3Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

3Bridgestone Ecopia EP100

115 reviews



115 reviews
siouxsamPort Philip20 posts

All weather

Got these tyres installed at costco buy 3 get 1 offer. Using this on my SUV and drive on 4WD tracks and wet conditions. It gives more stable steering and yes I see milage improvement from my previous tyres.

Recently in severe wet conditions, I didn't loose the traction when road is so slippery.


1. Reduced road noise

2. Bit of milage improvement

3. stability


1. Price

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Sam00SYDNEY8 posts

Value for money tyres

Purchased from Bridgestone Hoppers crossing, service is good and ongoing wheel rotation and balance was offered, wears a bit heavily in comparison to Good year tyres I had earlier on the same car.

Good road handling in wet and dry conditions and was promised good tread life fro the dealer. I think the tyres are up to my expectations

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Amulyapoint vernon8 posts

very safe and effective

When our old tyres were worn out we decided to go with the bridgestone Ecopia tyres and we got 4 tyres for the price of 3 . They are safe, good value for money and even with changed road conditions they have wonderful friction that doesn't skid on the wet roads. Overall higly recommended

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Jay6 posts

Good value tyres

Bought these around 6 months ago, seem like they perform well, and very affordable when you buy 3 get the 4th free, they were $99 each, but all four came to $297. They have good grip in wet conditions, but I do slip a little on tram tracks.

I would definitely recommend them.

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SaitoBrisbane7 posts

Excellent tyres!

Bought these during BS promo buy 3 get 1 free for my Camry about 2 years ago. So far have been run more than 30K and found not even half tread worn out. One thing that I noticed regarding their claim for lowest rolling resistances, looks it is true. I can feel it where I have to hid the brake harder.

I am really happy and recommend this Ecopia series from BS.

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DamianSouth East Queensland, QLD5 posts

Great tyres for the price

I wasn't given the option I wanted at the time (Kumho) and had to pay a little more for these. In the end, it turned out to be a better investment - much longer lasting, better grip and less road noise than my default choice. And still a decent price for a tyre.

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KyleAdelaide, SA6 posts

Good deal on these tires

These tires have been great since installing them. Got a great deal at Bob Jane T Marts with a "buy 3 get one free" deal.

They have been great value for money and reliable tires. So far there hasn't been any uneven wear, and they handle well. Installed on VZ Commodore.

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thiagaGeelong4 posts

Good value to replace the existing one

Have recently changed to this since old one was too baldy and very dangerous to ride on the road. Looked for couple of options with in the budget and got the offer buy 3 and get 1 free. Looked at the reviews & really happy about that too. Got a very good deal Kmart and feel comfortable and safe with it when on road.

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snowbeadAustralia4 posts

Good quality tyres

Have recently changed to the bridgestone tyres due to the buy 3 get 1 free deal from Bob Jane. Good price and quality. It is quieter than our previous Dunlop ones and the car ride feels much smoother. According to the tyre specialists, we will get good fuel economy and good endurance, which I am hoping to get.

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jaySydney, NSW5 posts

Best Tyre in any condition

i have bough through K Mart on Buy 3 and get 4th one free Promo to replace my old good year tyres. i got it in the best deal due to K mart match the prices.it is quite good compare to good year as it is quite and also make better grip on the road.

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SddxMelbourne4 posts

Good tyres!

Bought the set when it has buy 3 get 4th free promo, to replace my old goodyear. Price-wise it's great, and it's more quiet than goodyear(might be different series). I am hoping it could have same endurance as goodyear has. I didn't push it too hard when wet, so I didn't notice anything in wet condition while other mention it's easy to slip.

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jammmmes4 posts

One went flat

I bought the tyres at buy 3 get 1 free with bridgestone. After 3 months of use, one of the rear tyres went flat, with no obvious external cause. it was replaced under warranty by the bridgestone store, but they could not determine the cause of the tyre going flat either.

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VipuPerth, WA5 posts

Good Fuel Economy

The good thing about the EP100's is that they are one of the lowest rolling resistance tyres available. If you saved even 0.2L/100km then, though you'd barely even notice such a small change, you'd save nearly $200 over the life of the tyres. So it probably can be worth spending a few extra dollars for a LRR tyre.

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LuvpsiEagle Vale3 posts


Bought 4 of these for a Mazda 3 in 195/55/195 size when they had an offer buy 3 get 4th free. Tyres are really good, grip well in both dry and wet and are VERY quiet. Overall really happy with them and expect to get around 50k from them at least!

