3Breville Juice Fountain Max / Plus

Breville Juice Fountain Max / Plus

3Breville Juice Fountain Max / Plus

93 reviews

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93 reviews
karen19AU44 posts

Worked well for 1 1/2 years then

We were really happy with this juicer and used it every day for one and a half years then the motor started to act us when we juiced the carrots. It would still do other, softer things like cucumber but the motor really started to shudder when the carrots were put in. The machine would slow down and make a groaning sound like it really didn't want to work any more. For the price it should last longer. It only has a 1 year warranty so I guess they don't expect it to last too long. When I phoned Breville they said the motor could be replaced under warranty but we would have to pay for the service costs. Well service costs start at $80 per hour so that would cost half as much as replacing the machine. So sad. :-)

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Vicki Ryan
Vicki RyanToowoomba, Queensland3 posts

OH so healthy

Have been using this juicer everyday for the last month, how good is it. Pure juice without the fibre that gets absorbed into the body much faster. Your stomach will love you cause it has less to process. The machine is so easy to use and you dont need to cut the fruit and veg much as it's handling capacity is brilliant. The ease of operation and the clean up is wonderful.

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OrianaMelbourne4 posts
  Verified Max

Good juicer

I'm pretty happy with my purchase. The juicer has a thoughtful and beautiful design. It is user friendly and very easy to clean. The quality is good. I loved that you can put whole apples in without chopping them. If it wasn't twice bigger than I thought, and if the noises didn't always scares my babies, I would give it even higher ranking. by the way, I wish there are less bubbles on top of my juice, but I don't know if all the juicers works the similar result or not.

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Not designed for large quantities

Happy when first used for juicing apples but after say 20 or so apples , the screen needs a good clean. Not sure if the designer award judges tried it for more than one or two pieces of fruit before they awarded the awards. Happy with the juice, noise not a problem. Great for "healthy" people that want fresh juice daily

TAWMetropolitan Adelaide, SA13 posts

Wow this is fantastic

I have been using cheap juicers for years and get so frustrated at the noise, amount of cleaning and how you have to cut up everything.

The one thing I can't get over is how quiet it is. I can't fault anything, the pulp left over is really dry, its super fast and I can dismantle and clean it in less than 5 minutes. I've gone from having 1-2 juices a fortnight to about 5 a week because its so convenient.

I highly recommend this one, brilliant, good price very easy to clean and the best tasting juices. everything about this juicer is fantastic

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Karen P
Karen PSouth East Queensland, QLD9 posts

Love it!

We researched juicers as our previous one died after a short time with no apparent warning. We finally chose this one and couldn't be happier with the results of the juice. Its fast, its quiet and is easy to clean. Good sized jug for the larger juicing jobs. Also the 5 year warranty on the motor was another good attraction. So a big high five on this one Breville.

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V man
V manGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC13 posts

Love it

Love this juicer. Have been using it daily for over a month. No issues. Very easy to use. Not very noisy. Looks pretty nice as well. Easy to clean and decent size motor. Highly recommended. Price was reasonable as well. Bought it on sale from Myer. Overall it is A++

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Nicole2 posts
leahPerth, WA5 posts

Quick, easy and beautiful on the counter!!

Love my new juicer! I got mine after doing a lot of research. I wanted value. I didn't want to spend a lot and I didn't want to be disappointed! Lucky I chose this one! I've used the pulp in soup and meatballs. I love that the instruction manual has pulp recipes but there are a lot of recipes online too. BIG TIP: put the pulp back through the juicer! You'll get everything out of it and use the pulp in recipes. It's so easy!

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Riya4 posts

I really love it

I love it.. It has made easier to clean as well it resulted very well. I recommended this to my many friends. They too liked it and using to in their everyday lives .. It's just awesome. I start my day with the juice made from it..

Thank you !!

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Yogev2 posts

Beautiful product. Beautifully designed. Powerful engine!

A fast juicer. In my opinion one of the best fast juice extractor..

Allows fast squeeze of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Completely separates the juice from the pulp. The dry ingredients in the container can be used for cakes and more ..

Allows the preparation of natural juices in a wide range of possibilities and combinations. The result comes out great. Highly recommend.

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ND11Sydney7 posts

Best for quick juices

I got this one after regrettably purchasing the Phillips QuickClean juicer. This is better made with better quality materials. It's loud but which centrifugal juicer isn't. I put a bag in the pulp compartment and tie the bag up dispose of it once done making it quick and easy to clean.

