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Not impressed with sales service

Purchased 4 new tyres at this store. The installation was prompt and they sprayed black tyre paint which covered the hub caps and was not cleaned thereafter. After six months returned the car for a tyre check service and mentioned about cleaning the hub caps if the tyres were going to be painted. They were not obliging and suggested that they don't paint the tyres. In fact I don't feel that they did anything as it took them only 5 minute to do the service.

Disappointing service

Bridgestone Smithfield one day job took a week . My cars door trim melted because the car was left out in the sun everyday for a week. Also drivers side interior pillar and sun visor covered in black greece. I had a a car cover I could have protected my Monaro with . Very disappointed won't go there again.

All good at Bridgestone Tyres Fortitude Valley QLD, 4006

I needed two new tyres for our old Kia Cerato as the two front tyres were quite worn. I submitted a request for a quote for either their "buy 3 tyres get 4th for $10" offer, and one for just the two front tyres. I received both quotes via email the next day and I chose the two tyres for $85 each fully installed and wheels balanced. I called to arrange an appointment but the lady was not there, so they took my number. She promptly rang back, we locked in an appointment the same week, I turned up on time and I was out with everything done within 20mins. Good experience.

Hopeless tyres and service

Had replaced all four of my Honda Accord tyres with Bridgestone Serenity Plus. I bought on the basis that the tyres were premium quality. Unfortunately, it feels worse than cheap tyres.
Firstly, the handling is absolutely pathetic. When you ride the steering is harder. My previous 10 year old tyres ( I am not naming them but they were definitely not Bridgestone) had better steering feel.
Secondly, there is this constant, nagging bumpy feel that is so irritating that it puts you off driving.
Thirdly, the rolling resistance is so much that if you go downhill the and take your foot off the accelerator, the car starts to loose speed- going downhill !!
All these I am experiencing after the change of tyres..
When I complained to the service centre, they say this is all "in my head" and checked the air pressure and say nothing is wrong..
I was told to contact the Technical Department which is on the other end of Melbourne which means I have to take another day off from work, drive 60km one way and God knows what they will say. I am seriously thinking of buying new set of tyres.
I do not recommend Bridgestone (full stop).

Crap tyres & service

Had some truck tyres fitted. Staff weren't very helpful & the tyres lasted 50,000km was promised min 100,000km. Blamed the tyre wear on myself even though they wore evenly. Overpriced rubbish. When I complained the manager & his boss couldn't care less. Never buy Bridgestone again.

Rude arrogant and dismissive

I recently had a minor accident that required the replacement of the rim and a new tyre. The crash repair company sent the vehicle to the Bridgestone Select store in Garbut Townsville. When the vehicle was returned the spare tyre had a large chunk missing from the bead near the edge of the rim. When I noticed this the crash repairer called the store, which also trades as Mikes Tyres, and I was then asked to take the damaged tyre to show the manager which I did. Incredibly he was unbelievable dismissive and to a point rude. He suggested I view their CCTV footage and I declined saying this is an issue that needs to be resolved between the crash repairer and them and not something I should be involved in. At this point he basically told me I was unreasonable and effectively walked off. As the customer I feel completely let down.....no empathy or understanding....no investigation or even examination of the damaged tyre. DONT GO THERE. Leaves me with a $400 bill and completely unhappy with their service. This person who calls himself a manger needs to take some customer service training or leave the industry. I will NEVER deal with this company again.

Having similar problems.

Going through similar issues to most of the other reviews. Worst service. Was implied I was a LIAR, Now I'm very angry. Waiting for my case to go through legal channels so I can't contribute more at this time. However I suggest staying well away from Bridgestone Smithfield! Also consider putting forwarding your experiences with Fair Trading also.


