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Brita Marella Cool / Marella XL

Brita Marella Cool / Marella XL

Cool and XL
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Works Very Well

I find the "Fill & Enjoy Marella" jug to be a significant improvement on Brita's previous water jugs. Mostly because the parts fit together securely. I also think it looks pretty good, it is easy to use (I prefer the filling flap on this one compared to the more expensive "Style" jug), and if you need to you can pour clean water from the jug while the next batch of water is still being filtered so long as the top part isn't completely full. I actually don't care that much about Chlorine or Fluoride in my tap water - I got this jug because the Maxtra+ filters remove Lead from water and I know there's old plumbing in my house, but the noticeably improved taste from the Chlorine & Fluoride being gone is a nice bonus. Overall after using it for a couple of months I'm very happy with this product. *** Please note that this review refers to the Brita "Fill & Enjoy MARELLA" Jug, which is NOT as discontinued item ***

Purchased in May 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $33.00.

Excellent water filter system and affordable

This water filter is excellent. We have had ongoing water taste problems and the Brita jug filters the water to leave it tasting like water - nothing else! It filters quickly so that the water is ready to use within a minute or two. We have been using this product for approximately 1 month now and we are extremely happy with it.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Brita Jug Faulty Lid

Yes just bought my Brita jug and my lid keeps falling off as well. Just doesn’t fit. I will be contacting the company to ask what the problem is. The filtration part is great but faulty lid is annoying.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Lid falls off

I replaced my brita from big W but the lid does not fit properly. It falls into the jug because it will not fit perfectly. My previous one I thought must have been wear and tear but this one as soon as I bought it. Anyone else had this problem?

Date PurchasedAug 2017

The ONLY Water Filter that removes COPPER

The Marella wasn't and will not be the only Brita Water Filter I have and will use.

I suffer from a very rare genetic illness (Wilson's Disease), I accumulate copper in my body until if left untreated can be fatal.

I got my first Brita back in the early 80's, when I was a teenager, 18 years old, as the years have passed, not only is it helping my body by lessening the copper intake, but now at the ripe age of 52 years young, not only in my opinion a person who has never been particularly frond of a glass of water, does the water taste better. BUT my kettle which I ONLY use filtered water in loves it!! the scale build up is minimal.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Black discharge from filter

Even it says it is harmless. I still feel disgusted by the black tiny charcoal from the filter. And it says normal on their website. If I knew this , I won't purchase.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

works well

works well; I appreciate the `flip' up and down easy to fill lid design even though the lid is quite flimsy in nature.

Difficult to put the lid back on (after cleaning) and get the pourer cap to go up and down freely; I broke mine (due to anger) and had to super glue it back together.

ps: cheaper filters (especially in bulk: 3 for $22.43; 12 for $82.47 etc) can be purchased via ebay; although you have to wait for them usually from england/ireland: usually free postage.

Average, doesn't filter well

It is an average product, it doesn't actually filter much of the water especially if you have heavy contaminated water. Get a proper filter if you are serious about your drinking water.

Bad design

1) Bad design - half of the water is missing the target! In the bottle to pour impossible when pouring into a cup - a puddle on the table and on the floor!
2) Uncomfortable mechanical timer wheels - stuck after the first use because of tartar.

Good design, Easy to Use, Water tastes Great

I bought a replacement Brita Marella water jug after my last 5 year old Brita jug's digital timer stopped working and around the same time the lid on the spout snapped off. I think the capacity is a little smaller than my previous model, but apart from that it works a treat.
The only downside is the cost of the water filters - much cheaper to buy them in bulk rather than 1 at a time.

Stupid digital timer thing

I own two of these now, simply because they were the only type available when I wanted to buy. I have a rural property and use rainwater and occasionally settled dam water, both are perfectly drinkable as they are but it is nice to have a final filter stage before drinking or filling the kettle.

I bought them a couple of years apart, and the design has changed very slightly between the two, but both of them have the stupid digital timer thingy. Both of these timers conked out long before the first cartridge change was due, making them utterly useless. Guests ask why I need a water jug with a digital timer. How paranoid I must be about water quality to need an onboard microprocessor to monitor my cartridge changes.

Quite honestly, it is an absurd overcomplication. I would MUCH prefer a simple (manually-operated, battery-free, sustainable) click-wheel that I could simply set to the month I last replaced the filter. I am perfectly capable of deciding for myself when to replace the filter, based on when it was last replaced and the circumstances since (usage, water quality fluctuations etc). A stupid digital counter that needs batteries and doesn't even work properly is, in my opinion, wasteful and irresponsible and should be criticized mercilessly until it is dead.

The jug itself is perfectly good, handy to keep in the fridge or beside the bed, and having two of them works well for me, but that piece of junk timer really lets down an otherwise good product.

Easy to use - but a small capacity

The jug itself is great quality - my reader at the top which tells you when to change the cartridge also does not work. Also does not hold a large quanitity and has to be filled up often. Otherwise we have had our for years and very happy with it.
easy to use
reader at the top

Good quality - home filtered water

Definitely a better taste in my water and by using this water to fill my plastic hot water jug the insides of the jug have not stained. The monitor on the top of the jug which indicates when a new filter is required doesn't seem to be working but I don't worry so much about it, I have an idea of when the filter needs changing myself.
Easy to use - better with a bigger jug, found with a smaller jug I had to constantly keep filling it
The filters are quite pricey. I try to buy them when I see a special on at the supermarket or Myers.

