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Can you use EnrichTM deck and exterior timber oil on outdoor timber furniture? The timber is teak and Keruing.
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Hi Marie, thank you for taking the time to contact us. We’d love to help you with your project, and hope that you could give us a call at your convenience so we can ask you a few more questions. Our Help & Advice Team are reachable on 13 25 25 (Option 2), and are available Monday to Friday 7:30am to 7:00pm, Saturdays from 8:30am to 3:00pm, and Sundays from 10am to 4pm AEST. We look forward to assisting you further with your outdoor timber furniture – The British Paints Team.

If you are doing 3 coats, how long do you need to wait to apply the third coat?
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I have used the OIL based product and the WATER based product. The OIL based product was very good, but the WATER based product left a lot to be desired. I would not recommend it. Very thin and inefective. I switched to FeastWatson. Much Better. Three coats, each a day apart and it is still like day one. I switched to WATER based simply because the finish lasts longer.Hi Elodie, thank you for taking the time to contact us with your query! We’d love to help! Please give our Help & Advice Team a call on 13 25 25 (Option 2), and they will be able to answer all of your questions! – The British Paints Team.

Hi BP - we have been leaning towards "October Brown" as an oil based for our treated pine fence, but a friend of ours has used your Timber Protect 10L brown stain. i know there is always a difference in colours between oil and water based - but is there any chart of colours BP have that i can get an idea of how close the colours are / could be. it might just have to buy a example pot
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Where can I buy British Paints Oil Based Decking OIl?
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Hi there! Thank you for your message! You can purchase our British Paints Decking Oil at your local Bunnings store! You can find your local store here: https://www.bunnings.com.au/stores?msclkid=dd3372996b87176052752eb034b9b240&gclid=COHA2szkyN8CFUJsvAod27QAQA&gclsrc=ds. - The British Paints Team.bunnings

We applied the one coat decking oil to our new deck about 3 weeks ago. It was fine until it rained yesterday. There are now dark splotchy patches all over where it got wet and there are patches where it appears to have come off altogether. Is there a way of fixing the darker patches because it now looks terrible?
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Hi Karla, thanks for taking the time to leave feedback on our Decking Oil. We are so sorry to hear that you are having some issues, and we really want to help. Please contact our Help & Advice team on 13 25 25 (Option 2), and quote your ticket number 166892. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday 7:30am to 7:00pm, Saturdays from 8:30am to 3:00pm, and Sundays from 10am to 4pm AEST – The British Paints Team.

The deck looks dry but my fingers get a film of oil on them if I wipe them on the deck. This is 24 hours after finishing the second coat of oil based. I only put a thin coat of oil on the deck. Is this normal and how long should I expect it to be like this?
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Hi There, Depending on where you are located, it may take a few days for the second coat of the oil to dry, because it is winter at the moment. In good weather, the oil would have soaked in and be dry within 24 hours. If the first coat was applied heavily, then the second coat would also take longer to dry, because the second coat would sit on the surface longer before soaking in. The best solution is to leave the coating to dry for a few more days. If this is not an option, then wiping off the excess will help speed up the drying. The can use cloths or a dry applicator pad. Hope this helps! Regards, The British Paints Team.

It says 12hour recoat time for oil based on the bunnings website. Unfortunately the British Paints website doesn't list the application info from the can. Can you recoat after or before 12 hours? 12 hours is an impossible recoat time unless you want to recoat under torch light at night time.
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Hi there, The 12 hour recoat time is the minimum dry time for the product. You will be able to apply a second out anytime after the drying window. Hope that helps and if you need further information, feel free to call us on 13 25 25. Regards, The British Paints Team.On the can,of the British Paints oil based decking oil (natural) it states, under Application Allow 18 hours between coatsBritish paints... why do other oil based decking oils have recoat times of 2 hours? I'm just really interested in the formula of ingredients and the science about it. Is it tung oil in this product? Is the long recoat time because of it having more kerosene of turpentine than other products?

I’ve already stain my merbau timber but it’s not glossy what can I do to make it shiny?
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Hi Renaud, Regarding your Merbau decking, there is a product called Feast Watson Wet Look Decking Oil that gives a glossy finish. Please contact us on 13 25 25 and we can discuss the correct preparation steps required to ensure you get the look you are happy with. Regards, The British Paints Team

How to remove dog urine stain from merbau deck?
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Hi Helem, Has this occurred before or after using decking product? If you get the chance could you call us on 13 25 25 and we can gather more information to assist. Regards, The British Paints Team

I have done sample oiling on some merbau off-cuts and the oil has dried with glossy spots all over. Any ideas of why this is happening?
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Hi Wazza, What you describe sounds a bit like there are patches where the oil is pooling and not penetrating evenly into the timber. This could be due to a few things: 1. If it is applied too thickly, the excess oil that doesn't penetrate the surface can dry on the surface resulting in shiny patches. This is can be avoided by applying two coats rather than one heavy coat. For some oil based penetrating decking oils, the surface can be wiped between coats and after the final coat to remove the surface. 2. The surface of new timber can have patches of variable porosity. The sections that are less porous can result in the oil sitting on the surface rather than penetrating, which will lead to shiny patches. The less porous sections can be caused by the variable density of timber or even a surface glaze that some timbers get through the milling process. The solution here is to prepare the timber with a product like Cabot's New Timber Prep, which draws out the timber extractives to open-up the pores of the timber and make it uniformly porous. After applying the New Timber Prep, the surface needs to be neutralised with Cabot's Deck Clean prior to coating. If you want to chat further feel free to call us on 13 25 25. Regards, The British Paints Team

How many coats would you recommend on a new merbau deck?
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Heya Wazza I found three coats is best for totally exposed and two suffices for shaded timber. SVHi Wazza. If the timber is fully exposed, we recommend three coats and if it is under cover, we recommend 2 coats. If you would like any further assistance with your coating, please contact our Customer Support Team on 1800 011 006. Regards, The British Paints Team.