The pulp is dry so I'm satisfied knowing it extracted most of the juice and nutrients out. It gets used frequently and for extended periods of times and it's not broken down. So very happy with this product.

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Great juicer

Bought one of these because of the positive reviews and was not disappointed. Great product... very happy! If you are looking to buy one of these juicers give this one a go. Fresh fruits and veg have never tasted better...easy to get 5 servings of veg and 2 servings of fruit each day now as well

wendyprzygodaBoonah9 posts

Fresh juices in no time

With this machine, you can get all the juices out of your fruits and vegetables down to the very last drop. I've said goodbye to soggy and mushy pulp and wasted juice. I just simply love this because it makes juicing easier because of the almost less-fuss preparation and clean up.

george12 posts

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Good, although minor faults

Great juicer, fast and pulp-less juice. I like the clear bowl as you can see the juice spinning inside before it pours into the jug. The jug is also great and easy to use. Large chute is a definite plus as even larger apples don't require cutting.

Only fault with the machine is the waste chute has a narrow top which means the pulp waste can get stuck at the bottleneck before it gets to the waste bin.

blubarbPeel, WA6 posts


Best on the market. Use it everyday. Easy to clean which is a bonus when it comes to juicers. Best buy I have made in ages.

Nat W
Nat W6 posts
stephy3 posts

Great juicer! I use it nearly everyday

I love this Breville Juicer, it s quite powerful, get a good amount out of the juice from the fruits and not too bad from the green vegetables like spinach. It s a bit noisy and takes time to clean but if you have the time to clean everyday your juicer, this is a good product and not too expensive. I bought on discount at Target for 150$ but prices may vary until 200$ depending where you buy it.
reliable, relatively not expensive, good value for money
noisy and takes time to clean
mothonMetropolitan Adelaide, SA3 posts
GandRMelbourne3 posts

Quick and easy -- love it!!

I purchased the BJE400 earlier this month and it exceeded my expectations. Not only was it affordable($169 down from $229), but it's quick, easy to use, and cleaning is not a drama (I just use a plastic bag for the waste bin, and rinse the parts under hot water once I'm done). Didn't think I would use it as much as I have, but it's being used at least twice a day, and it's not overly big, so I can put it on my benchtop to remind me to juice daily. I've used it for kickstarts in the morning and fresh fruit daiquiris on weekends, and my kids love making their own juice combos. Highly recommend!
Easy to use, quick and affordable.
cepheus85Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC2 posts

Great Juicer

Great juicer, been using it for a couple of months. No issues with it so far and produce plenty of juice as compared to our old one. Not a problem with solid items like carrots etc. The 2 speed setting comes in handy for juicing soft fruits/vegetable vs. hard fruits/vegetable.

Rogue Wombat
Rogue WombatWheatbelt, WA4 posts
Ocky2 posts


It does exactly what it is supposed to do. Big grunt in the engine makes the hard veges a breeze to pulp and two speed selector means you only run on low setting when doing soft veges. This gets more juice out of the soft veges.

The exit chute is large and this doesn't clog after a bunch of veges have been put through. Other juicers are smaller but i suspect would clog up easier.

Had it for 3 months now and use it everyday, so far no issues at all.
Motor with grunt, doesnt clog, all juice - no pulp
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Nadia52ACT19 posts

Thumbs Up

Buying this juicer was a pure impulse decision. I wanted to buy a juicer for a long time but thought I would take my time first, researching different brands and reading different reviews before making the plunge.

My husband and I went to david jones just to have a "look around" .... saw this juicer on special for $169 (original price $229) and decided to buy one on the spot because we thought it was a good deal, came home and made apple, carrot and orange juice.

Both of us loved the juice and commented on how good the texture of the juice was, not a single drop of pulp.