Britta water for the last 8 years...

Been using Britta for the last 8 years or so, from their original jugs that took the cylindrical filters to their latest incarnation the Maxtra filter.

I probably go through 1 or 2 jugs of water a day with the filter and have some Britta Sport water bottle filters when I go out, I find that the table jug is the best value and gives you the best water quality from their line.

I use the water for making tea and coffee as it reduces the amounts of chlorine and other deposits in the water, and gives you better tasting coffee and tea! Its also better for your kidneys, as they filter less of the impurities from the water. It's also a little better for your Iron and floor steamers as it filters out some of the larger sediments in the water and you'll have less deposits eg: calcification in your goods - another big plus!

The only downside is that we've had two faulty filters in the last 4 pack batch, which Britta Australia replaced one filter but not the other? When filling they (the faulty filters) would release carbon and the white balls from the top of the filter when it would bubble (when the water passed through the filter - when the jug was empty); and this would be more of a visual issue rather than any other health concern with the media that escaped the filter itself. K Mart replaced the other filter with a whole new 4 pack, so I'm back on track and a happy camper.

I have total faith in the system, however it wont filter out any chemicals eg: fluoride / chlorine or calcium or pesticides from water so, using only municipal tap water is advised - nothing from a rain water tank or grey water would be consumable even with the filter.
Cost, availability, water taste, ease to refil
Some filters were damaged in the last 4 pack I purchased, replaced with Brita's guarantee...

Delcious tasting water!

I am unable to drink the local water. It is 'heavy' and smells of many chemicals. I purchased a Brita Marella Cool / Marella approximately 2 years ago and have had fresh drinking water on tap since. This also gives me piece of mind about what I am putting into my body. Recommended for small families or upsize to the larger model for bigger families. The larger model that lies flat fits in the fridge well. The filters also tend to last a long time which saves on cost.
Efficient, fresh, reassuring.
Filters can be a little costly but the quality overrides this expensive.

Great Product!

Originally bought it to filter the water for our toddler. We chose the Brita brand over the others because we had been told this brand was the one to go with.

There was a distinct difference in taste between the town water and the filtered town water. Even after the town water had improved we still use the Brita to filter all our drinking water.
Reputable brand. Does exactly what it is suppose to do!
Unfortunately the filter cartridges are expensive to buy. Ended up being cheaper to buy a new jug with 3 extra cartridges.


This is a well made filter that works well and is easy to use. The filter cartridges are too expensive in my opinion and it's a bit too big for fridge use.
Filters are easy to change. Well made quailty product. Digital count down timer for changing the filter.
A bit too big. Doesn't fit in the fridge well and is a bit too heavy when full. I wish i'd bought a smaller one. I've ended up leaving it on the bench and not in the fridge because it takes up so much space. The lid has popped off when pouring a couple of times. The lid could be better designed. The filters are expensive and I now reset the timer and change the filter every 16 weeks.


I had my Brita for 3 years and it doesn't show any signs of it's age. Normal hard plastic containers become cloudy and start to stress crack but not Brita. I've had a few filters and this is by far the best. The carbon filters take out most the impurities and hard metals in the water. Great filter!
Stylish design and easy to use. Has a digital timer to let you know when to change the filter. The water comes out tasting great. Cool colours to suit anyone. Changing the filters is easy.
The filters are a bit expensive.


i moved house not long ago and the water in this house was disgusting because its an old house but now i don't really have to worry about it because the filter makes the water taste like water should it gets rid of all the stuff you don't want in water and i got at a good price
i love this it comes in great colours and it makes water taste so much better and it removes all the chemicals and stuff that you dont want in water and its also got a electronic bit on the lid so you know when to change it
you have to change the cartridges every few months and it dosent fit in the fridge properly


I bought this jug at a very good price and am very impressed with the quality of water it produces from filtering. I have found however that when the jug is full it doesnt sit properly in the fridge door and i think this is due to the shape of the actual jug. The filters seem expensive but i get 2 uses out of each filter so when it is broken down to individual price it is quite reasonable. Overall i am happy enough with this item that my sister bought one under my recommendation and i have bought one for my mum for a christmas present/.
Produces nice fresh tasting water.
Becuase of the shape i found it didnt sit nicely in the fridge.

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Questions & Answers

How do you take out the meter from the lid?
2 answers
You can't.On the model I have, there is a slot next to the top of the meter; comes out easily with the use of a small flat screwdriver or similar.

why is dirty water coming through my filter housing?
1 answer
Probably because your filter is due for a change? Suggest you write to Brita if you have any further questions as I'm not the expert. I just use my jug and it's fine.

The lid on the one just bought cannot be made to fit tightly at all or is it just me?
1 answer
If you still have the receipt take it back. I have another jug that has the same issue and trust me it continues and becomes very amnoying. It should not be happening. Even if you don't have your receipt go back to the shop and see if they can show you what's causing it at least, failing that write to the company. Surely they can send a replacement.


BRITA Marella CoolBRITA Marella XL
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