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Bridgestone Turanza T001

Bridgestone Turanza T001

3.7 from 11 reviews

Audi S3 235/45/17 - Decent tyre for the money

Great even wear, great handling and smooth ride.

Wet grip is still fantastic after 30,000km.

Dry grip is smooth, progressive and very predictable.

Priced rather well, but also on par with pricing for the higher spec Potenza RE003, not sure why?

Rather impressing. I've had an array of performance brands/types, I'd rate the T001's third only to Re003's and Dragonsports for all round performer, Surprisingly grippy in the wet, quiet and confidence inspiring to say the least, done over 30,000km on these, worn nice and evenly and still grip rather well in the wet. I've used these tyres on, lets say very "spirited" mountain runs, they cop a load of abuse, from hard launches to heavy braking and everything else inbetween and they really do give you great feedback from the road without compromise, and do give you a bit of confidence, but without giving you false hope, I've kept up with much higher powered cars throughout the twisties, and these have left a positive impression on myself to say the least.

I'd buy these again if they were a lot cheaper than the Potenza RE003's, but as for now, next set will be RE003s again, as i previously had, unless they go up in price.

Great tyre for anyone looking for quality, confidence, life span and safety all in one.

Purchased in October 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 30,000 km
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

215/40/18 Turanza T001 - Decent, but better options out there for the money.

These came as standard fitment on the 18inch wheels for the Polo GTI.
They are pretty quiet on the highway, comfortable and dry grip is OK.

In wet weather though, these really tyres struggle for grip. I know the car has a bit of power, but it's not excessive by any means (147 kw). The tyres lose traction very quickly in the wet.

It will be interesting to see how these go with a few kilometers under their belt, currently the car has only done 1,000 kilometers.

Going again, would I use Turanza...?? no. I will go Pilot Sport 4 or Yokohama Advan Sport.

Car2018 Polo GTI

Poor Quality! Warning buy at your own risk

I have bought my bridgestone tyre for about 1 year. There is still good treads on the tyre. One day I started to drive my car for about 5 minutes, I started to lose control of the car. After inspection of the bridgestone tyre, I noticed a big hole in the inner wall of the tyre. This is unacceptable, as it causes me to lose control of the car.
This is a premature failure of bridgestone tyre. I am upset with these bridgestone tyres I bought as it fail in such a short time of usage. I strongly recommend others to stay away from these tyres.

CarToyota Corolla

Excellent allround

Third set of Bridgestone tyres I have purchased in the last year, for different vehicles each time. Have been happy with previous two purchases, and so to with this one. Shopping around have again been able to get a good price, this time they matched a Michelin Pilot Sport 3 price that was pretty sharp, have had problems in the past with Pirelli and Michelin tyres when replacing a tyre or two for what ever reason, and needing to wait for a tyre to be shipped and experiencing long delays, or to keep a full set the same been taken to the cleaners on price, this is not the case so far with Bridgestone. Subjectively the performance of the tyre is excellent, quieter than the Dunlops they replaced, no problems in the wet, sure footed when pushed, nice looking tyre.

Car2010 Volvo V70 T5

Great tyres

I purchased these tyres recently for my Skoda Fabia III. I am very pleased with the lack of noise from the Bridgestone Turanzas. For a premium tyre they are value for money. 50000 kilometres plus out of these tyres no problem. I would recommend these tyres for your next tyre purchase.

Car2017 Skoda Fabia III

Touring tyre that is quiet and hard wearing..As described!

Have done 77000km in just on one year on these tyres, In a Skoda Octavia RS diesel.
They replaced the amazing but short lived Continental Sport tyres that were OEM fitment and very expensive to replace.
They were less than 1/2 price of the OEM tyres, the Bridgestone T001 were quieter and possibly more economical.
Around corners only ok (per usual touring tyres) but hard wearing and great in the wet. For the price and if your car is a bit prone to road noise, highly recommended!

CarSkoda Octavia RS wagon, 18-225-40 series tyres

Excessive wear, noisy and useless in wet

Put these tyres on my wife's Mazda3 to replace the worn out OEM tyres which lasted 75,000km. Was upsold these by Bridgestone by being told they were a much safer tyre with superior wet weather grip. What a load of crap - wet weather grip is on par with a cheap Chinese no-name tyre, they are excessively noisy compared to the original tyres and didn't even last 35,000km - and to top it off we had 3 punctures in 2 yrs - might just have been bad luck but hadn't had a puncture in 10 yrs on the same roads. Wouldn't recommend these tyres to anyone.


Good, solid, very long lasting tyre.

This tyre was standard fitment on a Mazda 6 (225/45 19). I ran this tyre for 57,500 km (3.5 years) in predominantly warm, dry, conditions. Very long lasting (still had another 5,000 km or so left in them), remained round and balanced. Tyres a little hard - dry grip was fair to good, wet grip was fair, but never had a problem with grip. Good, long lasting, trouble free tyre, but not a 'performance' tyre.

Tyres were replaced with Bridgestone Potenzas which are more performance biased (grip and turn in feel marginally better) but I expect them to not last as long (as always, there is a balance between softer 'grippier' tyres and harder longer wearing tyres).

Car2013 Mazda 6 Diesel Wagon

Good but only lasted 17,000Km

From other review comments, I get the feeling Bridgestone use a softer rubber compound for this tyre. I live in Coffs Harbour and the warmer year round environment could account for the unexpected rate of wear if it is indeed a softer compound.

Passengers have commented on how loud the road noise is too in recent months (less tread, more noise I guess), rather ironic being I bought these tyres specifically for their quiet characteristics.

Great tyre was happy with it in general. Just has not lasted as expected. Mostly highway driving too.

Have just replaced them with a Michelin described 'Summer' tyre that I hope should suit the warmer climate better and be more durable.

Would not recommend if you live in the northern-half of Australia.

CarSubaru WRX MY2005

Great tyre

Had the tyres for little over 40,000kms and grip was still fantastic even with little amount of tread on them. They are a tyre that will not let you down when you need to rely on them. Not the cheapest though. Ride comfort could maybe improve a little bit also.

CarVx commodore

A decent tyre for a decent price.

Had these fitted to my RWD Turbo wagon which is used for long trips, towing, carrying heavy loads and stop start driving. Fitted them before a long trip to Sydney from Melbourne and these tyres combined with fresh brakes saved my wife, myself and the car from having a Eastern Kangaroo through the windscreen, damp conditions and tyres with 1000km on them. However as they get to the 3mm of tread left they are thrown out of balance easily and in general will make me happy to see them go. The car's handling limits were not met by these tyres and they will squeel sooner than more performance orientated tyres I've used but they aren't the worst in my experience.

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