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Brauer Baby & Child Teething

Brauer Baby & Child Teething

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Pauline H.

Pauline H.South East Queensland, QLD

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This is listed as an unsafe product in US


Belladonna is a poison also called deadly nightshade and is unregulated in homeopathic medicines. give this to your babies at your peril. Look up reputable sites like webmd.com to get accurate information. It is listed as 'unsafe' in ALL publications

Purchased in May 2019.


mark12Central West, NSW

Stay away from this


This is a very dangerous product, linked to deaths in the U.S. needs to be removed from sale. Caused my son to break out in a red rash. TOXIC product

Purchased in September 2019 for $10.95.


SallySouth East Queensland, QLD

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It has worked wonders for my 1 year old


Toxic -contains Belladonna


I realized that this product contains belladonna which is considered dangerous for babies. My baby broke out in a rash around their mouth. Also, products such as teething product Hyland also contain belladonna have been recalled in US and UK. Be careful what you give to your baby and best to be safe and avoid.



Great and only need the first .5ml dose.


My DS has been teething since he was 8 weeks. He's now 5 months and at first the Brauer kicked in quickly but wore off quickly too. Now I give it and he goes from whinging to talking in a minute. He calms right down and it's been a life saver. Don't need to do the full 4 doses. Only thing is I need to give it to him nearly every evening. But other than that. I don't see a problem with it. Also Belladonna is a sedative and only toxic in large quantities. So I feel the 1x .5ml dose is adequate.



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Saved us!


My son started teething at 3.5 weeks. By 14 weeks he had 2 teeth. This is the only product available and safe for children under the age of 6 months and, my God, it works miracles. It takes effect quickly, usually within 10 minutes, and the difference in my baby boy is remarkable. Screaming to laughter in such a short time. Always remember that it's most effective half an hour before feeding and an hour after... Awkward for infants, but when you're desperate you find a way to balance the routine... Especially when it means good sleep.

I wouldn't recommend


I used this product on my 6 month old baby and it sedated her. It may have eased her teething pain but it was very unsettling seeing her in such a sedated state. I have since read that it contains belladonna which can be toxic, and cause such symptoms. I will not be using this product again.



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Horrified to find out after my baby was extremely irritable and broke out with rash around her month that brauer products have toxic Belladonna! Didnt help her one bit, made her more restless and irritable! Had tried their sleeping product previously with the same side effects, should have worked this out then!!



Didn't work for us


Recommended by a friend, we were eager to provide my boy with some relief. We used exactly as stated on bottle, and unfortunately it had no effect whatsoever.
Tried multiple times, and it just provided him with no relief and no calming effect.
Obviously only works on some babies. As a natural alternative I found the Hylands teething tablets worked a lot better.
I also found the dosage of this quite excessive.



natural and amazing


I am so glad I used this product.. after finding the wch mouth paint was no good for my baby made him breathe funny I was on the hunt for relief.. absolutely love this gives him relief and doesnt scare me to use it. .

Happy baby


After being hesitant to give an early teether (3 months) panadol not knowing how many hours/days/weeks this teething business would last for, I thought I'd give this a try as little miss had been grizzly all morning (very unlike her.) Within minutes she was asleep and I had the comfort of knowing it is a natural remedy. Perfect!
Natural solution, fast relief



  • 8 reviews

I am so grateful for this product



TammyBrisbane, Qld

I found this Product Too Bee Really Helpful


Ive been using this on my now 6 month old daughter who's been teething since she was 5 months old & never had a bad reaction at all & Helps With Her Pain that She is getting From Teething Has Been Really Helpful Too Me & Finds it too relieve her pain With a good ten minutes & is helpful that can be every half hour up too 4 does if required & symptoms abate
abit Expensive But Does Last Awile



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Don't waste your time or money


The doseage is huge and every half hr for 4 doses is to me, too high maintanence. Late at night when teething problems tend to appear i do not 2hrs to wait around administering a rediculous amount of medicine. You go through the bottle quickly because of the amount you have to use. It doesn't help relieve my daughter at all. Save your time and energy and go with teething tablets
Tastes nice, smells nice


lovely_lbacchus marsh

  • 2 reviews



I have finally decided to try this product on my 8 month old teething daughter, not only she hated the taste but the next morning she broke out in a rash.. it looked sort of like a heat rash. She needed antibiotics. I didn't realize at the time that this so called natural product contains. Belladona. Please please be careful of what you give to your babies.

contains belladonna

Life Saver


This has made a huge and instantaneous difference to all four of my children, where paracetamol and ibuprofen could not. Alleviating all symptoms within a few minutes. I'm a huge fan and regularly recommend it to anyone who'll listen! I love that it made my babies happy again so quickly!!
not paracetamol or ibuprofen and the kids love it



Made matters worse!


