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Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport

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Bridgestone Dueller Sport 225/60/18 - OE on 2015 Subaru Outbback

17/12/2018 - So I have just completed 61,000klm / 3yrs and replaced these Bridgestone tyres. If I had of done a wheel alignment at about the 30,000klm mark I would probably have travelled another 10,000klm. One tyre was a bit too scrubbed on the outside edge but still with slight tread, due to poor wheel alignment So that's my bad.. the other 1 a bit better and still just legal and the other 2 were still ok and had a couple of mm over the indicator mark. My local dealer indicated that the tyre pressure should be 39psi which I did maintain.. I have changed to the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Seasons but that was this morning so cannot comment on the differences. The Bridgestone's lasted well and the road noise was fine, though varied a lot over different surfaces, quiet to a bit loud, for the most part I never had any issues, no slippage etc, but I don't drive or corner hard and feel I drive to the conditions, the only thing for me was that the steering felt a little vague, not direct enough for me, whether this was the car or the tyres im not sure, but was enough to put me off and try a different tyre just in case that was the cause. Plus the price, they seem to be one of the higher priced tyres. I will be travelling quite a bit over Xmas, so will review the other tyres once the Xmas period is over

Car2015 Subaru Outbback 2.5 Premium

Very Good Tyre

I put these tyres on my Nissan Qashqai. I have done about 43,000km and it looks as though they need replacing now. Wear has been even. Grip has been good in both wet and dry. Handling and performance has been top. Would recommend these tyres as a good all rounder. They have been better than I expected,

Car2015 Nissan Qashqai TL

Excellent ride and handling.

I have a 2016 Subaru Outback 2.5. The handling and ride is superb in the Outback and the tyres are perfectly matched, it seems - cornering and braking is great, compared to the Yokahamas Subaru used to fit. I have 25,000 km up and I would say about 15,000 km left. To those who are getting poor wear on an Outback - rotate your tyres and keep your pressure up in the high 30s.

CarSubaru Outback 2.5 2016

OE on the 2018 Subaru XV 2.0iS

I just recently purchased a new 2018 Subaru Xv 2.0i.S
These tyres are fitted as OE on the S series with 18 inch wheels.Not sure if these tyres on the other grade Subaru Xv models ?
Cannot comment on the Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport yet regarding durability too early. However the tyres are very quiet and easy steering. I will give them 5 stars to start because I am so happy with my XV all round !

Car2018 SUBARU XV 2.0IS

90,000 km is valid

I have a 2010 Murano ST just done 90,000 km with the original Dueler tyres which are now showing wear so I will be replacing with the same Bridgestone Dueler tyres. OK I am a senior, careful driver doing short trips on city roads. I also rotate the wheels with the spare every 15,000 km and keep inflated to 36 psi. So I was shocked to read other reports advising badly worn tyres at 20000 km and don’t understand how that can be unless there was a faulty batch of tyres

CarNissan Murano ST 2010

The tyres wearing fast

I bought a new 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R with the standard Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport 225/60R18 100V require replacing after 18,000 kms. The wear is mainly present on the outside of the tyres. The car has been regularly serviced and has had a wheel alignment. mainly light suburban driving. I don't want to replace the same tyres anymore. please someone recommend one to me. thanks

Carnew 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R

Fast wearing

After light, mainly suburban, driving in a 2015 Subaru Outback (bought new) the standard Bridgestone Duelers 225/60R18 100V require replacing after 20,000 kms. The wear is mainly present on the outside of the tyres. The car has been regularly serviced and has had a wheel alignment. Other than being fast wearing they have performed well and road noise was acceptable.

Car2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R

A top performing all rounder

These new tyres really made a significant improvement to our vehicles handling, especially in wet weather which is a real confidence booster when transporting our family around tropical North Queensland in the wet season.

A Really well designed all rounder tyre which doesn't seem to wear away easily at all.

CarMitsubishi ASX 2014

Treadwear not acceptable

I bought these tyres from a Bridgestone dealer and had them fitted and balanced. After less than 15,000km, the rear tyres were badly, yet evenly, worn. I took the car back to Bridgestone who were not interested and just blamed my car despite the fact that every tyre I had on the car always lasted around 50,000km. And I have had 4 different brands so far. So I replaced them with a set of Kumo's and now, after more than 10,000km, I can see hardly any wear on them. Disappointed with Bridgestone and these tyres. My car is not to blame...

