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Bridgestone Dueler H/T 687

Bridgestone Dueler H/T 687

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Terrible tires.

These are on a 2105 Rav4, driven on nothing but asphalt, 12k to work and back daily, with a few 1400k road trips... 43000 km and they need to be replaced.

Purchased in October 2015.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 43,000 km
Car ModelToyota RAV4
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

No good

We had a set of these standard on our VW Amarok, which we purchased due to local road conditions. With regular driving on dirt roads the tyres basically disintegrated, lasting only 20,000km before the tread was worn out on 3 of the 4, and the fourth tyres was destroyed by the gravel. I would not recommend these tyres to my worst enemy, particularly if driving on anything other than perfectly new, well laid, tarmac (not chip seal).

Somme fault can probably lie with VW here, as they are not suitable tyres for a 4x4.

After our experiences with Bridgestone tyres (this is the third set we have not been happy with either treadwear or durability, including from before regular dirt road use) we will not be purchasing this brand again.

CarVW Amarok


First time I bought these tyres in my life. So far I did not find any issue. Runs very very smooth on road. I feel like my fuel mileage was increased as well. I strongly recommend this if you are really looking to buy. See if they fit your car... If they fit.... Don't miss

CarMazda cx5

Excellent perfoming tyre.

Great all round tyres , I've driven on snow, gravel , freeway and farm paddock. On my first set 68000 kms About to change my second set after 79000 kms.I attribute the increased kms on my second set to using nitrigen and regular 10000kms rotation , only 1 puncture in my second set and none on my first.
They are quiet and grip well.

CarSubaru Forester 2011

good tyres

I had this set on my car and they lasted 60000km which is pretty good for their price. only once i had a flat tire since purchase. The last 10000 every week i had to top up the air pressure as they kept loosing air. Grip is average. I did end up getting another set a month ago.


Just bought a second set

OEM of RAV 4 2012 when I bought it brand new.
Last up to 65K. very happy compared with Yokohama Geolander on my Subaru forester.
Probably Dueler is made of hard rubber compound, average grip on wet, not as quite as Yokohama Geolander on highway buy Geolander is last up to 45K on my forester.
Just bought a second set from Bob Jane Blakehurst. price is $149 / each. If on special $169 each, buy 4 get $100 cash back or $144 /each.

CarToyota Rav 4 2012

Best tyres !

I had Bridgestones on my new RAV4 when I bought it , they lasted 65,000 Klm never had a problem with them so it was a no brainier when it came time to replace them , I could have got cheaper tyres but Bridgestone are the best in my opinion!

CarToyota RAV4

Not bad but road noise has beoome unbearable.

Factory fitted to my 2004 Tribute the first set lasted for 78k, with regular alignments and wheel rotations. A mixture of city and country driving. Replaced them with the same 'cos it wasn't broke so I did not fix it. Mmm, big mistake! Road noise became unbearable @40k on and at least one dealer became very excited at the chance to replace the front wheel bearings at a cost of $800. Well, 32k later the bearings are fine, but the tyres are almost gone, it could be surmised that they were two different brands of tyre such was their performance. Changing to Hankooks this time.
Good points: Handled fine in all conditions .
Disappointments: Unbearable road noise as they aged. Not as durable as the first set though they were driven in the same manner. Given their overall performance, expensive at a discount replacement price of $219 each.

Car2004 Mazda Tribute

Nice treadwear, really bad on wet

Well, my grand vitara came with those, they lasted 99.000km (really much), but they were awful on wet circumstances (even at low speed ~ 40 km/h) like an aqua planning.
I've got good fuel performance at all 8.1 km/litre on city.

Now i got hankook dynapro hp ra23, and they are amazing.

CarSuzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 J20a 2008

Very average mileage

These were standard on the RAV4 from new... has only done 61k, and now worn out a second set. Only average handling and braking.. when we bought the second set still paid a premium of $265 a tyre.. way overpriced then but they have at least done the right thing reeling it back to about $149 now. More consistent with its quality... moving onto Michelin this time with a reported higher mileage and performance..

Car2009 Toyota RAV4

Long lasting but will not buy again. Please do your research.

