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Breville Wizz Mix EM3

Breville Wizz Mix EM3

3.8 from 27 reviews

Take care with this mixer

My wife and three young children were making a cake for my birthday using this appliance. When my wife finished mixing the batter and switched it to “zero” the mixer continued running as she held it. Smoke and orange flames then appeared from inside the machine and a smell of burning plastic quickly filled the room. Luckily I was standing nearby and ran to my wife’s assistance, taking the still running and flaming appliance from her and unplugging it from the socket. Smoke continued to billow from it so I removed it from the house. It was pretty shocking, particularly for my young children and happened very quickly. I would urge breville to take our mixer for inspection to ascertain whether a product recall may be necessary for this model.

Purchased in January 2014 at Target for $40.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Great and affordable egg beater

I’ve had this mixer for 4 years and never had any problems with it. I brought it from Harris Scarfe for $35. It’s pretty good buy. You also get a dough hook which is a bonus. It’s quite powerful and whips up egg white and cream beautifully. Worth the price. My partner loves it. She keeps using it and has pretty much taken ownership of it.

Can’t do without it.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

At least it works

I had a couple of Breville appliances (mini blender and spice grinder) fail within a month last year so I'm pleased to report that the hand mixers are still working. They do a great job in batter for butter cakes but when it comes to softening and mixing cream cheese for cheesecakes something more powerful is required, like a food processor.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Used for years for kneading dough

I'm not baking too often but twice a year (Easter and Christmas) we're baking a lot (cozonac / kozunak / babka) and have stopped hand kneading a few years ago when decided to try using the dough hooks on the Wizz Mix. It is doing the job quite well, really happy with it,

Date PurchasedApr 2010

Serves the purpose

Mixes well. Like the power of this one. I used this for the first time and it's really good. Definitely breville has its quality. This is 320w with 5 speed. If you use a heavy large bowl while mixing that works well. Love my handmixer now. I will definitively recommend this. With this price its worth it.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Lasted 2 months...used four times!

Purchased at the beginning of May at Target. Have used it a couple of times for cakes and pancakes. Was beating icing for a cake today and they slowed down and became unresponsive to speed. Turned it off thinking perhaps the beaters were not in properly. Turned it back on and it started smoking. Turned it off at the power pretty fast. The house now stinks of smoke not cake! Very disappointed as I have had many Breville products over the years.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Works pretty well.

Bought it about a month ago from Target and I can't stop baking. This mixer works well and I haven't had any issues with it so far. Easy to hold, good handle. Saw some comments about metal chipping but this hasn't happened to us. Neither did it get any rust on it.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Sam L - thanks for your comments.The Breville team

Not buying it after the reviews.

The company should look after there customers not insult them. I was going to buy one but I changed my mind. Kmart brand appliances are much better and they exchange if complained. Eg:metal chipping, unbalanced and does not do the job it's supposed to do. How can you expect us to eat metal??????

Beaters chip metal and rust on first use

I used mine for the first time on Thursday morning for a fundraising bake for a terminally ill child. I made one batch of chocolate muffins and a buttercream icing. Whilst washing up I found both beaters had chipped and left more metal chips on my dish cloth. The beaters had also begun to corrode/rust.

I can't even begin to express my shock and disappointment after a single use!

The machine itself seemed to operate well, but the 'pulse' function was accidentally used most times when I was turning the beater off. The machine also made an awful high pitched noise (motor out of balance?) at the two lowest speeds. It sounded much better at higher speeds.

Hi Jenn - please contact our customer service team to discuss the beater issue - 1300 139 798. Thanks, the Breville teamApparently Breville think metal flaking off into food is part of the design, and not a serious fault. Apparently it's okay for this level of 'wear and tear' to happen on the very first use of the beater. I'm not so much 'dissatisfied' as I am gravely alarmed that metal beaters are designed for flake off while mixing cup cake batter. This is the response I was given: "Thank you for the model number and photos. We note your dissatisfaction with some aspects of the EM3. I have escalated this inquiry to my team leader, the beaters are a consumer part subject to wear and tear and is up to the consumer to purchase a replacement, however as a one of gesture of good will we will send you out replacement beaters under warranty. Could you please forward me your address details so that I can mail them out to you."So my replacement beater arrived today. You'll notice I have used a singular. Because they sent only one. It's like they're mocking me. Embarassing customer service, Breville.

Poorly designed. It splatters, is heavy, noisey & the lowest speed is too powerful.

My last Breville was used at least weekly for more than 20 yrs but noticed it was getting warmer than it should so thought time for a new one. So disappointed in the Breville Wizz Mix I have purchased. The beaters on the old model were a shorter & more oval shape & mixed perfectly - NEVER SPLATTERING. If I use the same bowls with the new one the contents splatter everywhere (walls, bench, floor & on me). The appliance is much heavier & way too much power on the lowest setting. Have gone back to hand mixing until I find a better appliance. Would not recommend this appliance to anyone.