CarBMW X5 2001

disappointed on wear rate

fitted 4 brand new 235/60 r 18 on Ford Territory w/d diesel a year ago, easy driving , little off road on gravel, 2 wheel alignments and constant correct pressure. did tyre rotation at 15 k , but Tyres simply do not last , max 25 K . Other Characteristics of the tyre are good, but will definitely not buy again , there may also be hidden issues in the fords 4w/d system

CarFord Territory Diesel 4WD 2012

not very happy

I bought 4 of these tyres brand new for my x5. After about 12 months eggs shaped bubbles began forming on my rear right wall, its now got 2 huge bubbles that look like they are going to explode. I called bridgestone and they told me that it was probably caused by speed bump, so if you ever go over speed bumps, these may not be the tyre for you.
ill update when they explode.

April 6th 2017 Update: Steel Genesi Cooktops & Built-in Hobs

Ill put some photos up when they explode, if I survive the crash!
I also have been avoiding speed bumps and parking my car on the road as there is a small bump to get onto my driveway, I really don't want to have to replace all four of my Tyres,if I did, id definitely get the Pirrelis this time

Carx5 e70 bmw

Better than Dunlop

I have a BMW X6 and i was looking for non run flats, however after hunting around I put these tyres onto the car. So far im impressed, better than the Dunlop sport max, less road noise and a softer ride.. Run flat tyres are kidney killers normally and very hard on the ride.. While these are not a comfy chair they are a good mix of sport and comfort.. no wet weather yet, but in the dry they are running well and grip is good.

Still happy .. i will see how they wear but so far so good !They are wearing well, great grip and a very nice ride

Have done a good job - need to replace them after 50000km

Just had a 50000km service on my 2015 Subaru Outback and was told I needed to have my front tyres looked at since they were down to the tyre wear indicators. The rear tyres were rated as serviceable/fair. We have done an average of 640km a week and the tyres are the original equipment manufacturer which have lasted almost a year and a half. Mainly highway driving between Yass and Canberra, trips to Sydney every 6-8 weeks and the coast every 6 months or so. One trip to Melbourne from Yass and took in the great ocean road and onto Warrnambool. The tyres have done a good job for highway cruising which has been for the majority of their life. Never felt fazed in the wet or for short stints on gravel.
I can't help thinking that I might have got a few more kilometres out of them though. I have relied on Subaru servicing to update me on the tyres but realised today that they haven't actually done an alignment, balance or rotated the wheels at each service-just an inspection. My fault and lesson learnt. I will be taking the replacement tyres to a specialist every 10000km. I am actually thinking of going for a purely highway tyre replacement/touring rather than the duelers Since 99 per cent of our driving is on the highway.

Replaced these Bridgestone tyres at 53000km with Cooper CS5 ultra touring. At 102 000 km (After 50000km) there is about 4mm of tread remaining. Original tread depth 8.6mm.

Car2015 Subaru Outback 2.0D Premium with 225mm 60 R18 Brigestone dueler H/P sports

Fine for the price, but wish they were a bit quieter

I've only had these tyres for a week, so obviously I can't comment on their longevity.

They replaced factory fitted Continental CrossContact LX which lasted about 45,000km, so the following comments are in comparison to the Continentals.

Pro's. The Dueler's are more responsive, have better grip and generally feel tighter and track noticably better on the highway.

Con's. The Duelers are a bit firmer in ride than the Continentals. And they're noisier too - not by a huge amount but it is noticeable, particularly over small road imperfections like patched and cracked bitumen and also on smooth bitumen. They are however slightly quieter on very coarse bitumen.

These tyres were around 25% cheaper than replacement Continentals (or Pirelli's and a few others for that matter) so for the price I would say they are fine and I would recommend them.

Car2014 Nissan Pathfinder

Low kilometres - Very Odd

We purchased a Murano in 2011 ( Ti Z51) with Dueler H/P Sport. Mainly drive on suburban roads. We average 1,200 kms/mth conservative driving. They lasted only 24,628kms. Very low compared to what I am reading from others here. They were a bit noisy and fuel consumption seemed OK. I have since purchased different tyres based on advice from tyre retailer - and they have lasted 50,000kms which is a more respectable number. I don't understand how anyone can get 120,000kms with an SUV - unless they are driving on silk roads!!!

