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Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus EL64

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4.6 from 50 reviews

Brilliant tyres

I had these on my car before and needed to change them. I have stuck to the same tyre due to how great they feel on long drives but also city driving. They are just as great in wet weather as they are in dry. I feel safe in wet weather especially because of how well they grip the road. I do a lot of driving and I have never worried about my tyres or my safety on the road. I'll definitely stick to the Turanza as long as it's available

Car2014 Toyota Corolla

Excellent tyres

Got four tyres for the price of three during Bridgestone’s April promotion. As as I drove out of the shop the difference in grip was very noticeable. Gone was the understeer of the previous Toyo tyres and they’re also much quieter. I was impressed with Bridgestone’s service and follow up care. It has yet to rain since I purchased them so I can’t comment on their handling in the wet, but from the general feel of them, it should be great.

Edit: Since it has now rained in Perth, I can report that the handling in the wet is also very good.

CarToyota Aurion

Excellent tyres!

I bought four tyres from the Bridgestone with promotion of buy 3 tyre get 4th tyres in $10. The tyres is excellent on the road with wet/dry condition . Now I have more confident to drive safe on the road.

The Bridgestone is also providing the free tyre check service every 3 months. I am happy with the customer service.

Car2012 Camry Hybrid

Very impressive tyre...195/60 15

These tyres were on a 2002 Honda Civic Hatch I purchased recently and I am very impressed with them.
Ride comfort is superb, wet handling is fantastic and they are a very quiet tyre.
Since purchasing the car it has been driven on the highway and some pretty unforgiving back roads in the dry and pouring rain and performed well.
Will have to see how they wear as time goes on.
Would recommend these tyres to anyone looking for a good all round tyre.
Will definitely purchase these again.

Car2002 Honda Civic 5 door Hatch

Great tyres very quiet

I bought this at a $10 for the fourth tyre deal.
Paid $466 for 4 tyres for 215/60 R16 plus alignment.
Tyres are really quiet and improved the ride of the care immediately.
I don't drive the car hard so I can't really tell how good is the handling is, however, it feels quite secure in the wet compared with the previous tyres.
The funny sound of the previous cheap tyres were gone.The car is used mainly for highway driving and safety is important for me.

Car2001 Subaru Outback

Very impressed and great value

Got them today at my local bridgestone select, for the buy 3 get 1 free deal for $507. Was actually gonna get 2 supercat tyres (they are the bridgestone basic tyres), but because they pointed that my 3rd tyre is cracked too, I thought, i might as well make sure of the deal and get better tyres for just $20 extra for each tyre.

Drove out of the auto centre, and instantly felt the difference in grip and comfort. Granted, my old tyres may be worn, and that's one of the reasons the tyres felt so good, but they are by far the quietest tyres I have ever driven, and the handling is so incredibly smooth. I couldnt remember driving other tyres that have such outstanding grip. Going through corners are fine too. Will have to test them under wet conditions and see if it lives up to my expectations, as a good wet grip is very important to me. Will update the review once I find out.

Car2008 Toyota Corolla Conquest

very impressed - great tryes

changed from Conti CC5's to Bridgestone Turanza and very glad I did.
The current deal of 4 for 3 is excellent value and the tryes are all they are cracked up to be.
Durability will be the biggy and only time will tell, but so far I'm impressed.
Improved handling cornering and economy.

CarVW Jetta TDi 2006

Wonder why every car is not having one !!

Swapped the stock bridgestone ER33s with these. The ER33s have not been bad and served me well with 47K on the odo and they still had a couple of thousand clicks on them. I shall say I was lucky that the 4 for 3 offer was starting out in a weeks time. Was originally willing to consider the ER33s or the ER300s, but, I was recommended Serenity Plus by Bridgestone. Infact, the person at Bridgestone Select was literally swearing by them and I wondered why. In any case, I was always skeptical given that they were priced similar to ER33 / ER300 and was the only Turanza to be included in the deal. I still agreed, hesitantly.
All 4 tyres replaced and I ensured that the wheel alignment is done on top of it. The car is a totally different proposition now. It is stark. These tyres are very grippy. In general, tyres tend to lose some of their grip in wet. Some lose more, some lose a lot. This one interestingly feels more sure footed when in the wet. I cannot quite get my head around that.
Comfort levels are enhanced, taking my modest Camry to the next level. I can hardly hear any road noise. The ride is so hushed that I am running the car audio system at approx 60% lesser volume than before.
Used them for 2000 kms and even wearing the most pessimistic cap, I cannot find even the minutest of issue / fault in them. And the fact that they are cheaper than some of the other Bridgestones of similar size and yet supreme to every other Bridgestone and every other tyre out there with a 50K warranty thrown in, I am now starting to wonder, why is it the case that every car is not having them.

Car2013 Toyota Camry

Good deal and follow up service

Got buy 3 get one free deal. Tyres have 50,000km warranty with free six monthly checks that take less than half an hour. The original tyres on the car were completely worn after less than 30,000 km. Am emailed to book each check. Staff at local Bridgestone are very friendly and helpful.

CarHyundai i40

Tyres - value or not?

So far the tyres have performed satisfactorily. There is limited wear and tread is fine. Car is performing better as you would expect as old tyres were ordinary. Becase of this our fuel bill has decreased slightly. I do feel however that price a bit over the top as there were other suitable tyres but none available at the time at the shop

CarFord Teritory

Peace of mind.

Was advised by the dealer that these tyres were very good in the wet. This was the main reason for my purchase. So far in Melbourne it has been dry, however I respected the dealers word. Otherwise I find the tyers to be quite comfortable and easy and quiet to drive on. Love the name, Serenity, it gives a feeling of relaxation.


