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Bright Starts Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1

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Extreamly dangerous!!! Don't risk it for your baby!

My baby had a concussion two nights ago at Criniti's restaurant who uses this seat as the baby high chair for their customers. My daughter fell backwards all the way down to the ground whilst seating on this. She is 12 month old and we go out for a dinner at least couple of times a week. As all the other high chairs we used were fine but this one is so dangerous as it can put on to any chair with no extra wide opening legs.
It all happened to quickly so by the time we saw her started to going backwards it was too late. Their chair also had the metal frame where she had her head crashed.
The doctor said she looks to have her skull bruised and possible bleed in between her skull and the skin.
We are so not happy about this at all.

Dangerous! Do not buy!

My daughter was sitting in the chair buckled in. I turned away for a moment to get the table and she leaned forward and fell off the kitchen bench. Luckily I was able to catch her to ease the fall but she still hit her head.
I thought it was great but now that she's 7 months and moving around, I think it'll go in the bin! It's not worth the risk!!!
Please do not buy!

Looks great but unstable

Loved this chair especially since the tray table could be stowed away at the bottom, but since my little one got bigger (now 7 months), it isn't stable enough when the tray is out. She literally tumbled off the top of our dining table while in this seat (I was too slow to catch her) because she leaned too far forward and the front bit that is supposed to keep it stable when the trAy is being used gave way.

Do not for a second turn your back while baby is in this - I did to get wipes on the other side of the dining table and next minute baby had fallen to the floor

Only positive I will give is the tray table didn't come loose nor did the straps holding her in.

This chair is CRAP!!!!!!!

Do not waste your money on this poorly designed chair. It does not fit under the table and my sons legs get caught. My son is 12kg so no insert. Due to the design he constantly drops food all over himself as he cannot sit close enough to the dining table. The tray is too small and the distance is too far for comfortable eating.
This chair has also damaged my dining table by the constant rubbing and bumping trying. Unfortunately this chair was a gift so cannot throw it out so easily.


This cannot be used as a floor chair. My baby leaned forward and the whole chair came with her. Fortunately, I was there to catch her. I really wanted to like this chair, it works great when strapped to a kitchen chair. Don't waste your money, buy a bumbo chair instead.

Now has updated model!! Excellent!!

After ready many reviews here I became worried about my purchase. I then realised they have addressed the safety concerns and changed the base so tipping isn't as likely to happen on the newer model.
This has been great for us, we have taken it out to cafes and restaurants, when we have stayed away and friends places. So easy to clean and set up. Also will be better for longer term use (with the insert) unlike the bumbo.
We haven't had any issues with tipping, it's SUPER easy to attach to chairs and the storage compartment underneath is perfect for storing the mounting clips.
I would hesitate sitting it up high (eg on a bench) unattached... But I don't think it would be a good idea with any product. Great to use on the floor, easy to clean and great price. Have bought for presents for my expectant friends.

Dangerous do not buy

I believed these seats to be a safe place for baby to play - not so. Luckily my 6 month old was on the floor in the seat when she managed to fall forward in it, she was able to flip over with the tray on and landed on her head with the seat on top of her. This is so unsafe, do not buy. It's so scary to think what would have happened if the seat had been on a table or at a height.


My daughter fell out of this seat, chipped 2 teeth and has grazes on her chin and upper lip from the fall from this seat. Luckily she didn't get any serious injuries but it could happen so easily. I never liked it when we received it as a gift but her dad did as it was a gift from his family. It is now in the trash. Would not recommend this to anyone.

Very dangerous chair

I just had my 9 months old toppled over forward when I was in the bathroom, so he was stuck with head on the floor and body stuck between the seat and the tray for about 20 seconds before I came to rescue him, he was crying and was very upset even after I rescued and gave him a cuddle. This happened when he was about 4 months old as well but luckily hubby was nearby to quickly rescued him then. Not recommended to buy at all. I read some reviews that says that it should be used with the strap on to the chair but I mainly use this chair on the floor. I'm writing this review so no more children will be harmed by this chair.

Was great in the beginning, but unstable as baby grew.

I loved this chair in the beginning. Was great for feeding and the tray for playing with toys whilst on the floor. But unfortunately i started to notice as baby kicked and became excited the chair would rock side to side and i told my husband it looked like it was going to tip but he said surely they couldn't sell it if it could fall so easy. Well today i had my son in it in the loungeroom whilst i was doing dishes and heard a scream. My son had tipped sideways and because the tray was on he had his little arm crushed underneath! I was horrified, luckily he was just on the loungeroom rug but his wrist was red and he was very upset. With my other son who is now 4years i always used bumbo and never had an issue. I will be going back to using bumbo as it is not worth holding onto this. As all parents know, once baby does it once they seem to keep doing.
Very disappointed and only just sold his bouncer to focus on a chair to help him sit up. Would not recommend at all.

