my claim for my dog's idiopathic epilepsy refused? She has PSS but these seizures are not related to her liver. Her bloodwork show that her liver levels are only just outside of normal and not the cause of the seizure she had treatment for. She has not had an HE seizure in 3.5years of her her life - she's 3 years 11 months. Please explain. We've got 3 dogs insured with you and are feeling very vulnerable and concerned that we are paying our premiums faithfully and scared we may not have the cover we have paid for.
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Thanks Amanda, we received this message on Facebook too and sent it through to our resolutions team.

Hi, Does Bow Wow Meow cover the costs of cancer treatments? (should such an issue arise).
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Hi Melanie, yes this cost is covered under the illness policy (provided it is not a pre-existing condition).

Hi. What are the monthly premiums for a 5 year old desexed female staffordshire bull terrier?
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Hi Julie, there are a number of factors that we use to calculate premium. In order to obtain an accurate quote, please go to our site: www.bowwowinsurance.com.au and enter all your details there. Alternatively, please call 1800 668 502. Many thanks.

Hi our dog had an anal abcess and our claim was rejected with little explanation. I thought my insurance covered illnesses ?
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Hi Helen, please can you e-mail insurance@bowwow.com.au with your policy number so that I can look into this for you. Many thanks

Hi, my dog was recently bitten on the ear by another dog and received surgery for her injury. The vet bill came to $609.80 but I was only paid $287. I pay for the comprehensive plan of 80% benefit and $200 excess. How come I did not recieve the full 80% back? Thank-you.
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Hi Sonia, it is the excess that took a fair chunk of the proceeds so it may be better to change to a lower excess (maybe $100)? The calculation goes like this: $609.8 x 80% = $487.84 $487.84 less the excess of $200 = $287.84 Kind regards Greg

Is this true that if you cancel the cover partway through and you have made claims during that period that you ask for all the claim money to be returned??? There are so many BAD reviews and you don't put on here if you sorted the complaints out or not - Guess I wont be using you for insurance.
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If the supporting insurance company has PAID for your pet injury / sickness claims - why on earth would you want to be cancelling your pet insurance policy mid-term? It should be looked at as a long term business relationship partnership - between the insurance company and the client.Hi Philphy, we do not ask for the CLAIM money to be returned this it definitely NOT true. I think there is confusion surrounding this. This is how it works: Our pet insurance premiums are annual policies. However, we give policyholders the option of paying monthly or fortnightly. If you are paying this way and you get a claim payout in the policy period and your pet dies, we do not ask for the balance of premiums owing for that policy period, even though a claim was paid out. However, if your pet does not die but you decide to cancel the policy after receiving claim proceeds, we definitely do ask you to pay the full annual policy. I can compare this to a car insurance policy. If your claim is paid out for a car that is written off, the insurer, will payout the claim less the balance owing for the whole annual policy. I hope this makes sense. This is how all the policies underwritten by Hollard Insurance work.

I have a French bull dog puppy who the vet has just advised will need soft palate and nose opening surgery in the future- can you tell me if this would be covered? I have your premium insurance
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Hi Briony, it is difficult to comment without seeing the actual case history. I would recommend calling 1800 668 502 so that you can find out more details.

Is it normal to have an increase in premiums every renewal even if I never had any claims?
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Hi Dan, premiums generally increase with the age of the pet (the older the pet the higher the risk of illness occurring). However, size of the increase may vary depending on the age, breed and increased cost of vet care (vet inflation).

Hi there. We have 10 week old Maltese X puppy. He had a checkup during his visit to vet last week. Perfect health. In regards to the crucial ligament 6 month wait etc would he be waivered ? If so do we need a letter from vet? If/when you've made a claim and been paid does your premium payment then go up? Kind regards Linda
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Hi Linda, in order to get the 6 month cruciate ligament waiting period waived, we would require your vet to sign off on the cruciate ligament form. This form can be found here: https://bowwowinsurance.com.au/forms-brochures. The premiums are risk rated which means, it depends on the breed, age, postcode and a few other variables. Sometimes premium will remain the same and other times they will increase (depending on the age pf pet).

Are Dental problems covered and if so by how much?
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Hi Stuart, we do not have dental cover on our policies. We only have limited cover for annual teeth cleaning through our routine care cover. We are looking at including a dental cover option down the track, however, I am not sure when this will occur and how much premiums will increase due to the added cover.