I've heard that you should use a stain in decking oil when applying to new merbau to stop them turning grey and wondering if the natural oil is pigmented for this reason?
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Hi Wazza, For Merbau we recommend using a decking oil instead of a decking stain. A decking oil has less pigment than a decking stain but will enhance the Merbau timber. With regular maintenance, the timber will not go grey. Regards, The British Paints Team.Hi Wazza Apparently the natural oil based decking oil does have a pigment in it. British Paints information, printed on the can, states; in part "It provides a lightly pigmented finish, which will enhance and protect exterior timber............. etcetera"

When will the 6 litre can be reintroduced in 2017?, hanging out for it.
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Hi Jerry, The product is now available in stores. If you head into your local Bunnings store: look for the Timber Protect by British Paints 6L. All the best for your next project, The British Paints TeamTook your advise and went into two Bunnings stores, neither had any, the Taylors lakes store which is the closest had 4L tins but not 6L.

Hi the family has helped stain treated pine dressed timber post with oil based decking stain. Unfortunatly appliing it to thick and giving a brown paint appearance also a lot of runs and un even coverage. how can i fix this ?
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Hi there. Thank you for your message. We would recommend the following three options in order to get your post to a standard ready for re-coating. 1. Wait until the post is weathered to a point that it is due to be cleaned and re-coated. 2. Use Intergrain Timber Stripper in order to get your post back to bare timber. 3. Sand the area back to bare timber and ensure all dust is removed. When starting your project again ensure to stir the can thoroughly, this will ensure the product colour is even on the post. For further assistance please call 13 25 25. Best of luck, The British Paints Team

I have a newly laid treated pine deck and was thinking of usingBP merbah oil (oil based) any hints or comments on what I should expect?
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Just make sure that the deck is clean and perfectly dry before you apply. Stir the oil well before use carefully ie don't get too many air bubbles. Apply at least 2 coats and wait between coats for it to dry completely....a minimum of 24 hrs. Even longer in the current cool weather. It remains sticky for quite long. It's a great paint if you apply it properly. Great value for money.

Can the water based oil decking from British paints be tinted? Thanks Dave
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Hi Dave, The water based decking oil can be tinted to Merbau or Jarrah. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us on 13 25 25 - Thanks! The British Paints Team

What do you recommend for outdoor furniture
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Hi, You can use British Paints Decking Oil but depending on what type of timber you have and what colour you are after, it might be worth contacting customer service on 13 25 25 - Thanks!

Hi we purchased the natural water based oil to put over our new Spotted Gum Decking. We have applied 2 Coats as the tin said 2 coats would be ok. This issue we did this 2 days ago. We went to work yesterday and let our dogs out the backyard. they are urinated on the decking and now where they have it has stained and is now a dark brown in patches. before oiling we did have this issue. Should we sand back the stains and do a third coat? we do a lot of entertaining and have 115sq mtrs of decking which was very expensive to have installed. our issue is that if the dogs urine has stained the decking which it now looks awful and is brand new and only just oiled what would happen if someone was to spill a drink like red wine or if birds were to poo on the decking as we have a lot of mulberry trees around and they have mulberry poo. I really need advise as we thought once we oiled it would protect against stains.
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Hi Melissa, Thanks for your question. It sounds like Decking Oil hasn't dried yet. This would explain the lack of water/stain repellency. Once fully cured, it should repel water in the same way that paint does. 2 days isn't long enough for the coating to have fully cured, For our Water Based Decking Oil you're looking at around 7 days to be fully cured. To remove the stains, give the effected areas a thorough scrub with a Deck Cleaner. Allow to dry, and if you think it needs it, apply one more thin coat to the entire deck. If you would like further information, please call us on 13 25 25.

How long do I have to wait before i can put the second coat on the skirting boards on the interior of my house.I am painting over oil paint that was put down about 14 years ago and am washing with Sugar Soap and sanding lightly where necessary.the new paint i am using is B/P oil base gloss in a grayish colour My email address is grc1710@hotmail.com
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Hi there, You must wait until the first coat is not sticky any more for the best results. Depending on the temperature of course, but at least a day. It is best to let it dry completely.Hi Gazza, If you could contact us on 13 25 25 for the cost of a local call, 7:30am to 7pm Eastern Standard Time on weekdays, 9am to 3pm on Saturdays and 10am to 4pm on Sundays or via email at britishpaints.customerserv@dulux.com.au. We will be able to give you the right advice The British Paints Team

How long do i have to wait before adding top coat on oil paint on skirting boards?
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Afternoon, Thanks for your question. We are happy to give you advice on this project. We just have a few questions to clarify with you to make sure we give you the right answers. Is this a Decking Oil or is it a British Paints Gloss/Enamel product. If we can get the name on the front of the can we can help. The British Paints TeamIt is B/Poil base gloss suitable for trim and skirting boards...............not Decking Oil

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