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Hi. I have a brand new Breeze 16ft ultimate trampoline. Since your website is no longer available and information states you have closed permanently, I would like to know what will happen with the warranty for our brand new purchase??? I’d also like to know how I get in contact with Customer Service now?? We have not received the ‘rope’ in our boxes to complete the safety installation! Please help!
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Hello, have you heard back from the company I bought a trampoline from the 3 years ago and need to replace the netting!Hi. No I have had no reply. I sent numerous emails to their business email address that was listed on the purchase documents that came with the trampoline. They just came back as undelivered due to the email address no longer existing. The business has completely disappeared. We literally purchased our trampoline for Christmas. So, I understand your frustration. I tried calling their phone number and it is disconnected. Terrible!!

I'm thinking about buying 16ft trampoline, is the bounce really good? I do lots of flips but I'm not sure if it will have enough bounce. Will it?
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Our 16ft trampolines have 220mm springs which are the biggest on the market. You won't get a better bouncing 16ft trampoline than ours.Dear Bijouk Our trampoline was bought Christmas 2017 for our 10 yr old, 8yrs old sons and 4yr old daughter. They are all very active children in particular the 10year old. So a simple answer is for our circumstance is it is very bouncy and many flips have been achieved. In answering your question i asked the children and they still think ours is the bouncier trampoline;and they have been on other trampolines such as Vuly and commercial trampoline places. I hope this helps

Will express post get it to tolmie vic 3723 before next Friday?
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Hi Emma, if you order by Monday morning you would get it in time.

Thinking about buying 16ft ultimate trampoline , a bit confused on the difference of the ultimate 16 ft trampoline and the 16ft normal trampoline?
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Hi Kiki, The Ultimate models have the net on the inside of the springs, curved net poles to reduce impact risk, black padding with yellow highlight, black powder coated frame, shoe/drink holder, bigger ladder. The 16ft Ultimate recently had a further upgrade to 220mm (Standard has 178mm for now) springs also for improved bounce.

Is there an assembly service in Melbournes east?
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Hi Stacey! Yes, you can call Trampoline installations on 1300 851 691 for assembly in Melbourne. Alternatively, you can call a local handyman or any company that does furniture assembly as they also assemble trampolines.

Hi , we are very excited to be getting our new trampoline hopefully to arrive this week Do you have a service where you will come and set it up for us please ? Thanks
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Hi Kell, In Brisbane you can try Can Do Assembly - 1300 022 636 or any local handyman should be able to put it up for you.

Buying new pads and mat every year could be expensive and time consuming. How much do these items cost for a 10 ft ultimate?
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Hi Kim, the pads and mats for the 10ft Ultimate are $90 each.

Hi, i was wondering if the 12 foot spring ULTIMATE trampoline has adjustable legs because our garden is slightly sloped?
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Hi JB, No our trampolines do not feature adjustable legs. The trampoline does need to be set up on level ground. If it's an option, you may need to dig a trench for the higher legs to sit in to make the ground level. If it's not level too much strain will be placed on the leg/legs sitting lower.

Hello. I was hoping to buy an ultimate trampoline in an 8ft. Do you have any in stock to fit a small yard?
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Hi Prue, Smallest we do in the Ultimate is 10ft. We do offer the standard blue/pink trampolines in an 8ft model though.

Hi there, we are thinking of purchasing the 12 or 14ft ultimate one and I read that the mat is UV resistant, which is great. Are the pads that protect the springs and the other pads around the arches UV resistant as well? Kind Regards, Jennifer
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Hi Jennifer, Yes, all the parts used on the trampoline are UV resistant.

Hi. I was just wondering how long you've had your breeze trampoline and how well it's lasted in the weather. Also if you have a 12 ft how many kids fit on it at a time
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Hi, we have had the trampoline for about 3 years now and mat is still in great shape, we have had to replace the net as kids jumped and pulled on it, so not necessarily a bad thing from them...just kids I think we have had about 6-10 but gets crowded

Hi, Do the breeze trampolines have a net available beneath the trampolines to prevent other babies or toddlers from walking beneath the trampoline whilst other kids are jumping on it. Thanks Venesa
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Hi Vanessa, No we do not offer a product like this sorry.

Hi there, Was wondering if you allow pick up.? Are you in Melbourne? Thanks, Noelene
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Hi, Yes pick up is ok, would be a bit of a drive for you though as we are located in Sydney. :-)

Hi , Thinking of buying one of your tramps . out of curiosity could you please explain the difference in your tramps compared to similiar at half the price from Kmart etc ? Thank you
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Hi Nick, You'll find the components used in our trampolines to be of a better quality than those available in department stores, also the weight capacity of ours is higher. Something else to consider is replacement parts. Places like Kmart will not be able to provide you with a new jump mat for example if you need it and no specialist suppliers support them because they change their models often as they hop from factory to factory trying to find a cheaper product. If we had a dollar for every time someone called us desperately trying to source a part for a department store trampoline........

m wanting to get a trampoline for my 7 year old. Im looking at the breeze 12 foot or the Vuly thunder Large. Can anyone please give me feedback on either. What is the quality and bounce like ?
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Ok thanks for letting me know. I am also interested in the Breeze trampoline as well.My grandchildren say it is very bouncy, they do flips on it.thanks.for.your answer Walter. What size the Trampoline. Is it the Breeze or.Vuly?

Hi, Can you advise whether the poles on the Ultimate models extend wider than the diameter? Ie if I buy a 10ft ultimate how wide is the widest point of the entire structure? I can see that the width of the frame at mat level is 305cm, but the poles looks like the bend outwards - is that the case and if so can you please advise the widest width details so I can see if it will still fit? Thanks
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Hi Jules, sizing is explained here: http://www.breezetrampolines.com.au/faq/ Yes the net poles stick out slightly further, around 250mm, we don't include this in the measurements because regardless clearance needs to be left around the trampoline. Ideally you want to have around 1meter clearance all the way around the frame base.

is this trampoline very bouncy ?? We want a really bouncy one .. any suggestions??
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My 8 yr old say sure is!My 8 year old does sommersaults and as an adult I can jump high. We are happyLacks bounce. If your looking for a high bounce trampoline I would not recommend this one.

Hi there. Do you have a Melbourne stockist where I can go and try the trampoline? 8 or 10 ft.
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Unfortunately no. We do not have any stockists in Melbourne. We're based in Sydney.

Can you tell me if the netting on the Ultimate is tight when assembled and doesn't just hang loose with no tension like some I've seen. Thanks
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Hi, The nets are fairly tight. Definitely doesn't hang loose.Sorry, I cannot answer until next week. My daughter, who lives in Sutherland, is away until next weekend. I live on Sydney's North Shore so have no access to it if she is away. I will ask her when she gets back. NormanTAgree. Good and tight.

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