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Breville Smart Temp BSC420

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4.1 from 35 reviews

A fairly good slow cooker, with the emphasis on "slow"

Replaced our larger slow cooker as our children had left home. Cooks o.k. but is a bit too slow on the low setting compared to its predecessor so you either have to start it up earlier or keep it on higher settings for a while. Outside housing is a bit thin and not sure if it would stand up to long term use without damage. Lid is o.k. but handle is cheap rubbish.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Reliable hasslefree cooking

This product is very reliable i'm busy working woman I prepare my food in the morning before I go to work, when I come home it's cooked to perfection. Cleaning of the slow cooker is simple and easy, after dishing your meal just fill the pot with warm water then just wipe out the crockpot. I have cooked soup's casseroles and silverside with vegetables all meals have been perfect

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great size. Great function.

I purchased this slow cooker about 2 years ago. It gets used 1-2 times a month in summer and multiple times a week in winter.
I've never had an issue with it BUT, I wish I had hunted a little harder before buying.
The size of the bowl is fantastic but frustratingly cannot be used in the oven (something many other brands can do).
If this is not a concern for you then I would certainly recommend the model, but I personally prefer multi purpose items. That's on me though. I could have done my research first instead of assuming it would be oven safe.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Major Hazard!

I had the misfortune of buying this slow cooker. One week after having it, on the second time of using it the bottom on the inside pot completely came off resulting in boiling liquid being poured all over my partner, burning him and ruining his brand new jeans which will now not come clean.

In my eyes Breville was a trusted, renowned brand but after this incident it seems the quality of their products are a very low standard and highly dangerous.

Although we were luckily there wasn’t any serious injury, it could have been a lot worse and on top of that it has ruined both my partners jeans and my cooker, which to say is an inconvenience is an understatement!

They asked for photos which I provided but I'm not sure what they were for as they didn't done anything about the further problems caused as a result of this dangerous product.

I am extremely disappointed with how this has been handled and encourage people to avoid both Breville and this product

Date PurchasedOct 2016


Great slow cooker, however, after one use one of the rubber bottom plugs broke off. I got an exchange no problem. Hopefully it's not a design fault. I usually have no problems with any Breville product that I have bought in the past. So far so good with the latest one.

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The second one did the same.....Ugh.

Faulty display. Then caused the safety switch to turn off all power to the house.

I loved this slow cooker it does a great job but the digital display was failing so I couldn't use the timer or know accurately how long the cooker was on. This morning I plugged it in to cook a chicken and I lost power to the whole house. After switching everything off I called an electrician because the safety switch wouldn't turn back on. He told me to pull the cookers power plug out completely. Then the safety switch stayed on. I received the slow cooker for Mother's Day two years ago and I don't use it more than once or twice a month so I'm very disappointed and expected a longer life. The sparky told me once the digital display starts to fail there is something wrong with the appliance so anyone else having the same issue stop using it. Now I have to buy a new one so any suggestions would be appreciated. The model I'm using is still being sold but I won't buy another.

Digital Display failing

I purchased this slow cooker approx. 18 months ago after replacing 2 failed Sunbeams ( non stick insert dreadful quality ) unfortunately the digital display started to fail on one of the numbers a couple of months ago. I notice the panel is starting to come a little loose. I wonder if this might be the reason? Other than that I am very happy with it.

Excellent! Just load, set and go!

I originally bought this because our 3 L one wasn't big enough for four adults and the amount of cooking we do. I love the digital display though it is more the timer I love most. I start work early and finish work at 5. By the time I get home, sometimes I'm just too tired to cook. With this slow cooker I just dump all my ingredients in it and set. I love the size of it as I slow cook my roasts in it. Beautiful. Well worth the investment.

Great slow cooker

Bought this as a replacement to my Cuisinart slow cooker that died after about 2 years. So far it has been great - does actually slow cook, unlike some others. The timer and warm function make life very easy. The only downside is that the outside can get a little too hot. I've only had it for about 6 months, but it has been used almost weekly in that time. Hope it survives better than the last one.

Great cooker!

I bought this slow cooker just before my baby was born so I could do easy meals post-pregnancy. An excellent purchase. Keeps food warm after cooking time has ended. It has three cooking options (instead of just low/high) but I've only ever used the low so the meal usually takes 8 hours to complete. It's too big for my small family. A 3.5 litre or 4 litre size would have been perfect.