Hey Guys I have kind of inherited Diego from a friend who can no longer look after him as going overseas. He has never been to the vet He is 6 years old and has never had any health issues therefore I cannot provide a vet history. What happens in this situation?
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Thank you for your enquiry into Bow Wow Meow pet insurance, we will require clinical notes for any vaccinations, health check and desexing, along with adoption paperwork/proof of ownership upon your first Accident or illness claim. The veterinarians notes can be printed off for you by the vet, or sent to us directly from the vet. Once we have these notes on file they will remain on record and you will not need to supply these historical records again.My daughter got him from a friend and when he was a puppy As I said he has never been to the vet I inherited him when she went over seas I have no history for him

My Staffy Cross is 2 years old adopted from RSPCA at 8 weeks old. I have his RSPCA treatment and adoption papers as well as his yearly visits to the local vet. This is all the history that I can provide. Could I email this to somebody and get a quote with exclusions etc?
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Hi Jay, my apologies for the delay in answering this. I seemed to have skipped your question somehow. Yes, since it is difficult to provide a full vet history for adopted pets, all you really need is the adoption papers. If you can provide any other history as mentioned above, that is great. You will need to provide this information once you claim.Thank you for that. The history I have is the entire history, except for the first +/- 4 weeks before the RSPCA took him in. I will start the insurance process asap. Thanks, Jay

Why does Bow Wow insist on a copy of every previous Vet bill each time a new claim is made? And when we got all the documentation it was slightly more than a month after the incident and they said it had to be claimed within the month? I have decided to investigate other Pet Insurances and change.
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I imagine they just need proof that certain conditions haven't been a pre existing problem. I have always paid my vet bills by bankcard and then made my claim to Bow Wow straight away so that by the time the bankcard needs paying, my claim has been paid so the bankcard bill is less daunting. They've always paid up promptly.I thought we had 90 days to claim. I'll have to check. We need ongoing meds and to claim every 3 weeks would be a pain.Hi Karen, we only require the vet history once. Following receipt of vet history, we would not require it again. You definitely have up to 90 days to claim and we often provide more grace than 90 days? Please e-mail insurance@bowwow.com.au with your policy number and I would be happy to investigate. Many thanks

Also is there any option for tailoring cover to suit pre-existing conditions?
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Hi Gem64, I am not quiet sure what you mean as you are unable to include cover for any pre-existing conditions. However, you can apply to have a pre-existing condition waived if you can prove that there have been no signs of that condition for the last 18 months whilst being insured by us.

In earlier post it was stated that: "a pet swallowing a cane toad falls under toxicity and is coverable under the Illness Section of our policy (as long a there are no pre-existing condition or within the 30-day waiting period). What would a pre-existing condition related to eating cane toads be? Like if they have ever eaten one before?
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Hi Gem64, a pre-existing condition related to intoxication - is if your pet requires on-going care as a result of the intoxicity or if after treatment he/she develops a condition which has been directly related to the intoxicity. I hope this answers your question.So bow wow meow, it's only pre existing if there is on going problems? Is this the same for swollowing a foreign object? Say if there is no on going problems and pet is not effect it's not classed as pre existing ??

I am having the same issue as Kev, I gave them full history and they started questioning me on why I have moved address .. then said they are too busy and will call me back later..... Can I get help online?
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Hi Tara, I am sorry to hear this. Please e-mail your policy number to insurance@bowwow.com.au and I will ensure that our resolutions team looks at it ASAP. Many thanks.

I have a rescue dog with very little history with regard to his vet visits. How is this going to affect my insurance coverage? Vicki Cameron-Smith
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you are in trouble that's what I am having trouble with even though rosie is only 3 years old never been to a vet they keep going on about her history even though my vet has sent it many times they keep asking for it best of luck ring them and see what they say my claim has been going on for two month as I said all the best shop around and see what happens.Hi Vicki, we do cover Rescue Dogs. If you claim, our underwriters ask for vet history. However, if you provide a certificate of adoption, they will not require history prior to the adoption certificate.

What is considered to be a pre-existing condition?
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Hi Sharon, a pre-existing condition is a condition that existed in your pet prior to obtaining a policy or a condition that occurs during the 30 day waiting period (excluding Accident related items). If this is the case, it will be excluded from cover. However, if you have a policy with us for 18 months and you can prove that there are no signs of the condition for that period, you can apply to get the pre-existing condition waived.

Hi ,do i get 10%discount for each extra pet eg 20%for the second cat and 30 for the third cat, i have 10 cats all desexed they collect me so whats your best deal? ThANKS JANET
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Hi Janet, you would be entitled to receive a 10% discount on multiple pets. In other words, a 10% discount for every subsequent pet after your first one. This is 10% off premiums for the life of the policy for nine out of the 10 pets if you decided to ensure all of them.

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