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Bridges Dating

Bridges Dating

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They ripped me off by $300 and didn't even give me any dates with anyone.

Bridges dating almost cost me my life, I was already super depressed, lonely and hating myself and I don't have much money. They took my $300 dollars very happily and promised me all these dates with all these lovely men and then nothing happened, I asked for my money back and Bridges said no, I can't get my money back. I hate Bridges, SO MUCH.

Dishonest and ignorant

Bridges received my file from an agency that declared bankruptcy with about two years to go on the contract. Other agency was just as bad as this one. (Am a man with a mild diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome too).

But to get to the point, I made over several polite and reasonable requests for an intro. They didn't act. But didn't hesitate in making contact suggesting I pay $3500 to go up to another level.

Then one day I felt so fed up with doing the right thing and getting nowhere, so I got on the phone and vented my feelings VERY loudly and angrily. An intro was arranged straight away then, but I only heard from the lady once and nothing happened. Then the next wasn't even a compatible match.

Even though I paid another agency first which I wouldn't have done if I could go back in time, they should NEVER have taken my file on if it was too difficult given the two years remaining.

Later on, they told me stuff like only children talk by texting. Adults only talk face to face or by calling. It got to the point where I told them DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN. At least that's been respected so far. But geez that must mean adults are a minority and children are the majority if what I was told about texting is true!

But after been with two agencies, been introduced to some VERY scary women who weren't even compatible, single mothers with children when I said no to that, and intros who snubbed me after minimal contact, and little to no action after requests for intros, I would strongly advise against such agencies including Bridges. I'm completely turned off them and dating sites.

Money Grabbers

Totally agree with you Kiwis...but don't think it's only happening because you're over there! Very much the same happened to me here in Queensland.. exactly in fact...not enough intros so when questioned earlier in the program "your in the system for a match" promises promises... then I am not compatible...then insulted for not being as young good looking or high enough income earners for their ladies expectations!! When trying to reason with an "insultant" she kept talking and telling me what ladies expect as if reading from report on how a woman's mind works...her's obviously... when i asked could i say something i was told no we're paying for this call!! I dialled the 1300 number...silly me how dare I want to speak. . we shouldn't talk very long when talking to an intro...apparently a woman gets the idea we are all not worthy then won't want to meet us...true...apparently!! These people are so plastic!! It makes me sick to think I joined believing their convincing lies...I doubt they have many people on their books so they cant match anyone!! Just can't believe we join up & pay money to these people to be insulted and treated so rudely!! Warning everyone.. steer clear!! Happy it's over with them!!
They promise you the world then they give you an atlas...with a lots of insults thrown in!!

A total rip off

I was guaranteed one intro every 4 to six weeks , got one in nine weeks , found them arrogant , rude , oppositional , argumentative and the high pressure sales where unbearable . One of the most unpleasant experiences I have had .
Would not recommend these people to anyone .

Bad Eggs

Totally agree with Ruby May. This company is based in Australia and after being taken for a ride with a totally inappropriate match, I tried to take legal action. I am in New Zealand and the small claims court will not take them on as they are an Australian Company. Their contract says that you can opt out within 3 days... RUBBISH. They have refused to give a refund. They are arrogant, without any ethics, and will not honor their own contract. I will be having a look at the Australian legal system next to see if there is any comeback. SHOCKING!!!
Their web site - unfortunately nothing similar to how they really operate.


I signed up with this organisation with the guarantee of being introduced to at least 5 men. I was introduced to 1 man and when I tried to query lack of introductions I was laughed at and spoken to disgracefully. I went to a New Zealand lawyer but they could do nothing because it is an Australian organisation. Don't sign up with this company they do not honour their promises and have a very unfortunate and uncompromising attitude, putting the blame on their clients expectations rather than their own ability.

Customer service, dishonesty, greedy and unprofessional.

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