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Worst customer experience ever and still no outcome and the supplier’s care factor seems to be zero!

In November we purchased 3 ceiling fans with remote controls. We had a licensed electrician we have been using for years install them and within 2 weeks one of the fans started to slow right down when in high position and wouldn’t blow out a candle. Then the next then the next one!
I called the company we purchased the fans from they advised we needed to contact Brilliant lighting I had to lodge a warranty repair with all the attachments certification from electrician plus proof of purchase and the invoice
I had to follow up before a Christmas to see if they received the warranty repair. Yes they did. I received an acknowledgement that the warranty repair was accepted by them and my request was elevated. That is the last I heard about it. I called in the new year and emailed and called again and emailed and finally got to speak to manager who gave me big speal about how busy they were but being mid January they were getting back on track with repairs

So after one of the hottest driest summers
We have had to buy other fans pedestal fans :( to do the job!

It is now 8 Feb 2019 3 months after purchase
I have not had a call and no contact from Brilliant lighting. My last call was made to them today!
Certainly no responsibility taken by them

Unbelievably disappointed! I would NOT recommend any product sold by Brilliant lighting and encourage everyone to check before purchase. You will be sorry if you do buy!

So next point of contact is ACCC. (Consumer Affairs) and Current Affair. After reading so many poor reviews of worst customer service it is surprising to see Brilliant lighting are still in business. Not too brilliant!!

We are going to have to pay to have them taken down as well!!!!! How does this company get away with this????

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Excremental customer service in the warranty department means nothing 'brilliant' about this company

I bought a Bahama 12 DC fan for about $350.00 and had it installed by a licenced electrician. The fan was bought from JD Lighting on Ebay and they are a great company to deal with. This review applies only to Brilliant Lighting which is but one of JD's suppliers.
On arrival the fan had no installation instructions in the box..But how difficult can it be right? Wrong! It took the electrician ages to install the fan. However it was way out of balance and makes such a grinding noise that we cannot sleep under it at night rendering it a useless waste of money.
I was told by the retailer that the fan had a two year in house warranty. So I contacted Brilliant Lighting and fiiled out an online warranty claim.......a few weeks wait, but nothing.......I made contact again and was asked to resend the electricians installation certificate. The only reason for that could be that they lost the first one.......five weeks wait.....nothing! I then rang the compaies Warranty Department and spoke to a young lady. She said that all was in train and that an electrician has bern appointed but she didn't have his details and gave me some guff about having to "consult with her warranty manager".......she would get back to me. One week later and she has not got back to me. So, I call the warranty section again. SHE SAYS EXACTLY THE SAME THING! NATURALLY SHE HAS NOT CALLED BACK AND IT'S ONE MORE WEEK LATER.
In frustration I call and ask to speak to the manager. The guy who answers the phone informs me that everybody, is away from the office. But, he says he's in charge of customer service, listens patiently to my complaint and, you guessed it.......tells me he will get back to me. When I mention contacting the ACCC about this apalling rip-off he offers the opinion that the ACCC will, being useless, provide no satisfaction. Given the high number of poor ratings the company gets on this site alone, I am inclined to believe him.......after all there must have been quite a number of complaints to the ACCC by now.
I will not damn this company compketely until they fail me completely. So, I'm giving him q chance to get back to me and have someone come and repair or replace this expensive fan......
Watch this space. I will post an update.

2 out of three faulty

Nice quiet fan and I like the light, but two of the three I had installed are out of alignment, and one of those two had the light staying on (dull depending on fan speed) when the light is switched off. Going by other reviews, I'm not looking forward to the warranty part....

fan with LED light

The Led light on the fan is overly bright that it hurts my eyes, I am conscious not to look at it and I shouldn't have to do this. At night the light will not turn off it dims permanently on. After paying an electrician to install I now have to pay him to come back to take it out and replace with another.

works as box description

bought 2 outdoor intelliscanners from supplier and worked a treat with no problems, this was the older model, have just bought 2 of the new model Flexiscan sensors but these ones are no good. will be taking them back and trying to find the earlier model ones .

Very poor service if any been waiting over 2 weeks for replacement sensor with carpark basement ligh

Very poor service if any I have been waiting over 2 weeks for replacement sensor with carpark basement lighting on 24/7 crap lighting sensor & no service. Would not recommend dealing with this firm.

Poor service

We purchased eight touch lamps from Bunnings over a period or two or three years. Five are fine, but three others keep turning on by themselves. Brilliant lighting suggested the problem was in the chip, but these cant be replaced and we are unable to purchase new bases to make use of the glass shades. The company no longer manufactures these lights and told us to simply throw the faulty lights away. The lamps are out of warranty but still I would expect to e able to have them repaired. The cavalier attitude was disappointing and we would be reluctant to purchase their products again.

Good value so far

I bought a Brilliant Intelliscanner 3-wire Passive Infra-Red (PIR) movement sensor in late 2017. It comes with a 5-year warranty. I had a problem in that all four screws that hold it together started rusting, but after contacting Brilliant they fixed it (the new units have stainless steel screws). This unit is ½ the price of an equivalent Clipsal PIRs, so this is good value. It functions well. I will update this review if I have any problems.

