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Brauer Baby & Child Colic

Brauer Baby & Child Colic

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It works!


My bub at 8 weeks would be so unsettled with wind from that she couldn't sleep. She'd just scream unless held to sleep. After some reading and talking to other mums, I think it was silent reflux (though a GP - with NO kids - told me there was no such thing and that my baby was fine). I tried a little Mylanta with this Colic Remedy and within a day i could put her down, walk away and she'd self settle. Her dad stopped giving it to her for 2 days because he didn't like the thought of her being on medicine and she went straight back to not being comfortable, screaming and not sleeping. Within a day of giving her the Mylanta and Brauers Colic remedy she was back to a happy and well sleeping bub.

annoyedMeringandan west
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Helpful to have


I had a premmie baby whi had very bad gas n tummy pains. He would poop once a week at the beginning and i new the day he needed to poop cause his tummy was tight and he would draw his legs up screaming in pain. After foing the first 4 initial doses i wouldnt need anymore. My boy would poop after and when he didnt poop he would fart a storm afterwards releasing that wind stuck in his belly and then id get my happy little baby back afterwards

Pretty much instant relief


We resorted to using this product as it is natural. I started using it on Bub at 10 days old. The first time she needed a dose every half hour for two hours but after that time we only needed the one dose and the relief is instant. It's amazing stuff! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with an unsettled Bub due to gas or colic.

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I bought this product because it was natural. It doesn't stop the pain and crying but it appears to reduce the severity of the pain (as measured by the intensity of the cry). When taken bub will quickly burp or pass wind. Bub doesn't mind the taste and it is easy to administer. I wish it could relieve all problems but reducing the pain is helpful. Well priced.
natural, reduced pain, well priced

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Switched to this and works really well, though neither of my twins suffer badly, just occasionally at night. purchased based on other reviews and word of mouth from friends. So had previously used gripe, though they tend to require more of this one then they do of the brauer brand.

a bit pricey, but it works well

HonestReviewerAusMelbourne, Victoria
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It does work

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Wonderful product that has helped at times with our daughters colic. I like the fact that there is a natural option to try before resort to anything else. 9 times out of 10 this works for us.
Easy to administer, great tasting (we have never had a face screwed up at this product). I love the fact that it is a natural product that I can try before we resort to anything else.
No real cons but it can take a while to kick in - I generally do the first doses quite close together as instructed as this helps.

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Nathan S.
Nathan S.29 Oct 2019
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we tried many and i mean many different products to help relieve bubs wind pain and this is the only one that worked. the relief seemed to be immediate and for a significat period of time without requiring extra doses. i would reccommend without hesitation.
natural product, works well and very fast effective,
none so far

Questions & Answers

Kate G.
Kate G.asked

What happens if you give to baby a second dose before the half hour time period? Baby is 8 months old and I forgot to check the time with first dose then gave second dose but don’t know how long it was

No answers

Hi just wondering proper dose for 5 week old baby, comflicting doses on box and your website some say 1ml some .5ml also is it best to give before a feed or after?thanks

1 answer

Hi, did you find the answer to this question as I’m asking myself the same thing?


I am a first time mum with an 8 week old baby suffering with colic / wind and desperate to help him! He usually starts his crying in the morning after we get out of bed, and lasts pretty much on and off all day until late afternoon/night (I’m talkind a proper windy, painful cry! Often inconsolable) Today I have been trialing infants friend - 1 dose before each feed and so far it seems to really help and brings up some wind, but not totally.

I Want to help “prevent” that wind pain and help him avoid it altogether rather than treat it once it’s already there.

Tomorrow I will start trying out brauer to compare to infants friend. The instructions say to give every half hour for up to 4 doses until symptoms abate - so this sounds like you use it after the baby already has symptoms .

Can anyone tell me - if I give him a dose first thing in the morning before his feed will it help, or each time I feed? Or should I just give him 1 dose and see how he goes.. before starting the half hourly doses?

Please any advice / info is appreciated!

No answers
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