My husband put his Msport BMW in for new tyres and when he went to pick up the front spoiler had popped off when test driven. The manager tried to challenge my husband when he asked where it was, by advising that there was no spoiler on the car. This was disappointing that my husband had to argue the point and justify that there definitely was a spoiler prior to handing over the car for service. It was discovered by the apprentice that it had popped off out near the road/driveway of the shop. It was damaged so the company repaired/replaced the spoiler within our limited timeframe of a month. Although we are grateful that the issue was resolved relatively quickly, we felt there was lack of communication in following up the progress of the repair/replacement. We found we had to often do the ringing/chasing within the timeframe.

Ripped off

Service ok but charged us $270 more for 2 tyres than in Townsville $860 then paid $590 ripped off in charters towers would not recommend them the tyres were 265 x60 x r18 a/t dulers price them from other source first regards robert

Almost Flying

The best offer for tyres I have ever known. Bob Jane T-marts Life Long Tyre plan has just had its first rotate of tyresin the almost two years since I bought this great deal of-- BUY -3- GET 1 FREE yes FREE. The overall maintenance of my Ford Fiesta BRIDGESTONE TYRES is for myself with some limitations in changing tyres a tremendous bonus on top of the deal BUY 3 and GET 1 FREE. Enjoys the well natured, pleasant staff at BOB JANE T-MARTS in Wagga Wagga who regularly keep an eye on my tyre performance. I need do not a thing other than arrive take my logbook from when I bought the tyre package deal almost two years ago into the desk service then I sat read the local, paper and enjoyed the lovely cups or water my choice and limited only by the time it took to rotate my tyres for the first time since having purchased this BUY 3 - GET ONE FREE Bridgestone Tyres. Could not fault the busy but no need went ignored, the car came back to me cleaner I'm sure than when it went in. BOB JANE T-MARTS Have nothing but praise from my view of each of the times the wheels were aligned and now rotated this indeed left my experience with both the service provided and the comfortable feeling of reliability and of knowing the confidence in their team came out in the very smooth operation of manual and emotion strengths of all areas of BOB JANE T-MARTS here in Wagga Wagga NSW.2650. Lastly this grand NEW LONG LIFE TYRE PLAN: allows me to feel confident that my tyres are doing the job and keeping myself and others safe where ever possible on our WET or DRY ROADS.. as I mentioned that feeling of -I'm FLYING came from the confidence that the BobJane T-Mart provided and continues to maintain my Tyers which allows me the confidence in driving. I did mention but I feel I may not have the great package deals to maintain my tyres in between buying my next set have a try Best Buy.

Excellent, Second Set 1855R ER370 83H tyres

This is my Second Set of the tyres having completed 115000 Km (so far in March 2017) in 8 years coming up this October 2017 (HONDA Jazz 2009 Automatic).
I used Kmart Tyre & Service Centre in Chadstone Melbourne Victoria Australia for my first replacement of 4 tyres (4 mechanics tried to find a rattle after I took delivery of my car)!.
I heard a rattle and I returned my car for inspection and four mechanics could not locate where the rattle was coming from.
On my 4th return a mechanic found the rattle was a loose fitted lead balance weight. Needless to say I never returned.
I now required my second set of four tyres and shopped around and used KMart Tyre and Service Centre in Kew Melbourne Victoria Australia for my second replacement of 4 tyres in June 2016.
I sticked with the tyre make that came with the car I bought new.
For best results, I have found checking tyre pressure each week and rotate, balance tyres and front end alignment each 10000 km.
Pros, I found the tyre has good grip in the wet and roadholding.
I only bought a new set of 4 tyres, l because 2 tyres had 1 nail in each, otherwise I could have waited until 120000 km.
I drive city trips and 60000km replacing tyres is reasonable.
Negatives, I found none.
Can, I recommend the tyre, YES. Good value, but shop around as prices vary (4 New tyres fitted balanced, front end alignment, Flybuys points and free balance and rotation of tyres each 10000 km and 4 new plugs and valves for the tyres for a total cost $600.00 was the cheapest from Kmart Tyre and Service Centre Kew the cheapest.
I tried several Tyre outlets for price and the price ranged from $817.00 as the dearest at Beaurepairs, and Bridgestone Tyre outlet the second dearest at a quote of $815.00.
As for Servicing of my car, I stick with YARRA HONDA.
I have found by experience to pay the extra for genuine parts and reliable service at the YARRA HONDA is best for me.

sorry and thanks

After I ripped the sidewalls out of 2 x 365/60 22.5tyres on a Sunday morning and I'm stuck in a lousy working position it would have been understandable if the guy called out wasn't pleasant efficient and helpful.tyres changed bit of a chuckle and then I get a discount.