This product seems to have made my 7 month old really sick. Within an hour he was vomiting and hasn't been able to keep anything down for at least 3 hours and started vomiting bile. Has been ok in himself inbetween vomiting so he doesn't seem to be unwell with anything else, hence why I believe it was giving him this which started it. We won't be touching it again. I'd rather deal with a grumpy, restless, teething child than a sick one.
He didn't seem to mind the taste.
Seems to have caused vomiting.



Only product that worked


I tried the typical pain relief medications (Panadol, Nurofen) with my 9 month old son who was having terrible difficulty sleeping while teething. However, he was still waking up almost hourly during the night until I tried this product. I don't think it relieved the pain completely but he was much calmer and was able to get to sleep more quickly and for longer. Overall it was the best product we found.
Worked quickly, relieved distress, helped with sleeping
Didn't relieve pain entirely

Great when she is uncomfortable.


I also dislike to give my child panadol too often. This product worked really well for my daughter as she doesn't teeth too badly. When she is really uncomfortable I do tend to use panadol. The teething relief is a great alternative to use when she is uncomfortable rather than when she is in pain.
Natural. Great for when she is uncomfortable.
Great if your child is uncomfortable rather than in pain.



  • 70 reviews

Seems to work


I wanted to give my daughter something natural for her teething pain, so that we could have a break from Panadol. I haven't given Brauer Teething Relief very ofthen to my baby, but I have noticed that when she is teething and I give it to her, she seems to be in a much better mood. She still fights sleep at times and bites everthing really hard, so I am not sure how much pain relief she is getting, but at least she is not in tears! So I would say that the product works ok for me, but I still keep Panadol handy just in case.
Natural, keeps baby happy, easy to find
Mild pain relief, but it's good for being a natural product

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Questions & Answers



I accidentally almost triple dosed my two year old, and I can’t find any info online about if this is much of a danger? I am hoping because it is so diluted, and she isn’t a newborn, that it isn’t a big danger? Anyone solid answer though? I am an anxious worrier...

1 answer

Hi, my husband is in chemistry. He has calculated the dosage needed to do any kind of damage and you would literally need to drink a fuel tanker full of this medicine to have any ill effects from it. The concentration is so low there is no need to be worried. Obviously the dosage is recommended the way it is for a medicinal reason, but these medicines are not toxic in any logical dosage.



I give my BB the mls and still don't see a difference.. I maybe have to do the 4 half hour dose..
Is it OK to mix with nurofin and bonjella?

3 answers

If you want to use nurofen why bother with a natural remedy? The point is to avoid giving the liver toxic chemicals. This doesn't work instantly, bubs system has to reach a level of saturation for it to be effective. Follow the instructions and it works perfectly.


If you want to use nurofen why bother with a natural remedy? The point is to avoid giving the liver toxic chemicals. This doesn't work instantly, bubs system has to reach a level of saturation for it to be effective. Follow the instructions and it works perfectly.


I guess you could. Honestly I ended up getting my bubs an amber teething anklet and that helped lots. No more middle of the night wakings screaming in such pain and arching his back.
Also reduced his drooling.
Eventually (when his molars and canines were coming through) I ended up getting essential oils and making him a roller and putting g it along his jawline before sleep. That’s helped the best. That’s if you’re still interested in using natural remedies.

I personally have never noticed bonjela to work.

Mellissa Louise Fulford

Mellissa Louise Fulfordasked

I tried brauers teething liquid for 3 doses on my 5 month old and hasn't worked can I now try panadol?

1 answer

I would strongly recommend getting a homeopathic remedy made.. i gave my little one panadol after the failed teething liquid which created me all sorts of problems! Allergies pain discomfort stuffed her whole digestive system up! after months we seeked a homeopath which reversed the damage..was advised then they have a remedy for teething that actually works and no side effects. In saying this every child is different just my experience. Good luck x

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