Fantastic little mixer

Great little mixer for all sorts of uses
Works perfectly and have had no problems with it
I do wish it had a better way of storing the cord though as I am just wrapping the cord around the body but there no way of keeping it in place so it keeps unravelling

Overly powerful

I have recently purchased the Breville EM3 and I find it so powerful that it is almost useless. I use a deep, straight sided jug for my mixing and the mixer still manages to fling the contents across the bench. Although it has 5 power settings the lowest is higher than anything I would normally use. As for gently combining the dough at the end of the process - forget it! I have no choice but to whip the life out of it! Its like trying to slice your bread with a chainsaw!

After over 6 yrs of regular use - I finally broke it :-( sad sad day

I bought this mixer because it was cheaper than most and needed one asap. I had planned on replacing it with those fancy ones soon after it dies. Over 6 yrs later, I was still using the same one. I couldn't believe how long it lasted and never failed me even at the end. It only broke when the whisk accidentally got tangled on the spoon I was using to scrape the sides. It's compact size means it doesn't take much bench space, not too heavy (even my 6 yr old can use it for a little bit) and very reliable.

Lovely Hand Mixer

I have had mine for many years. It's sturdy solid, reliable piece of kitchen kit. It's not too heavy and you don't have to get out a huge mixer. It's compact, so great for a small kitchen. Makes light sponge cakes and whipped cream! It's a joy to use and I enjoy using it. It won't self destruct on you which is important. It's one of Breville's treasures in amongst all the fancy high powered machines. A little beauty!

Just died after I thrashed it for five years

Sadly my wizz mix died this morning, but I have used it with regularity for about five years and I often push it to its limits. For the price I am very happy with it and planning on buying another basically immediately. It is significantly more powerful than most hand mixers, I often find myself frustrated with peoples mixers at other houses. It easily stands up to all kinds of baking and mixing. Even came with dough hooks!
Powerful for a hand mixer. Can do most kitchen tasks

disappointment frustration

I purchased Breville Wizz Electronic Mixer [BEM200} just 3 years ago and it has broken down. I am unable to find anyone to even look at this appliance for which I paid over $200. The usage is NOT heavy and I am extremely angry! Is this all part of a throw away society. WM.
Worked well when it did work

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Not sure this review is in the right place. This is a hand held mixer, the RRP is $45 and you can usually get it cheaper again that that.

Really good mixer

I read the reviews on here before I bought my mixer, and am very happy with my purchase. It is powerful and feels solidly built. It mixes extremely well- the cake I made with it turned out about 1/3 higher than usual- I didn't realise a mixer could make such a difference! The only annoying quirk it has is the pulse setting- it is very easy to turn the control past "off" and onto pulse by accident.
Powerful, solid, inexpensive
Pulse button in an awkward place

Lite and robust

After using this mixer I found it to be a lot easier to handle than most other mixers I have owned the grip is more comfortable and an overall good product.In the short term I have had no issues with the operation of the mixer and it came with extra dough hook attachments.
Value for money ,quiet in operation and easy to uce.

Beats ok, but poor design.

I recently purchased the Breville Wizz Mix...it was a good price, and it beats and mixes well. However, I will not be purchasing again, because of the serious design flaw which allows me to turn it on accidentally when I'm holding the beater by the handle. The turbo button is inset into the middle of the handle, and countless times I've grabbed the handle and the mixer turns on, giving me a enormous fright, and often making a terrible mess! I can't imagine I would be the only person to have this problem, as the button appears to be exactly where your hand grips around the handle. The last straw was this morning, when I held the mixer to insert the beater arms, it accidently started, and the plastic pieces that surround the arms to hold them in place were destroyed! Now I have a one-armed beater, and needless to say, I won't be purchasing this model again, despite the fact that it does a great job at mixing. This problem would be so simple to fix, by relocating the Turbo button, or not allowing the Turbo button to function, unless the beater is already turned on.
Does a great job at mixing.
Serious design flaw, Turbo button is located on the handle, and very easy to turn on accidently


This is a great little hand held mixer, I used mine for at least two years for making bread and that gives the unit a real work out, if you are mixing bread or pasta dough with the spiral dough hooks, make sure that they are in the correct holes, if not the dough will rise up the spiral hooks towards the mixer body. If any thing happened to it I would buy another one.
This mixer has a lot of power for a hand mixer, 320 watts of power is more than a Kitchenaid stand mixer, it is easy to use and clean. It is one of the few hand held mixers that are supplied with dough hooks.
The pulse position is on the lower side of off on the main speed control switch, often when you go to switch it off you overshoot the stop position and it is in the pulse mode. This is only a minor problem.

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Questions & Answers

Hi iam little confused, can someone say what's the product code? As whiz mixer doesn't come with dough hook, the one comes with dough hook is 49.95.
2 answers
Hi there, The product you are asking about has the code EM3 and yes it comes with dough hooks. Hope this helps. Kind regards, The Breville TeamHi there, I have the EM3 and mine came with the dough hooks. The EM3 has a pale cream coloured body. They are a lovely hand mixer, simple and powerful with a gorgeous appearance! :) So nice to use. All the best, Helen

Model bem1200c we require the button retaining plate for the tilt mechinism can you help?
1 answer
Hi Kellie, Please contact 1300 139 798 or email at askus@breville.com.au to purchase spare parts.


Wizz Mix EM3
Price (RRP)44.95
Mixing Speeds5
Motor Power320
Release dateOct 2006

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 9312432008112

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