Do not go there for car inspection! Total conflict of interest

I took my vehicle for a rego inspection on 4/1/2017 at Bridgestone Select Tyres-Belconnen (31 Cohen Street). They faulted me on 2 front tyres. Said I needed new tyres. Then failed my car. Then charged me $67. I paid them $67 for a "fail" inspection ! The weirdest thing is that they said if I bought the new tyres from them, they would not charge me again for giving my car the "Pass" status, but if I should decide to buy new tyres from another shop, they would charge me an extra $18 before they could give my car the Pass ! And guess what, their tyres are the most expensive ! Therefore I have got no choice but to have the tyres changed at another work-shop, and to bring the car back for them to pass it & to pay them the extra $18 just for their effort to bend down and see my new car tyres ! I am amazed why the RTA would allow these work shops, which are selling car components, to provide car inspection. It's a total conflict of interest. Of course they would try to fail you, so that you have to buy their products before you can get a Pass. If you don't buy their car products, you will get charged again ! What a business model ! I would raise this issue to the RTA & the ACCC. WE cannot just allow these rip-offs to happen.

Great for supplying tyres, not so good on wheel alignments!

Made the mistake of having my vehicle which I've own for 13 years, get a 4wd wheel alignment with this mob. I've had wheel alignments done before on the vehicle when in Queensland, but these guys take the cake. I don't think having a rear passenger tyre getting chopped out in less the 12 000 kilometer a satisfactory outcome for a paid service. Only to be told when going there to get a replacement tyre that the camber was out of whack and unadjustable. When I explain to him that his mob did the alignment, he back tracked. Needless to say I went else where to get a replacement tyre and had the alignment redone, was informed that the camber was adjustable, and that it was way out of adjustment. If you want to just buy tyres from these guy all good, but I would not be wasting my money on having them do a alignment , as you are not only wasting your money on the service, but also for the tyre replacement.


Booked a month in advanced, called a day before fo confirm my tyres were there was assured they were delivered rocked up and surprise surprise no tyres. Blatantly lied to my face. Disgusting customer service. It just makes one wonder how many other times they lie to customers. I have been a customer with Bridgestone for over twenty years and this is the reward one received for being a loyal customer. I will never spend money with your company again and now go out of my way to urge others not to also. Pathetic Bridgestone.

Customer Service is the worst

I had tyres rotated and a wheel alignment performed.
I hadn't noticed until I was filing the invoice that I had been overcharged.
So I rang and said look I understand its just a push of the wrong button but I have been overcharged.
The "manager" laughs at me and tells me I'm trying it on. Then proceeds to tell me what a good bloke he is for not charging me for a tyre flip. I say what is that, and he explains it's when the tyre is rotated on the rim.
I say you'd better not be charging people for work that they didn't ask for and you didn't tell them was done.
Anyway by now I'm VERY angry at having been called a LIAR, and reluctantly he has said alright I'll go speak to the workers.
When he returns to the call, he finally has the correct tone of voice, and says terribly sorry, you were right all along, none of that work you are calling about was actually done. He offers to refund the difference, no gesture of goodwill, even as I press him for one, only the bare minimum as required by consumer laws.
So that, as they say, is that.
Until I return for the refund, and get to speak to the owner, who's attitude is even more appalling than the manager's. Final result, I have gone from being a loyal Bridgestone customer to one who shall never return.

