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Bridgestone Dueler H/T 840

Bridgestone Dueler H/T 840

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Good tyre, poor in wet weather

I have a set on a GQ patrol.

Great traction in dry weather, very low noise levels at speed. Very comfortable over bumps.

Originally i had a set of Bridgestone dueler LT697 which had much better grip but the sidewalls were basically rigid and it drove so rough I couldn't stand it. Best to get non light truck version in 697!

These tyres are average to bad in the wet. I have no trouble sending the rear wheels sliding going around the roundabouts or turning into a road from a stop. I'm not confident of stopping suddenly in the wet.

The traction has a B rating so that explains some of it.

The wear seems ok for now.

I wouldn't buy these again for the high price they have.

Purchased in July 2018 at Bridgestone Tyres for $800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Car ModelNissan Patrol Y61
Tyre Pressure Used36 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyYearly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Perfect tyre for the family 4WD

Affordable 'brand name' tyre. Not the best tyre on the market, but definitely great value. Fitted to family car, quiet ride. Stopping and wet weather performance could be better, but much better than any cheap no-name tyre. Paid roughly only $20 per tyre more compared to a no-name tyre. Perfect for the family 4WD that actually doesn't get used as a 4WD!

Car2007 LX470

Dangerous & Not good in wet!

I was recommended these tyres by local tyre place, I had to wait a few days to get them ordered in which was fine as I thought I was getting a decent set of tyres. Few weeks in, and it rained both my partner and I have had the new tyres slipping in wet unexpectedly. We have never had this issue with previous tyres on the same vehicle. Not a good thing with kids in the car. I wouldn’t recommend these tyres for safe driving especially in wet rainy conditions.


Good but not Great

these tyres do not seem durable long term and they definitely have great handling and tread but they just don't seem to last long enough compared to other similarly priced brands. note I did buy these brand new, so a secondhand set of these may make a very great choice.

CarFord Falcon MK II 05

2015 Triton - OEM Tyre

Tyres done 60,000klm.
Slight front left feathering on outside - probably due to low pressure.
Overall a v good tyre - This set should last till 90,000klms+.
I drive like an old codger so never had any loss of traction in wet or dry.
Used on the beach a few times and not fantastic, but acceptable.
Bit skittish on the dirt, but after all they are H/T.
Easy to buy cheap second hand from sellers upgrading new vehicles to A/T's.
I will go them again when needed.

Car2015 Mitsubishi Triton Dual Cab

Good in the dry & sand, reasonably quiet

Had 3 sets of these tyres across two D-Max utes. Always changed for a new set early at 25,000-30,000km so never driven them with much wear showing - they'd last at least double that easily.
Run the pressures lowish (28-30) when not towing which results in excess wear but the ride is smoother and as I change tyres frequently it doesn't bother me.

They are good in the dry and give a quiet ride on coarse chip seal and rough roads. Also been good enough on gravel and in soft sand (only if deflated down low), haven't had one peel off a rim in the sand yet.

Hard braking in wet weather on the front axle isn't the best when towing, especially with the canopy also fully loaded - I think some other tyres may do better but lack of weight on the front axle is the main issue. Normal braking in the wet when towing is fine.
Cornering in the wet when towing is also OK and never had any loss of control towing or otherwise. I just leave plenty of space in front of me for braking when towing in the wet.
I've almost never used 4H in the wet like some reviewers below, only in really torrential rain or in the snow.

I have found them quite bad in the mud when I've had a trailer on the back but they aren't really designed for that.

Overall I'm happy enough with these tyres to stick with them through 3 sets, you could easily make them last a long time and if you don't expect too much from an unloaded/loaded ute in the wet you'll be fine.

CarIsuzu D-Max

Default tyre on Pajero

These tyres have good grip, handling and braking.
Over several sets have had no quality problems.
But..... never had good durability, typically 35,000km per set.
Price is high for that mileage.
$320 ea list price.
$280 if on special.
On a heavy vehicle such as Pajero, I would not put cheap tyres, so have had to just grin and bear the cost.

CarPajero 2010

These tyres scare me, my life is not worth it.

Tyres fitted as manufacturer's standard and for the first 35k kms they seemed to be not too bad although limited exposure to any serious off road. From 35k kms onwards the problems really arose, particularly in the wet. Tyres simply lose grip unexpectedly on the corners, especially if you touch any painted road lines. Similar problems taking off on a slope from standstill on bitumen. it just sits there and spins until you back right off and start again. Having driven many vehicles over 45 years of driving I have never been this fearful driving in the wet. While only two thirds worn I won't be waiting for something tragic to happen and will be replacing them as fast as I can.

