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Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus EL64

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Great tyres

Took advantage of Bridgestone’s buy 3 get the 4th free sale when really all I needed was to replace a punctured tyre as I had 3 Bridgestone Ecopias already on.

The first drive I noticed the difference. The 4 serenity plus tyres are so much more quieter and I feel my Suzuki SX4 just gliding on the surface of the road. Only just got them so will test it out further when I get the chance.

Car2007 Suzuki SX4

Good all round tyre

Placed these tyres on my ute and travelled 3000 k's the ute is light in the back so I needed tyres that would grip in all weather they are a good all round tyre with minimum road noise tried to fish tail it at roundabouts in the wet but they hung on too well.

CarFord falcon xr6 ute

Less noise more grip

Modern Mazdas are great cars but their road noise is worse than a 323 hatchback with a rusty roofrack. A set of Bridgestone Serenity Plus (thankyou Mr. Cantstanya) will reduce the road noise to a more gentle roar while the handling seems much much sharper. Have not yet tested them in really wet conditions but the grip feels great.

CarMazda 3

Truth in advertising - they are very quiet!

I bought these tyres for an aging Ford Falcon that was fitted with some outdated "Mystique Blue-Streak" hoops of teflon. Not much of a comparison to be made. The cheap no-name tyres were hard and noisy. They let the rear of the car break away in the wet with minimal acceleration in corners. Even with a fair amount of tread left. They were the worst tyres I've ever driven on.
With the new Serenity Plus all I can hear is a wheel bearing I'd never heard before and another noise I'm unsure about. The difference cornering in the wet has been like night and day, I've not managed to break the rear away yet. Although I'm not that much of a risk taker I can say the grip is all you need for a luxo-barge.
The added bonus is that I can enjoy my music and audio books at all speeds without having to turn the volume up, especially in 110km zones.

Car2002 Ford Falcon

Great all round tyres

Purchased 4 new from Bridgestone and took advantage of the 4th for $10 promo. Amazing grip in all conditions, especially the wet where they truly excel. On the road, they are a lot quieter than the original tyres on the car (Yokohama) and fuel economy seems to be about the same. Highly recommend

CarMitsubishi Lancer

Quiet, Comfortable and with good road holding

I replaced some Achilles tyres that had cracked sidewalls (apparently a common issue so buyer beware on that brand). The Serenity's are a great tyre - quiet and grippy with with better comfort than the Achilles - I highly recommend anyone looking for a replacement tyre to go with the Serenity

CarToyota Aurion

Good quiet tyres.

A really good deal from Bridgestone Direct purchasing 4 tyres for price of 3. They are a very quiet tyre and have performed extremely well in all road conditions. Had a situation in the wet and they pulled up sharply with out much skidding.
Nice looking tyres and would recommend.

CarMazda 3

Great warranty

The warranty is really good when you purchase 4 tyres from Bridgestone together with wheel alignment. It covers 50000 km. My previous set of tyres only last for 28000km. So it is expected to last as double as other tyre but the price of the tyres is comparable with other tyres.

CarToyota Pirus V

Good tyre for the price

I previously had the Bridgestone GR-90 which had exceptional grip in the wet, however are no longer available. The Serenity Plus are the replacement. For the price they are a good tyre. They are reasonably quiet and long lasting. The grip in the wet is good, but not nearly as good as the GR-90, however it is much better than some other tyres I've had (Toyo Teo Plus). I will buy these again next time if they wear out before the car does.

CarMitsubishi Magna

As advertised

The tyres are as advertised. They provide a much quieter ride when compared with factory tyres or even sporty tyres like the Bridgestone Potenza range. They are mildly more comfortable than other tyres though not substantially so. They provide sufficient grip on wet and dry roads though can lose grip with an aggressive acceleration on wet roads (cornering seems to be fine).

Car2012 Mitsubishi Lancer

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How do they perform on a Toyota Tarago?
No answers

What is the treadwear rating on the side of these tyres?
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Tread ware is 600

I see a lot of people stating that these tyres are quiet, are they truly a lot quieter than other tyres that you've used or is it because they're sold as quiet tyres so people think they're quiet, genuinely interested to know because i'm tossing up between the Serenity plus, yokohama es32 and Michelin primacy 3st, need the quietest tyre I can get to lower tyre roar in the 70 to 110kph zones.
2 answers
Well, to answer my own question, no they are not a lot quieter than other tyres, they are only slightly quieter than the old tyres that came off, and I would have expected that from any new tyres.My Hankook Optimo 406s are expetionally quiet and good all round...Choice recommended.