Factory fitted on our V6 Rav4, we achieved 60,000ks with these tyres with 30% tread remaining. I've rotated as necessary and maintained wheel alignment also. However today, after years of being slightly dissatisfied, I decided to replace all 4 with another brand. My word! I've now realised how loud the bridgestones were compared to these which are virtually silent, how these grip in the wet superior to the bridgestones did in dry conditions and how much more capable my car's braking can be. The new tyres inspire more confidence and definitely feel a class above. These attributes are highly important to me. Obviously I can't comment on durability and longevity but I feel they are of little significance when comparing two tyres with dramatic differences in levels of safety and performance. From a price point the new tyres were about $15 more than the bridgestones. If I achieve at least 30,000 (safer) kilometers with these "Michelin Primacy SUV" tyres, I will be extremely happy and buy them again. I hope to remember to do a review on the Michelin's after about 30,000kms. I give the bridgestones a rating if 3 as they aren't too bad. Just be aware of the differences in tyres and think about what is important to you.

Car2012 Toyota Rav4 ZR6

Great long ladting tyres

These were the standard tyres fittef on our Rav4 and have done over 50,000kms. We only drive on sealed roads and they seems pretty quiet. They have worn evenly and we rotated them every service, keep the pressures up the will last! Will be buying same tyres again when they are due for replacement

CarRav4 2012

Good medium size SUV tyre.

We have achieved 79'000 km's on the original OEM tyres to date. Mainly country town, and highway driving on very ordinary roads. We regularly tow a loaded box trailer. Tyres have been rotated regularly at service intervals. Best general use tyres I've ever used. A bit of increased road noise, but you can't have it all in one tyre.

Car2011 Subaru Forester 2.0D

Bridgestone Reliability

Having achieved 75,000 out of each of my previous two sets of Bridgestones I stuck with them and bought the
H/T D687's. I must admit I was initially tempted by Cooper and then by both Toyo and Michelin. Continentals were also offered at a great promo price.
As the old saying goes "If it aint broken, no need to fix it". The other tyres mentioned may well be good tyres. One thing you can always count on is how tyre retailers play down the tyres they do not sell. It is always amusing listening to their "logic"?
OK, so the tyres have been on for close to a month. They drive well and may even corner a little better than my previous Ecopia. Foresters are not the greatest cars when it comes to cornering. I would welcome any recommendations for wear and improved cornering tyres in 215x65x16.

CarSubaru Forester

tire rot

I changed the tires over on my daughter's subaru forester and noticed tire rot around the outside rim on all four tires. There is only 22,000 km. on the tires. I had them prorated and there is 38% wear. I won't be getting these when I change them back.

Very pleased with treadwear and reliability

These tyres were refitted to my 2004 Mazda Tribute, after nearly 100,000km on the OEM set in city commuting. These have gone for 60,000km and look to equal the originals. Excellent even treadwear, fairly good noise reduction, and good grip and performance around city roads. I can highly recommended them.
Amazingly long lasting treadwear (I try to look after my tyres)
Road noise increased a little as they got older. Still good though.

I've no idea how some people get so much mileage out of these tyres. We've had them on 2 new Ford Escapes and they're worn out in 40,000km and we don't even drive them hard. Very comfortable and grippy types on road to be sure, not so good off-road though and they wear out so quickly they're not worth the $300 plus asked for them per tyre.Mine being OEM with Nissan XTrail are gone just shy of 40K. Am looking for a substitute.

Sub Standard

We purchased a new Suzuki Grande Vitara which came with Bridgestone Dueler H/T 687's. In the first 2500Km we had 3 punctures. One of those was from a piece of road gravel less than 1cm in diameter. Booran and Suzuki have taken no interest in the possibility that these tyres are sub standard. I have driven an average of 70,000Km to 140,000Km a year in WA and Vic over the last 20 years and have had one puncture so you will understand my surprise at getting 3 punctures on brand new tyres in less than one month. The tyre 'rubber' is so soft that a small piece of stone has cut through the new tread.

Do not buy these tyres as they may place you at risk or worse. As they are supplied to a number of new vehicles they may well be made to a price with little regard to quality.

Nill puncture resistance and no interest in investigating issue by supplier

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We have a Suzuki also and we are extremely happy with this tyre. Grippy. Wears well. Great in the wet. Good off road. Actually looking to replace the tyres and we are going to buy the same tyre as we were so happy with them.

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