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Bridgestone Potenza RE050A

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A

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Great Grip! Not so great wear.

Car2009 Holden Commodore SS-V

WiffaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Try another Manufacturer


32000km and was told after the service new tyres were needed as just on the legal tread limit. I drive the car very sedately.
I the dry excellent, Wet easily looses traction with minimal acceleration. I would have expected greater longevity after reading some of the other reviews??????????. These are the brand and type as fitted new. Thinking a bit or research before I replace these. From what I have read so far Michellin look promising.

Car2014 Commodore Redline


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Disappointed Dissatisfied


My VE SV6 came with Bridgestone Potenza 245/45 R18 tyres after only 27k kms all four tyres needed replacing, wouldn't buy these tyres again, low durability. I found these tyres ok to drive on but economically they wore down alot quicker than other tyres in the same quality & price range.

CarVE SV6 sedan
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  • 8 reviews

Good tyre but it didn't wear well for me.


Bought these tyres for my Audi A4. Grip in dry and wet was excellent. No tyre noise evident even now at 44k. Only problem I have with them is that Bridgestone said they have only a short life left. Rep said to get close to 50k with these tyres was excellent? Really! I run the tyre at 48 psi, had wheel alignments, rotations and balance every 10k with Bridgestone. I just believe these tyres should last more than 50k. I might do a little more research now that I need new tyres again.

CarAudi A4

ArnoldMaroochy River

  • 2 reviews

Grips in dry but noisy


These are on my Audi Quatro (2010 155KW model) and grip well in the dry. However, they hydroplane badly with not much water on the road. Also, on this particular car, and rough surfaces, they are very very noisy. I would hope for 50000 km of wear, but I doubt I will see that after doing just over half that distance.
Good dry weather grip
Noisy and hydroplane in the wet



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My SS V Commodore came with them in 245 / 40 R 19 and the cost to replace one came to 500 dollars.
This did make me feel a bit ill but when you consider the performance they give you can't put a price on that.
I would rate them a 5 but given the cost I would have to say 3.
Grip in wet and dry conditions.
The cost per tyre.



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Have grip in spades but you pay through the nose for it


Excellent grip and braking performance in wet and dry conditions. Rating 4/5
Driving comfort: 3/5
Noise Level: 3.5/5
Tyre wear: 3/5

Have done 26,000km and they are nearly worn out.

Cost to replace them is a joke. With the $AUD at record highs these tyres should be at least 35% less than what they are asking. Seems some tyre companies don't mind price gouging Australians.

I'll be replacing them with Falken ZE912s or Sumitomo HTR ZIIIs which are much more reasonably priced.


I have used both of the tyres, the RE050A and the ZE912s; would not fit the latter. A better substitute for the RE050A would be the ZE452's which I have on the rear of my VE Clubsport.

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Questions & Answers

Tyrone T.

Tyrone T.asked

I had four Bridgestone RE050A fitted to Ve Commodore SV6, noticed that three of the four wheels had no weights fitted at all is this normal?

No answers


Are they good for Honda accord my previous tryres are Bridgestone Eco EP100 225/50/R17 ?

2 answers

Can't help you out there. Best to contact your local Bridgestone specialist.

Yes, they’re great for your Honda Accord - compared with the Bridgestone Eco EPs, when on Potenzas the car will feel like it’s gripping the road with a vengeance - haha.

The difference is that the Eco EPs are a harder compound i.e. they roll better, last longer - but rely on special tread patterns etc. for grip. The Potenzas on the other hand are performance tyres designed for great grip under a variety of circumstances - but because their grip eats up rubber, they wear out faster than Eco EPs. Pumping Potenzas 3-4psi higher than usual can help them last longer the Bridgestone chaps’ll tell you exactly how much pressure to use - I’ve seen people pump’em up to 45psi for Holden Commodores. If your Accord is a 3.5L V6, then around 40psi should do the trick.

Keep in mind that with tyres, it is always a trade-off between grip/performance and high mileage/long life.

If you drive around gently in the city mostly, then consider Michelin Primacy 3 STs or Primacy 4s. They’re a good compromise between performance and mileage. So are the Bridgestone Turanzas and Eco EPs.

However, if you tend to swing your Accord V6 around corners, want good performance in rain and expect braking performance, then the Potenzas are amazing - just use a higher tyre pressure than you would for the others.

I’ve responded late, but hope this’ll be of use to others.

leanne noske

leanne noskeasked

Are these tyres still avaliable and how much are they? ?

3 answers

Suggest you contact your dealer. Price will depend on size. Not sure whether they have been replaced but dealers seem to be pushing the RE002 instead for a similar price. Just replaced my RE050As with RE002. Ride is a bit harsher, noise levels similar, grip better particularly in wet. Said to also last longer. I guess time will tell.


Yes they're still available...... but i wouldn't buy them! Very noisy.

Chris  m
Chris m

I've just put a set on 2 weeks ago .So yes they are available .They are good tyres . A bit expensive ,if you don't drive hard there are cheaper alternatives .Hankook is a very good tyre .I use them on my xw gt cruiser .Hope this helps.

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