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Lamchopzmelbourne5 posts

Good tyres for normal driving

I found this tyre to be of good quality, purchased from Costco when they were having their discount deals. Whilst their cousins such as the Potenza was more expensive this tyre did the job, other reviews seem to indicate this tyre's grip was bad during wet conditions, this may be true but I certainly haven't been subjec to it.If you're driving normally this tyre should be fine, although I haven't noticed fuel saving that this tyre has been touted to give either

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Leo C
Leo C

Quality tyre at a reasonable price

Fitted 4 tyres after having had Pirrelli P7's. Size is 205/55R16 91v. These tyres are just as good. They are quiet, grip the road well on corners and are safe in the wet. Bought them from Bob Jane at Haberfield in Sydney. Have always had good service at this branch.

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worn out
worn out3 posts

worn tyres

Fitted tyres at 121,498 km on the 6/4/2016 new worn out at 152,186km on the 13/6/2017 only traveled 30,688 km regularly rotated tyres at 5.000km and wheel alignments at 10.000km with Bridgestone Greenhills. One tyre was made in week 42 of 2014 and the other three were made in week 15 of 2015 yet all the tyres were all purchased in week 14 of 2016 must have been old stock laying around and wanted to get rid of them in the 4 for the price of 3 sale unlucky me unable register car below legal limit on 13/6/2017. S o check your tyres for week and year made on outside wall of tyre near rim area and make sure the are not old stock. Thank you Bridgestone

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worn out
worn out  
Big Cheese
Big CheeseBrisbane6 posts
SimonSunshine Coast, Queensland

Great Tyre cant fault them

Very impressed with the guys from Bob James. I didnt realise there was so much to go into the servicing of tyres. Needless to say because I didnt have a wheel alignment check in 4 years the front was 6mm out of alignment and caused a premiture balding of the tyre.

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Happy Motoring
Happy Motoring

Fantastic tyres and lasted considerably longer than others before replacement required

Fantastic tyres. The 3rd set of tyres on my Toyota Camry and the Bridgestone Ecopia have lasted considerably longer than previous sets - a whopping 50,000Klms. I have always had good road handling and always felt safe so, Ive booked in for my next set of tyres - same again (based on the performance of the Bridgestone Ecopia - their performance and durability). This time I might try nitrogen inflation as well. Happy Customer.

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GomisGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC4 posts

Bad Grip

Terrible grip in rain. Cant turn in too fast to my driveway because it will slip (noisy).

Wheel spin if i give too much throttle in my 2012 auto. Tranction control indicator comes up if i get too excited whem pulling onto the main roads

Smooth and comfortable otherwise. Lasted 60 ,000 km easily. Put 4 x Turanza on today. Hoping it wont effect fuel economy:)

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BazzioSydney, NSW5 posts

Solid feel

The first time I used nitrogen inflated tyres 2 full tyre sets ago, I immediately felt just how good the effect was on roll,stability, solidity, and fuel reduction.

I've immediately felt the very same effect with these tyres, only better.

Do yourself a favour ~ try these tyres, & ALWAYS inflate with nitrogen = amazingly positive difference.

I simply cannot believe the negative reviews on this page ~ these peeps MUST either own a competition brand dealership (how else could anyone buy 4 new tyres and replace them straight away?), or what they call "normal" driving is actually far more radical than is safely acceptable.

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an experiment gone wrong

Very noisy when cornering, not a quiet tyre as stated at 35p s i these tyres feel like they are going to roll off the rims. they are with out a doubt worst tyre i have ever driven on in my 46 years of driving.at 3.600 klms i removed them from my car and replaced them with michelin energy xm2

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KazCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC16 posts

Great feel on the road

Bridgestone always pack a lot of rubber under your vehicle, very happy with the ride and feel of the Ecopia's on my Toyota Rukus. They have a soft feel and I've noticed they are quieter than my previous tyres. Brake on a dime. Very happy so far with my Bridgies.

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CarolSouth East Queensland, QLD24 posts

Great Tyres

Have had Bob Jane fit my Bridgestone EP100 Ecopia, about 8 months ago, just been so good had them checked again last week and said they are like new, i have a wheel alignment every 10,000 klms as i am told they will last a lot longer, i am happy with the product

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mollydookaPerth, WA28 posts

Reduced fuel consumption

Bought a set of 4 tyres with the "get 4th free" deal. Of course, there are no freebies, but price worked out ok for the 4.

Immediately noticed a reduction in fuel consumption compared to old tyres, no problems in the wet, and after almost a year's use, no visually noticeable reduction in tread at a cursory glance.