Over charged and damaged stud threads and nuts

I had a blow out on the way south from Cairns and trusted the good name of Bridgestone to put on 4 new tyres on a Toyota Hiace Van in Charters Towers Brudgestone Service Centre. The tyres cost $220 more than if I had bought the same tyres at Maxis and to top it all off one of the threads on the wheel stud and its nut was damaged in the tyre change process which they refused to fix even when I complained to Bridgestone Product Complaints. I would never recommend them. You could like me get ripped off. Buyer beware is their attitude.

Don't Trust Bridgestone If You Value Your Safety And Your Fuel

My mechanic suggested that I should get a wheel alignment so I booked in with Bridgestone at Tamworth and was told that it would take 30 minutes to carry out the wheel alignment. After 15 minutes I was still in the waiting room looking at my car that was sitting in the carpark and I didn't think anything about it at the time. Soon after that they did take the car into the workshop and a short time later brought it back and said it was finished. I paid and left and noticed that the car was pulling to the centre of the road as I drove along. It was then that I noticed that the kilometres remaining on the dash showed only 130km left and before I went to bridgestone the car had over 300km remaining, I do keep an eye on fuel consumption so I noticed that easily. I was so disgusted that I went somewhere else and had another wheel alignment done, the new place I went to did it perfectly and they were astounded how out of alignment the front wheels were. Obviously the staff at bridgestone had been greedy and spent most of their time siphoning my fuel instead of carrying out a proper wheel alignment. There was no way I was going back to the incompetent thieves at bridgestone to complain or to have them try to fix it and botch another wheel alignment and steal more fuel from me. I suggest you do the same and avoid bridgestone as they clearly have no standards or ethics.

Caused more problems - potential damage

I'm still shocked that I paid Bridgestone to waste my time and cause potential damage to my car.

I went to the Blacktown store on Third Ave for a wheel alignment on Tuesday 31st March.

Immediately after the alignment, I heard knocking sounds in my front right wheel. I took it back to the store on Sat 19th April. They claimed to find nothing wrong with it. I drove away and started hearing rattling sounds in addition to the knocking. It was too late to go back as the store had closed at 1pm.

I took the car home and found that the front wheel appeared loose and moved when shook. I couldn't find a mechanic open on the weekend and was scared to drive the car.

I took Monday 20th April off work to take the car back to Bridgestone and tell them what was happening. The mechanic said, and I quote, "looked over it and couldn't find anything". We then went for a drive (with the mechanic) and he admitted he could still hear the rattling and said "your shock absorbers may need replacing soon, come back when the noise gets worse and we will replace them". He then said "IT IS SAFE TO DRIVE".

I decided to drive to my mechanic and on the way there, could hear that in addition to the knocking and rattling noises created by Bridgestone, it was now clinking over bumps.

My mechanic had a look at the car and found that a joint (that it touched during wheel alignments) was twisted and not sitting level, causing the knocking sound. ALSO, the nut on the shock absorber was loose which caused the rattling and clinking.

Had I listened to Bridgestone and continued to use the car as normal, I could have damaged my shock absorbers. It almost sounds like Bridgestone were trying to sell me new shock absorbers. EVERY visit to Bridgestone resulted in more problems.

I cannot believe the incompetence displayed by their mechanics and it worries me that they could cause damage to people's cars and possibly put them in danger.

I have wasted A LOT of time, fuel and money with Bridgestone. I will be making sure everyone knows not to ever go there. People should feel confident that a mechanic can do their job and not cause damage to their car.

$200 for a radiator hose!

After bridgestone orange (nsw) changed my thermostat, I started leaking coolant. So I took it back, and was told that the bottom radiator hose needed changing. They had the car for 90 minutes, and when it was ready, I was charged $200! When I complained I was told that they'd kept the price down for me! I wrote 2 emails to the head office, still haven't received a reply.

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Gosh Hixy, that sounds very expensive, I'll grant you.

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