The only hard part about the juicer is the cleaning part, a lot of parts need to washed. Good old water alone does that very well.
nothing so far


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OneandonlyBrisbane26 posts


We've had this juicer now for 10 months and it gets used everyday. It has not missed a beat. It has been a really good investment for health/weight loss as we juice everyday. It is really easy to pull apart and all the parts can go straight into the dishwasher. We could not be happier with our purchase.
Easy to pull apart and all parts are dishwasher safe
YummY10AU5 posts


Seriously LOVE this juicer! We use this machine almost every day, so easy to use & clean- just about all the parts can go in the dishwasher. The juice is beautiful, can't even compare to store bought juice. Best investment I have made, we use the recipe book but lately we have been doing our own mixes. Highly recommend!!!
fresh juice
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Ashraf2 posts
  Juice Fountain

What a juicer

Just bought this and had couple of juice . I now know straight away that this is the best investment I have ever made . Juice comes out so smooth and the good this is it is so quite comparing to other juicer in the market.Highly commanded if you want to start juicing.
quite , overall design and worth for the money.
Could not find any so far.
Elena Zárate
Elena ZárateSydney, NSW6 posts
  Juice Fountain

My first juicer !

Thanks to all of you for your reviews without your help I did'nt buy this beauty ... Very easy to clean, I don't have to cut my fruits of veggies .. Then I don t lost time ! My juice is delicious and quick and easy to prepare ! Very quiet ! Even to use at 5:30 am ...
Easy to clean and use it
I can't use bananas my juicer put them in the pulp container :( Show 7 replies
shell_chickenGold Coast3 posts
  Juice Fountain

Issues with pulp..??

I have had my juicer for about 6 weeks now. At first it was briliant but the past couple of days I have found my juices have been lumpy and a lot of the pulp has been getting in. Does anyone else have this issue? I am doing a juice detox at the moment so I am making 3 juices a day.

Breville   DM   
FitzaDarwin, NT14 posts
  Juice Fountain

Really happy

I was given this juicer as a Christmas present and love it. Great for juicing hard vegetables (there are 2 speeds) and not too bulky. Most juicers are tricky to clean but I think this is about as easy as it gets. Put a plastic bag in the pulp jug and it will be quicker to clean.
Good design, easy to put together and clean.
cake cooker
cake cookerHamley Bridge S.A.19 posts
  Juice Fountain

Perfect all the way

My neighbour bought one after seeing the video on line. I got one the next day.So easy to use and clean afterwards. The pulp goes in to a separate jug.TIP; Line the jug with a freezer bag just fold up and throw away very clean no mess.Lots of combinations of juiceing differents fruits you will never buy shop bought again
easy of operation energy effecient lovely stainless steel body just rinse the plastic bits with cold water
JGLSCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC153 posts
  Juice Fountain

Very happy

Very happy with this product, it's strong enough to withstand me pushing anything into it, inc. whole beets, radishes etc. Bit harder to push in the old spinach leaves etc but all juicers have that issue. Helluva lotta juice comes out too, in one recipe enough for 2.5 of us if one glass each. I love it. May be a little noisy for 5 a.m. but otherwise best Xmas present ever! Saw it on that DVD by Joe, lovin' it.
two different speeds, fast, excellent force, good quality.
Maybe a fatter debris/pulp bin. Show reply
honestopinion53 posts
  Juice Fountain

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Hayley_Taylor04Metropolitan Adelaide, SA37 posts
  Juice Fountain

Best Juicer ever!!!!

I love this juicer- easy to use, easy to clean, and it looks very stylish!! The chute is super large so an orange fits straight down. No need to peal apples, just chuck em' in! My favorite juice is orange, apple, strawberry, watermelon, pineapple and lime! delicious!!! Cleaning can be tricky, but they give you a brush to scrub the blades with and it makes cleaning a breeze!!
Easy to use, easy to clean, looks good!
moc-chocNSW, 207712 posts
  Juice Fountain
More juicy
More juicyAU
  Juice Fountain

Healthy life happy wife

This juicer is top shelf above all the other juicers in the market .it has an easy to read manual and instructions .They even give you a how to juice recipe book .The juicer is very compact and easy to clean .Thats perfect for our fast lives .I think breville how out done them sleves on this and will find it hard to top ,
Fussy Mum41
Fussy Mum41Victoria, 30124 posts
  Juice Fountain

Healthy juices without pulp

This juicer brought healthy habits back into my life. I'd been struggling to get in the daily required fruit and veg intake until I was given one of these. I juiced everything I found and loved strawberries and blueberries. Should see how healthier my skin looks and I feel vibrant. Able to do away with cheap sugary juices from the store.
Able to juice somany things with the usual pith and froth of other juicers
Annoying to clean the strainer filter
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