Exceptional grip and worth buying

I chose this this type for my Holden Viva. Exceptional thread and quality across. It suits very well fo rmy car and bought this for 220 in offer price at North Parramatta shop. I bought two tyres. Now I can drive another 50k km with grantee. I would recommend this product.

Car2008 Holden Viva

Good tyre, quiet and smooth.

So far the tyres have been durable. They are exceptionally smooth and quiet, with a decent level of grip. However, steering feel suffers given the high flexing sidewalls. Purchased from a bridgestone dealer during a buy 3 get one free sale for about 140 a tyre, which came with all of the warranties.

CarToyota Camry

Good small car tyres

I bought a set of 4 Turanza serenity during a buy 3 get one free sale. Cost was $500 fitted and balanced with periodic rotations / alignments. Road noise is a bit more than my previous continental premium contact 2s, but they are new not bald so that may account for a bit of noise. My fuel economy has gone from 5.9 / 100 to 6.0 / 100 so negligible and worth having the extra grip in the wet. No issues, recommended. bought from my local bridge-stone select.

Car2012 Honda Civic Hatch Auto

Quiet. Great handling in wet and dry. Reliable

Honest tyres from Bridgestone. Got 4 for our Subaru XV 225/55/R17 with a price of $225 each from Bridgestone Select Eastern Creek buy 3 get the 4th for $10, pretty good deal for a quality tyre. as these are only sold at the Bridgestone select stores this tell you they are of great quality. They feature an additonal 6-7mm of tread on the tyre and are guarrenteed to last 50,000km's. If a company is willing to back it's product to that length, it's gotta be great! So far my driving experience has been great, very very quiet on the road compared to my last tyres (Yokohama stock tyres) and i feel safe cornering and no loss of grip so far. Perfect tyres. Highly recommened. If you are going to spend on anything quality, it would be your tyres and brakes. Don't buy cheap tyres....invest and drive safer!

CarSubaru XV

So far so good

Replaced set of 4 tyres 2 weeks ago. Have driven on a variety of road conditions so far and tyres have been fine. Drive is much smoother and quieter. Durability is unknown at present. Price is comparable and good when purchased during 4 for 3 deals offered at various tyre shops.

CarHonda Civic

Definitely worth what its value

Before i before i bought bridgestone tyres, i used to buy the cheapest i could get and it wasn't worth it although that's all i could afford at the time. My old tyres would wear out incredibly fast. I have now had bridgestone for 5 months and they've barely lost tread!!


Arrive Alive

The tyres are very durable. and the great guys at Bridgestone fit, balance and put them on. I even got a brand new on for my spare. When theres only metal between you and the road, why would you want retreads. I've been a customer for Bridgestone for many years and they are exceptional, and will help you for the right tyre for your car. I feel safe with good tread on my wheels


Seems good.

One of the tyres on my car was punctured and completely damaged, so I was thinking to replace the tyre. I then got the offer to replace 4 for the price of 3. I got four tyres replaced in Sept 2017 and they have performed at the level as I expected: smooth and easy handling. No dramas so far. As I have not used them long enough, I can't comment on the mileage they can run.


good as it gets.

I purchased these tires as a replacement to my continental CC5 215/60/16 , which lasted for about 5 years 59,500 kms. I was very happy with the conti's (see my review on the conti's 54,000 km and still going strong.) that I was ready to purchase the same tires again However I decided to do a bit of research on other tires which my be as good as the cont's but for a better price. I have used Bridgestone tires in the past with mixed results, supercat for example can be a little unpredictable in the wet ( not in a good way if you get my meaning), were as Turanza ER30 can be rather noisy and lose griping performance as they build up kms. However know getting to the review on the Turanza Serenity Plus EL64 ( I purchased from Bridgestone Rowville on a buy 3 and get the 4th tyre for $10 promotion ), from the moment I drove out of the fitting centre I could get a feel of the difference between my previous conti's and the Bridgestone. As it so happened it was a very wet and rainy day, so straight away I could get a feel of how they would handle wet conditions.( this is a very important aspect when buying tires), Straight away I was totally amazed by the grip that these tires gave in the wet ( not that I drive on the edge, but I did push them just a little and they did not let me down). When the car had to brake it did so in a straight line with no hint of fish tail putting me in complete control, Coming into corners, you can do so with confidence that the car will go were you want it to go. As for road noise I thought my conti's were quiet until I drove on these, they are by far the quietest tires I have ever driven on. I have only had the tires on the car for about 3 months and done just under 3,000 kms, So only time will tell what wear I will get out of them ( note Bridgestone give a 50,000 km wear warranty on these tires). In closing if these tires continue to perform for the life of the tires as they have done so far I will not be able to fault in any way. Bridgestone continue to produce excellent tires and these are the best I have driven on by far, If you are looking for new tires, you will not be disappointed with the Serenity plus EL64.

Car2005 holden berlina 3.6 sedan

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How do they perform on a Toyota Tarago?
No answers

What is the treadwear rating on the side of these tyres?
1 answer
Tread ware is 600

I see a lot of people stating that these tyres are quiet, are they truly a lot quieter than other tyres that you've used or is it because they're sold as quiet tyres so people think they're quiet, genuinely interested to know because i'm tossing up between the Serenity plus, yokohama es32 and Michelin primacy 3st, need the quietest tyre I can get to lower tyre roar in the 70 to 110kph zones.
1 answer
Well, to answer my own question, no they are not a lot quieter than other tyres, they are only slightly quieter than the old tyres that came off, and I would have expected that from any new tyres.

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