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Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400

Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400

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  • 5 reviews

Quieter And Smoother Than Originals


Got these as a replacement for our Forester.The original tyres were wearing unevenly so the first thing I did was get a front end alignment which improved everything.
Immediately noticed the quieter ride and smoother cornering. Out on the open highway it's not so noticeable. Actually I think they are a little noisier but that might settle down once they wear in a bit. I got a good price buy putting in the time and ringing around. KMart tyre and auto seemed fine to me. I am hoping to get at least 50000 kms this time

CarSubaru Forester

Pat D

Pat DTaree

  • 2 reviews

Very disappointed


These came on a Subaru Forester I bought 2 years ago. The Tyres are fine for highway and normal use, BUT if you ever drive on gravel roads, I mean normal Australian gravel not 4WD roads, then you better beware. I have had 3 punctures all caused by stones cutting through the tyre. I have never had a stone puncture before this in 40 years of driving. I have decided enough is enough and I am now looking at replacements.

Car2015 Subaru Forester

SunnyFar North QLD

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No Good for Kluger FWD was a OEM Tyre


It's no good on Kluger 2012 FWD , when it was brand new say up to 15,000k - 19,000 k was fine but after that started to skid off from stationary positions & absolute poor performance on wet roads. I guess am after tyre that is safe for me & my passengers doesn't matter if it only gives me 40,000k. Am researching on tyres that provide good grip especially in Wet conditions. However I did felt safe just by the brand & on dry roads but not whist driving in wet conditions. I have come across Continental Pure Contact Eco Plus Tech & Michelin Pilot Sport & Pirelli Scorpion hope they make em in 245/55/19 let's see how I go will appreciate if someone out there tried the listed tyres on similar vehicles

CarKluger 2012

PearlTraralgon, Victoria 3844

  • 6 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Perfect tyre


Got this tyres for my kluger as replacement and they are fantastic and durable. The performance of the car is improved after replacement and I am in love with the tyres. They are perfect for 4 wheel drive. They are very smooth on highways and the need to check the air is less



EricSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 13 reviews
  • Verified purchase

Excellent quality


I am so pleased with the quality durability of bridgestone offers. I can felt my car performed much better in term of fuel efficiency, driving comfortable since i have 4 brand new bridgestone dueler H/L 400. I revisit the dealer after 8 weeks of installation to check the Tyre pressure, it showed the pressure maintained in the same level.

Caraudi Q5

Less than impressed


I have been through three sets of tyres on the front and yet to hit 50,000kms on my 2013 kluger. The tyres keep wearing out on the outside. Are these tyres directional? Can i swap these around after some outside wear so that the wear is on the inside to get some more life out of them?

Car2013 kluger



  • 2 reviews

Solid Tyre


This tyre came with my Subaru Forester 2013 XT Premium. I've done 67,000km and still going. They are getting close to replacement though. No noise issue and still good gripping the road. 8 only do highway or inner city driving. Never took it off-road. The rear left tyre has been punctured by nails 3 times and fixed 3 times and still good to go. Took it to beaurepaires on the 3rd puncture and they said they wouldn't fix it as it's not fixable nor safe to drive and tried to sell me 4 dunlops. Went to kmart and they patched it up and said it's not unsafe just coming to require replacement soon. It's still not hit the thread indicator yet so it's good.

CarSubaru Forester XT Premium 2013

Steve L

Steve Laustralia

Impressive long wearing


Had these Duellers as factory-fitted since 2012. Replaced the front ones after about 65,000km in 2016 as they were skidding in wet weather due to threads wearing. Rear ones are now nearing replacement at 78,000 km. Recommended but there appear to be good competition in terms of price and performance from others. Decided to go for Pirelli's Scorpion All season this time - will see if they are as good as these Duellers.

CarMazda CX-9

Awesome Tyres !!


Still have the original tyres on my Feb 2012 CX9. Bridgestone Duellers and have just passed 145,000kms...still probably have another 10,000kms left on them. Very quiet and long wearing. Just goes to show the life you can get out of a tyre if you look after them and drive sensibly.

Car2012 Mazda CX9
David Mason

David Mason

  • 3 reviews

Side walls not up to scratch


Two incidents of what could be considered as reasonable contact with curb guttering - two ripped side walls. Replaced them all at 39000km even though they still had acceptable tread. An expensive exercise. Not at all impressed to say the least. However to be fair they are quite and track well.

CarSubaru Forester



  • 5 reviews

Very Good Tyres!


Just hitting 92,000 k's with at least another 10 or 15 k left in them. Came factory fitted on Mitsubishi Triton Cab Chassis. Fairly quiet and comfortable. I run between 40psi and 55psi depending on load I'm carrying. They are getting a bit hard due to their age. Tyres have been rotated 3 times and the back ones are done.

CarMitsubishi Triton Cab Chassis (tray back)

Had Problems on Muddy Road


These tyres were fitted to my Colorado LTZ when I purchased it new. Have just replaced at 68,000Km with some wear left. I use the car to tow a large horse float with occasional off-road and 800M of driveway on a dirt road. Tyres are fine for on-road driving but were not not satisfactory in muddy conditions.

Car2013 Colorado LTZ

Fantastic tyre..... A+


Fantastic tyre... Great all rounder getting ready to replace for first time on my CX9 after 87,000km!!!
Would be very interested to understand how much time people who put bad reviews or get poor mileage out of these tyres put into looking after their cars. Peoples like all things in life you must look after/maintain things properly to get the best out of them, if you don't get good life out of these tyres you need to look in your own backyard before bagging out the product.

Would recommend to anyone.

Fantastic wear life, decent all round


Just about to replace these after 90000 kms on my Mazda CX9. No problems with wear patterns, grip, etc. Fuel economy in the Mazda (affectionately known as the Whale) is not great, but I doubt the tyres have much influence here.


brissmithSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 25 reviews

Depends what you want


If you want a sticky track tyre these are probably as good as any road tyre. On and SUV I would have liked a bit more distance before they ran out of tread. Less that 30 000 km but that is about standard for me with car tyres.
I expected with large wheels there would have been no reason not to get more life. Would sacrifice some traction to get over the 40 000 km mark. Just too soft.



  • 4 reviews

Check pressure


Got the new on a Forester '14. First 30,000km worn quickly upon asking service centre they recommended 40psi (not the 32 recommended) and wearing has stopped. Very good tire

Chris P

Chris PMelbourne

only last 28k!!!!!


I bought my Kluger last September and just hit the first milestone. I was very surprised when the dealer told me I have a maimum of another 2k on it. Very disappointing, just shopping around for new tyres now

Excellent tires


Came as original tires on my 2009 Venza. Had 102500 km / 64000 miles when I replaced them with exact same tires. Very quiet and smooth ride, good gas mileage too.



  • 4 reviews
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Awsome tyre


Have 235/55/19 bridgestone dueller hl400 on my cx7. Originals done 68000kms. Still has plenty of thread in the centre but the outer edge is worn. But overall very impressed with these. Will be getting exact ones now. Cost is not a factor if they last this Long. After all it is a suv and 19inch rims. Quite tyre and good firm ride.
Long life and no defects



  • 3 reviews

Good Wear


Original tyres on my CX9. Just had them replaced after 79000k’s. Very impressed with the mileage out of them. I have not found any issue with them whilst on the vehicle. Only issue is the replacement cost. Cost varies from high $400 to $600 for each at tyre outlets. I have seen them for $320 on eBay but these are American stock.
Replacement cost.

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