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DarrylAdelaide3 posts

Ecopia Ep100

38psi needed so the car does not wander

Good grip in dry and wet

55,000kms on old set

Wheel align and balance from new delivery

Highway single lane country mostly

do 4,000 kms per month

Some city driving but minimal

Quiet tyre with braking performance good

You must put 38psi in these to get best performance overall

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TNYBaulkham Hills

Terrible Sidewalls

General drive is very good but beware of the thin sidewalls of these tyres. I have been driving the Mazda for more than 5 years never had the issue of sidewall punctures. Changed all 4 to EP100 within 6 months replaced 2 tyres due to sidewall damage. Even a slightest rub against wall or gutter leads to tear. Never had issue with other bridgestone tyre which came with the Car - factory fitted.

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FionaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC31 posts

Great for Wet Weather Conditions

I bought these tyres from Jax Tyres in Moorabbin. They are great tyres especially when driving through puddles as the water dispurses out to the sides. Car feels solid on the road and so I feel safe when driving in slippery road conditions. Braking is good with these solid tread. As the name suggests.. ECOpia, they are supposed to provide better fuel consumption and tyres last longer. The tyres aren't overly expensive either. I paid $99 per tyre for a good brand tyre by Bridgestone.

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quiet & comfortable

Second set of ecopia; first set went 55k without rotation.

Quiet, durable and adequate for a passenger car around town and highway.

Got them particularly cheap as well for a premium tyre. It always pays to ring around and get best value for you're m o n e y .

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PalBrisbane38 posts

Excellent Tires - Vehicle Reported Decrease in Fuel /100km

These tyres are great with low rolling resistance giving noticeable improvement compared to my older tyres.

So far the wear on the tires look great with even wear with proper wheel alignment. Braking feels better and tires have less noise than the ones I had before. Well suited for highway driving.

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Terrifying in the wet

Wet road grip was non-existent. Really truly terrifying. "slip sliding away.." to quote song lyrics.. Not needing heavy storm rain, but with the least shower sprinkle: all grip was gone.. Every time: slow down and slow down, still be slipping as trucks would honk and overtake. Bonus [yeah, I'm joking now..] 10,000km and the rear tyres were bald, absolutely dangerous bald.. I'm old, not speeding, not drag racing, BUT: BALD after 10,000 km.. these are the worst tyres I have ever had, in 40+ years of motoring

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digandburn8 posts

Comfortable ride

These tyres seem to give a nice comfortable ride. No problems at all. New tyres and wheel alignment always puts a smile on my face, old car seems new again. I haven't rubbed them up against a gutter yet so can't comment on durability of side-wall which seems to be a common complaint (it doesn't seem fair to give a one star rating because of driver abuse though...just a thought. A bit like complaining that your mobile phone keeps breaking every time you throw it into a brick wall)

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Pretty average due to poor grip

I found the tyres were lacking grip and made a lot of noise when you were cornering at speeds faster than a walking pedestrian. Noticed the lack of grip straight away and got them replaced, I would hate to see them in the wet. The tyres also felt like they wanted to be pulled off of the wheels when cornering due to the weak tyre wall.

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TerryPerth, WA9 posts

Ecopia EP 100 purchase well worth it

I had these fitted to a 1996 Nissan Maxima as a new set of four tyres and been very pleased with the result. Very quiet running tyre at 36 lbs inflation, and very smooth coaster, expect good fuel savings as promised. Given no problems in the wet and heavy rain, and car drives and brakes well in both town and high speed driving. Will buy them again.

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no 1080
no 1080

Horrible in the wet

Bought these tyres from Bridgestone Kaikoura after reading reviews and reports. We have found these tyres

to be just ok for quietness and dry road grip but very frightful under braking and corning in the wet.I won,t be

buying this brand again and can not advise these tyres to anyone

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LucyQLD49 posts


We have had Ecopia tyres on our Suzuki Swift for 2 years & 70,500km.... Never burst one on a gutter yet (covered at Bridgestone anyway) & husband drives every day for work on Highway. These tyres Handle as well as any other tyre ever fitted to the swift, Worth it!

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Ati2 posts


I recently purchased four Ecopia EP100 tyres and I was very pleased with road grip and quietness, but I had to replace the two left tyres within 2 months time after I bought them. Both after rubbing a gutter which tore the tyre in the sidewall.So I guess that the sidewalls are just too thin. Never ever happened to me in the past...

Bridgestone's website says they cover the accidental damage from gutters but I was not eligible for that since I did not buy it directly from Bridgestone store but from ...I am very disappointed..

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babyhorizonCowra.NSW5 posts

Soft sidewalls

I recently purchased four Ecopia tyres and I`am pleased with the roadholding and quietness,but I`ve had to replace one after rubbing a gutter which tore a hole in the sidewall.This is the first time this has ever happened so I assume that the sidewalls are just too fragile.I will be very cautious about buying them again.

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