Car2013 Isuzu M-UX

great mileage 160k+

original tyres on the ute no problems at all been all over the place, took it over to tassy did the whole place . i just rotate the rear to front now and again.They are getting a bit down now on the wear marker i will replace them after x mass. i am a really steady driver maybe thats made them last

Car2012 isuzu ls ute 4x2

Woefully inadequate both in the wet and off road

These tyres came fitted when we bought our 2016 Toyota Landcruiser. They seem fine in the dry and don't produce much road noise at any speed. However in the wet they become a different tyre altogether. They don't cause the car to under or oversteer but they do cause the entire car to slip sideways. This has happened several times at speeds of under 30mph on roundabouts. I find it impossible to have faith in them when cornering in the wet. We used them off road a month or so ago in the Scottish Highlands and they were fine on rock/boulders and straight forward river crossings. They were useless in mud or on wet grass, providing no grip/traction whatsoever. We will definitely change them for a different tyre as soon as they need changing due to wear. Save your money and look for something else.

Car2016 Toyota Lancruiser Invincible

A great tyre when you need mileage.

Tyres were standard on my 2013 ISUZU MU-X. They have done a whooping 110 000kms before showing signs of serious wear. I am fitting the same tyre again. The handling has been exceptionally superb for a standard tyre. Might have slight gripping issues ,when threading is low, in wet weather. Highly recommended! Good on you Bridgestone.


Great tyre

These came standard, and after 75,000 kms I have just replaced them - with the sportier version of the same tyre. A great tyre, that gets good distance. While they were getting low at 75,000kms, they definitely weren't in desperate need of being changed over, which I couldn't believe. Highly recommended.

CarMitsubishi Outlander

Fully recommend

These tyres came standard when we purchased our new 2013 Isuzu d Max 4x4 duel cab diesel. We have traveled 60,000kms, 40,000 of this towing a 2.5t duel axle caravan. On dry and wet roads as well as on tar and dirt. We went in to order new tyres only to b told we have another 10,000 to 15,000 still left on the tread. Definitely ordering the same when required. Well done Bridgestone!

CarIsuzu d Max duel cab.

Absolutely shocking

These are std on 2015 Colorado, (4x4 dual cab pick up with about 200 kg of tools in the tray) they are about to be replaced after 37,000klm, only 4 mm of tread left on them.
They are average on dry roads, an absolute shocker in the wet ever since they were new.
Need to be in H4 on wet roads, have to use L4 when doing hill starts in the wet with trailer on, only just get of the mark on steep hills.
What a joke Bridgestone even make these.

Car2015 Holden Colorado 4x4 dual cab pick up

Amazing wear from a standard tyre.

Came standard on my 2015 Pajero and got 63000km with another 5000km remaining before vehicle written off in hail storm. Included some gravel road work and towing 2t caravan. Same tyre on my new Pajero and currently 66000km with 5000-10000 still remaining. Never any problems in the wet and incredible wear!

CarMitsubishi Pajero wagon

Though quiet, poor wear and very average in wet

I rotate every 5000kms but noticed severe wear after 20000kms on 2 of the tyres. The ute has done minimal off-road and used mainly on highway and city driving. I personally drive quite steady so I'm disappointed about the wear.
Performance on dry is fine but in the wet is whole new beast. Gets very light footed and slips out at low speed stopping and cornering.
Spoke with the old boy who is a retired owner/operator of the tyre industry for over 50 years, and confirmed Bridgestone tyres are (in his words) rubbish. He suggested Toyo (what he is currently driving), Hankook (underrated but performs well), Cooper (though a bit overpriced) & Yokohama (performs well but does have road noise)
Going to give Toyo Open Country U/T a run and hope for better performance as after 30000kms I'm sick of the Bridgestones

Car2013 Holden Colorado

A decent highway tyre

Came on the Colorado from the dealer in 2013. 65,000kms and haven't noticed any slipping or sliding in wet. Had them off road a few times and was surprised at the capability climbing and descending steep dirt hills (dry weather only) There are limitations in that scenario thats why upgrading to A/Ts

Car2013 Holden Colorado

Worst Tyre ever

On a new Holden Colorado 2016 feels like it wants to step out in the dry but it does step out in the wet last rain had it sideways twice at 95 Km per hour not a comforting feeling going in for 15000k service tomorrow wont be picking in back up till they agree to change tyres

CarHolden Colorado 2016

Be very careful with these tires

Came as a stock on my mu-x...drove about 30,000KM...its not great on wet performance, also tire slides during sharp corners... I can literally feel the tires skipping during 80km turns, thank god i have stability and traction control inside the vehicle...i will probably switch these tires as soon as i come up with money...its not safe for my family...no wonder people just sell these tires once they receive the car from the dealer..
I will probably buy hankook dynapro HT or kumho crugen for my next tires..

Car2013 Isuzu Mu-X

Very good OE Tyres!

The D840 came as standard on my Chevy Colorado Z71 2014 and they are a very good tyre. I haven't had them long, so I don't know about durability. However in heavy rain they perform great and you feel like glued to the road. Don't understand the negative comments on the wet performance...
I have tried them off road as well (no mud bogging or rock climbing) on dry and muddy trails and they perform surprisingly well.

CarChevrolet Colorado Duramax 2014

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what does H-T stand for?
1 answer
I think it stands for Highway Terrain, ( more highway than terrain). Terrible tyre in wet conditions, only got 40,000 Klm out of them.

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