No warranty service so far!

I purchased a ceiling fan from an electrician who installed a product from this supplier. Not long after install the fan failed and I was required to lodge a warranty claim via their website. A month on and failed contact attempts from me, the electrician and the wholesaler and I have still not received even a courtesy call from brilliant lighting. So a letter being sent today and an ACCC call threatened if I do not hear in another month - very disappointing, I will not use this supplier again for any products.

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I should have updated this a while back sorry. After some time and prompting the company came good and the fan replaced as it should have been. All good now, happy

New ceiling did not working Crap company customer service

I have bought 6 ceiling fan from jd lighting .licenced electrician installed all fans .He told me one fan was not working . Shocked to listen it new fan was not working.
Called shop ,they give brilliant number and warranty form .i have filled that waiting for call .no response .After I called to company they have taken my number and promised me to someone call back no body call back.
Called many time same lollipop
They have not fixed my fan yet
Now I thinking to complain to fair trading.

Brilliant 52" Tempest Ceiling Fans

Purchased 6 fans from Ideal Electrical Wholesaler and installed by an electrician. On high speed they would not blow a candle out very disappointed considering the HPM fans they replaced had a much faster high speed.Three have a noisy clicking sound coming from the fan motor.

Terrible product and no warranty!

About 2 months ago I had 7 Brilliant Electrical fans installed at my home by a licensed electrician from Empire Electrical who recommended the products. After just 2 weeks 4 of the 7 fans started making a very loud clicking sound and when I rang the electrician [name removed] he referred me to their head office for warranty and repair claims. I have sent several emails and made over a dozen calls but no one has gotten back to me. I will now be forced to pay to have the faulty product removed as it's now become so loud it's waking up my 1year old daughter every 2 hours throughout the night. [name removed] has refused to answer our emails or calls claiming they go to his junk mail. The company, product and customer service is a disgrace!


I purchased a floor lamp by Brilliant Lighting with a 2 year warranty. Straight out of the box there were missing and wrong pieces that meant the lamp could not be constructed or used. I contacted Brilliant Lighting multiple times via the number provided on the product information sheet. After several weeks with no body returning calls and no replacement parts, I rang again. This time the man I spoke to was rude and disrespectful and completely dismissive. He told me it was a simple plug in product and not their problem. I think consumer affairs would disagree.
I returned the product to the retailer for a refund and I will never buy anything from this company again.

Paid near top dollar for D.C. Fans and they are Crap

I bought 2 x brilliant galaxy 11 DC fans and had them installed by my electrician. One wobbled like an old gum boot and the other made a noise like a jumbo jet.

I followed the warranty procedure as per the instruction booklet. This turned out be a stalling tactic as I then had to go online and complete the correct warranty claim form. I am yet to hear anything back from Brilliant


I will update on their progress

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This Is Jock Ewing here updating on the progress I am very pleased to report that Brilliant came good replaced and fixed the fans, both working extremely well FYI, I recommend 2 locking screws be used to secure the shaft to the housing that locks into the mounting bracket although only one grub screw is supplied and the instruction doesnt mention 2 grub screws. Common sense really but I would dare say that the instruction manual and design was put together by Chinese ! Now both are solid as a rock with zero wobble even at full speed Jock and family are now very happy

Not so Brilliant

DON'T have anything to do with Brilliant Lighting. Make a Complaint to the OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING. Ask for your money back in total as well as fees for installation. This company must be held accountable. Don't let them get away with what they have been doing for a very long time. Don't use Telfar Electricians. They are just as bad. Three Brilliant Lighting fan/lights for our house were purchased for the home by Telfar Electricians. The three fan/lights do nothing but hum day and night. Telfar Electricians refuse to provide a copy of the purchase receipt therefore we can do nothing. Brilliant Lighting were emailed several times. They were supposed to send an email outlining what could be done to have the fan/lights replaced. No email from Brilliant Lighting. Ring and leave a message and no return phone call from the Manager. The ONLY way to get a result is through the OFT.

Buyers beware!!

I bought two x Fan Ceiling 85w Brilliant 130cm 5blade Arctic 17351/11 fans from Bunnings, paid $225 for each.
I paid $300 to electrician to install these rubbish fans.
Both fans were found to be wobbly and noisy after the installation, One was more wobbly than the other. I asked the electrician to fix the wobble , he tried the wobbling weights fin by fin yet couldn't get it right. It was annoying as hell i paid top dollars for the fans and yet the both had the wobble issues electrician couldnt fix.
Electrician also found that there was a hair line crack on one of the blades , while he was trying to fix the wobble, it was hair line on both sides of the blade. Keep in mind this fan is an extremely difficult fan to put together with screws inside the housing to attach the wooden fins. Fan had to come off the ceiling in order to get the dodgy fin out. Electrician told me this will double the cost of installation. I went to Bunnings and ask them what solution do they have as i dont want to pay the electrician twice for something which is not my fault nor electricians. Credit to bunnings they refunded the installation fee of one of the fans after me showing them the licensed electrician receipt. I got the new fin and called the electrician back to put the new fin on. New fin was put back on and the fan still has the wobble and the noise.
Basically after all that stuffing around, going back and forth to bunnings and calling electrician twice i am stuck with two fans which look beautiful but are piece of crap. At least one fan has a slight wobble which doesnt look bad, but the fan which had the cracked fin and was replaced later on still has the wobble. Neither of the wobble could be fixed.
I wont bother going back to the manufacturer after reading the comments, they have already wasted a lot of my time, energy and money.
I cant believe they give 5 years warranty for this piece of rubbish.