CarNissan Murano Ti Z51

not doing the distance.

I have Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sports ,235/55R19 101W tires on my Audi Q5 since new 2012,just might get 40,000 km out of them .I have them checked for alignment balance ,and rotate every 3-4 months,at an Audi service center and I read reviews from people getting 90,000 ,one guy wrote that he got 120,000 km out of his tires.Can some one tell me why Im getting such low milage from my tires?

CarAudi Q5 3.2 v6

Good tyres, low tyrewear

not an expert on tyre, but these Dueler HP sport tyres lasted on 120,000 km with a bit of tread...Though we drive conservatively.

Compared with Continental, pricewise they are cheaper, better handling on dry and wet, better on braking distance and more grip. But Continental is quiet and more comfortable

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The replacement for these Dueler H/P Sport are still the same model and their tread are still good after 60,000km. These Dueler are no longer in production. Grab them while you can. Maybe my Murano has CVT transmission, perhaps has helped on the wear.

Review of Duelers when brand new

Just got a 2015 Outback with the 18" Dueler HP Sport AS. We are in the snow belt, but its been mostly wet. The tires are quite quiet, and seem solid. I can't yet answer how they are off road or how durable they will be for me, but for an OEM product, they are currently very satisfactory. I'll try to repost here (or elsewhere) after the winter.

Quiet all-rounder

Replaced rims and tyres on 2014 Audi Q7 4.2 TDI S-Line - original Pirelli p zero's 295/35/21 lasted 12000 klms and all 4 were down to wear markers (plus the wife scuffed the rims all the time due to low profile)

Due to the original tyre replacement cost of 650-800 a piece (yep that's not a typo) decided that driving 40000ks a year x 10000ks per set of tyres could lead me to the poor house quickly - so decided to replace with quality 20x9 rims and 275/45/20 111XL Bridestone Dueller H/P sport. (ALL the 295/35/21 options I could find promised the same sort of mileage)

Cornering performance (dry) - 90% of the Pirelli's which I consider the benchmark for a sport 4x4 tyre (much better than Conti's or Michelins) - could never expect the same result from a different profile and compound but these are very good

Cornering performance (wet) - 80% of the Pirellis - that said the PZeros were like chewing gum and stuck like stink - so this is still very good

Noise levels - Much Much lower than the Pirelli's - I'm not sure if this is a result of the Pirellis wear levels hence getting noisier - forget what they sounded like new - but the Bridgestones are amongst the quietest 4x4 tyres I have ever had. (EU tyre ratings confirms these are twice as quiet as Pirelli's)

Stopping - Pirellis marginally better - perhaps 1 or 2 metres from 60ks - these are still very good

Ride comfort - ok here's the compromise - nearly as stiff as the Pzeros not quite but almost - the P zero 35s were very stiff in the sidewall so are the Bridgestones I have 111xl load rating that doesn't help - lowering pressure to 38psi helped marginally but these are still a stiff tyre and you do still feel it a little

Mileage - chalk and cheese - driven 5000 ks barely any noticeable wear - (with the bonus of no more scuffed rims) should get decent mileage expect around 4x that of the Pirelli's at less than 1/2 the cost

All in all If I wanted outright performance I would buy the Pirellis but for 90% +/- of the performance I'm happy with these

Also noticed other sites - mainly US say these are bad in the wet but I think wet but I think they must be referring to tyres made in Mexico - make sure you get Japanese production - the EU standard is very rigorous and gives these tyres a B on a scale of A to H (A best H worst) - I also found these very good in the wet.

Big wrap!

I've driven almost 95,000 k's on my Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sports on my VW Tiguan TDI. This has been mostly long-distance, highway work. The local Bridgestone tyre dealer says I'm good for another 5,000 k's. So, have a guess what I'll replace them with? Yep. Exactly the same tyres. Wouldn't you?.

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PS from Sailbad The Sinner (May 4 2015 post): Now at 105,000 k's and they're still OK. Apparently, the older that tyres get, the harder the rubber becomes so they wear longer. I'm on my original brake pads too, so what does that say about my driving?

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