Good cooker but only for 1 year

Had this bought for me Christmas 2013 -by Jan 2015 could no longer read the digital panel - was good while it worked but need my slow cooker to last a lot longer than 12 months.

Slow cooker good when working

Bought this just over a year ago and it has little use for the year. On the times I have used it it has been good and the stay warm function is great. A year later display has gone and now I can't read how long it is on for, contacted Breville to be told nothing they can do as its outside of the warranty (by less than 2 months) !! Very annoyed as although its not the most expensive its not exactly the cheapest! VERY disappointed in Breville :-(

Excellent Product

I had a Sunbeam 3.5L slow cooker and replaced that with this model. I wasn't happy with the Sunbeam as it seemed to cook very fast on slow, food stuck to the sides when cooking. So after careful research I settled on the Breville 420.

It is plenty big enough for the average family. 6L of food is a lot. I like to cook and freeze so having the extra capacity helps. Excellent for lamb shanks, etc.

The digital timer is a very good idea starting at 6hrs and able to be increased by 30 mins at a time to 10 hrs, During the cooking process the timer counts down in minutes allowing you to see how much time is left in the cooking process. The unit then switches to "Keep warm " I haven't had to use that yet .

Ceramic bowl is easy to clean. and and keeps the food hot. Overall for the cost it is an effective addition to the kitchen. I think every home should have one especially for casseroles etc.

Although hopefully not a major issue but the casing of the unit gets hot once the cooking process is well under way. Hot to the touch but not fire hazard hot.

Another rather annoying fault is the lid. The handle allows water to enter underneath the handle so when it is washed you have to remove the handle to dry it properly. After a few times I can see the thread going in the handle itself.
Large 6L capacity and the digital timer.
The outside of the unit gets hot during the cooking process. Water gets under the handle on the lid.

Fantastic slow cooker, not too fast, not too slow, perfect!!

I originally had another breville slow cooker, but it was cooking too fast and I wanted a slow cooker with a keep warm function. Bought this at myer and have been in love with it ever since. I have made pasta sauce and meatballs, Moroccan chicken, soups, whole chicken, lamb chops etc. it cooks meats and vegetables in just the right amount of time, eg. Beef in 8 hours, chicken in 6 hours. Love the keep warm function, it keeps the meal warm at just the right temperature. I highly recommend this slow cooker!!
Cooks at just the right temperature, love the keep warm function

seriously looking into buying this but i wonder if the inner pot section can be used on the stove top and in the oven for browning?Don't believe so. It is a ceramic bowl, so definitely not on the stove top. RJLNo, can only be used in slow cooker.

Bees Knees of Slow Cookers

Hasn't left the bench top in the 3 days, just love the programmable feature. Cooks for the adjustable programmed time at either low, medium or high and then switches to the keep warm cycle which is also adjustable. I cooked beef roast, Moroccan lamb chops and chicken bacon potato bake, all turned out to perfection. My family just love it. No fuss, no mess, after the insert been licked (scrapped) clean straight into the dishwasher and ready to start again in the morning. Thinking fish curry tonight, nice recipe in the Breville handbook.
set and forget until it is time to eat

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Questions & Answers

Can this slow cooker be pre set to start?
1 answer
No, it cannot.

I just purchased this slow cooker last week and today finally had the chance to try a meal in it. It made a sort of a loud noise a bit like a cracking noise and all LEDs lit with the timer countdown replaced by ‘C1’. It’s super hot to touch on the handles and smells faintly of plastic. The food inside doesn’t smell though which is great. What does this error message mean, Breville? Do I take it back or contact you since it’s under warranty?
1 answer
Hi there, Did you find out what the problem was by any chance. I had the same issue. Thank you

Have used this slower cooker only a couple of times and each time noticed a strange smell coming from the main unit (not the ceramic bowl) - a faint plasticky smell. I wiped the inside of the unit multiple times. It is definitely free on any factory greases or oils. Perfectly clean, no debris. What is causing the smell and will it go away with use? Most importantly, is the food safe to eat as the fumes would have gone into the food.
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I would take it back, mine never had smell to it.


Smart Temp BSC420
Price (RRP) $109.95
Keep Warm SettingYes
Dishwasher Safe PartsYes
Dimensions 370 x 465 x 295 mm
Weight6.1 kg
Power280 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateFeb 2013

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  • GTIN13: 9312432019620
  • MPN: BSC420