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update: 3 months to the installation of these rubbish fans and the fan which had little wobble than the other has now started producing noise which sounds like some one has turned the water tap on. expensive piece of crap these brilliant fans are.

Poor Quality and Customer Service

If I could give negative rating I would be more than happy to do so. I bought 4 ceiling fans and all of them makes so much noise that its difficult to sleep. Its been nearly 5 months I have raised a complain and following up on emails regarding it but sad to say so one bothers to fx it. Electrician comes and he says he cannot hear any noise other than the motor noise. How can motor noise be so loud that a person cannot sleep at night. Finally they agreed to change the model with a new one to check if the model is faulty, but just agreed not future action has been taken. Its is so disappointing and frustrating to have these fans at my home. Not sure what else can I do to fix the issue and complain higher up so that someone listens to the customers even. Customer service is ridiculous.

Poor Quality

The coastal sensor security light failed a month after installing. First the right side then the left another month later. I now have no light outside my front door. Tried replacing the bulbs with several different brands with no luck. Bunnings now won't accept a return as the electrician had to modify the mounting plate to suit. Ended up just putting a standard light, no sensor, no fuss.


I had all mine (3 of them) replaced due to faults. To their credit Brilliant replaced them but it took over a month. Some fans just started on their own, some just wouldn't work
Just today, one of the ones Brilliant replaced is gone. Great, no light in my kids room. Warranty form filled out but i hope it wont take a month again
Unfortunately, i think the fan remotes are the same (crap)
Also, if you try and review this product from the Brilliant site, it wont let you.When you try and submit your review, it comes back stating 'you've taken too long'

Faulty products and unapologetic customer service

Buying a remote-controlled fan for you house? Choose wisely folks:

We needed 2 fans installed in our flat. We went to A local hardware store and chose fans and 2 Remote Controls kits made by BriliantLighting.com.au (Model 17697). I arranged a day at home to allow for the electrician to install both fans for us (around $300 of labour cost)

After 2 weeks one of the BrilliantLighting remotes stopped working.

I went back to store on a Saturday and bought another remote kit and took time off work to allow the electrician to come out yet again and remove the faulty kit and replace it with the new one. He popped in for 15 minutes and and I paid him a further $70 cash to remove the faulty one and put the new one in.

I then took the faulty remote to hardware store to get a refund - the staff their immediately refunded my money and commented that the particular remote model from Brilliant (CAT 17697) was a frequently-returned item and that I should contact Brilliant to wear the cost of their faulty product replacement (ie. the $70).

I contacted brilliantlighting.com.au support and after 2 weeks of emails they finally responded. They asked me to scan in the receipts - I took more time to do this and explained that I did not have a receipt for the 2nd electrician visit. I showed them the refund that The store gave me for the faulty remote.

Their response was that they were unable to refund me for the money I spent having their faulty remote removed and the new one installed. They literally made no apology at all for the time and effort spent due to their quality issues.

I would have been happy with an apology for the 2 days of time I took off to resolve their problem caused by their faulty product. The inconvenience of not being able to turn on the light for 3 weeks and the effort exhausted was not acknowledged.

I don't think anyone really cares about $70, however when you buy any product you do expect that the product at least works and if it does not then you expect decent customer service. I really hope they spent my $70 on improving their Quality Control process - I would happily sent more if it means their products were not faulty.

So.... it's up to you whether you ever buy Brilliantlighting.com.au products or not...

Questions & Answers

Just bought brilliant piper fan with led lights had it installed by a licensed electrician when the fan is off the light is still on not as bright as when its turned on but still it's on can anyone please help? it wasn't a cheap fan
1 answer
sorry I cant answer only experience was with security lighting and it was not a good product. Contact Supplier if not happy and check if wired correctly and if it is maybe return for a refund.

How do I get 2 globes working at once?
No answers

Remote won’t turn off fan. Will adjust speed just won’t turn off completely. Any help?
3 answers
Sorry I have not got a ceiling fan with a remote control. I won,t buy a fan with remote control as other people reported problems with them.You need a new receiver it seems. Contact their customer service if you haven’t alreadyThe other option is to turn the fan off at the light switch if there and allow the fan to be disconnected from power and reset. a little like a reboot on a PC, it may cause the receiver and transmitter to re connect to each other. If this doesn't work return to your place of purchase to get replacement transmitter or receiver.

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