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Brother HL-L5100DN

Brother HL-L5100DN

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First Impressions of the Brother HL-L5100DN

I have spent many years using bottom-of-the-range HP laser printers, so there was a bit of culture shock (and thankfully only a small learning curve) when I upgraded to an almost office quality Brother laser printer.

1. Driver disc installed fine first go on Windows 7. No interesting software included on the driver disc, it just points you to some creative Brother websites.

2. Just to be clear, this is a mono laser printer, not an inkjet. So everything is in black & white. If you are only accustomed to inkjets, you may be a bit frightened at first by how fast it can print a page. And it's louder than any inkjet you ever heard. And there is no scanner. It just prints B & W pages bloody fast.

3. With my HP printers, the toner & the drum were in a single replacement unit. With this Brother printer the drum & toner are separate components. In the printer they are joined together & it is straightforward to unclick them apart & then click in the fresh component.

4. If performance degrades you can swipe clean the drum in 2 seconds, a feature that my cheap HP's never had.

5. So far I have found jams to be straightforward to clear.

6. Jams are usually caused by using used paper which has already gone through a laser printer. This printer doesn't like used paper.

7. This thing takes up a fair amount of real estate on my desk. Compared to my old HP's, it gives an overpowering impression of a Borg ship. I plan to buy a Seven-of-Nine doll & stick on top, might make it seem friendlier...

8. There is no fancy color touch screen, just an old-fashioned LCD text screen that you don't touch. It just tells you that the printer is sleeping, printing or jammed.

Cheers, darren


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Price (RRP)$299
Printer TypeLaser
Wi-Fi CompatibleNo
Cloud PrintingNo

  • GTIN13: 4977766756624

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