Fantastic Seat

My son has been using this since he started sitting up to eat. He is now two. It has always been strapped on to a normal wooden chair at the dining table and thus he has never fallen over. He sits very comfortably in it. It's brilliantly easy to clean. The removable tabletop is perfect for use while sitting away from the table.

I only have one issue with the chair; the knobbish thing in the middle. It makes strapping him increasingly difficult as fishing the strap out is a bother. It also prevents him from sitting as close to the table as he'd like. There's a newer style out so I'll most likely be switching to that, assuming the height is the same or better as he's a petite two year old.

I'm seeing that those whose children (or grandchildren) toppled over didn't actually secure the seat (it won't secure to bench seats or chairs without a back). That's not the fault of the product. That's epic level user error. Don't let it scare you. Strap it in as it's meant to be and it will do the job perfectly.

Chair fell forward

My 6 month year old was sitting in it with the tray mostly in it, leaned forward and it toppled over lucky my husband was right next to her because the chair was sitting on the kitchen bench!
I would advise against purchasing one simply to dangerous they shouldn't be able to fall over.

Extremely dangerous - do not buy!

My 7 month old leant forward in this seat whilst it was on the kitchen bench and it toppled head first onto our tiled floor. He had to be reviewed in hospital but thankfully ok. He could have had a brain injury, spinal injury or worse. Please do not buy!

Baby's hand got jammed

I put my 4 month boy in the seat & put the tray in the slot to insert it but didn't realise my boy's left hand was holding the centre saddle bit & I jammed his hand in there. It's not easy to unclip once it's in so it took about 10 seconds to get it out & it felt like a life time with the poor little fella crying.

Terrible and dangerous

I put my grandson in this chair whilst making his food, He leant forward and it toppled with him.... we spent the day in emergency doing scans and observation.... He has three hematomas on his head.... I will never recommend it to anyone... I am going back to bumbo seat


After watching my child lean forward to pick up something the entire system toppled over with him in it. I would not recommend this product to anyone!!!! The response that I got from the Target care line was annoying too. "Oh we will let our team know" thank goodness baby was on the ground and not on a chair or there could have been a more adverse outcome.

Very dangerous

I would highly recommend against buying this product. It has become clear that I'm not the only one to experience this. If baby leans forward then seat tips forward. Happened on carpet and we thought it was because of the softness of the surface and was our mistake. Happened again on table. I caught her. Chair in bin.

Unsafe do not purchase!

My 6 month old was sitting in hers on a wood floor and reached to the side to pick up a toy and it toppled over and she landed on her face!! I don't even want to think about what would happen if It happened when she was on the bench or a table! Totally unsafe!

Dangerous Childseat!!

Looks stable to put your child in but once your baby leans forward, the seat tumbles forward with your child in it causing your poor baby to fall on its head!!! Fortunately this happened while standing on the floor, I don't wanna think about what would have happened when it would have stood on the the table or a chair.

Perfect except unstable with tray out

Perfect except that the seat is unstable with the tray out due to the design of the retractable front leg.
In a split second, my 6 month son leaned forward so it toppled over then he rolled it sideways off the table and crashed head first on to the floor. Spent the next 6 hours in hospital.
And he wasn't near the edge to start off.

Update: I contacted the manufacturer and made suggestion on how to amend the design at next to no cost and all they cared about was trying to give me free stuff so I didn't sue them. Even after I said I didn't care about free things and that I had no interested in suing them.

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Once the back support is clicked in, how do I remove it without damaging the clips?
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How safe is this product, l am looking at buying one for my grandson but after reading the reviews, l am really concerned.
6 answers
Don't bother. Just watched our 6 month old topple over in the same way the reviews mentioned. Ours is going straight back to the store.Seriously, if you use the straps that come with it (underneath the seat in a compartment) so that is secure and won't topple over when the child leans over, you won't have that problem. Only just started using it but if that's the only complaint people have then it's a pretty good chair.I'm not too concerned either - I bought this last year in anticipation for my baby's birth but his 18 month cousin got to use it. We always used it strapped to a sturdy seat (e.g. like a dining chair). Reading the reviews I personally wouldn't put my child in it now without the base being secured to anything but having said that I had never intended to use it unsecured (even though I'm sure it is advertised as being able to be used that way).


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